Finding Aids

All Finding Aids beginning with "B"
B. Heller & Co. Collection
Bachner, Rudolph. Papers
Baer, Joseph Louis. Papers
Baily, Walter. Papers
Bakwin, Dr. Harry and Dr. Ruth Morris Bakwin. Soviet Posters. Collection
Balderston, John L., Jr. Collection
Baldridge, Cyrus Le Roy. Collection
Baldwin, Loammi. Papers
Balzac Research Collection of E. Preston Dargan
Bandettini, Teresa. Poems (Ms 1445)
Baptist Divinity House. Records
Baptist Ministers' Conference, Chicago. Records
Baptist Theological Faculties Union. Records
Baptist Theological Union. Records
Baptist Union Theological Seminary. Records
Barnard. Edward Emerson. Papers
Barnes, Broda Otto Papers
Barnes, David Leonard. Iron & Steel in Car Construction: Memoranda on Pressed Steel
Barnes, David Leonard. Specifications for Locomotive Details
Barrash, Annette Medow. Collection
Barron, Elwyn A. Papers
Barrows, Harlan H. Papers
Barrows, Samuel J., Papers
Bartky, Walter, Papers
Bartlett, Frederick. Recipe for Pills
Bartolozzi, Francesco. Collection
Barzi, Benedetto, and Angelo Gambiglioni, Rubricae. Manuscript (Ms 8)
Basil, Saint, Bishop of Caesarea, De legendis gentilium libris. Manuscript (Ms 45)
Bastin, Edson Sunderland. Papers
Baur, E. Jackson. Papers
Bay, J. Christian. Alphabetical Index to The Birds of America by John James Audubon
Bay, Jens Christian. Scrapbook on Pulitzer Prizes in Journalism
Beadle, George Wells. Papers
Beaumont, William. Collection
Beaver, R. Pierce. Papers
Becker, Gary S., Papers and Addenda.
Becker, Hans Karl. Schriften zur Höhlenkunde
Bekanttnus oder Symbolum S. Athanasij: von der heÿligen drÿfelttigkeit, wider die Arrianer. Manuscript (Ms 150)
Bekker, Immanuel. Papers
Belfield, Henry H. and Belfield Family. Papers
Bell, Laird. Papers
Bellow, Saul. Papers
Bennett, A. Milo. Papers
Benon, Raoul. Titres en Travaux du Docteur R. Benon
Benton, William. Papers
Berelson, Bernard R., Study of Graduate Education. Records
Berlin Wall Photographs. Collection
Bernard of Clairvaux, De consideratione. Manuscript (Ms 9)
Bernard, Claude. Dessins originaux pour le Précis iconographique de médecine opératoire et d'anatomie chirurgicale, par C. Bernard et Ch. Huette
Bernard, Luther Lee. Papers
Bernstein, Seymour. Papers
Berthollet, Claude Louis. Rapport sur une mémoire de M. Cluzel ayant pour object l'analyse du soufre liquide de Lampadius
Bewick, Thomas. Wood Blocks
Bibfeldt, Franz. Papers
Bibliotheca Riviana sive Catalogus Librorum
Bickham Family. Papers
Bickham, Martin Hayes. Papers
Bigelow, Harry A. Papers
Bill, Charles A. Collection of Yousuf Karsh. Photographs
Billings, Frank. Papers
Billings, John S. Letter
Bjerrum, Jannik. Two papers on Glaucoma
Blackwood, Easley. Papers
Blair, Gavin, Commentarii in libros ethicos Aristotelis. Manuscript (Ms 101)
Blair, James. Collection
Blakemore, William Barnett. Papers
Blatchford, E.W. Hog Raising and the Pork Packing Industry in America
Blayney, James Roy. Papers
Blind, Karl. Collection
Block, Jean F. Papers
Bloom, William. Papers
Bloomfield, Leonard, and Clarence L. Barnhart. Collection
Bloomfield, Leonard. Papers
Blum, Walter J. Papers
Boccaccio, Giovanni Genealogia Deorum Gentilium Manuscript (Ms 100)
Boccaccio, Giovanni, Il filocolo. Manuscript (Ms 57)
Boerhaave, Herman. Supplementa Dictatis in Institutiones & Aphorismos Boerhaavii, Notes on
Bogorad, Lawrence. Papers
Bogue, Donald J. Papers
Bohr, Niels. Collection
Bonner, Amy. Papers
Bonney Family. Correspondence
Book of hours (use of Châlons-sur-Marne.) Manuscript (Ms 26)
Boot, George William. The Diagnosis of Osteosclerosis
Bothman, Louis. Papers
Bowes' Family. Papers
Bowman, James Edward. Papers
Bowman, Mary Jean. Papers
Boynton, Percy. Papers
Bradbury, Dorothy Edith. Papers
Bradford, Amory H. Papers
Brainerd, Mary Bowen. Papers
Brannen, Noah S. Papers
Braude, Lee. Papers
Braude, Marjorie. Papers
Brauer, Jerald. Papers
Braxton, Anthony. Collection
Bray, George Eben. Equipment for Drying Fruits and Vegetables Which can be Made at Home
Breckinridge, Sophonisba P. Papers
Bressie, Ramona. Papers
Bretonière, J. Sailing Flight, from Observations Made at Constantine, Algeria
Bretz, J Harlen. Papers
Briggs, Lloyd Vernon. Sanity Hearings and Criminal Cases of Clarence V.T. Richeson, Leon F. Czolgosz, and Bertram C. Spencer
British Lottery Handbills
British Romance Novelettes and Popular Paperbacks. Collection
Brooks, Shirley. Collection
Broussais, François Joseph Victor. Pathologie Interne, [and] Physiologie. Lecture Notes
Brown, Edward K. Papers
Brown, Frieda S. Papers
Brown, Rachel Fuller. Notebooks
Brownlow, Louis. Diaries
Bruni, Leonardo, De primo bello Punico. Manuscript (Ms 31)
Bruni, Leonardo, Opuscula varia. Manuscript (Ms 32)
Bryan, Charles W., Jr. Collection
Buckingham and Carnatic Mills Photograph Collection
Buitenen, J. A. B. van. Papers
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Records
Bulstrode, Edward, Meditations on passages from the Bible. Manuscript (Ms 118)
Bunting, Sir Percy William. Papers
Burchardus de Monte Sion. Descrioptio seu declaratio terrae sanctae. Manuscript (Ms 707)
Burgess, Ernest Watson. Papers
Burgess, Ernest Watson. Papers. Addenda
Burlingam, D. E., Notes on lectures at Chicago Medical College, Mercy Hospital, and Cook County Hospital
Burnet, Gilbert, History of the Reformation of the Church of England. Manuscript (Ms 114)
Burroughs, John. The Flight of Birds
Burrows, Thomas Wilson. Surgical Kit
Burrows, William. Papers
Burton, Ernest DeWitt. Papers
Butler, Demia. Papers
Butler, Digby B. Papers
Butler-Gunsaulus. Collection
Buzzell, Edgar A. Collection
Byrne, John. Clinical Notes on the Electric Cautery in Uterine Surgery