Finding Aids

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L'histoire universelle de tous les oyseaux de l'univers
LVNG. Records
Lach, Donald F. Papers
Ladurelle. Maimoire pour servir […] la cuisine
Lafayette Manuscripts
Lafayette-Bonaventure. Collection
Laing, Gordon Jenning. Papers
Lamson, Charles Henry. C. H. Lamson's Experiments on Kite Flying
Lan, Ching Huong . Watercolor Sketches Showing Details of Buying, Curing, Packing, and Shipping Tea
Land Grants. Collection
Land Indenture Document
Landahl, Karen. Papers
Landesco, John. Papers
Lane, Ebenezer, Family. Papers
Lang, Harvey. Collection
Lange, Oskar. Papers
Langenbeck, Conrad Johann Martin. Chirurgie
Langley, S. P., The Internal Work of the Wind
Langley, S.P. The Langley Aerodrome
Lanza, Gaetano, Train Resistance
Lanzl, Lawrence H. Papers
Larkin, Emmet. Papers
Latham, Vida Annette. Papers
Latimer, Ronald Lane. Papers
Latin Bible, scattered leaves. Manuscript (Ms 122)
Laughlin, James Laurence. Papers
Laves, Gerhardt. Papers
Le Baron, William. Papers
Le Count, Edwin Raymond. Papers
Leacock, Stephan Butler. Papers
League of Nations Association, Midwest Branch. Records
Lecture Notes. Physiologie von A.F. Hempel
Lee, Elon N. and Edson S. Bastin. Papers
Leites, Nathan. Papers
Leland, Simeon E. Papers
Leo I, Pope, Sermones. Manuscript (Ms 30)
Leopold, Nathan F. Collection
Les Narbonnais : chanson de geste. Manuscript (Ms 708)
Leslie, Leonie. Correspondence
Letters to Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett-Browning
Levi, Edward H. Inauguration. Records
Levi, Edward H., Papers
Levine, Donald. Papers and Addenda.
Levinson, Salmon. Papers
Levy, Ernst. Papers
Lewis, Edwin Herbert. Papers
Lewis, Eva Overton and Julian Herman Lewis, MD, PhD Collection
Lewis, Fielding. Papers
Lewis, Leon. Papers
Lewis, Ralph. Papers
Lewis, Sinclair, and Josephine Weil Meyer. Correspondence
Library Quarterly. Records
Lilienthal, Otto. Clippings and Photographs on the Lilienthal Flyer
Lilienthal, Otto. Papers on Aeronautics
Lillie, Frank R. Papers
Lillie, Ralph S. Papers
Limited Editions Club. Collection
Lincoln Collection. American Historical Portraits
Lincoln Collection. American Political Cartoons
Lincoln Collection. Art, Artifacts, and Ephemera
Lincoln Collection. Barton Codex Manuscripts
Lincoln Collection. Broadsides
Lincoln Collection. Cartoons, Drawings and Photographs
Lincoln Collection. Charles Edwards Wilcox. Civil War Diary
Lincoln Collection. Currier & Ives Lithographs
Lincoln Collection. Lincoln Law Cases
Lincoln Collection. Lincoln Miscellaneous Manuscripts
Lincoln Collection. Lincoln Portraits
Lincoln Collection. Monuments and Memorials
Lincoln Collection. Osborn H. Oldroyd. Collection
Lincoln Collection. Publications and Newspapers
Lincoln Collection. Robert S. Todd. Papers
Lincoln Collection. Sheet Music
Lincoln Collection. William E. Barton Collection of Books from the Lincoln and Herndon Law Library
Lincoln Collection. William E. Barton Collection of Lincolniana. The John Hay Library
Lincoln Collection. William E. Barton. Papers
Lincoln, Adaline. Papers
Lincoln, Edwin Hale. Sailing Vessels. Photographs
Lincoln, Robert Todd. Collection
Lindblad, Andrew. Collection
Linford, Alton, Papers.
Link, Adeline De Sale. Papers
Linné, Carl von. Species plantarum exhibentes plantas rite cognitas, ad genera relatas, cum differentiis specifis, nominibus synonymis selectis, locis natalibus, secundum systema sexuale digestas
Lipson, Lillian Rose Witz, Alumni Collection
Llewellyn, Karl N. Papers
Lloyd, Alice. Papers
Llull, Ramon, Ars Brevis
Loeb, Hedwig L. Papers
Longstreet, Stephen. Collection
Lorie, James. Papers
Lous, Christian Carl. Arithmetica, Geometrien, Trigonometrien, Longimetrien, Transformationen
Lovett, Robert Morss. Papers
Lowden, Frank O. Papers
Lowinsky, Edward E. Papers
Lowitz, Leza. Papers
Lucan, Pharsalia. Manuscript (Ms 33)
Luckhardt, Arno B. Papers
Lunde Family. Papers
Léveillé, Hector. Catalogue illustré et alphabétique des plantes du Seu Tchouen