How to Book a Room

Only current University of Chicago students, faculty, and staff are eligible to book a room.

See the Library's Policies on Room Use for more information.

To view available rooms, visit

For access via screen readers, visit the links below:

Group Studies - Regenstein (suitable for screen readers)
Library Classrooms - Regenstein (suitable for screen readers)

Links for screen readers are also available in the footer of each room booking page.

Booking a Room

Booking a room is easy. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Select a Room type.
    • Select a room type from the pulldown menu.
    • Group studies are available whenever Regenstein is open; Library classrooms are available outside of regular teaching hours only.
  2. Filter rooms by the number of people in your group (optional).
    • To view rooms based on capacity, select the number of people in your group from the pulldown menu.
    • To view all rooms, select "For any number of people."
  3. Select a date.
    • Click on a date in the calendar. The room grid will display room availability for that date.
    • You may book group study rooms up to 7 days in advance.
  4. Select room and time.
    • Check the grid for available rooms and times for the date you selected on the calendar. Available time slots are green; booked time slots are red; unavailable time slots are blue.
    • You can hover over the information symbol next to each room for a preview of its capacity, amenities, and location.
    • Book room times by clicking on green (i.e., 'available') blocks. Each green time slot represents 30 minutes. 
    • Once you've selected a time slot, it turns orange. Select as many consecutive time slots as you like, yo to 3 hours per day
    • To clear all selected time slots, click on the date in the calendar.
    • After selecting a room and time, click "Continue" at the bottom of the screen to agree with room use policies.
    • Click "Submit time slots."
  5. Enter your personal and group information.
    • Login with your CNetID and password.
    • Enter the name of your group. Your group name will be visible to all, so choose a name that other members of your group will recognize.
    • Click "Submit my booking."
    • To log out, close your browser.
  6. Bring your email confirmation with you.
    • Once you've booked a room, you will receive a confirmation email with your booking details.
    • Bring this confirmation email with you, either electronically or in print, as proof of your booking. 
    • If another group is using the room during a time you've reserved, present your confirmation email when requesting they vacate the room.
  7. Show up on time (with your group).
    • At least 2 members of your group must arrive within 10 minutes of the start time of your booking or the booking is no longer valid.
    • The booking may be cancelled by library staff and the room may be used by another group.

Cancelling/changing a room booking

If you need to cancel a room booking, simply click on the cancellation link in your confirmation email.

Once submitted, bookings may not be modified. To change a booking, you will need to cancel and rebook it.

Still need help?

Contact us with comments or questions about Book a Room.

if you need immediate assistance, you may also speak to a supervisor at Regenstein Circulation.