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Guide to the John D'Alton Collection ca. 17th-19th centuries

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Descriptive Summary


D'Alton, John. Collection


ca. 17th-19th centuries


21 linear ft. (41 boxes)


Hanna Holborn Gray Special Collections Research Center
University of Chicago Library
1100 East 57th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60637 U.S.A.


Bound manuscripts containing notes on the topography, genealogies, and general history of Ireland. Collected by Irish antiquarian and barrister John D'Alton (1792-1867). Also includes some correspondence and notes relating to D'Alton's activities as an antiquarian.

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When quoting material from this collection, the preferred citation is: D'Alton, John. Collection, [Box #, Folder #], Hanna Holborn Gray Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library

Scope Note

This manuscript collection of Hibernica has as its source the Irish antiquarian and barrister, John D'Alton (1792-1867). D'Alton achieved fame during his lifetime as the writer of histories of Drogheda, Boyle, and the County Dublin, and as “the result of upwards of thirty years' devoted application of study, time, and income” accumulated a great collection of material bearing on the topography, genealogies, and general history of Ireland. Although a small portion of D'Alton's manuscript notebooks were sold before 1924, in that year his grand-daughter presented the collection to the Reverend Patrick S. Dineen, the celebrated Irish scholar, with the stipulation that it “be deposited by you in any manner you think fit.”

The notebooks are grouped under 77 titles, based on a 19th century inventory compiled by D'Alton. Many of the titles are multi-volume. Titles 1, 18, 19, 24, 30, 34, 40, 60, 62, 66 and 67 were sold or removed from the collection before its receipt by the University of Chicago. The collection also includes a small group of D'Alton's correspondence and miscellaneous notes accumulated during his antiquarian activities.

Also included as part of the collection as received by the Library are a number of descriptions of the collection as the inventory of the notebooks mentioned above, an analysis of the collection by Seamus O'Cassidy, and a transcript of an obituary of D'Alton which appeared in the “Irish Times”. This descriptive material is retained in the departmental holdings file.

So far as is known the 153 notebooks assembled by D'Alton have never been closely studied after his death. As O'Cassidy suggests in his description of the collection, “To estimate the value of the collection ... would necessitate a prolonged study of the manuscripts themselves and the numerous important publications on Irish history, topography, and genealogy which have appeared since the manuscripts were compiled”. To some degree, at least, the subsequent published work of such 19th century Irish scholars and antiquarians as Eugene O'Curry, John O'Donovan, George Petrie, and William Reeves has made it unnecessary to consult such derivative sources as these but D'Alton's notebooks may possibly contain transcripts of records which were destroyed by the burning of the Record Office and Record Treasury in Dublin in 1922. Aside from the typewritten appendix to this description, a list of the original notebooks exists also as an appendix to D'Alton's Annals of Boyle (1845). Besides serving as notebooks, the volumes are also D'Alton's indexes to printed and manuscript sources which he intended to use in writing his historical works. Originally some 200 of these notebooks existed, mostly written in D'Alton's hand, but many of them are only partially full. It should be noted that D'Alton's ability to cope with the reading of Irish was limited and he perforce had to limit his investigations to the late medieval and modern periods. In these periods he seems to have worked assiduously, with special attention to local and ecclesiastical history and the history of Irish and Anglo-Irish families.

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Subject Headings


Series I: Index

Box 1   Folder 1

Index Key to D'Alton Manuscript Collection presented to Royal Irish Academy, 16 March 1858. (See Also Oversize)

Series II: Number 2

Indexes to materials for testing, proving and illustrating the Pedigrees and Memoirs of the Families of the British Empire, upwards of 2,500 surnames. These volumes have also comprehensive materials for a general history before the invasion of Henry the Second and after that under the respective reigns of the English sovereigns and the titles of the Commonwealth, Cromwell and the Pretender.

Box 1   Folder 2

n. 2, v. 1

Box 1   Folder 3

Notes from n.2, v.1

Box 1   Folder 4

n.2, v.2

Box 1   Folder 5

Notes from n.2, v.2

Box 1   Folder 6

n.2, v.3

Box 1   Folder 7

Notes from n.2, v.3

Series III: Number 3

Indexes to materials for topographical illustrations of Ireland arranged with the authorities in street alphabetical order. This compilation exhibits the Historic Associations, Legal Records and statistics of every Irish County, Barony, Parish, City, Town, Castle, Abbey Rights in Fisheries, ...

Box 1   Folder 8

n.3, v.1

Box 2   Folder 1

n.3, v.2

Box 2   Folder 2

Notes from n.3, v.2

Box 2   Folder 3

n.3, v.3

Box 2   Folder 4

Notes from n.3, v.3

Box 2   Folder 5

n.3, v.4

Box 2   Folder 6

Notes from n.3, v.4

Box 2   Folder 7

n.3, v.5

Box 3   Folder 1

n.3, v.6

Box 3   Folder 2

Notes from n.3, v.6. (See Also Oversize)

Box 3   Folder 3

n.3, v.7

Box 3   Folder 4

Notes from n.3, v.7

Box 3   Folder 5

n.3, v.8. (See Also Oversize)

Box 3   Folder 6

Notes from n.3, v.8

Series IV: Number 4

"Guide to Irish Topography" General provincial and County divided into five departments general, Leinster, Ulster, Munster and Connaught.

Box 3   Folder 7

n. 4

Box 3   Folder 8

Notes from n.4, including periodical clippings. (See Also Oversize)

Series V: Number 5

"Geneologia Generalis" containing directions for searches on family pedigrees from the earliest period. The materials pointed out as available for this object are classed under the several reigns of the sovereigns of England from the conquest with especial attention to the attainders and forfeitures incurred in the Civil Wars of Ireland. This portion of the vol. is followed by district classification of searches for the provincial pedigrees of Leinster, Ulster, Munster, and Connaught then of those of Wales and Scotland and lastly those of English descent under each several county of Great Britain.

Box 4   Folder 1


Box 4   Folder 2

Notes from n.5

Series VI: Number 6

"Antiquarian Law" Notes from text books and reports in cases connected with ... Corporations, Peerages, watercourses, bogs, mines etc. with points of evidence thereon.

Box 4   Folder 3


Series VII: Number 7

Historical Researches Digest

Box 4   Folder 4


Box 4   Folder 5

Notes from n.7

Series VIII: Number 8

"Miscellaneous Pedigrees" Indexes

Box 4   Folder 6


Series IX: Number 9

Indexes for Irish Topographical Illustrations

Box 5   Folder 1

n.9, v.1

Box 5   Folder 2

n.9, v.2

Series X: Number 10

Extracts from HSS in Public Repositories ... From Trinity College, from Marsh's Library, The Royal Dublin Society, the Liber Hibernice, the Down Survey, The British Museum, the First Fruits' Office, Cromwells Proclamations in Ireland, the Transfer office, the Rolls' office, Birmingham Tower, the Tower of London, the Kings ..., the Registry office.

Box 5   Folder 3

n.10, v.1

Box 5   Folder 4

Notes from n.10, v.1

Box 5   Folder 5

n.10, v.2

Box 5   Folder 6

n.10, v.3

Box 6   Folder 1

n.10, v.4

Box 6   Folder 2

n.10, v.6

Box 6   Folder 3

Notes, n.10, v.6

Box 6   Folder 4

n.10, v.7

Box 6   Folder 5

n.10, v.8

Box 6   Folder 6

n.10, v.9

Box 7   Folder 1

n.10, v.10

Series XI: Number 11

Notes and contents of sundry charters, patents and inquisitions from the Rolls Office

Box 7   Folder 2


Series XII: Number 12

Compilations for a history of the county Antrim, its several Baronies, Parishes and Localities with notes of excursions and observations through that county

Box 7   Folder 3

n.12, v.1.

Box 7   Folder 4

Notes, n.12, v.1. (See Also Oversize)

Box 7   Folder 5

n.12, v.2

Box 7   Folder 6

Notes, n.12, v.2 (See Also Oversize)

Box 8   Folder 1

n.12, v.3

Box 8   Folder 2

Notes and correspondence, n.12, v.3

Series XIII: Number 13

Compilations for a history of the County Dublin.

Box 8   Folder 3

n.13, v.1

Box 8   Folder 4

Notes and correspondence, n.13, v.1 (See Also Oversize)

Box 8   Folder 5

n.13, v.2

Box 8   Folder 6

Notes and correspondence, n.13, v.2 (See Also Oversize)

Box 8   Folder 7

n.13, v.3

Box 9   Folder 1

n.13, v.4.

Box 9   Folder 2

Notes, n.13, v.4.

Series XIV: Number 14

County Galway, with notes of an excursion

Box 9   Folder 3

n.14, v.1

Box 9   Folder 4

Notes, n.14, v.1

Box 9   Folder 5

n.14. v.2

Box 9   Folder 6

n.14, v.3

Box 9   Folder 7

Notes and correspondence, n.14, v.3 (See Also Oversize)

Series XV: Number 15

History of the C. Louth with notes of excursions and observations

Box 10   Folder 1

n.15, v.1

Box 10   Folder 2

n.15, v.2

Box 10   Folder 3

n.15, v.3, pt.1

Box 10   Folder 4

n.15, v.3, pt.2

Box 10   Folder 5

n.15, v.4, pt.1 (See Also Oversize)

Box 11   Folder 1

n.15, v.4, pt.2

Box 11   Folder 2

n.15, v.5.

Box 11   Folder 3

Notes, n.15, v.5

Series XVI: Number 16

Compilations for a history of the County of Meath with notes of excursions etc. No. 16(1)Chronological materials for Memoirs of the Archbishop of Armagh. No. 16(2) Chronological materials for Memoirs of the Bishops of Meath

Box 11   Folder 4

n.16, v.1

Box 11   Folder 5

Notes, n.16, v.1

Box 11   Folder 6

n.16, v.2

Box 11   Folder 7

Notes and Correspondence, n.16, v.2 (See Also Oversize)

Box 12   Folder 1

n.16, v.3

Box 12   Folder 2

n.16, v.4.

Box 12   Folder 3

Notes and correspondence, n.16, v.4

Series XVII: Number 17

Compilations for a history of County Roscommon

Box 12   Folder 4

n.17, v.1

Box 12   Folder 5

Notes and Correspondence, n.17, v.1

Box 12   Folder 6

n.17, v.2

Box 12   Folder 7

Notes and Correspondence, n.17, v.2

Series XVIII: Number 20

Compilations for a history of C. Wicklow with notes of excursions throughout it. [Numbers 18 and 19 were sold from the collection before it was acquired by the University of Chicago.]

Box 13   Folder 1

n.20, v.1

Box 13   Folder 2

Notes, Correspondence, and Map of County Wicklow, 1822. n.20, v.1 (See Also Oversize)

Box 13   Folder 3

n.20, v.2

Box 13   Folder 4

Notes, correspondence, and County of Wicklow document, n.20, v.2 (See Also Oversize)

Box 13   Folder 5

n.20, v.3

Box 13   Folder 6

Correspondence, n.20, v.3

Series XIX: Number 21

Compilation for history of County Armagh

Box 13   Folder 7


Box 13   Folder 8

Notes, n.21

Series XX: Number 22

Compilation for history of County Carlow

Box 14   Folder 1


Series XXI: Number 23

Compilation for history of County Cavan

Box 14   Folder 2


Box 14   Folder 3

Notes and Correspondence, n.23 (See Also Oversize)

Series XXII: Number 25

Compilation for history of County Cork. [Number 24 was sold from the collection before it was acquired by the University of Chicago.]

Box 14   Folder 4

n.25, v.1

Box 14   Folder 5

Notes and Correspondence, n.25, v.1 (See Also Oversize)

Box 15   Folder 1

n.25, v.2

Box 15   Folder 2

Notes and correspondence, n.25, v.2 (See Also Oversize)

Series XXIII: Number 26

Compilation for history of County Donegal

Box 15   Folder 3


Box 15   Folder 4

Notes and correspondence, n.26. (See Also Oversize)

Series XXIV: Number 27

Compilation for history of County Devon

Box 15   Folder 5


Box 15   Folder 6

Notes and correspondence, n.27. (See Also Oversize)

Series XXV: Number 28

Compilation for history of County Fermanagh

Box 15   Folder 7


Box 15   Folder 8

Correspondence, n.28

Series XXVI: Number 29

Compilation for history of County Kerry

Box 16   Folder 1


Box 16   Folder 2

Notes and Correspondence, n.29

Series XXVII: Number 31

Compilation for history of County Kilkenny. [Number 30 was sold from the collection before it was acquired by the University of Chicago.]

Box 16   Folder 3


Box 16   Folder 4

Notes and Correspondence, n.31. (See Also Oversize)

Series XXVIII: Number 32

Compilation for history of Kings County.

Box 16   Folder 5


Box 16   Folder 6

Notes and Correspondence, n.32. (See Also Oversize)

Series XXIX: Number 33

Compilation for history of County Leitrim

Box 16   Folder 7


Box 16   Folder 8

Notes and Correspondence, n.33

Series XXX: Number 35

Compilation for history of County Londonderry. . [Number 34 was sold from the collection before it was acquired by the University of Chicago.]

Box 17   Folder 1


Box 17   Folder 2

Notes and Correspondence, n.35

Series XXXI: Number 36

Compilation for history of County Longford

Box 17   Folder 3


Box 17   Folder 4

Notes, n.36

Series XXXII: Number 37

Compilation for history of County Mayo

Box 17   Folder 5


Box 17   Folder 6

Notes and Correspondence, n.37. (See Also Oversize)

Series XXXIII: Number 38

Compilation for history of County Monaghan

Box 17   Folder 7


Series XXXIV: Number 39

Compilation for history of Queen's County

Box 18   Folder 1


Box 18   Folder 2

Notes and Correspondence, n.39 (See Also Oversize)

Series XXXV: Number 41

Compilation for history of County Tyrone. [Number 40 was sold from the collection before it was acquired by the University of Chicago.]

Box 18   Folder 3


Series XXXVI: Number 42

Compilation for history of County Waterford

Box 18   Folder 4


Box 18   Folder 5

Correspondence, n.42

Series XXXVII: Number 43

Compilation for history of County Westmeath

Box 18   Folder 6

n.43, v.1

Box 18   Folder 7

Notes and Correspondence, n.43, v.1

Box 19   Folder 1

n.43, v.2

Box 19   Folder 2

News clippings, n.43, v.2 (See Also Oversize)

Series XXXVIII: Number 44

Compilation for history of City of Dublin

Box 19   Folder 3

n.44, v.1

Box 19   Folder 4

Notes and correspondence, n.44, v.1 (See Also Oversize)

Box 19   Folder 5

n.44, v.2

Box 19   Folder 6

Notes and correspondence, n.44, v.2 (See Also Oversize)

Series XXXIX: Number 45

The course of the Shannon with its Tributaries

Box 19   Folder 7


Box 19   Folder 8

Notes and correspondence, n.45 (See Also Oversize)

Series XL: Number 46

Illustrations of Irish localities alphabetically Abbeyfeale to Any.

Box 20   Folder 1

n.46, v.1

Box 20   Folder 2

n.46, v.2

Box 20   Folder 3

Notes and correspondence, n.46, v.2

Series XLI: Number 47

Collection for a tour of the Pale

Box 20   Folder 4


Series XLII: Number 48

Diocesan records

Box 20   Folder 5

n.48, v.1

Box 20   Folder 6

Correspondence, n.48, v.1

Box 21   Folder 1

n.48, v.1a.

Box 21   Folder 2

Correspondence, n.48, v.1a.

Box 21   Folder 3

n.48, v.2

Box 21   Folder 4

Correspondence, n.48, v.2

Box 21   Folder 5

n.48, v.2a.

Box 21   Folder 6

Correspondence, n.48, v.2a.

Box 21   Folder 7

n.48, v.3

Series XLIII: Number 49

Digest of funds designed for or charged on particular localities

Box 22   Folder 1


Box 22   Folder 2

Notes and Correspondence, n.49. (See Also Oversize)

Series XLIV: Number 50

Charitable and pious bequests

Box 22   Folder 3

n.50, v.1

Box 22   Folder 4

n.50, v.2

Series XLV: Number 51

Synopsis of castles, abbeys and their antiquities in Great Britain and Ireland

Box 22   Folder 5

n.51, v.1

Box 22   Folder 6

n.51, v.2

Series XLVI: Number 52

Illustrations of Pedigrees of Ireland

Box 23   Folder 1

n.52, v.1

Box 23   Folder 2

Notes and Correspondence, n.51, v.2 (See Also Oversize)

Box 23   Folder 3

n.52, v.2

Box 23   Folder 4

n.52, v.3

Box 23   Folder 5

Notes and Correspondence, n.52, v.3 (See Also Oversize)

Series XLVII: Number 53

Illustrations of various Pedigrees of Ireland. Syllabus of selected pedigrees, wherein the origin of each of these families, their habitats, the periods when and places where they existed etc., are detailed.

Box 23   Folder 6

n.53, v.2

Box 23   Folder 7

Notes and Correspondence, n.53, v.2

Box 24   Folder 1

n.53, v.3

Box 24   Folder 2

Notes and Correspondence, n.53 v.3 (See Also Oversize)

Box 24   Folder 3

n.53, v.4

Box 24   Folder 4

Notes and Correspondence, n.53 v.4

Box 24   Folder 5

n.53, v.5

Box 24   Folder 6

Notes and Correspondence, n.53 v.5

Box 25   Folder 1

n,53, v.6.

Box 25   Folder 2

n.53, v.7

Box 25   Folder 3

Notes and Correspondence, n.53, v.7. (See Also Oversize)

Box 25   Folder 4

n.53, v.8

Box 25   Folder 5

n.53, v.9

Box 25   Folder 6

Notes and correspondence, n.53, v.9. (See Also Oversize)

Box 26   Folder 1

n.53, v.10

Box 26   Folder 2

n.53, v.11

Box 26   Folder 3

Correspondence, n.53, v.11

Box 26   Folder 4

n.53, v.12

Box 26   Folder 5

Notes and Correspondence, n.53, v.12. (See Also Oversize)

Box 26   Folder 6

n.53, v.13

Box 26   Folder 7

n.53, v.14

Box 26   Folder 8

Correspondence, n.53, v.14

Box 27   Folder 1

n.53, v.15

Box 27   Folder 2

n.53, v.16

Box 27   Folder 3

n.53, v.17

Box 27   Folder 4

Notes and Correspondence, n.53, v.17. (See Also Oversize)

Box 27   Folder 5

n.53, v.18

Box 27   Folder 6

Notes and Correspondence, n.53, v.18. (See Also Oversize)

Box 28   Folder 1

n.53, v.19

Box 28   Folder 2

Notes, n.53, v.19. (See Also Oversize)

Box 28   Folder 3

n.53, v.20

Box 28   Folder 4

Notes and Correspondence, n.53, v.20. (See Also Oversize)

Box 28   Folder 5

n.53, v.21

Box 28   Folder 6

Notes and Correspondence, n.53, v.21

Box 29   Folder 1

n.53, v.22

Box 29   Folder 2

Notes and Correspondence, n.53, v.22

Box 29   Folder 3

n.53, v.23

Box 29   Folder 4

Notes and Correspondence, n.53, v.23. (See Also Oversize)

Box 29   Folder 5

n.53, v.24

Box 29   Folder 6

n.53, v.25

Box 29   Folder 7

Notes and Correspondence, n.53, v.25

Box 29   Folder 8

n.53, v.26

Box 30   Folder 1

n.53, v.27

Box 30   Folder 2

n.53, v.28

Box 30   Folder 3

n.53, v.29, pt.1

Box 30   Folder 4

Notes and Correspondence, n.53, v.29

Box 30   Folder 5

n.53, v.29, pt.2 (See Also Oversize)

Box 30   Folder 6

n.53, v.30

Box 30   Folder 7

Notes, n.53, v.30

Series XLVIII: Number 54

MS History of Ireland ... Henry 2nd

Box 31   Folder 1


Series XLIX: Number 55

MS History of Ireland enlarged

Box 31   Folder 2


Series L: Number 56

Miscellaneous MS journals in Drogheda, Leuth and Dublin

Box 31   Folder 3


Box 31   Folder 4

Notes and correspondence, n.56. (See Also Oversize)

Series LI: Number 57

Essays on various Irish subjects

Box 31   Folder 5


Box 31   Folder 6

Notes and correspondence, n.57. (See Also Oversize)

Series LII: Number 58

Box 32   Folder 1


Series LIII: Number 59

Box 32   Folder 2


Series LIV: Number 61

Selections from the registers of the parish of St. Nicholas within the walls, Dublin

Box 32   Folder 3


Series LV: Number 63

Two volumes literary gatherings for illustrating Family Histories

Box 32   Folder 4

n.63, v.1

Box 32   Folder 5

Notes and correspondence, n.63, v.1 (See Also Oversize)

Box 32   Folder 6

n.63, v.2

Box 32   Folder 7

Notes, n.63, v.2

Series LVI: Number 64

One volume octavo Bibliotheca Literaria being a Dictionary Classification of the various subjects of usual literary research objects of scenery and natural history with references under each respectively to passages illustrative thereof in approved authors

Box 33   Folder 1


Series LVII: Number 65

Two volumes 8vo Catalogue Raisonne of all the works in the College Library (in 1823) of popular and general interest classed under the head of Divinity, Law, Medicine, History, Biography, Politics, Travels, voyages, geography, antiquities, poetry, and drama, arts and sciences and natural history. The late Mr. Hardiman had a copy made of these volumes which was sold at his auction.

Box 33   Folder 2

n.65, v.1

Box 33   Folder 3

n.65, v.2

Box 33   Folder 4

Correspondence, n.65, v.2

Series LVIII: Number 68

Tours in England 4v

Box 33   Folder 5

n.68, v.1

Box 34   Folder 1

n.68, v.2

Box 34   Folder 2

n.68, v.3

Box 34   Folder 3

Notes and Correspondence, n.68, v.3 (See Also Oversize)

Box 34   Folder 4

n.68 v.4

Series LIX: Number 69

Irish Colleges

Box 34   Folder 5


Box 34   Folder 6

Notes, n.69

Series LX: Number 70


Box 34   Folder 7


Series LXI: Number 71

Memoirs of cases and opinions

Box 35   Folder 1

n.71, v.1

Box 35   Folder 2

Notes, n.71, v.1

Box 35   Folder 3

n.71, v.2

Box 35   Folder 4

Notes, n.71, v.2

Box 35   Folder 5

n.71, v.3

Box 35   Folder 6

n.71, v.4

Box 35   Folder 7

Notes, n.71, v.4

Series LXII: Number 72

Loan fund societies

Box 36   Folder 1


Box 36   Folder 2

Notes n.72

Series LXIII: Number 73

Autobiographical notes

Box 36   Folder 3


Box 36   Folder 4

Notes and Correspondence, n.73

Series LXIV: Number 74

Miscellaneous notes

Box 36   Folder 5


Series LXV: Number 75

Toasts, travel notes, etc.

Box 36   Folder 6

n.75, pt.1

Box 37   Folder 1

n.75, pt. 2

Series LXVI: Number 76

Index to Book of claims, 1700

Box 37   Folder 2


Series LXVII: Number 60

Literary and historical notations, not in the handwriting of John D'Alton

Box 37   Folder 3


Box 37   Folder 4

Notes and Correspondence, n.60

Series LXVIII: Correspondence sent to D'Alton

Box 38   Folder 1


Box 38   Folder 2


Box 38   Folder 3


Box 38   Folder 4


Box 38   Folder 5


Box 38   Folder 6


Box 38   Folder 7


Box 38   Folder 8


Box 38   Folder 9


Box 38   Folder 10


Box 38   Folder 11


Box 38   Folder 12


Box 38   Folder 13


Box 38   Folder 14


Box 38   Folder 15


Box 39   Folder 1


Box 39   Folder 2


Box 39   Folder 3


Box 39   Folder 4


Box 39   Folder 5


Box 39   Folder 6


Series LXIX: Oversize

Box 40   Folder 1

Index Key to D'Alton Manuscript Collection presented to Royal Irish Academy, 16 March 1858

Box 40   Folder 2

Notes from n.3, v.6

Box 40   Folder 3

n.3, v.8

Box 40   Folder 4

Notes from n.4, including periodical clippings

Box 40   Folder 5

Notes, n.12, v.1

Box 40   Folder 6

Notes, n.12, v.2

Box 40   Folder 7

Notes and correspondence, n.13, v.1

Box 40   Folder 8

Notes and correspondence, n.13, v.2

Box 40   Folder 9

Notes and correspondence, n.14, v.3

Box 40   Folder 9A

Notes and correspondence, n.15, v.3, pt.2

Box 40   Folder 10

n.15, v.4, pt.1

Box 40   Folder 11

Notes and Correspondence, n.16, v.2

Box 40   Folder 12

Notes, Correspondence, and Map of County Wicklow, 1822, n.20, v.1

Box 40   Folder 13

Notes, correspondence, and County of Wicklow document, n.20, v.2

Box 40   Folder 14

Notes and Correspondence, n.23

Box 40   Folder 15

Notes and Correspondence, n.25, v.1

Box 40   Folder 16

Notes and correspondence, n.25, v.2

Box 40   Folder 17

Notes and correspondence, n.26

Box 40   Folder 18

Notes and correspondence, n.27

Box 40   Folder 19

Notes and Correspondence, n.31

Box 40   Folder 20

Notes and Correspondence, n.32

Box 40   Folder 21

Notes and Correspondence, n.37

Box 40   Folder 22

Notes and Correspondence, n.39

Box 41   Folder 1

News clippings, n.43, v.2

Box 41   Folder 2

Notes and correspondence, n.44, v.1

Box 41   Folder 3

Notes and correspondence, n.44, v.2

Box 41   Folder 4

Notes and correspondence, n.45

Box 41   Folder 5

Notes and Correspondence, n.49.

Box 41   Folder 6

Notes and Correspondence, n.51, v.2

Box 41   Folder 7

n.52, v.3

Box 41   Folder 8

Notes and Correspondence, n.53 v.3

Box 41   Folder 9

Notes and Correspondence, n.53, v.7

Box 41   Folder 10

Notes and Correspondence, n.53, v.9

Box 41   Folder 11

Notes and Correspondence, n.53, v.12

Box 41   Folder 12

Notes and Correspondence, n.53, v.17

Box 41   Folder 13

Notes and Correspondence, n.53, v.18

Box 41   Folder 14

Notes, n.53, v.19

Box 41   Folder 15

Notes and Correspondence, n.53, v.23

Box 41   Folder 16

n.53, v.29, pt.2

Box 41   Folder 17

Notes and correspondence, n.56

Box 41   Folder 18

Notes and correspondence, n.57

Box 41   Folder 19

Notes and correspondence, n.63, v.1

Box 41   Folder 20

Notes and Correspondence, n.68, v.3

Box 41   Folder 21

Misc. Notes

Box 41   Folder 22

Analysis of the Book of Leacan