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The Harvey Lang Papers were processed and preserved as part of the "Uncovering New Chicago Archives Project," funded with support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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Lang, Harvey. Collection




12 linear feet (18 boxes)


Hanna Holborn Gray Special Collections Research Center
University of Chicago Library
1100 East 57th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60637 U.S.A.


Harvey Lang, drummer. Lang started playing the drums at age three and played for over sixty years, primarily in Chicago, Las Vegas, and Disneyworld in Orlando. He played for a long list of performers including Wayne Newton, Herbie Fields, Ginny and the Gallions, Lee Caron, Frank Sinatra, Bubba Kolb, Louis Prima, and Clark Terry. The Harvey Lang Collection includes lists of Lang's record album collection, and thirty-eight scrapbooks containing photographs, newspaper articles, programs, brochures, correspondence, advertisements, postcards, and other ephemera documenting his career as a drummer.

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When quoting material from this collection, the preferred citation is: Lang, Harvey. Collection, [Box #, Folder #], Hanna Holborn Gray Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library

Biographical Note

Harvey Lang was born in 1929 in Madison, Wisconsin, where his father owned a radio store. He married Jeanie on February 16, 1958 and divorced in 1982. They had five children.

Lang's talent for drumming was first noticed when he was 18 months old. By age three, he used garbage can lids, ice cream signs and the various parts of his tricycle to beat out various rhythms. When neighbors came to his parents asking for their garbage can lids back, his grandmother bought him his first drum set.

He learned to play his drums by playing along with a polka band that came on a local radio station at noon every day. His mother could play piano by ear and he insisted on playing with her as well. They often played at vaudeville shows, church events, and weddings. When he was three and a half years old, a bandleader tried to throw Lang off by switching rhythms often and abruptly, but Lang easily picked up each one. Lang could play fox trots, tangos, rumbas, and by age four he could play classical, semi-classical, modern jazz, or any kind of music. When he was five he played with an orchestra at the Eastwood Theater and with a veterans' band. In 1937 when he was seven years old, he competed on the Morris B. Sachs 149th all-amateur hour in Chicago.

Lang was highly influenced by Gene Krupa and Dave Tough, and his mentor was Louie Bellson. Lang's parents took him to see all the greats when he was young: Gene Krupa, Benny Goodman, Cab Calloway, and his most memorable, Duke Ellington. He later said that Buddy Rich was the best drummer in the world, Duke Ellington his favorite musician, and Tom Jones a great singer. About drumming, he said, "Drums should be played, not beaten."

Lang studied at the Roy Knapp School of Percussion in Chicago from 1944-1947, taught by Knapp, Clarence Carlson, Lyle Todd, and Jerome Stowell. At age 15, Lang officially ranked as a professional. He was in his first band in 1944, in Chicago, and played in clubs around Chicago and Indianapolis during high school and after. In Indianapolis he played with then-unknown guitarist Wes Montgomery. He graduated high school in 1947. In 1948, he placed second at the Indiana Krupa Drum Contest.

At age 19, Lang served a two year term in the Navy, where he seldom played. In 1954, he played with Bobby Lain's Quartet, with Bobby Lain on saxophone, Mel Stone on bass, and John Jeffrey on vibes. In 1955, he played with Jimmy Nuzzo and his Quintet, Ralph Marterie, and he joined the Herbie Fields jazz band and toured the west coast, settling in Las Vegas. Also during the 1950s, he played with Frank Sinatra, Lionel Hampton, Louie Prima, Jimmy Rogers, Earl Grant, Duke Ellington, and Charlie Teagarden. He made television show appearances with such stars as Dinah Shore, Patti Page, and Frank Sinatra.

On April 29, 1958, Lang's life was turned upside down. Guitarist Bob Robertson was driving them to a performance in New Orleans when Bob tried to steer the car to avoid a wild pig, and the car swerved and rolled over four times. Lang had a broken hip and Robertson had cuts and bruises. Doctors believed Lang would never walk or play drums again. After a year in hospitals and with unwavering determination, Lang recuperated and in 1959 started playing with Harry Ranch at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. That same year he also played with Judy Garland.

In the early 1960s, he worked for Jimmy Rogers on his first show where he was the summer replacement for Carol Burnett on television, played eight shows for Joey Bishop, but had a steady job playing with Ginny Greer and the Gallions. He left the Gallions to join Jimmy "Little Red" Blount. In the later 1960s, he played steadily with Wayne Newton and Dick Cantino, as well as with Lee Caron and the Sharpshooters.

In 1970, Lang moved to Orlando, where he settled for the rest of his career. In 1971, he had his own group, Harvey Lang's Power Source, with Jim Davis on horn, Eddie Ambrose on organ, and Charlie May on saxophone, later joined by singer Cindy Ross. He played with Lee Caron and the Kut-Ups, which included Lee Caron, Lora Del Valle, Red Fletcher, Dave Liles, Jim Davis, Eddie Ambrose, and Glenn Teed. He also played several times with Marian McPartland. In the later 1970s, he joined the Bubba Kolb Trio. Though he played in several different places in Florida, he spent much of his time playing at Disney. Lang retired in the early 1990s.

Throughout his career, he endorsed several different drum and percussion companies, including Ludwig, Gretsch-Gladstone, Slingerland, Zildjian, Pearl, Rogers, and Lyon & Healey.

Harvey Lang died in 1998.

Scope Note

The Harvey Lang Collection is arranged by subject. There are lists documenting Lang's record album collection, correspondence, photographs, career-related ephemera, and material on other musicians. There are also three Time-Life released record albums. There are jazz periodicals as well as other publications. Also included are method and song books for various instruments, including drums, piano, organ, and saxophone.

The scrapbooks contain photographs, newspaper articles, programs, brochures, correspondence, advertisements, postcards, and other ephemera documenting Lang's career as a drummer. Lang annotated the material in nearly all of the scrapbooks, with names, dates, places, impressions, critiques, opinions, and other information. The items in the scrapbooks are not necessarily in any order and often the same items, or copies of items, appear in several scrapbooks. The folders with loose items and pages from scrapbooks were separated from the scrapbooks; for blank spaces in scrapbooks, look at those folders to find the items. The description of each scrapbook follows Lang's annotations, though not every item in each scrapbook is described.

Photographs include publicity shots, personal snapshots, magazine or newspaper cut-outs, or photocopies. Lang appears in many of the photos with others or by himself, mostly playing the drums. Many publicity shots are inscribed and/or signed by musicians. The photographs are mostly of musicians but also comedians, singers, actors, friends, family, and others.

There are many drum and cymbal endorsement photographs and advertisements of Lang or other drummers. Companies represented include Ludwig, Gretsch-Gladstone, Slingerland, Zildjian, Pearl, Rogers, and Lyon & Healey.

There are programs, brochures, postcards, ticket stubs, newspaper articles, fliers, broadsides, and other ephemera about Lang's performances by himself or with bands, mostly in Las Vegas and Florida.

The correspondence is mostly to Lang, occasionally to others, and is often about performances, travels, bookings, instrument endorsements, thank you for performing letters, and other topics about his musical career. Some correspondence is personal, though mostly from musicians. There is much correspondence from Lang's close friend Clark Terry. There are a few letters of support and concern after his car accident in 1958.

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Subject Headings


Box 1    Folder 1

Album Collection, 10" 78s

Box 1    Folder 2

Album Collection, 10" 78s

Box 1    Folder 3

Album Collection, 10" LPs, Assorted 45s, Demo Records

Box 1    Folder 4

Album Collection, 12" LPs

Box 1    Folder 5

Album Collection, 12" LPs Leatherette Holders, 10" 78s

Box 1    Folder 6

Album Collection, 78s, 200 Series

Box 1    Folder 7

Album Collection, 78s, Singles

Box 1    Folder 8

Album Collection, Classical and Unusual Recordings, 12" LPs

Box 1    Folder 9

Album Collection, Reader's Digest Series from Frank Marfis, Reno, NV

Box 1    Folder 10

Album Collection, Reel-to-Reels

Box 1    Folder 11

Album Collection, Time Life Swing Albums

Box 1    Folder 12

Album Collection, Notes

Box 1    Folder 13

Autobiographical Notes, 1950s-1970s

Box 1    Folder 14

Avedis Zildjian Cymbal Set-Ups of Famous Drummers, 1958

Box 1    Folder 15

Bookings and Contracts, 1946, 1990

Box 1    Folder 16

Correspondence, 1970-1990s

Box 1    Folder 17

Correspondence, 1990s

Box 1    Folder 18

Correspondence, 1990s

Box 1    Folder 19

Correspondence, Charlie Ventura, 1948-1949

Box 1    Folder 20

Correspondence, Clark Terry, Dizzy Gillespie, 1981-1985

Box 1    Folder 21

Dave Tough, 1940s-1980s

Box 1    Folder 22

Drum Advertisements, 1960s

Box 1    Folder 23

Gene Krupa Concert Program, 1943

Box 1    Folder 24

"Here's Lucy" Residual Payments, 1977-1988

Box 1    Folder 25

"Jack Cortez' Fabulous Las Vegas Magazine," 1957-1958

Box 1    Folder 26

"Ken's Spotlight on Las Vegas," 1959-1960

Box 1    Folder 27

Lee Caron, 1986-1996

Box 1    Folder 28

McClarney's Famous Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge Menu, undated

Box 1    Folder 29

Morris B. Sachs Amateur Hour, 1944

Box 1    Folder 30

Newspaper Articles, 1969-1978

Box 1    Folder 31

Notebook, 1982

Box 1    Folder 32

Photographs, 1950s-1980s

Box 1    Folder 33

Photographs, undated

Box 1    Folder 34

Photographs, undated

Box 2   Folder 1

Programs, 1944-1991

Box 2   Folder 2

Record Album, Country and Western Classics, 1981

Box 2   Folder 3

Record Album, Great Men of Music, 1979

Box 2   Folder 4

Record Album, Songs of the Humpback Whale, 1978

Box 2   Folder 5

"Surviving the Blues," 1981

Box 2   Folder 6

Walt Disney World Company, 1981-1995

Box 2   Folder 7

Scrapbook, Artwork, undated

Box 2   Folder 8

Scrapbook, Loose Items, 1930s-1950s

Box 2   Folder 9

Scrapbook, Loose Items, 1930s-1980s

Box 2   Folder 10

Scrapbook, Loose Items, 1936, 1967-1975

Box 2   Folder 11

Scrapbook, Loose Items, 1940s-1979

Box 2   Folder 12

Scrapbook, Loose Items, 1966-1990

Box 2   Folder 13

Scrapbook, Loose Pages, 1950s-1980s

Box 2   Folder 14

Scrapbook, Loose Pages, 1950s-1980s

Box 3   Folder 1

Scrapbook, Loose Pages, 1950s-1980s

Box 3   Folder 2-3

Scrapbook One, 1930s-1988

  • Scrapbook One contains photographs of Charlie Ventura, Lang, Wayne Newton, Jo Ann Jordan Trio, Charles Ellis, Buddy Tate, Bub Thomas, Pete Candoli, Don Sheets, Joe Zainey, Louie Bellson, Connie Stevens, Bobby Tillotson, his teacher Lyle Todd, Buddy Rich, and Dave Tough. There is correspondence from Charlie Ventura, Ray Churchman, Clark Terry, Bob Cross, and Mike Ditka. There are articles about musicians, performances, instruments, and drum advertisements, as well as programs and postcards of venues and places. There are also items from Lang's childhood.
Box 3   Folder 4

Scrapbook Two, 1932-1978

  • Scrapbook Two contains photographs of Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Guy Sanderson, Roy Ball and Fran Ashman, Craig Evans, The Midgets, Jerry Kay, The Russo Brothers, The Collins Kids, Dave Tough, Chick Feeny, Pam Hook, Mike Strickland, Harold Smith Sr., Shelly Manne, and of Lang's first band in Chicago 1944. There is correspondence from William F. Ludwig, Jr., Clark Terry, Bob Cross, and R.J. Milano.
Box 3   Folder 5-6

Scrapbook Three, 1940-1987

  • Scrapbook Three contains material on Wayne Newton, Harvey Lang's Power Source, Les De Merle. There are photographs of Ronnie Gaylord and Burt Holiday, the Wendy Collins Dancers, Louie Bellson, Wayne Newton, Butch Miles, Armand Zildjian, Leonard DiMuzio, Charlie Ventura, Nick Fatool, Walter Thiede, Morgan Thomas, Rex Gallion and Ginny, "Big Red" Fletcher and Jim Paris, Zoot Sims, Bob Glendon, Jim Morton, Tommy Satterwhite, Buzzy Mills, Bill Allred, Bill Spano, Bob Quintero, Sam Marowitz, John Jeffrey, Harry Ranch, and Dick Wise. There is correspondence from Barbara Carroll, Louie Bellson, Pearl Bailey, Stanley Blinstrub, Clark Terry, Will Osborne, Leonard DiMuzio, William Ludwig, Gary Frommer, Virginia Wicks, Ned Ingberman, and Barney Kessel. There are also newspaper articles and drum advertisements.
Box 4   Folder 1

Scrapbook Three, 1940-1987

Box 4   Folder 2

Scrapbook Four, 1948, 1969

  • Scrapbook Four contains articles on Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges.
Box 4   Folder 3

Scrapbook Five, 1950-1986

  • Scrapbook Five contains photographs of Charlie Persip, Art Blakey, Earl Walker, Lionel Hampton, Arnette Cobb, George Wettling, Ted Reed, Sonny Igoe, Alvin Stoller, Roy Harte, Buddy Rich, Louie Bellson, Cindy Ross, and Ginny Greer and the Gallions. There is correspondence from Louie Bellson. There are articles on Big Bands, Disney, and Harry Ranch.
Box 4   Folder 4-5

Scrapbook Six, 1936-1979

  • Scrapbook Six contains photographs of Charlie Ventura, Bert Henry, Rich Askam Trio, Ginny and the Gallions (Ginny Greer, Rex Gallion, Morgan Thomas, Ray Lewis), Jim Davis, Herbie Fields Sextet (Randy Cafaro, Joe Black, Guy Vivoros, "Sharkey" Nadaoka, Nick Drago, Herbie Fields), Ed Casey, Ira Sullivan, John Jeffrey, Bubba Kolb, Laura Kolb, Clark Terry, Louise Davis, Maura Hayes, Sharyl Toomey, Wendy Collins, and Nick Lucas. There is correspondence from Charlie Teagarden, Leonard DiMuzio, Wanda Ellis of The Original Amateur hour, Barbara Belle, Betty Cass, Walt S. Johnson, Elliot R. Goodman, and Mary A. Johnston. There are performance programs, including one signed by Will Bradley in 1944. There are newspaper articles about performances and drum advertisements. There is piano sheet music for the song "I Used to Call Her Baby" circa 1930s.
Box 4   Folder 6

Scrapbook Seven, 1944-1986

  • Scrapbook Seven contains photographs of Ronnie Gaylord and Burt Holiday, Henry Cuesta, Ginny Greer, Annita Rey, Kolb Trio (Louise Davis, Lang, Kolb), Greer and Gallions (Ginny Greer, Rex Gallion, Walter Thiede, Morgan Thomas, Lang), Tally Brown, The Debs (Donna, Peggy, Connie Stevens), Dick Wise and Harry Ranch, The Harry Ranch Orchestra (Harry Ranch, Jim Duffy, Guy Sanderson, Phyllis Paul, Marty Willis), Debbie Dietnick, Archie Freeman, Louise Davis, Bubba Kolb, Zoot Sims, Buddy Rich, Bob Crosby, Max Roach. There is a photo at the Zildjian Cymbal Factory in Boston in 1967 with Wayne Newton, Leonard DiMuzio, Lang, and Armand Zildjian. There is a photo of the last Diamond Horseshoe Show at Disney (1986) with Gerry Rose, Bob Glendon, Bev Bergeron, Julie Chester, Chuck Lacina, Maura Hayes, Jeanie Duran, Wendy Collins, Linc Smoth, and Lang. There is material about the Wayne Newton Special on CBS in 1967. There is correspondence from Gerry Rose.
Box 4   Folder 7-8

Scrapbook Eight, 1943-1991

  • Scrapbook Eight contains photographs of Bill Spano, Sonny Stitt, Ed Casey, The Reuben Blyden Trio (Clif, Frank "Kojak," Reuben), Debbie Dietrick, Harry Ranch and Dick Wise, The Lancers, Bob Glendon, Ron Rodriguez, Scott Waller, Stan Edson, Marian (Wise) Williams, "Big Tiny" Little, Herbie Fields, Phyllis Paul, Bobby Hackett, Bubba Kolb, Louise Davis, Clark Terry, Charles Peshek, Gerry Rose, Mitch Corbin, Glenn Kelly, Barbara Zablocky, and Christina Fetters. There are also personal and family photographs. There is correspondence from William F. Ludwig, Jr., Clark Terry, Doc Agnew, and Ray Churchman. There are newspaper articles about Harry Edison, Art Van Damme, Charlie Ventura, Freddie Slack, and Will Bradley.
Box 5   Folder 1

Scrapbook Nine, 1941-1994

  • Scrapbook Nine contains photographs of Mike Strickland, Craig Turley, Jimmy Agnew, John Hubbard, Sharyl Toomey, Doug Stock, Christina Fetters, Leroy Fisher, Gary Burton, Jack Donovan, and "Big Sid" Catlett. There are also personal and family photographs. There is correspondence with Ben Ventura. There are articles about Ward Erwin, Xavier Cugat, the Gaylords, Lang, and Gene Krupa, as well as drum advertisements.
Box 5   Folder 2

Scrapbook Ten, 1991-1994

  • Scrapbook Ten contains photographs of family, friends, his home, his paintings, his dressing room at Disney, and his drums. There is an article about Cab Calloway.
Box 5   Folder 3-6

Scrapbook Eleven, 1942-1988

  • Scrapbook Eleven contains photographs of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, Dave Tough, Gene Krupa, Barrett Deems, Debbie Dietrick, Gaylord and Holiday, Louie Bellson, Willie Besmanoff, Dick Hyman, Rodger Ward, Clark Terry, Charlie Ventura, Chico Hamilton, Bobby Hackett, Bubba Kolb, "Boots" Mussulli, Conte Candoli, Jackie Cain, Roy Kral, Wayne Newton and Louie Bellson, Mel Lewis, Harvey Lang Trio (Jim Davis, Lang, Eddie Ambrose), Elvin Jones, Art Taylor, Glenn Miller and Maurice Purtill, Bob Varney, Don Lamond, Charlie Persip, Alvin Stoller, Art Blakey, and Joe Morello. There are also family photographs. There is correspondence from Louie Bellson, William F. Ludwig, Jr., Clark Terry, Barbara Carroll, Barbara Zablocky, Art Van Damme, Frank Mitchell, Pearl Bailey, Leonard DiMuzio, and Steve Allen. There are articles about Bob Cross and Disney, Art Blakey, Wayne Newton, Jeanie (Lang) Godfrey, and Louie Bellson. There are also pins from Disney and Life Member of Chicago Federation of Musicians.
Box 5   Folder 7

Scrapbook Twelve, 1936-1996

  • Scrapbook Twelve contains photographs of Dave Tough and Bunny Berigan, Buddy Rich, Martha Tilton, Benny Goodman, Red Ballard, Vernon Brown, Scott Waller, Stan Edson, Bob Glendon, Ronnie Rodriquez, Lang playing drums at eight years old, Paul Gonsalves, Leon Sash Group (Lang, Leon Sash, Ted Robinson), John Jeffrey, Mitch Corbin, Helen Humes, Kolb Trio (Bubba Kolb, Lang, Bobby Hackett), Art Blakey, Dick Contino, Roy Knapp, Benny Carter, Lionel Hampton, Lang and Louie Bellson and Wayne Newton, Johnny Bock, Frankie Carlson, Mike Payton, David Patrick, Mitch Corbin, Sid Catlett, Krupa Band, Cozy Cole, Roy Knapp, Mo Purtill, and Ray McKinley. There are also family and personal photographs. There is correspondence from W.S. Johnston of Pearl Drums, William F. Ludwig, Jr., Charlie Ventura, Ed Ward, Irene Kral, Harold Kaye, Louie Bellson, Woody Herman, Gene Krupa, Clark Terry, and Leonard DiMuzio. There are articles about Benny Goodman, Wayne Newton, performances, drums, Lang, Max E. Miller, and Dave Tough. There are also drum advertisements and a signed program from Jimmy McPartland.
Box 6   Folder 1

Scrapbook Twelve, 1936-1996

Box 6   Folder 2

Scrapbook Thirteen, 1949-1992

  • Scrapbook Thirteen contains photographs of The Lee Caron Show, Dave Tough, Craig Turley, and a Disney show with Ken Carlos, Felix Front, Mike Strickland, Jay Swanson, John De Paola, and Jose Zimmer. There is correspondence from William F. Ludwig Jr., Clark Terry, and Judson Green. There are articles about Charles "Bub" Thomas, Teddy Wilson, Gaylord and Holiday, and Bela Bartok.
Box 6   Folder 3-4

Scrapbook Fourteen, 1939-1990

  • Scrapbook Fourteen contains photographs of Louie Bellson, Stan Everhart, Don Sheets, Jacqueline Singer, Johnny Hamlin Quintette with Marcie Miller, The Three Cheers (including Bill Bollie), Judy Lynn, Earl Noble, Dick Marshall, Norma Thompson, Woody Herman, John Jeffrey, Charlie Ellis, Beatrice Kay, Wally Boag, Gene Krupa, Charlie Peshek, Bobby Hackett, Frank Rosolino, David Patrick, Jason Thomas, Jack Benny, and Dave Tough. There is correspondence from John Griswold of the Lake Buena Vista Village Lounge, Charles A. Henzie, Terry Gibbs, Red Norvo, Clark Terry, Cork Proctor, William F. Ludwig, Jr., and Morgan Thomas. There are articles about Don Lamond's Band, performances, Bobby Hackett, Joe Venuti, Peter Nero, Wayne Newton, Barbara Carroll, Ginny and the Gallions, and "Flip" Phillips.
Box 6   Folder 5

Scrapbook Fifteen, 1964-1993

  • Scrapbook Fifteen contains photographs of Don Rea, Ronnie Grayland, Burt Holiday, Lenny Livera, Louie Bellson, Christina Fetters, The Kings IV, Johnnie Parsons, George Morrow, Bill White, and Leroy Cooper. There is correspondence from Burt Holiday and Barbara Carroll. There are articles about Billy Eckstine and Buddy Rich. There is a flier about the formation of the Clark Terry International Institute of Jazz Studies.
Box 6   Folder 6

Scrapbook Sixteen, 1923-1990

  • Scrapbook Sixteen contains photographs of Fred Ball, Ward Erwin, Benny Clement, Bill Spano, Bob Quintero, Larry Krietner, Jerry Kalber, Artie Femenella, Deane Kincaide, Neil Austin, Bubba Kolb, Louise Davis, Barbara Carroll, Harold Smith, Jr., Ginny Greer, Morgan Thomas, Walter Thiede, Rex Gallion, Andy Devine, Chuck Riele, Charlie Peshek, Tom Hook, Henry Cuesta, Art Van Damme, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Dave Trigg, Doug Stock, Charlie Ventura, Ron Rodriguez, Bert Henry, Jack Benny, and The Three Cheers. There is correspondence from Hurby Fields, George Morawe, and Bill Osborne. There are articles about Lang's car accident and Lang at six years old.
Box 7   Folder 1

Scrapbook Seventeen, 1930s-1991

  • Scrapbook Seventeen contains photographs of "Buzzy" Mills, Tom Satterwhite, Bill Allred, Jim Morton, George Amick, Jack Donovan, and The Novelites (Art Terry, Frankie ?, Joe Mayer). There are also personal and family photographs, including Lang's high school graduation (1947), Lang dressed in tux for prom, and his wedding photo with Jeanie. There is correspondence from Lee Caron and Morris B. Sachs. There are articles about Joe Venuti, Frank Rosolino, Irene Kral, Louis Prima, and Bubba Kolb. There are some of Lang's personal items, including childhood music programs and material about 1930s radio programs.
Box 7   Folder 2

Scrapbook Eighteen, 1930s-1983

  • Scrapbook Eighteen contains photographs of Louie Bellson, Jim Morton, Bert Block and His Orchestra, Jeanie Lang, Tom Russell, Tom Satterwhite, Van Crowell, Bobby Hackett, Jim Morton, Jim Mayhack, Harold Kaye, Lang around age six with drums, and Irene Kral. There are also personal and family photographs. There is correspondence with Louie Bellson, Barbara Carroll, Bill Allred, and Laurindo Almeida. There are articles about Wayne Newton.
Box 7   Folder 3

Scrapbook Nineteen, undated

  • Scrapbook Nineteen contains a collection of prints of several jazz artists and
  • unlabeled photographs of Lang playing drums.
Box 7   Folder 4

Scrapbook Twenty, 1947-1989

  • Scrapbook Twenty contains photographs of Bubba and Laura Kolb, Joe Venuti, Bill McCumbert, Roy Eldridge, John Jeffrey, Don Sturney, Howie Beyer, Sam Butera, Urbie Green, George Morrow, Louis Prima, Keely Smith, Lang playing drums in high school, John Jeffrey, Joe Black, Rene Hall, Charles Ellis, and Red Norvo, as well as many unlabeled photographs. There are articles about performances, Carl Fontana and Barbara Carroll. There are also postcards of venues and places.
Box 8   Folder 1

Scrapbook Twenty-One, 1968-1971

  • Scrapbook Twenty-One contains photographs of Harvey Lang's Power Source, Charlie May, and Al Hirt. There is correspondence from Dick Hoekstra. There are articles about Harvey Lang's Power Source and material about Wayne Newton.
Box 8   Folder 2

Scrapbook Twenty-Two, 1930s-1990

  • Scrapbook Twenty-Two contains photographs of The Debs (Donna, Peggy, Connie), Rudi Egan, Fran Ashman, Frank Roso, Tom Satterwhite, Tom Morton, Bob Glendon, Danny Pattishall, Wendy Collins, Scott Wallter, Stan Edson, and Ron Rodriguez. There are also family photographs. There is correspondence from W.S. Johnston, Art Van Damme, Leonard DiMuzio, and Billy Taylor. There are articles about Ginny and the Gallions and Louis Prima.
Box 8   Folder 3

Scrapbook Twenty-Three, 1948-1980

  • Scrapbook Twenty-Three contains photographs of Red Norvo, Louise Davis, Milt Jackson, Don Jeffrey, Buzz Garber, Bobby Hackett, Bob Glendon, Bill Allred, Bucky Pizzarelli, Bubba Kolb, J. Pellagrino, Barbara Carroll, Bubba Kolb Trio, Pee-Wee Erwin, Jim Duffy, Dick Wise, Marion Wise, Harry Ranch, Ginny and Rex Gallion, Ray Lewis, Ed Casey, Stan Everhart, Joe Venuti, Bill Fangus, Jack Donovan, Bobby Pratt, Art Van Damme, Don Lamond, Louie Bellson, Frank Rosolino, Gerry Gibbs, Eddie Miller, Andy Devine, Bobby Hackett, and Tommy Thomas.
Box 8   Folder 4

Scrapbook Twenty-Four, 1930s-1950s

  • Scrapbook Twenty-Four contains family photographs and greeting cards. There is a program on "A History of Percussion" presented by William F. Ludwig, Jr.
  • Most items are unlabeled, many are from the 1950s, including postcards and other ephemera.
Box 9   Folder 1

Scrapbook Twenty-Five, 1934-1940s, 1980s

  • Scrapbook Twenty-Five contains photographs of Jimmy "Little Red" Blount and Scott Walter, as well as family photographs. There is correspondence from Barbara Belle. There are articles and ephemera of his childhood performances, including the Morris Sachs Amateur Hour. The correspondence is mostly fan letters and a few holiday cards from the 1980s.
Box 9   Folder 2

Scrapbook Twenty-Six, 1930s-1960s

  • Scrapbook Twenty-Six contains family photographs. There are articles about Cindy Ross and the Harvey Lang Trio, Caron and the Kut-Ups, and Harvey Lang and the Power Source.
Box 9   Folder 3

Scrapbook Twenty-Seven, 1949-1971

  • Scrapbook Twenty-Seven contains photographs of Terry Gibbs, Ira Sullivan, Louise Davis, Bubba Kolb, Conti Candoli, and Jim Davis. There are articles about Harvey Lang's Power Source, Lee Caron and the Kut-Ups, plus other ephemera of shows.
Box 9   Folder 4

Scrapbook Twenty-Eight, 1936-1987

  • Scrapbook Twenty-Eight contains photographs of The Midgets (Walter Thiede, Lang, Joe ?, Terry ?), Lee Caron and the Sharpshooters (Chuck Shipley, Kitty West, Dave Lisle, Lee Caron, Theresa Green Red Fletcher), Harry Ranch Orchestra (Marty, Lang, Jimmy, "Sandy," Stan Everhart, Dick Wise, Phyllis Paul, Harry Ranch), John Jeffrey, Cindy Ross, Dick Contino, Louie Bellson, Marty Willis, Ginny and the Gallions, Clark Terry, and Gaylord and Holiday. There is correspondence with Clark Terry. There are articles about Carolyn and Ray Churchman and performances.
Box 10   Folder 1

Scrapbook Twenty-Nine, 1948-1967

  • Scrapbook Twenty-Nine contains photographs of Gayle Short, Sue Raney, Teddy Wilson, Irene Kral, Charlie Ventura, Ginny and the Gallions (Walter Thiede, Rex Gallion, Ginny (Greer) Gallion, Morgan Thomas, Lang), Debbie Dietrick, Barbara Carroll, Wayne Newton, Bev Bergeron, Ben Ventura, Tiny Huff, Sharyl Toomey, Maura Hayes, Trace Prince, Wendy Collins, and the Harvey Lang Trio (Lang, Jim Davis, Eddie Ambrose).
Box 10   Folder 2

Scrapbook Thirty, 1940s-1990

  • Scrapbook Thirty contains photographs of Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, and Louis Hayes. There is correspondence with Red Norvo.
Box 10   Folder 3

Scrapbook Thirty-One, 1949-1978

  • Scrapbook Thirty-One contains photographs of Peanuts Hucko, Montalvo Troupe, Urbie Green, Louise Davis, and Bubba Kolb. There are articles about music in the 1940s and 1950s, George Bailey, and Billy Taylor.
Box 10   Folder 4

Scrapbook Thirty-Two, 1930s-1960

  • Scrapbook Thirty-Two contains photographs of Ginny Greer and the Gallions (Walter Thiede, Rex Gallion, Ginny (Greer) Gallion, Morgan Thomas, Lang), Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Don Sheets, Mel Stone, Bob Draves, John Jeffrey, Tom Alexander, Lawrence Salerno, Bobby Lain, Herbie Fields, Phil Arabia, Ed Hail Orchestra, Don Buffington, Bob Bentry, Harry Ranch, Marty Willis, Rudy Cafaro, Sharkey, Joe Black, Mel Stone, John Jeffrey, Bobby Lain, Ed Cox, Don Sheets, Buzz Garber, and Stan Everhart. There is correspondence with Bob Draves. There are articles about Cootie Williams.
Box 11   Folder 1

Scrapbook Thirty-Three, 1935-1981

  • Scrapbook Thirty-Three contains photographs of Benny Goodman, Tommy Thomas, Clark Terry, Bubba Kolb Trio, James Moody, Frank Rosolino, Art Farmer, Bill Frangus, Teddy Wilson, Rich Matteson, Idrees Sulieman, "Red" Rodney, Ira Sullivan, Urbie Green, Barbara Carroll, Bubba Kolb, Buddy De Franco, Neil Austin, G. Morrow, Lee Caron and the Sharpshooters ("Big Red" Fletcher, Kitty West, Teresa Green, Chuck ?, Lee Caron, Dave Lisles), Gene Krupa, Jimmy Foy, Lee Richardson, Frank Ciavatta, John Murot, and Elmer Kane. There is correspondence from Clark Terry, Marian McPartland, Barbara Carroll, Keely Smith, and Phyllis Diller. There is an endorsement agreement between Lang and Fred Gretsch Manufacturing Company.
Box 11   Folder 2

Scrapbook Thirty-Four, 1930s-1940s

  • Scrapbook Thirty-Four contains personal and family photographs, including his 1943 school class photograph and senior portrait. There are articles about Lang's childhood and early performances, and family obituaries and events. There are programs and thank you letters from childhood performances.
Box 11   Folder 3

Scrapbook Thirty-Five, 1950s-1970s

  • Scrapbook Thirty-Five contains photographs of Billy Hyde, Lang's son Chris Lang, "Cowboy" Ron Hudson, and Ginny and the Gallions (Rex Gallion, Ginny (Greer) Gallion, Morgan Thomas, Ray Lewis, Lang). There are postcards and correspondence from Louie Bellson, as well as foreign and United States stamps.
Box 11   Folder 4

Scrapbook Thirty-Six, 1960s, 1978, 1990

  • Scrapbook Thirty-Six contains correspondence with Ned Inglerman and drum advertisements.
Box 12

Scrapbook Thirty-Seven, Gene Krupa, 1930s-1940s, contains articles, magazine photos, photographs, and advertisements of Gene Krupa.

Box 12

Scrapbook Thirty-Eight, 1950s, contains articles, magazine photos, and advertisements with drummers, including Louie Bellson, Bobby Rickey, Ray McKinley, Bill Eden, Howie Mann, Teddy Stewart, Poley McClintock, Ed Shaughnessy, Harold Hahn-Formerly, Don Lamond, Shelly Manne, Mel Lewis, Jerry Rothans, Charles "Specs" Wright, Cozy Cole, Cliff Leeman, Kenny Clarke, Davey Tough, George Wettling, Shadow Wilson, Jimmie Vincent, Buddy Rich, Zutty Singleton, Alvin Stoller, Stan Kenton, Sidney "Big Sid" Catlett, Terry Snyder, Joe Morello, Tommy Thomas, Roy Haynes, Nick Fatool, Shadow Wilson, Marty Masters, James Crawford, Bobby Byrne, Gene Krupa, Max Roach, Bobby Rickey, Irv Cottler, Irv Kluger, Mel Tormé, Freddy Gruber, Sam Ulano, Sonny Greer, Jimmy Pratt, Phil Arabia, Howard Bruno, Jack Sperling, Chick Webb, Earl Walker, Roy Harte, Barrett Deems, Viola Smith, Ernie Rudisill, and Jo Jones.

Box 13   Folder 1

Scrapbook Thirty-Nine, 1944-1994, contains articles, Avedis Zildjian Company correspondence, and photographs of Lang with other musicians.

Box 13   Folder 2

Scrapbook Forty, 1967, contains production schedule for Wayne Newton’s “One More Time!”

Box 13   Folder 3

Crescendo, 1966

Box 13   Folder 4

Down Beat, 1954-1959

Box 13   Folder 5

Down Beat, 1966-1969

Box 13   Folder 6

Down Beat, 1969-1970

Box 13   Folder 7

Down Beat, 1970-1978

Box 14   Folder 1

Down Beat, 1978-1979

Box 14   Folder 2

Down Beat, 1979

Box 14   Folder 3

Down Beat Yearbook, 1956

Box 14   Folder 4

Game Day, 1982

Box 14   Folder 5

“Harlem Globetrotters,” 1972

Box 14   Folder 6

Jazz Today, 1956-1957

Box 14   Folder 7

Jazz World, 1957

Box 14   Folder 8

Limelight, 1956

Box 14   Folder 9

Metronome, 1956-1957

Box 14   Folder 10

Metronome Yearbook, 1950-1951

Box 14   Folder 11

Metronome Yearbook, 1956-1957

Box 14   Folder 12

Modern Drummer, 1978-1982

Box 15   Folder 1

Elementary School Diploma, 1943

Box 15   Folder 2

Esquire's Jazz Book, 1944-1947

Box 15   Folder 3

Newspaper Articles, 1940s

Box 15   Folder 4

“Woody Herman and the Herd,” 1949

Box 16   Folder 1

Method Books

  • Buddy Rich’s Modern Interpretation of Snare Drum Rudiments, Henry Adler, Embassy Music Corporation, 1942
Box 16   Folder 2

Method Books

  • Drum Solos and Fill-ins for the Progressive Drummer, Book 1, Ted Reed, 1959
  • Eckstein Piano Course Book One, Carl Fischer, Inc., 1951
  • First Grade Piano Book, John Williams and Shaylor Turner, The Boston Music Company, 1937
Box 16   Folder 3

Method Books

  • Foundation to Saxophone Playing, Ben Vereecken, Carl Fischer,1917
  • Gene Krupa Drum Method, Rollo Laylan, Robbins Music Corporation, 1938
Box 16   Folder 4

Method Books

  • Imperial Method for the Drum, Harry A. Bower, The John Church Company, 1899
  • John W. Schaum Piano Course: Pre-A Book, Belwin Inc., 1945
Box 17   Folder 1

Method Books

  • Master Drum Reader, Sam Ulano, 1965
  • The Moeller Book, Ludwing Drum Company, 1956
Box 17   Folder 2

Method Books

  • The Musical Drummer, Louis Bellson, David Gornston, 1950
  • Oxford Piano Course for Class and Individual Instruction, Carl Fischer, Inc., 1929
  • Piano Theory, Mary Elizabeth Clark and David Carr Glover, First Division
  • Publishing Corporation, 1967
Box 17   Folder 3

Method Books

  • Podemski’s Standard Snare Drum Method, Benjamin Podemski, Mills Music,Inc., 1940
  • Sam Ulano’s Solo Guide, Lane Publishing Company, 1955
Box 17   Folder 4

Method Books

  • Slingerland Drum Method Book One, Haskell W. Harry L. Alford, Slingerland Drum Company,1837
  • The Thompson Progressive Method for the Saxophone, Volkwein Bros., Inc., 1939
Box 18   Folder 1

Song Books

  • 100 All Time Standards for Baldwin Organ, Edward J. Burns and Joseph H.
  • Greener, Amsco Music Publishing Company, 1958
  • America’s N.A.R.D. Drum Solos, Ludwig Drum Company, 1962
  • Bill Carle’s Album of Sacred Songs, Bill Carle, Lillenas Publishing Company,
  • 1958
  • Born Free, John Barry, Screen-Gems-Columbia Music, Inc., 1966
Box 18   Folder 2

Song Books

  • Chopin’s Music to Remember, Samuel Spivak, Edward Schuberth and Company,
  • 1945
  • Hits From Broadway for Baldwin Organ, Frank Music Corporation, 1958
  • Hit Parade Extras for All Organs, Edwin H. Morris & Company, Inc., 1958
  • Joel Rothman’s The Rock and Roll Bible of Co-Ordination for True Believers,
  • Joel Rothman, 1968
Box 18   Folder 3

Song Books

  • Movements from Famous Symphonies, M.M. Cole Publishing Company, 1942
  • Nine Sonatinas for the Piano, Heinrich Lichner, Heinrich Lichner, 1910
  • Piano Duets the Whole World Loves, Chester Wallis, The Wallis Music
  • Company, 1938
Box 18   Folder 4

Song Books

  • Songs Everyone Loves, undated
  • Strauss Waltzes, M.M. Cole Publishing Company, 1939
  • Teacher’s Pet: Easy Piano Arrangements, John Lane and Frank Metis, Robbins
  • Music Corporation, 1967
  • We’re in the Navy Now, John Thompson, The Willis Music Company, 1929
  • University of Chicago Library, Special Collections Research Center 17
  • Harvey Lang. Collection