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University of Chicago. Development Campaigns and Anniversaries. Records




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Contains minutes, programs, schedules, and other memorabilia from the fifth (1896), tenth (1901), and 25th (1916) anniversaries of the University of Chicago. Contains records of the 1924-1926 campaign including minutes and reports of the Executive Committee on Development, Alumni Committee correspondence, donor lists, speeches and articles, promotional pamphlets, and assessments of the University by the John Price Jones Corporation. Records from the 50th anniversary (1941) and development campaign include correspondence, minutes, reports, Alumni Foundation material, and texts or abridged versions of papers delivered at the Fiftieth Anniversary Symposia.

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Historical Note

After the initial money-raising effort for $400,000 to complement John D. Rockefeller's gift of $600,000 (which was to establish "a new institution of higher learning in the West" under the auspices of the American Baptist Education Society), public solicitation of funds played a very small part in building up the endowment of the young University of Chicago. Wealthy subscribers, headed by Mr. Rockefeller, provided the major share of necessary funds. Prior to 1924, the only fund-drive involving mass contributions from alumni and friends was the Harper Memorial Library Fund (begun 1908) when $250,000 was raised to complement the sum of $750,000 pledged by Mr. Rockefeller [see President's Papers 1889-1925.

In 1924 when the University announced a public campaign to double its endowment, many people including alumni were genuinely surprised that this University, which had by President Harper's wishes opened its doors in 1892 as if long established, should have pressing financial needs. The public assumed that the University was under the perpetual patronage of the Rockefellers and various wealthy Chicagoans. In fact, the University itself had not made any significant attempt to cultivate giving among its alumni--who were, after all, not yet strong in numbers. The 1924-26 Development Campaign was thus the first major public as well as private fund drive.

In 1941, with the experience of the 1924-26 campaign behind it, the University initiated another major development campaign to coincide with its Fiftieth Anniversary celebration. This too was a new departure since previous anniversary celebrations (or celebrations of "Founder's Day" as they were first called) had not been explicitly connected with development. As originally conceived, the Fiftieth Anniversary Committee on Development was a group of trustees appointed to oversee the Anniversary plans. It was, however, the Executive Committee of the Committee on Development under the direction of the Executive Chairman (a trustee) which provided the coordinating core for the 1941 events; the other members of this committee included the President of the University, the Executive Director the directors of the Alumni Foundation, the Anniversary Celebration, Foundations, Publicity, the Citizen's Committee, and various other administrative and staff personnel.

Scope Note

This collection covers the period from 1896 (the Quinquennial Anniversary) to the Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration and Development Campaign of 1941.


The material on early anniversaries (Fifth, Tenth, and Twenty-Fifth) in consists of programs, schedules, menus, and other memorabilia. (The Fifteenth Anniversary took place shortly after the death of President Harper and was merely noted in passing.) A notable feature of the Tenth Anniversary, commonly called the Decennial Celebration, was the appearance of the Decennial Publications, twenty-five volumes in two series. The President's Report, Volume 1, Series I, contains President Harper's review of the achievement of the University's first decade and records in detail the events of the Quinquennial and Decennial celebrations. The minutes of the executive committee that planned the Twenty-fifth anniversary commemoration are included in this collection, as are memorabilia characteristic of the earlier celebrations.


The initiative for the Development Campaign of 1924-26 came largely from the University's third President, Ernest DeWitt Burton, who took office on July 12, 1923 at the age of 67. As part of his "Program of Advance" for the University, President Burton proposed a two-year campaign to raise $17,500,000. The campaign, which unofficially opened with the President's Convocation Address in July of 1924, consumed almost all of his time until shortly before his death in March of 1925. This collection is of particular value as a primary semi-official record of the Burton administration.

Subseries 1: General, includes three studies done for the University by the John Price Jones Corporation of New York. These studies assess the University's self-image, reputation, relationships with alumni, and the weaknesses and strengths pertinent to a public appeal for funds. The first formulates the plan by which the campaign is to be conducted; the study made after President Burton's death assesses the campaign after it officially closed, indicating achievements, failures, and changes in emphasis that took place during the campaign. These documents together provide a good overview of the way in which the campaign was both conceived and conducted.

Minutes and reports of the Executive Committee on Development and its various sub-committees are in Subseries 2. This material chronicles the day-to-day progress of the campaign.

Subseries 3 chronicles gifts given or solicited during the campaign, including funds for athletics and particular academic fields. A major goal of the campaign (second only to acquiring funds for the endowment of faculty salaries) was a formidable building program. The program involved expansion of existing facilities such as the medical buildings, erection of new buildings for Modern languages (Wieboldt Hall), Social Sciences, Mathematics (Eckhart Hall), Chemistry (Jones), Education (Judd), and proposed College and Administration buildings, which were not erected at this time.

Subseries 5 includes articles and speeches delivered during the campaign, many at various luncheons and dinners given for distinguished guests such as the Prince of Wales and the Crown Prince of Sweden and a number of major addresses by President Burton and a few items by his successor, Max Mason. There are also contributions by distinguished faculty--largely part of a series of public addresses given in Orchestra Hall.

Promotional pamphlets issued throughout the campaign and designed to bring its particular goals to selected interest groups are in Subseries 6.


The Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration and Development Campaign activities centered on the Anniversary celebration itself, the Alumni Campaign, and the General Campaign.

Under "Committee on Development" are drawn together the minutes of various planning conferences-beginning in 1938--in which the decisions to combine fund-raising and the celebration are made and the scope of each determined. The Executive Director, Donald P. Bean, coordinated all aspects of the Fiftieth Anniversary Campaign and his correspondence provides both an overview of the entire operation, and a record of day-to-day activities.

The reports of the John Price Jones Corporation unlike their 1924 counterparts reflect only the planning and initial stages of the campaign combined with the minutes and correspondence of the Executive Committee of the Committee on Development, they provide the reader with information concerning the University's methods of fund-raising at this time, its understanding of the appeal it could make to private and public financial sources, and the question of the priorities for which funds were to be sought.

Two aspects of the Fiftieth Anniversary appeal set it apart from the 1924-26 Campaign. The political situation of 1939-1941 is reflected in discussions of such issues as how to persuade contributors in wartime that private universities should be given high priority (A related issue is the public image in some circles of the University of Chicago as a seedbed of subversive and radical, i.e., Communist, political activity, and the possible effect of this on fund-raising and fund-raising strategy). Also, the University's already-established reputation as a center of innovative educational philosophy had become closely identified in the public mind with the sometimes controversial academic and political opinions of President Robert Maynard Hutchins. Although there is no body of President Hutchins' correspondence in this collection, much of the material is related to him.

The John Price Jones Corporation report on the Fiftieth Anniversary Gift Fund campaign, January 12, 1941, evaluates the progress made after the fund drive had begun. The Fund-Raising survey undertaken by President Hutchins' secretary, Preston Cutler, compares alumni canvassing practices at other leading universities. All Alumni-related material mirrors both the dissatisfaction of substantial numbers of alumni with the then-current state of undergraduate life--the abolition of football and the New Collegiate Plan being focal points for criticism-- as well as the attempt of the Alumni Foundation to assess the effects of such attitudes on fund-raising and to find ways to change common perceptions.

The correspondence of the Director of the Celebration, Frederic Woodward, in Subseries 4 supplements the more general material (with some duplication) in the correspondence of the Executive Director Donald P. Bean, Subseries 2. The rest of this section is self-evident: invitations, programs, schedules, occasional speeches, procedural material, etc.

Perhaps the most important event of the celebration itself was the Fiftieth Anniversary Symposia. The Symposia, September 22-27, 1941, was held in conjunction with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (A.A.A.S.); and was an occasion for addresses from scholars in practically every phase of intellectual endeavor. Subseries 5 includes biographical sketches of many of the participants, press releases, covering the various presentations and texts or abridgements of texts of papers given at the Symposia. Among the scholars represented are Franz Alexander, Charles H. Best, Robert L. Calhoun, S. Chandrasekhar, James B. Conant, Edward A. Doisy, Hans Kelsen, Jacques Maritain, Margaret Mead, Robert A. Millikan, Linus Pauling, Michael Rostovtzeff, R.H. Tawney, and Oswald Veblen.

Miscellaneous addresses delivered at the Celebration and a selection of public relations pamphlets conclude the Fiftieth Anniversary Papers.

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Subject Headings


Series I: Early Anniversaries

Box 1   Folder 1

Quinquennial Celebration 1896

Box 1   Folder 2

Decennial Celebration 1901

Box 1   Folder 3

Quarter Centennial Celebration 1916, Minutes of the Executive Committee and sub-committees

Box 1   Folder 4

Quarter Centennial Celebration 1916: Programs of celebration events

Box 1   Folder 5

Quarter Centennial Celebration 1916, Programs of celebration events

Box 1   Folder 6

Quarter Centennial Celebration 1916: Printed forms

Series II, Development Campaign, 1924-1926

Subseries 1: General

Box 1   Folder 7

Survey and fund-raising plan for the University of Chicago. John Price Jones Corporation. March 8, 1924/Sept 20, 1924

Box 1   Folder 8

Program of publicity for the University of Chicago Campaign September 1-December 31, 1925

Box 1   Folder 9

Campaign for development of the University of Chicago August 11, 1924-February 6, 1926. John Price Jones Corporation. February 6, 1926

Subseries 2: Committee on Development, Subgroups

Box 1   Folder 10

Executive Committee, Organizational Charts and 1926-27 Budget

Box 2   Folder 1

Executive Committee, Minutes, 1924-26

Box 2   Folder 2

Executive Committee, Report to the Board of Trustees, 1924-25

Box 2   Folder 3

Executive Committee, Memoranda to various sub-committees 1924-27

Box 2   Folder 4

Alumni Committee, Alumni Campaign Book 1924

Box 2   Folder 5

Alumni Committee, Presentation of Program of Development for District Alumni Chairman

Box 2   Folder 6

Alumni Committee, Bulletins 1-31 to District and Local Chairman from the Executive Secretary, Alumni Committee

Box 2   Folder 7

Alumni Committee, Bulletins 1-7 to district, local and state chairman from development committee

Box 2   Folder 8

Alumni Committee, Inter-committee memoranda

Box 2   Folder 9

Alumni Committee, Alumni committee correspondence 1925

Box 2   Folder 10

Alumni Committee, Alumni committee correspondence 1926

Box 2   Folder 11

Alumni Committee, Esoteric alumnae association gift 1926

Box 2   Folder 12

Alumni Committee, Alumni contributors to the Development Fund 1926

Box 2   Folder 13

Alumni Committee, Honor roll of alumni contributors 1925-26

Box 2a   Folder 1

Correspondence of Evon Z. Vogt, field representative of Alumni Development Committee, concerning local alumni fund-raising campaigns, 1925

Box 2a   Folder 2

Lists of donor and prospective donors in Arkansas, California, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, and West Virginia, 1924-1925

Box 3   Folder 1

Alumni Committee, non-subscriptions and delinquent subscriptions

Box 3   Folder 2

Faculty Committee

Box 3   Folder 3

Fraternity and Club Committee

Box 3   Folder 4

List and Quota Committee

Box 3   Folder 5

Publicity Committee

Box 3   Folder 6

Publicity Committee

Box 3   Folder 7

Publicity Committee

Box 3   Folder 8

Special Gift Committee

Subseries 3: Gifts

Box 3   Folder 9

Affiliated Germanic group

Box 3   Folder 10

Alden Fellowship

Box 3   Folder 11

Athletic funds

Box 3   Folder 12


Box 3   Folder 13

Carnegie Corporation

Box 3   Folder 14


Box 3   Folder 15

Cost of educating a student

Box 3   Folder 16

Memo regarding research institute to deal with children's problems

Box 3   Folder 17

Memo regarding Scandinavian studies

Box 4    Folder 1

Replies to questionnaires [regarding Departmental needs] A-L

Box 4    Folder 2

Replies to questionnaires [regarding Departmental needs] M-Z

Box 4    Folder 3

Rush Medical College

Box 4    Folder 4

Tax status of gifts to the University

Box 4    Folder 5

Miscellaneous gifts and donations

Box 4    Folder 6

Miscellaneous gifts and donations

Box 4    Folder 7

Donors--Chicago (Proposed)

Box 4    Folder 8

Donors--Chicago (Actual)

Box 4    Folder 9


Box 4    Folder 10

Form letters to donors

Subseries 4: Events

Box 4    Folder 11

Luncheons and dinners, Prince of Wales (October 13, 1924)

Box 4    Folder 12

Luncheons and dinners, George E. Vincent (Dec. 30, 1924 and Jan. 20, 1925)

Box 4    Folder 13

Luncheons and dinners, Crown Prince of Sweden (June 25, 1925)

Box 4    Folder 14

Luncheons and dinners, Lawyers' Luncheon (March 19, 1925)

Box 4    Folder 15

Luncheons and dinners, John Mitchell (November 24, 1925)

Box 4    Folder 16

Luncheons and dinners, Meat Packers' Dinner (October 27, 1926)

Box 4    Folder 17

Luncheons and dinners, Friends of the University (May 25, 1927)

Box 4    Folder 18

Miscellaneous press releases

Subseries 5: Addresses and Speeches 1923-1927

Box 5    Folder 1

Burton, Ernest DeWitt, The University of Chicago and its new development and building program [galley proofs]

Box 5    Folder 2

Burton, Ernest DeWitt, Ideals and plans of the University of Chicago (February 9, 1925)

Box 5    Folder 3

Burton, Ernest DeWitt, Chicago Alumni Club Address (May 31, 1923)

Box 5    Folder 4

Burton, Ernest DeWitt, Religion and education (Oct. 4, 1924)

Box 5    Folder 5

Burton, Ernest DeWitt, School of politics a need of American life [American Bar Association address]

Box 5    Folder 6

Burton, Ernest DeWitt, Convocation statement (December, 1924)

Box 5    Folder 7

Burton, Ernest DeWitt, Rockefeller Foundation Address (with George E. Vincent, December 20, 1924)

Box 5    Folder 8

Burton, Ernest DeWitt, Rockefeller Foundation Address (with George E. Vincent, Jan. 30, 1925)

Box 5    Folder 9

Burton, Ernest DeWitt, Educational attitudes (March 5, 1925)

Box 5    Folder 10

Burton, Ernest DeWitt, Address at the Chicago Club (March 19, 1925)

Box 5    Folder 11

Burton, Ernest DeWitt, Address at the Evanston Country Club (March 21, 1925)

Box 5    Folder 12

Burton, Ernest DeWitt, Radio speech (March 24, 1925)

  • Burton, Ernest DeWitt SEE ALSO Alumni Dinner, February 26, 1925
  • Butler, Nathaniel, SEE Harold H. Swift
Box 5    Folder 13

Goode, J. Paul, The geographic background of Chicago, a city of destiny (October 13, 1925)

Box 5    Folder 14

Goodspeed, Thomas Wakefield, The alumni in the development campaign (Alumni dinner, February 26, 1925)

Box 5    Folder 15

Goodspeed, Thomas Wakefield, Chairmen's Conference speech (March 7, 1925)

Box 5    Folder 16

Jordon, Edwin O.,The conquest of disease (Jan. 11, 1926)

Box 5    Folder 17

Judd, Charles H.,The scientific remaking of American education (December 7, 1925)

Box 5    Folder 18

Laing, Gordon, Buried cities of Roman Africa (Feb. 24, 1925)

Box 5    Folder 19

Mason, Max, Address to the Commercial Club (Oct. 16, 1925)

Box 5    Folder 20

Mason, Max, Miscellaneous speeches, notes, and interviews

Box 5    Folder 21

Mayo, William, Chemistry in medicine (December 5, 1925)

Box 5    Folder 22

Michelson, Albert A., Light waves as measuring rods for sounding the infinite and the inifinitesimal (January 8, 1925)

Box 5    Folder 22

Moulton, Forest Ray, Recent astronomical explorations in space and time [no text]

Box 5    Folder 23

Slosson, Edwin, Chemistry and human welfare (Nov. 9, 1925)

Box 5    Folder 24

Stieglitz, Julius, Chemistry at the University (December 5, 1925)

Box 5    Folder 25

Swift, Harold H.

  • The World's Columbian Exposition and the University of Chicago (radio talk, October 2-3, 1923)
  • Address at the Chicago Club (November 24, 1925)
  • Vincent, George E., SEE Rockefeller Foundation addresses December 20, 1924 and January 30, 1925
Box 5    Folder 26

University of Chicago makes rapid growth (Chicago Daily Journal, April 22, 1924)

Box 5    Folder 27

Alumni Dinner (speeches by E. D. Burton, H. H. Swift, and T. W. Goodspeed, February 26, 1925)

Box 5    Folder 28

Campaign Chairmen's Conference, Proceedings (March 7, 1925)

Box 5    Folder 29

Chicago as a field for philanthropic research

Subseries 6: Pamphlets Issued by Committee on Development 1924-1927

Box 6    Folder 1

List of publications 1924-26

Box 6    Folder 2

Advance of man in a new age

Box 6    Folder 3

Frank Billings

Box 6    Folder 4

Business of a university, business of a college

Box 6    Folder 5

Campaign extra

Box 6    Folder 6

Chemistry and human welfare

Box 6    Folder 7

Chemistry as an investment

Box 6    Folder 8

Chemistry in the service of man

Box 6    Folder 9

Chicago the city; Chicago the university

Box 6    Folder 10

Chicago press and the University of Chicago

Box 6    Folder 11

College and the individual student

Box 6    Folder 12

Cost of higher education and how it should be met

Box 6    Folder 13

Dialogue with a dean

Box 6    Folder 14

Distinguished service professorships

Box 6    Folder 15

Echoes of convocation day

Box 6    Folder 16

For a new chapter in the study of modern languages

Box 6    Folder 17

Function of a university

Box 6    Folder 18

Germanic language and literature in American culture

Box 6    Folder 19

In help of idle curiosity

Box 6    Folder 20

Letter to alumni [four issues] and A Letter to the Alumni by James Weber Linn

Box 6    Folder 21

Letter to our alumni abroad

Box 6    Folder 22

Math and astronomy at the University of Chicago

Box 6    Folder 23


Box 6    Folder 24

Message to the alumni of Rush Medical College [Ernest DeWitt Burton]

Box 6    Folder 25

Message to clubs and fraternities

Box 6    Folder 26

Need for a general administration building

Box 6    Folder 27

New epoch at the University of Chicago

Box 6    Folder 28

Plan for development of the University of Chicago

Box 6    Folder 29

Problems of a great city

Box 6    Folder 30

Program of athletic development at the University of Chicago

Box 6    Folder 31

Pure and applied math at the University of Chicago

Box 6    Folder 32

Quest for truth

Box 6    Folder 33

Rush man's opportunity

Box 7    Folder 1

Some experiences at the tomb of Tutenkhamen [Ernest DeWitt Burton]

Box 7    Folder 2

Tax problems in relation to gifts and bequests to the University of Chicago

Box 7    Folder 3

Tribute to President Burton

Box 7    Folder 4

Units of endowment at the University of Chicago

Box 7    Folder 5

University in 1926

Box 7    Folder 6

University in 1927

Box 7    Folder 7

University in 1928

Box 7    Folder 8

University of Chicago alumni favorite songs

Box 7    Folder 9

University of Chicago--Statement prepared for the Chicago Bar

Box 7    Folder 10

University of Chicago Handbook

Box 7    Folder 11

University of Chicago--its future

Box 7    Folder 12

University of Chicago--its immediate needs

Box 7    Folder 13

University of Chicago--its standing in graduate work

Box 7    Folder 14

University of Chicago in 1940

Box 7    Folder 15

Visiting professorships at the University of Chicago

Box 7    Folder 16

Voice of a university

Box 7    Folder 17

Why does the University of Chicago need money?

Box 7    Folder 18

Workers together for the University of Chicago

Subseries 7: Development Campaign Follow-up 1928-1936

Box 7    Folder 19

Alumni Gift Fund

Box 7    Folder 20

Survey, analysis and plan of fund-raising for the University of Chicago. John Price Jones Corporation. April 18, 1936

Box 7    Folder 21

Digest of the report of the John Price Jones Corporation. May 8, 1936 [John F. Moulds]

Box 7    Folder 22

General material on the John Price Jones Corporation

Box 7    Folder 23

The University of Chicago (1936)

Box 7A   Folder 1

Mock-up of Great building memorials (1925)

Series III: Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration and Development Campaign

Subseries 1: General

Box 8    Folder 1

Fiftieth anniversary of the University of Chicago. Some suggestions by John Howe. Jan. 12, 1938

Box 8    Folder 2

Fiftieth anniversary plan for the University of Chicago. John Price Jones Corporation. February, 1939

Box 8    Folder 3

Fiftieth anniversary plan for the University of Chicago. John Price Jones Corporation. February, 15, 1939

Box 8    Folder 4

Fiftieth anniversary program progress report. John Price Jones Corporation. August 30, 1939

Box 8    Folder 5

Fiftieth anniversary program progress report. John Price Jones Corporation. November 4, 1939

Box 8    Folder 6

Memorandum regarding a general financial campaign for the University of Chicago. John Price Jones Corporation. November 20, 1939

Box 8    Folder 7

Fiftieth anniversary program progress report. John Price Jones Corporation. December 19, 1940

Subseries 2: Committee on Development

Box 8    Folder 8

President Hutchins' special conference, Proceedings (June 19, 1939)

Box 8    Folder 9

Special committee to plan for the anniversary, minutes (1939-1940)

Box 8    Folder 10

Steering committee, minutes (1940-1941)

Box 8    Folder 11

Executive committee, general organizational material

Box 8    Folder 12

Executive committee, minutes (1939-1940)

Box 8    Folder 13

Public relations committee, minutes (1941)

Box 8    Folder 14

Publicity conference, minutes (1941)

Box 8    Folder 15

Executive committee chairman [Frank McNair], correspondence

Box 8    Folder 16

Executive director [Donald P. Bean], correspondence (November 1939-May 1940)

Box 8    Folder 17

Executive director [Donald P. Bean], correspondence (June 1940-December 1940)

Box 9    Folder 1

Executive director [Donald P. Bean], correspondence (January 1941-February 1941)

Box 9    Folder 2

Executive director [Donald P. Bean], correspondence (March 1941-May 1941)

Box 9    Folder 3

Executive director [Donald P. Bean], correspondence (June 1941-July 1941)

Box 9    Folder 4

Executive director [Donald P. Bean], correspondence (August 1941-February 1942)

Box 9    Folder 5

Appeal to foundations chairman [John A. Wilson], correspondence

Box 9    Folder 6

Publicity program director [William A. Morgenstern], correspondence

Box 9    Folder 7

Citizens board of sponsors, general 1940

Box 9    Folder 8

Citizens board of sponsors, general 1941

Box 9    Folder 9

Citizens board of sponsors, letters of acceptance and regret

Box 9    Folder 10

Citizens board of sponsors, "Defense Day" luncheon (February 15, 1941)

Box 9    Folder 11

Citizens board of sponsors, fund

Box 9    Folder 12

Citizens board of sponsors, Citizens Fund News (1941)

Box 9    Folder 13

Citizens board of sponsors, printed materials

Box 9    Folder 14

Campaign calendar

Box 9    Folder 15

Special presentations.

Subseries 3: Alumni Foundation

Box 10    Folder 1

University of Chicago alumni foundation. John Price Jones Corporation. January 12, 1941

Box 10    Folder 2

Alumni foundation committee, minutes (1939-40)

Box 10    Folder 3

General correspondence (1939-40)

Box 10    Folder 4

Correspondence from alumni pro and con President Hutchins' educational policies or political views

Box 10    Folder 5

Alumni executive committee--membership

Box 10    Folder 6

Alumni advisory committee--membership

Box 10    Folder 7

Alumni national committee--membership

Box 10    Folder 8

Alumni gift fund, letters to local chairmen

Box 10    Folder 9

Alumni foundation fund-raising survey [Preston S. Culter]

Box 10    Folder 10

Alumni foundation pamphlets, Campaign week

Box 10    Folder 11

Alumni foundation pamphlets, Tower topics [Alumni foundation edition]

Box 10    Folder 12

Alumni foundation pamphlets, Statement about the University of Chicago

Box 10    Folder 13

Alumni foundation pamphlets, Foundation news

Box 10    Folder 14

Alumni foundation pamphlets, Honor roll of contributors to the Fiftieth anniversary gift

Box 10    Folder 15

Alumni week program

Subseries 4: Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration [September 22-29, 1941]

Box 11    Folder 1

Anniversary celebration director [Frederic Woodward], Correspondence (1939-40)

Box 11    Folder 2

Anniversary celebration director [Frederic Woodward], Correspondence (1941-42)

Box 11    Folder 3

Convocation speakers, Correspondence re George E. Vincent and Robert A. Millikan (December 17, 1940)

Box 11    Folder 4

Convocation speakers, Correspondence re James R. Angell (March 14, 1941)

Box 11    Folder 5

Angell, James R. "The University and the Currents of Life", Convocation address, March 14, 1941

Box 11    Folder 6

Announcements and invitations to the Fiftieth anniversary, Acceptances and regrets

Box 11    Folder 7

Refusals to attend Fiftieth anniversary due to disagreements with President Hutchins' educational or political views

Box 11    Folder 8

Post-anniversary letters of congratulations

Box 11    Folder 9

Miscellaneous Fiftieth anniversary celebration material, Programs, tickets, invitations, symposia programs, etc. [list included]

Box 11    Folder 10

Miscellaneous Fiftieth anniversary celebration material, Programs, tickets, invitations, symposia programs, etc. [list included]

Box 11    Folder 11

Fiftieth anniversary celebration master lists

Box 11    Folder 12

Lists of delegates, degree recipients, participant in campus events

Box 11    Folder 13

Check-list of celebration events

Box 11    Folder 14

Attendance records

Box 11    Folder 15

Dining room facilities

Box 11    Folder 16

Miscellaneous press releases

Box 11    Folder 17

Photographs of biological charts from the Fiftieth anniversary exhibit

Subseries 5: Fiftieth Anniversary Symposia, New Frontiers in Education and Research, September 22-27, 1941

Box 12    Folder 1

Symposia participants, program, and publication plans

Box 12    Folder 2

Biographical information on symposia participants [Alphabetically arranged]

Box 12    Folder 3

Adams, W.E., Physiological considerations in intrathoracic surgery

Box 12    Folder 4

Alexander, Franz, Educative influence of personality factors in the environment

Box 12    Folder 5

Allee, W.C., Group organization among vertebrates

Box 12    Folder 6

Allen, Charles E., Regeneration, development and genotype

Box 12    Folder 7


  • Alonso, Amado, Substrato y superstrato [Substratum and superstratum]
  • Apfel, Earl T., Distribution and stratigraphy of the Loess [Press release]
Box 12    Folder 8

Armstrong, Edward C., The text of the French Alexander romance as an index of medieval textual theory

Box 12    Folder 9


  • Barron, E.S. Guzman, The effect of lack of oxygen on cell activities [Press release]
  • Bartley, S. Howard, Some correlations between the sensory and neurophysiological aspects of vision
Box 12    Folder 10


  • Beal, John M., Induced chromosomal changes, their significance in growth and development [Press release]
  • Beeson, Charles H., Report on the technique of editing medieval texts
  • Bell, A.H., Role of fundamental geologic principle
  • Bergquist, S.G., Glacial Evolution of Michigan [summary]
  • Best, Charles H., Significance of choline as a dietary factor [Press release]
Box 12    Folder 11

Birkhoff, George D., Some unsolved problems of theoretical dynamics

Box 12    Folder 12


  • Bloch, Robert G., Tuberculous calcification
  • Boyd, George E., Some aspects of the properties of solid surface [Press release]
Box 12    Folder 13

Brockway, Lawrence O., Contributions of electron diffraction to organic chemistry

Box 12    Folder 14

Browne, John S.L., Sex hormones, The metabolism of progesterone [summary]

Box 12    Folder 15

Buchanan, James W., Intermediate levels of organismic integration

Box 12    Folder 16

Burgess, Ernest W., Educative effect of the urban environment

Box 12    Folder 17


  • Burrows, William, Synergistic aspects of bacterial populations
  • Burton, Eli F., Potentialities of the electron microscope [Press release]
Box 12    Folder 18

Buttolph, L.J., Characteristics of some low voltage type germicidal lamps

Box 12    Folder 19

Cady, Gilbert H., Modern concepts of the physical constitution of coal

Box 12    Folder 20

Calhoun, Robert L., Thought and action in religious living [summary]

Box 12    Folder 21

Campbell, Lily R., Philosophy and plot, Elizabethan ethics and politics in Shakespeare's tragedies and histories

Box 12    Folder 22

Cannon, Paul R., Immunity in bacterial infections

Box 12    Folder 23

Carlson, Anton J., et al., Physiology of a free fall through the air

Box 12    Folder 24

Carpenter, C.R., Social integration of non-human primates

Box 12    Folder 25

Case, Theodore J., Alpha waves in relation to structure involved in vision

Box 12    Folder 26

Chandrasekhar, Subrahmayan, Stars and nuclei

Box 12    Folder 27

Chapple, Charles C., Controlled physical environment for the premature and older infant

Box 12    Folder 28

Christensen, J.J., Long distance dissemination of plant pathogens

Box 12    Folder 29

Clark, John M., Relation of Government to the economy of the future

Box 12    Folder 30


  • Clowes, George H.A., Interactions of biologically significant substances in surface films [Press release]
  • Coblentz, W.W., Standardization of ultraviolet lamps used as sources of germicidal radication
Box 12    Folder 31

Conant, James B., University tradition in America

Box 12    Folder 32


  • Cooper, William S., Contributions of botanical science to the knowledge of postglacial climates
  • Cox, Herald R., Cultivation of Rickettsiae of the Rocky Mountain spotted fever, typhus, and Q fever groups in the embryonic tissues of developing chicks
  • Croneis, Carey, Micropaleontology in petroleum exploration
Box 12    Folder 33

Daly, Reginald A., Glaciation and submarine valleys

Box 12    Folder 34

Dickinson, John Achenson report, A novel approach to administrative law

Box 12    Folder 35

Dill, David B., Acid-base balance in high altitudes

Box 12    Folder 36

Doisy, Edward A., Metabolism of estrogens

Box 12    Folder 37


  • Dulles, John Foster, Administrative agencies-- recommendations of the attorney-general's committee [Press release]
  • Durham, Oren C., Air-borne fungus spores as allergens
Box 13    Folder 1

Eliot, Martha N., New frontiers of health and welfare

Box 13    Folder 2

Emerson, Alfred R., Comparative study of societies

Box 13    Folder 3


  • Engberg, Robert M., Archaeology as a tool in humanist and social studies, Archaeology and the ancient near east
  • Eyring, Henry, Some thermodynamic properties and rate processes at surfaces [Press release]
Box 13    Folder 4

Faust, Clarence H., Parts of speech

Box 13    Folder 5


  • Finland, Maxwell, Spread of pheunococcal and strep tococcal inflections in hospital wards and in families [summary] Flint, Richard F., Progress and problems in the North American Pleistocene [summary] Frankfort, Henri, Archeology and the criticism of art [Press release] Freeman, Frank N., Controlling concepts in educational research [Press release]
Box 13    Folder 6

Garstang, John, Archeology and the Bible Gellhorn, Ernst, Anoxia in relation to the visual system [outline]

Box 13    Folder 7

Gellhorn, Walter, [Administrative agencies-- recommendations of the attorney-general's committee. Untitled notes

Box 13    Folder 8

Gerard, Ralph W., Highest levels of organismic integration and interorganismic systems [summary]

Box 13    Folder 9

Glick, Perry A., Insect population and migration in the air [with photographs]

Box 13    Folder 10

Goodpasture, Ernest W., Virus infection of the mammalian fetus

Box 13    Folder 11

Goodrich, Carter, Labor legislation and social welfare, the international frontier

Box 13    Folder 12


  • Graham, Evarts A., Problem of bronchiogenic carcinoma [summary]
  • Guth, Eugene, Problem of elasticity of rubber [Press release]
Box 13    Folder 13


  • Harkins, William D., Intermolecular forces and two dimensional systems [Press release]
  • Hart, Deryl, Importance of air-borne pathogenic bacteria in the operating room. A method of control by sterilization of the air with ultraviolet radiation
  • Hartshorne, Charles, Organic and inorganic wholes [Press release]
Box 13    Folder 14


  • Hatch, Theodore, Behavior of microscopic particles in the air and in the respiratory system
  • Hauser, Ernest, and Adrian J. Grossman, Effect of polarity of organic compounds on surface tension changes [Press release]
Box 13    Folder 15


  • Hecht, Selig, Energy relations in vision [summary]
  • Hu Shih, Exchange of ideas between the Occident and the Orient [summary]
  • Hulbert, James R., John Manly and the Canterbury Tales [Press release]
  • Hutchins, Robert M., Ethics, politics and education
  • Huntley, G. Haydn, Analysis of a painting [Press release]
Box 13    Folder 16

Jennings, Herbert S., Transition from the individual to the social level

Box 13    Folder 17


  • Jennison, Marshall W., Atomizing of mouth and nose secretions into the air as revealed by high-speed photography
  • Jesse, William P., Marcel Schein, and E.O. Wollan, Mesotron production in the atmosphere
Box 13    Folder 18

Kasai, Jiuji G., Basis of Japan's foreign policy

Box 13    Folder 19

Kelson, Hans, Law as social technique

Box 13    Folder 20


  • Kenyon, Allen T., Comparative metabolic influences of the testicular and ovarian hormones [outline]
  • Kirkwood, John G., Phases changes in monolayers [Press release]
Box 13    Folder 21

Knight, Frank H.

  • Role of the individual in the economic world of the Future
  • Philosophy, science, and procedure in the field of social problems
Box 13    Folder 22


  • Koch, F.C., Metabolism of androgens [outline]
  • Koht, Halvdan, Historical interpretation of art and literature
Box 13    Folder 23

Krause, Arlington C., Photochemistry of visual purple

Box 13    Folder 24


  • Kroeber, Alfred L., Societies of primitive man
  • Krumbein, William C., Principles of sedimentation and the search for stratigraphic traps [Press release]
Box 13    Folder 25

Lashley, Karl S., Mechanisms of vision and the cerebral cortex

Box 13    Folder 26


  • Laurens, Henry, Physiological effects of ultraviolet radiation [Press release]
  • Lawrence, Ernest O., Nuclear transformations [Press release]
  • Leighton, M.M., Major aspects of glacial history in Illinois [summary]
Box 13    Folder 27

Lewis, Clarence I., Scientific prediction and practical meanings

Box 13    Folder 28


  • London, Fritz, On centers of Van Der Waals attraction [Press release]
  • Loosli, Clayton G., Newer knowledge of the anatomy of the lung
Box 13    Folder 29

Lowie, Robert H.

  • Transition of civilizations in primitive society
  • Coercion, associations, and the state among the Plains Indians
Box 13    Folder 30


  • McConnell, Thomas R., Nature of educational research [Press release]
  • McIlwain, Charles H., Some illustrations of the importance of tradition in relation to law and society
  • McIlwain, Charles H., Remota itaque justitia, quid sunt regna, nisi magna latrocinia?
Box 14    Folder 1

McKeon, Richard P., Problem of incompleteness of evidence, the texts of the medieval historian and the historian of ideas

Box 14    Folder 2


  • Maclean, Norman F., Analysis of a lyric poem [Press release]
  • Maritain, Jacques, End of Machiavellianism [summary]
  • Mathes, Francois E., Rebirth of the glaciers of the Sierra Nevada during the late post-pleistocene time [Press release]
  • Mead, Margaret, Educative effects of social environment as disclosed by studies of primitive societies [summary]
  • Meleney, Frank L., and others, Plan for the appraisal of surgical antiseptics
Box 14    Folder 3

Millikan, Robert A., Interpretation of recent cosmic ray experiments

Box 14    Folder 4


  • Mitchell, John W., Effects of growth regulating substances on mobilization and development
  • Monge, Carlos, Life upon the Andes and chronic mount sickness [El homre de los Andes y mal de montana cronico]
Box 14    Folder 5


  • Moore, Carl R., Comparative biology of testicular and ovarian Hormones
  • Morey, Charles R., Research in the history of art
Box 14    Folder 6

Morris, Charles, Theory of signs, linguistics, and the humanities

Box 14    Folder 7


  • Newcomer, Mabel, Fifty years of public welfare planning
  • Nichols, D.A., Status of glacial investigations in Canada and the new glacial map of North America
  • Noyes, W. Albert, Organic photochemistry
  • Nutini, Leo G., Growth-promoting role of ultraviolet in wound healing [Press release]
Box 14    Folder 8


  • O'Brien, Ruth, Textile research in the interests of the consumer
  • Owen, Edward W., Modern surface methods in the geological search for oil
Box 14    Folder 9


  • Park, Thomas, Integration in infra-social insect populations
  • Pauling, Linus, Recent experimental and theoretical work on the structure and properties of antibodies [summary]
Box 14    Folder 10


  • Rentschler, H.C., Production and control of bactericidal ultraviolet radiation
  • Rice, Francis O., Atomic and free radical mechanism
Box 14    Folder 11

Rivers, Thomas M., Immunity in virus infections

Box 14    Folder 12

Robertson, O.H., and others

  • Sterilization of air by means of germicidal aerosolmists and vapors
  • Newer knowledge concerning the inception of pneumonia and its bearing on prevention
Box 14    Folder 13


  • Robinson, Frederic W., Practical considerations in the design and maintenance of ultraviolet air sanitation equipment
  • Rossi, Bruno, Mesotron Disintegration [summary]
Box 14    Folder 14

Rostovtzeff, Michael I., Hellenism in the Near East

Box 14    Folder 15


  • Russell, Henry N., Cosmical abundance of the elements [summary]
  • Scates, Douglas E., Conceptual background of research
Box 14    Folder 16

Seibert, Florence B., Tuberculosis as the chemist sees it

Box 14    Folder 17


  • Sinnott, Edmund W., Morphogenesis, Derivation and differentiation of tissues and tissue systems [summary]
  • Sorrell, Lewis C., Role of management in the organization of resources for production
Box 14    Folder 18


  • Sprink, G.C., Influence of physical constitution of coal upon its chemical, hydrogenation, and carbonization properties
  • Stone, R.W., Role of management as employer [Press release]
  • Sturtevant, Edgar H., Historical and comparative linguistics
Box 14    Folder 19


  • Taliaferro, William H., Immunity in infections to the larger animal parasites [Press release]
  • Thorp, Willard L., Role of management as innovator
Box 14    Folder 20

Thurstone, Louis L., Principle of simple structure

Box 14    Folder 21

Van Slyke, Donald D., Physiology of the amino acids

Box 14    Folder 22

Veblen, Oswald, Spinors and projective geometry [summary]

Box 14    Folder 23


  • Vigneron, Robert, Interpretation of a prose text [Press release]
  • Warner, William L., Educative effects of social status [Press release]
  • Washburn, A.L., Glaciation of Canada's western arctic [Press release]
  • Westermann, William L., Problem of scarcity of evidence, the materials of the ancient historian
Box 14    Folder 24

Wilks, S.S., Some recent advances in statistical inference and their operation interpretations

Box 14    Folder 25

Williams, Robert T., Social implications of vitamins [summary]

Box 14    Folder 26

Wright, Helen R., Social research and the social sciences

Box 14    Folder 27

Yaglou, C.P. and Ursula Wilson, Disinfection of air by air conditioning processes

Box 14    Folder 28

Yntema, Theodore O., Future role of large-scale enterprise

Box 14    Folder 29

Young, James W., Role of management in relation to consumer satisfaction

Box 14    Folder 30

ZoBell, Claude E., Microorganisms in marine air [summary]

Subseries 6: Miscellaneous Addresses

Box 14    Folder 31


  • Ballard, Ernest S., Remarks at the Citizens Board of Sponsors dinner, September 26, 1941
  • Benton, William B., University and the city (December 18, 1940)
Box 14    Folder 32

Hutchins, Robert M.

  • What Chicago means (January 18 1940)
  • Convocation address (June 11, 1940)
  • Convocation sermon (March 10, 1941)
  • University and the city (Sept. 1941)
  • Owls to Athens (Sept. 27, 1941)
Box 14    Folder 33

Mathews, Shailer, William Rainey Harper (July 1, 1941)

Box 14    Folder 34

Remarks, September 29, 1941

  • McAfee, Mildred, Address at the assembly of delegates
  • Rockefeller, John D. Jr., Remarks at the Citizens Board of Sponsors

Subseries 7: Pamphlets, Miscellaneous Printed Materials, and Memorabilia

Box 15    Folder 1

50th Anniversary Gift Fund workers' kit

  • Your University and its future
  • New frontiers in education and research
  • Strengthening your university
  • How much should I give to the anniversary fund?
  • Tax savings through gifts to the University]
Box 15    Folder 2

"It's up to Chicagoans...now as in 1891," includes

  • A message to our fellow-Chicagoans
  • President Hutchins tells why
  • University of Chicago after 50 years
  • Note on tax exemption
Box 15    Folder 3

Anniversary publications

  • Anniversary Times (February 28, 1941)
  • Chicago Herald American--Anniversary special (March 21, 1941)
Box 15    Folder 4

Brief history of the University of Chicago 1891-1941

Box 15    Folder 5

Commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the founding of the Ogden Graduate School of Science at the University of Chicago

Box 15    Folder 6


  • Facts about undergraduates at the University of Chicago
  • First fifty years
Box 15    Folder 7

Honor roll of contributors to the anniversary gift

Box 15    Folder 8

"It is a start only..."

Box 15    Folder 9

New frontiers in education and research [pamphlet of same name but with different text is included in Folder 1 above]

Box 15    Folder 10

Program of the meeting in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the University of Chicago (Fortnightly Club of Chicago)

Box 15    Folder 11

State of the University as it looks to the alumni [John Nuveen, Jr.]

Box 15    Folder 12

These hundred acres...

Box 15    Folder 13

University of Chicago forms of bequest

Box 15    Folder 14

What the University celebrates [R.M. Hutchins]

Box 15    Folder 15

Miscellaneous news clippings

Box 15    Folder 16