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The Project for American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language (ARTFL) is a cooperative enterprise of Analyse et Traitement Informatique de la Langue Française (ATILF) of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), the Division of the Humanities, the Division of the Social Sciences, and Electronic Text Services (ETS) of the University of Chicago.

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Bibliographic Searching in order to limit a search by fields or to retrieve selected documents:
Author: (e.g., montaigne)
Title: (e.g., les essais)
Date: (e.g., 1550-1600)

Note: The vertical line ( | ) is the OR operator (e.g., la mort|mourir or douleur|souffrance). For pattern matching one may employ wildcard characters (e.g., ami.* will retrieve ami, amitié, etc.). Accented characters may be represented by two characters (e.g.,e\=è) or uppercase letters. For more help in searching see User Documentation below.

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(e.g., amitie/)


Select a Search Option:
A. (Default) Single Term and Phrase Search
B. Proximity Searching: in the same Sentence or Paragraph or
    Separated by words in the same sentence.
Note: in proximity searches a space serves as the AND operator.

Select a Results Format:
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General User Documentation for PhiloLogic

Database-Specific Searching Tips

Bibliographic Searching:

Author: At this time the apostrophe in the author field is not working properly. This becomes a problem when searching for a last name such as d'Aurevilly. To search for similar names, enter the last name without the particle (e.g. Aurevilly). Likewise, at this time accents are not working in the author field. To search for Prévost, enter the name without accents: prevost.

Title: At this time the following punctuation marks and symbols produce a "No documents found" message: accent marks, parentheses (( )), colons (:), and apostrophes ('). Avoid using any of these symbols in the title field (e.g. in order to search for L'Heptameron, type in only heptamperon). To search for a title with any of these symbols embedded within the title itself, try searching for key words (e.g. vengeance instead of La vengeance d'une femme). The following punctuation marks have no adverse effect on a title search and, if appearing within a string, must be entered: hyphen (-), question mark (?), and comma (,). In all cases, spacing must match exactly that in the bibliography.

Date: The texts in the database range in date from 1150 to 1982.

Orthographic Considerations:

Since the texts in this database are in French, it is important to remember that leaving off an accent in the search text(s) for: field is the equivalent of misspelling a word: the search engine will not find it. For details on how to represent accents and other diacritical markings, check the general documentation. One of the ways to handle this problem in cases where the user is unsure about the accent, or where the source data varies, is to simply turn on the Cap Lock and type in all uppercase, which will find the character with OR without the accent. Thus, entering THEATRE finds the word théâtre as well as theatre. This is best since accentuation is not always consistent (e.g., one finds not only révolution, but also revolution in the database).

Data-Entry Idiosyncrasies:

Several data errors have been detected in this database either from typesetting errors in the original source or from rekeying the documents. One should definitely avoid making arguments from silence.

Punctuation and Full-Text Searching

Hyphens: At this time, hyphens do not work in the search text for field. Thus, one should search for demi heure and not demi-heure.

Apostrophes: Apostrophes do function for full-text searching and must be used.

Formatting and Display

Results Display: Please note that French copyright laws forbid full access to chapters and texts. Therefore, search results for these texts are limited to no more than three pages or paragraphs in either direction of the search terms, and links on these pages have been disabled.
Capitalization and paragraph breaks have been formatted automatically so expect some inconsistencies.

Images: Some images are now available and others will be added shortly.

Please check the New Additions errata page for the most current information on problems regarding the database or its PhiloLogic implementation.

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