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Regenstein Art Reading Room Art Reading Room (Room 420)
The Joseph Regenstein Library
The Art Reading Room houses the East Asian Art Collection and the Epstein Archive. Priority should be given to patrons making use of these collections. No food is allowed in the Art Reading Room.
Regenstein Classics Reading Room Classics Reading Room (Room 470)
The Joseph Regenstein Library
The Classics Reading Room, located off of the 4th Floor Reading Room, houses the Classics Reading Room reference collection and provides quiet study space. Priority should be given to patrons making use of the Classics reference collection.
GRAD Writing Room GRAD Writing Room (Room 464)
The Joseph Regenstein Library
A joint project of UChicagoGRAD and the Library, the GRAD Writing Room is intended to be a quiet, focused destination where graduate students and postdocs can write academic projects. Access to the room is controlled electronically and managed by UChicagoGRAD.
4th Floor Reading Room Regenstein 4th Floor Reading Room
The Joseph Regenstein Library
Regenstein's 4th Floor Reading Room houses several specialized reference collections and provides a variety of furniture options for quiet study.
Group Studies Regenstein Group Studies
The Joseph Regenstein Library
Regenstein has 20 group studies that may be reserved for up to 3 hours a day by groups of two or more users via Book a Room whenever Regenstein is open. Group studies are located in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Floor Reading Rooms.