Viewing & Listening Room (Room 307)

Viewing and Listening Room


The Viewing & Listening Room, located in Regenstein's 3rd Floor Reading Room, contains equipment for playing a variety of audiovisual formats, including:

  • audio compact disc (CD)
  • audio cassette
  • LP record
  • DVD
  • VHS
  • Laserdisc
  • BluRay disc

Patrons who wish to use Room 307 may borrow a key from Regenstein Circulation on the 1st Floor.

Patrons who wish to watch video will also need to borrow an AV kit containing a remote control for the proper device.

All equipment requires headphones, which may also be borrowed from Regenstein Circulation.

While using the Viewing/Listening Room, patrons are expected to comply with the Library's policies for Maintaining a Scholarly Environment in the Library.

In addition, we ask users to follow the specific policies below.

  • Always use headphones when watching or listening to material. The Viewing/Listening Room is not soundproof and all equipment requires the use of headphones to operate.
  • Do not unplug equipment or move furniture.
  • You are responsible for the condition of the equipment; please immediately report any equipment that is damaged or not working to Circulation staff.

Podcast recording equipment

University Audio Visual Services has temporarily installed equipment to record podcasts in Room 307.

The equipment is intended to support students in a University course offered Winter Quarter 2017; one of the assignments of the course is to record a podcast.

Although primarily intended for use by students enrolled in this course, the equipment is available for use by all Library patrons.

For immediate assistance or to request training, patrons should call Audio Visual Services at 773-834-4499 or email