Finding Aids

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ACT UP Chicago. Records
Abbott, Edith and Grace. Papers
Abraham, Alton. Collection of Sun Ra
Account Book
Addams, Jane. Collection
Adkins, Arthur. Papers
Adler, Max. Collection
Adler, Mortimer J.. Papers
Adye, Ernest Howard, Twentieth Century Atlas of Microscopical Petrography
Aeckern, Georg Christoph von. Receptenbuch
Aethicus Ister. Aethici Philosophi Schytae Cosmographia
Ahlfeld, Johann Friedrich. Collection of Drawings of Medical Deformities
Aichinger, Wolff. Rezeptbϋcher
Albert, Abraham Adrian. Papers
Albert, Allen D., Reports on World's Fairs
Alberti, Leon Battista, De re aedificatoria. Manuscript (Ms 1)
Albertus, Magnus, Saint, De homine. Manuscript (Ms 2)
Albright, Ivan, Exhibit. Records
Albright, Ivan, Medical drawings made direct from patients & in operating room in Base Hospital # 11 located at Nantes, France, Manuscript (Ms 1560)
Album of Engravings and Photographs of American Locomotives
Aldis, Mary Reynolds. Papers
Allee, Warder Clyde. Papers
Allgemeine Pathologie
Allison, Samuel King. Papers
Almanach durch Barptolomeũ Reysacher... gemacht auff das Jar M.D.LVIII (Ms 1038)
Altrocchi, Rudolph and Julia Cooley Altrocchi. Papers
Altscheler, Brent. Collection of Photographs of Kentucky
Alvarez, Geraldine. Papers
Amberg, Alan. Gay History Collection
American Association for Public Opinion Research. Records
American Baptist Education Society. Records
American Civil Liberties Union. Illinois Division. Records
American Institute of Sacred Literature. Records
American Journal of Theology. Records
American Neurological Association. Records
American Paper Currency. Collection
American Reactionary Political Ephemera. Collection
American Recipes
American Standard Bible Committee. Records
American Veterans Committee, Chicago Area Council. Records
Ames, Edward Scribner. Papers
Ames, Polly Scribner. Papers
Ames, Van Meter. Papers
Anania, Michael. Papers
Anderson, C. Arnold. Papers
Anderson, Charles B. Fake Books. Collection
Anderson, Herbert L. Papers
Anderson, William H. and the Anti-Saloon League. Papers
Andral, Gabriel. Cours de Pathologie Interne
Anitiphonarium for Matins. Manuscript (Ms 967)
Anthropology Curriculum Study Project. Records
Antonio de Raho, In rubricas soluto matrimonio. Manuscript (Ms 37)
Archaismus Graphicus ab Henrico Spelmanno Conscriptus in Usum Filibrum Suorum
Archicofradía del Santísimo Sacramento y Caridad. Records
Archival Biographical Files
Archival Buildings File
Ardrey, Robert. Papers
Aristotle, De moribus ad Nicomachum. Manuscript (Ms 5)
Arnett, Trevor. Papers
Arnoux, Hippolyte, Canal du Suez
Artistic Circles. Records
Ascoli, Peter. Papers
Asher, Louis E.. Papers
Association for the Psychophysiological Study of Sleep Records
Association of Cambridge Scientists. Records
Association of Los Alamos Scientists. Records
Association of Oak Ridge Engineers and Scientists. Records
Association of Pasadena Scientists. Records
Association of Scientists for Atomic Education. Records
Astrophysical Journal. Records
Atkinson, Fred W. Drama Collection
Atomic Scientists of Chicago. Records
Atomic Scientists' Printed and Near-Print Material. Records
Atomic Scientists. Miscellaneous Records
Audubon, John James. Letter
Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo, Theological treatises. Manuscript (Ms 110)
Austen, Jake. Zine Collection
Austiefungen in der Nordsee bei Juist, Langeoog & Spiekeroog
Austrian, Celia and Delia. Papers
Averroës, Notabilia Dicta; Albertus Magnus, Tractatus Proportionum; Anonymous, Latitudines Formarum; and Robertus Anglicus, Compilatio Super Tractatu de Sphaera. Manuscript (Ms 3)