Regenstein A Level Reading Room

Regenstein Library A Level rendering (courtesy of Woodhouse Tinucci)


The Regenstein A Level Reading Room is an inviting and attractive collaborative learning environment where students, faculty, academic technologists, and librarians can interact. 

The center of the room is an open group work area.  Around this central zone are 10 collaboration rooms.  Their walls are covered in clear dry erase paint and can be used as whiteboards.  These rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis and allow four to six people to work together comfortably.

A terrazzo floor with café-style seating is located along the glass wall on the north side of the A Level.  This space provides users with inspiring views of the Block Garden.

Two vending machines are located on the west side of the terazzo, one stocked with beverages, the other with supplies such as headphones, dry erase markers, pens, post-it notes, and mini-staplers. A multifunction device for copying, printing, and scanning is also available.

Coming soon

An easy-to-operate “one button” video production studio, which will enable users to create video essays and rehearse presentations, is scheduled to be installed by the close of October.

Later this quarter, a 27-foot bar-height table equipped with convenient access to duplex power outlets will be installed just beyond the entry.  Over the December interim, additional improvements will be made to the A Level.  Seven hanging whiteboards with adjacent power outlets will be installed in the central open work zone.  Sixty lockers, which will be available for daily rental, will also be installed in one of the small rooms along the west wall.