Finding Aids

All Finding Aids beginning with "C"
Caballero, Fernán. Papers
Cafferty, Pastora San Juan. Papers
Cahusac, Jean Marie, Lettres de Mr. Cahusac, Américain, Juge de Paix à Fleurance. Manuscript (Ms 798)
Calderino, Domizio, Commentaria in Martialem. Manuscript (Ms 11)
Camp Farr Collection
Campbell, Gladys. Papers
Campbell, Mrs. Patrick. Letters
Campbell, Wilbur and Valarie. Collection
Campbell, William Henry, Correspondence
Cannon, William B. Papers
Cappon, Alexander Patterson. Papers
Carla Bennett Collection of Robert Redfield Papers
Carlson, Anton Julius. Papers
Carlson, LeRoy T. Papers
Carnegie Council On Children. Records
Carpenter, Frederick Ives. Papers
Carroll, Paul D. Papers
Carter, Henry Kendall. Papers
Carter, John Stewart. Papers
Casson, Harvey. Papers.
Castle, Henry Northrup. Papers
Castle, Mabel Wing. Papers
Cate, James Lea. Papers
Catterall, Helen Tunnicliff and Ralph C. H. Catterall Family. Papers
Central Pacific Railway Company. Blueprints
Century of Progress International Exposition Press Releases
Century of Progress International Exposition Publications
Century of Progress International Exposition Scrapbook
Century of Progress International Exposition. Collection
Chalmers, Charles H. The Helicopter
Chamberlin, Thomas Chrowder. Papers
Chambers, Caleb Stockton. Collection
Chandler, David. Collection
Chandrasekhar, Lalitha. Papers
Chandrasekhar, Subrahmanyan. Papers
Chanute, Octave. Balloons in the Recent War
Chanute, Octave. Clippings on Aeronautics
Chanute, Octave. Collected Papers on Civil Engineering and Aeronautics (CrMs 168)
Chanute, Octave. Letters
Charles R. Walgreen Foundation. Records
Chaucer Research Project. Records
Checklist of the Official Publications of the Century of Progress International Exposition and Its Exhibitors
Chemins de fer du Centre, de Moulins a Roanne
Chessman, Dorothy Crowder. Papers
Chicago Association of Commerce. Industrial Department. Report
Chicago Belt Railroad Company. Records.
Chicago Child Welfare Exhibit. Collection
Chicago Citizens Commission to study the Disorders of Convention Week. Records
Chicago Citizens Police Committee. Records
Chicago Civil Service League. Records
Chicago Committee of Fifteen. Records
Chicago Committee to Save Lives in Chile Records
Chicago Commons. Collection
Chicago Communist Party. Records
Chicago Drama Performances. Index
Chicago Fire Newspaper Collection
Chicago Foreign Language Press Survey. Records
Chicago Heart Association. Records
Chicago Institute: Academic and Pedagogic. Records
Chicago Laryngological and Ontological Society. Records
Chicago Library Club, Records
Chicago Manual Training School. Records
Chicago Mechanics' Institute. Records
Chicago Municipal Museum. Records
Chicago Neurological Society. Records
Chicago Pediatric Society. Records
Chicago Psychological Association. Records
Chicago Repertory Group Collection of Scripts and Scrapbooks
Chicago Review. Records
Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy. Records
Chicago Society of Artists. Records
Chicago Stage and Screen. Collection
Chicago Zine Collection
Chirurgie aus Pierre Franco, Abstract of
Choice, Harriet. Collection
Chronicle of Venice to 1618. Manuscript (Ms 1003)
Church History Documents. Collection
Chute, Hillary. Collection of Catwoman
Civic Disarmament Committee for Handgun Control. Records
Clark, Charles M. Record of Cases both Surgical and Medical, Operations, Post Mortem Examinations, etc.
Clark, E. Payson., Jr. Papers
Clark, Solomon H. Papers
Cleaner Air Committee of Hyde Park-Kenwood. Records
Cliff, Melissa. Collection
Clippings and Pamphlets on Galveston Harbor
Clippings on Social Evils in Chicago: Chiefly the Saloon
Clippings on Vice in Chicago
Closeted/Out in the Quadrangles. Oral Histories. Collection
Clowes, Daniel. Archive
Coase, Ronald H. Papers
Coggeshalll, Lowell T., Papers
Cohen, Jerry, Photograph Collection
Cohen, Morris Raphael. Papers
Cohn, Bernard. Papers
Collection of Domestic and Medical Recipes
Collection of German Medical and Pharmaceutical Formulae
Collection of Medical Prescriptions and Notes on Folk Medicine
Collection of Recipes
Colonna, Asconia, Judicium in Caesarem Baronium de Monarchia Sicilia. Manuscript (Ms 13)
Colored Pathologic Drawings
Commentaries on Aristotle's Work
Commission on Freedom of the Press. Records
Commission on Race and Housing. Records
Committee for Aid to German and Austrian Scholars. Records
Committee on Science and Freedom. Records
Committee to Frame a World Constitution. Records
Compton, Arthur Holly. Papers
Cone, Fairfax M. Papers
Confalonieri, Giovanni Aloisio De Fide, Spe et Charitate Manuscript (Ms 148)
Container Corporation of America. Collection
Contract, Inscribed Tablet
Cook, Orator F. Papers
Correspondence, Estimates and Other Memoranda Relative to Motive Power on the Chicago & South Side Rapid Transit Company's Elevated Road
Coryell, Charles D. Papers
Coryn, W.J., Pain
Coulter, John Merle. Papers
Coulter, Merle C. Papers
Coulton, George Gordon. Papers
Council on Anthropology and Education. Records
Country Home for Convalescent Children. Board of Trustees. Records
Court Theatre. Records
Cowles, Henry C. Collection
Crane, Ronald S. Papers
Crawford, Wylie. Collection of Carilloniana
Cremation Association of America, Proceedings of the Convention
Crerar Library Collection of Patent Medicines
Crerar, Adams & Co. Collection
Cronin, James. Papers
Crossroads International Student Center. Records
Cruikshank, George. Collection
Culbertson, William S., Papers
Culianu, Ioan P. Papers
Cullen, William. Practice of Physic
Cunningham, James Vincent. Papers
Cupani, Francisco. Hortus Catolicvs seu' illustrissimi et excellentissimi Principis Catholicae, ducis Misilmeres, comitis Uicaris, baronis Prizis
Cuppy, Will. Papers
Current Anthropology. Records
Currie, Brainerd. Papers
Curtiss, John Christlieb. Papers