Finding Aids

All Finding Aids beginning with "H"
H. S. Hutchinson (Firm), Cutting in a Whale
Hagerstown and Smithburg Turnpike Company. Records
Haighton, John. Lectures on Midwifery
Hale, George Ellery. Papers
Hale, William Gardner. Papers
Hall, James Parker, Jr. Papers
Hall, John Vine, Letter
Hall, Robert A., Jr. Papers
Hamilton, Alfred Starr. Papers
Hamilton, Earl J. Papers
Hammond, Eleanor Prescott
Hancock, Winfield Scott. Collection
Handwritten Medical Instructions
Hansen, Harry. Papers
Hansen, Mikkel. Collection of Henry Moore
Hansen, Miriam. Papers
Hanson, J. C. M. (James Christian Meinich). Papers
Harkins, William D. Papers
Harlan, Robert and Lois. Papers
Harper, Paul Vincent. Papers
Harper, Samuel Northrup. Papers
Harper, Samuel. Diaries
Harper, William Rainey. Papers
Harris, Chauncy D. Papers
Harris, Gertrude Epstein. Papers
Harrison, Roland Wendell. Papers
Harrison, Samuel, Sermon Notes on the Apostles’ Creed. Manuscript (Ms 149)
Hart, Schaffner and Marx Labor Agreement. Records
Hauser, Philip M.. Papers
Havighurst, Robert J.. Papers
Haydon, Harold. Papers
Hayner, Norman S.. Papers
Heaton, David F. Papers
Hebrew Tracts on Domestic and Ceremonial Matters. Manuscript (Ms 74)
Heckman, Wallace. Papers
Heirens, William Case. Newspaper Clippings
Hektoen, Ludvig. Papers
Heller, Helen Family. Papers
Henderson, Charles Richmond. Papers
Henshaw, Paul Stewart. Papers
Herrick, James Brian. Papers
Herrick, Robert. Papers
Hess, Julius Hays. Papers
Hilberry, Norman. Papers
Hilliard, Thomas. Papers
Hirsch, Edwin F. Papers
Historical Manuscripts. Collection
Histories of Pediatric Hospitals. Collection
Hitchcock Family. Papers
Hitchcock, Annie McClure. Papers
Hodgson, Marshall G. S. Papers
Hoebeke, Cornelius. J. Papers
Hoff, Ramon B. Papers
Hogness, Thorfin R. Papers.
Holbrook, Silas P., Medical Daybooks
Holmes, Bayard Taylor. Dementia Praecox
Holmes, Bayard Taylor. Dementia Praecox and Other Studies
Holmes, Bayard Taylor. Outline of the Conditions of a Laboratory Building or Buildings for the Laboratories of Cook County, Especially Those of Cook County Hospital
Holmes, Bayard Taylor. Papers
Holmes, Bayard Taylor. Papers
Holmes, Bayard Taylor. Report
Holmes, Bayard Taylor. The Castor Oil Bean Poison
Holmes, Bayard Taylor. The Punishment of Carl Carleson
Holmes, Bayard Taylor. Third Annual Report of Dementia Praecox Studies
Homilies and Religious Treatises. Manuscript (Ms 155)
Hooker, George Ellsworth.City Planning, Transportation and Housing. Collection
Hooper, Frances. Papers
Horace Opera. Manuscript (Ms 27)
Horn, Anton Ludwig Ernst. Horn's Specielle Therapeutik
Horton, Horace Everett, Notes on the Manufacturing of Glucose, Grape Sugars and Starches
Horwitz, Alexander Philip. Papers
Hoselitz, Bert F., Papers
Hospicio de Pobres. Records
Hostetter, Charles Linnaeus. Papers
Howard, Luke. Collection
Howell, Standley. Collection
Huffaker, Edward C. Experiments with Gliding Models Conducted by E.C. Huffaker for Mr. O. Chanute, C.E
Huffaker, Edward C. The Kite : Its Mechanism and Equilibrium
Huffaker, Edward C., Soaring Flight
Hughes, Everett Cherrington. Papers
Hughes, George Warner, Jr. Collection
Hulbert Family. Papers
Hulbert, James R. Papers
Humboldt, Alexander von. Letter
Hunt, Henry. Papers. MS 563
Hunt, Leigh, and Craik Family. Collection
Huppert, Max Oscar. Papers on the Cause and Treatment of Epilepsy
Hutchins, Maude Phelps McVeigh. Collection
Hutchins, Robert M., and Associates. Oral History Interviews
Hutchins, Robert Maynard. Papers
Hutchinson, Charles L. Postcards
Hutchinson, William Thomas. Papers
Hutchison, Clyde A., Jr. Papers
Hutton, William Ralph, Papers
Hyde Park Center. Collection
Hyde Park Garden Fair Commitee. Records
Hyde Park High School. Records
Hyde Park Historical Society. Collection
Hyde Park Historical Society. Hyde Park Co-op. Records
Hyde Park Historical Society. Joyce Turner Hilkevitch. Papers
Hyde Park Youth Symphony. Records
Hyde Park and Kenwood Interfaith Council. Records
Hyde Park, Kenwood, and Woodlawn Neighborhoods. Collection
Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference. Records
Hyde Park-Kenwood Razed Buildings. Collection