Finding Aids

All Finding Aids beginning with "W"
Wach, Joachim. Papers
Wachs, Dr. Gerald N. Collection of Tom Stoppard
Waendelin, Svend. Collection
Wagoners’ Guild of Apolda, Germany. Records
Walden, John Morgan. Papers
Walker, David W. Papers
Walker, George C. Scrapbook
Wallace, Elizabeth. Papers
Wallin, Madeline. Papers
Walmsley, William Henry. Collection
Walton, Charles. Collection
Wandel Collection of Manuscript Fragments (Ms 686)
Ward, F. Champion. Papers
Warner, Nancy E. Papers
Warner, W. Lloyd. Papers
Washington Association of Scientists. Records
Washington, George. Collection
Watkins, John Brownson. Papers
Wattenberg, Albert. Papers
Wax, Rosalie Hankey. Papers
Webster's Third New International Dictionary. Clippings
Webster, George Washington. Lectures on Physical Diagnosis
Weeks, Charles Bryant Frederick. Papers
Weil, Roman, Collection of Boris Artzybasheff
Welcker, Adair. Papers
Weller, Stuart. Papers
Welling, Harriet Walker. Papers
Wells, Edward Franklin. Papers on Pneumonic Fever
Wells, Edward Franklin. Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Wells, Ida B. Papers
Westinghouse Air Brake Company, The Story of the Air Brake
Whistler, George William, Report to Count Kleinmichel on gauge of track to be used in the St. Petersburg and Moscow Railroad
White, Leonard D. Papers
Whitman, Charles Otis. Collection
Whitman, Walt, "The Bible as Poetry." Manuscript
Whitman, Walt. Collection
Whitney, Harry. Hunting with the Eskimos Album
Whittlesey, Charles. Letter
Whyte-Melville, G. J. Collection
Wiest, Michael Edward. Papers
Wigmore Abbey chronicle and Brut chronicle. Manuscript (Ms 224)
Wilcox. Delos Franklin. Papers
Wilczynski, Ernest J. Papers
Wilder, Thornton. Papers
Wilkening, Marvin. Papers
Willis, Alfred. Collection of African-American Popular Fiction
Wilson, John Todd. Papers
Wilson, Thomas E. Family. Collection
Wilt, Napier. Papers
Winstein, Bruce. Film Poster Collection
Winstein, Bruce. Papers
Winston, Thomas. Papers
Wirth, Louis. Papers
Wirth, Mary Bolton. Papers
Withrow, Thomas Foster. History of the Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific Railway Company from its Inception, February 27, 1847 to Date
Wolfe, Richard J. Collection of Paper Marbling and Allied Book Arts. Marbled Paper Specimens Collection
Woodruff, Timothy Lester. Papers
World Citizens Association. Central Committee. Records
World Citizens Association. Chicago Group. Records
World Conference on Faith and Order. Collection
World Movement for World Federal Government. Records
World Republic. Records
World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893. Collection
Worner, Ruby K. Papers
Worshipful Company of Weavers. Charter, 1707, copy
Wright, Quincy. Papers
Wyatt, Edith. Papers
Wyler, Silvain and Arma. Collection