Early English Prose Fiction

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Anonymous [1518], Here begynneth a lyttell story that was of a trwethe done in the lande of Gelders of a mayde that was named Mary of Nemegen yt was the dyuels paramoure by the space of vij. yere longe ([Anwarpe]: [Imprynted ... by ... Iohn Duisbrowghe], [1518?].) [Anonym, HeBeALy].

Anonymous [1518], Virgilius. This boke treateth of the lyfe of Virgilius and of his deth and many marvayles that he dyd in hys lyfe tyme by whychcrafte and nygramancye thorowygh the helpe of the deuyls of Hell ([Anwarpe]: [Emprynted ... by ... Iohn Doesborcke], [1518?].) [Anonym, ViThBoT].

Anonymous [1526], A .C. mery talys ([London]: [Johannes Rastell], [1526].) [Anonym, ACMeTa].

Anonymous [1535], Tales / and quicke answeres, very mery, and pleasant to rede ([London]: [Imprinted ... in the house of Thomas Berthelet], [1535?].) [Anonym, TaAnQuA].

Anonymous [1555], A lyttle treatyse called the Image of Idlenesse, conteynynge certeyne matters moued betwene Walter Wedlocke and Bawdin Bacheler. Traslated out of the Troyane or Cornyshe tounge into Englyshe, by Olyuer Oldwanton, and dedicated to the Lady Lust ([London]: [Imprinted ... by Wyllyam Seres], [1555?].) [Anonym, ALyTrCa].

Anonymous [1560], Here begynneth a propre treatyse of a marchauntes wyfe, that afterwarde wente lyke a man and be came a grete lorde, and was called Frederycke of Iennen ([London]: [Imprynted ... by Abraham Uele], [1560?].) [Anonym, HeBeAPr].

Anonymous [1565], The Hystory of the two valyaunte Brethren Ualentyne and Orson, sonnes vnto the Emperour of Grece ([London]: [Imprented ... be William Coplande], [1565?].) [Anonym, ThHyOfT].

Anonymous [1568], The deceyte of women. to the instruction and ensample of all men, yonge and olde, newly corrected ([London]: [Imprynted ... by Abraham Uele], [1568].) [Anonym, ThDeOfW].

Anonymous [1582], The Whole Life and Death of Long Meg, of Westminster (London: Printed for Hen. Rhodes [etc.], [1582?].) [Anonym, ThWhLiA].

Anonymous [1590], Tarltons newes out of Purgatorie. Onely such a iest as his Iigge, fit for Gentlemen to laugh at an houre, &c. Published by an old Companion of his, Robin Goodfellow (London: Printed for T. G. and T. N., 1590.) [Anonym, TaNeOuO].

Anonymous [1590], The Cobler of Caunterburie, Or An Inuectiue against Tarltons Newes out of Purgatorie. A merrier Iest then a Clownes Iigge, and fitter for Gentlemens humors. Published with the cost of a dickar of Cowe hides (London: Printed by Robert Robinson, 1590.) [Anonym, ThCoOfC].

Anonymous [1607], Dobsons Drie Bobbes: Sonne and Heire to Skoggin. Full of mirth and delightful recreation (London: Printed by Valentine Simmes, 1607.) [Anonym, DoDrBoS].

Anonymous [1608], The Hystorie of Hamblet (London: Imprinted by Richard Bradocke, for Thomas Pauier [etc.], 1608.) [Anonym, ThHyOfH].

Anonymous [1609], Pasqvils Iestes, Mixed with Mother Bunches Merriments. Whereunto is added a Bakers doozen of Gulles. Very prettie and pleasant, to driue away the tediousnesse of a Winters Evening. Newly Corrected with new Additions (London: Printed for Iohn Browne [etc.], 1609.) [Anonym, PaIeMiW].

Anonymous [1609], The Famous & renowned History of Morindos a King of Spaine; Who maryed with Miracola a Spanish Witch: and of their seauen daughters, (rightly surnamed Ladies with bleeding hearts:) their births, their liues and their deaths. A History most wonderfull, strange, and pleasant to the reader (London: Printed for H R. [etc.], 1609.) [Anonym, ThFaAmR].

Anonymous [1613], Scoggins Iestes. VVherein is declared his pleasant pastimes in France, and of his meriments among the Fryers: full of delight and honest mirth (London: Printed by Raph Blower [etc.], 1613.) [Anonym, ScIeVvI].

Anonymous [1616], The Famous History of George Lord Favkonbridge, Bastard Son to Richard Cordelion, King of England. Begotten in his royal Tower, vpon the princely Clarabel, Daughter to Don Iohn Duke of Austria, surnamed The Worldes faire Concubine. Shewing his Knightly Aduentures, dignified Victories, with his Life and death, spent in the honor of God and his Countrey: Neuer wearing any other Garment, but that Lyons Skinne, by which his Kingly Father challenged his Lyon - like Title (London: Printed ... by I. B. and are to be sold by Iames Dauies [etc.], 1616.) [Anonym, ThFaHiO2].

Anonymous [1620], The Historie of Frier Rvsh: how he came to a house of Religion to seeke seruice, and being entertained by the Priour, was first made vnder Cooke. Being full of pleasant mirth and delight for young people (London: Imprinted ... by Edw. All - de [etc.], 1620.) [Anonym, ThHiOfF].

Anonymous [1620], VVestward for Smelts. Or, The VVater - mans Fare of mad - merry VVestern wenches, whose tongues albeit like Bell - clappers, they neuer leaue Ringing, yet their Tales are sweet, and will much content you. VVritten by Kinde Kit of Kingstone (London: Printed for Iohn Trundle [etc.], 1620.) [Anonym, VvFoSmO].

Anonymous [1628], Robin Good - Fellovv, His Mad Prankes, and merry Iests, Full of honest Mirth, and is a fit Medicine for Melancholy (London: Printed for F. Groue [etc.], 1628.) [Anonym, RoGoFeH].

Anonymous [1628], The True History of the Tragicke loves of Hipolito and Isabella, Neapolitans. Englished (London: Printed by Tho: Harper, and Nath: Feild, 1628.) [Anonym, ThTrHiO].

Anonymous [1630], The Famous and Delectable History of Cleocreton & Cloryana; Wherein is set forth The Noble and Heroick Actions of Cleocreton Prince of Hungary, His Wonderful and Warlike Atchievements in sundry Kingdoms. Herein is also declared, His constant love to the most beautiful Princess Cloryana, the onely Daughter of the Emperor of Persia (London: Printed by J. B. for Charls Tyus [etc.], [1630?].) [Anonym, ThFaAnD].

Anonymous [1630], The Tincker of Tvrvey, his merry Pastime in his passing from Billingsgate to Graves - End. The Barge being Freighted with Mirth, and Mann'd With these Persons: Trotter the Tincker. Yerker, a Cobler. Thumper, a Smith. Sr. Rowland a Scholler. Bluster a Sea - man. And other Mad - merry fellowes, euery - One of them Telling his Tale: All which Tales are full of Delight to Reade ouer, and full of laughter to be heard. Euery Tale - Teller being Described in a Neate Character. The Eight seuerall Orders of Cuckolds, marching here likewise in theyr Horned Rankes (London: Printed for Nath: Bvtter [etc.], 1630.) [Anonym, ThTiOfT].

Anonymous [1632], The Pinder of Wakefield: Being the merry History of George a Greene the lusty Pinder of the North. Briefly shewing his manhood and his braue merriments amongst his boone Companions. A Pill fit to purge melancholy in this drooping age. Read, then judge. With the great Battel fought betwixt him and Robin Hood, Scarlet and little Iohn, and after of his liuing with them in the Woods. Full of pretty Histories, Songs, Catches, Iests, and Ridles (London: Printed by G. P. for E. Blackamoore [etc.], 1632.) [Anonym, ThPiOfW].

Anonymous [1640], The Famous History of Fryer Bacon: Contayning the wonderfull things that he did in his Life: Also the manner of his Death, with the Lives and Deaths of the two Conjurers, Bungey and Vandermast. Very pleasant and delightfull to be read (London: Imprinted ... by Edw. All - de [etc.], [1640?].) [Anonym, ThFaHiO].

Anonymous [1640], The Pleasant History of Cawwood the Rooke. Or, The Assembly of Birds, with the severall Speeches which the Birds made to the Eagle, in hope to have the Government in his Absence: And lastly, how the Rooke was banished; with the Reason why crafty Fellowes are called Rookes. As also fit Morralls and Expositions added to every Chapter (London: Printed by T. C. for F. Grove [etc.], 1640.) [Anonym, ThPlHiO].

Anonymous [1641], Marianvs, or, Loves Heroick Champion. Describing His Honorable Travailes and haughty attempts in Armes, with his successe in Love. Intermixed with many pleasant Discourses, wherein the Graver sort may take delight, and the Youthfull bee encouraged by Honourable and Worthy adventures to gaine Fame (London: Printed by B. Alsop and T. Fawcet, and are to be sold by Iames Becket [etc.], 1641.) [Anonym, MaOrLoH].

Anonymous [1652], Choice Novels, and Amorous Tales, Written By the most Refined Wits of Italy. Newly translated into English (London: Printed by T. N. for Humphrey Moseley [etc.], 1652.) [Anonym, ChNoAnA].

Anonymous [1662], The Life and Death of Mrs. Mary Frith. Commonly Called Mal Cutpurse. Exactly Collected and now Published for the Delight and Recreation of all Merry disposed Persons (London: Printed for W. Gilbertson [etc.], 1662.) [Anonym, ThLiAnD].

Anonymous [1663], The Case of Madam Mary Carleton Lately stiled The German Princess, Truely Stated: With an Historical Relation of Her Birth, Education, and Fortunes; in an Appeal to His Illustrious Highness Prince Rupert. By the said Mary Carleton (London: Printed for Sam: Speed ... and Hen: Marsh [etc.], 1663.) [Anonym, ThCaOfM].

Anonymous [1672], The French Rogue. Being a Pleasant History of His Life and Fortune, adorned with variety of other Adventures of no less Rarity. With Epigrams Suitable to each Stratagem (London: Printed by T. N. for Samuel Lowndes [etc.], 1672.) [Anonym, ThFrRoB].

Anonymous [1673], The Sack - Full of Newes (London: Printed by Andrew Clark, and are to be sold by Thomas Passenger [etc.], 1673.) [Anonym, ThSaFuO].

Anonymous [1678], Tudor, a Prince of Wales. An Historical Novel. In Two Parts (London: Printed by H. H. for Jonathan Edwin [etc.], 1678.) [Anonym, TuAPrOf].

Anonymous [1680], Don Tomazo, or the Juvenile Rambles of Thomas Dangerfield (London: Printed for William Rumbald [etc.], 1680.) [Anonym, DoToOrT].

Anonymous [1680], The Secret History of the Most Renowned Q. Elizabeth. and the E. of Essex. By a Person of Quality (Cologne: Printed for Will with the Wisp [etc.], 1680.) [Anonym, ThSeHiO2].

Anonymous [1682], The History of the Birth, Travels, Strange Adventures, and Death of Fortunatus: Wherein is Contained such Variety Both of Comical and Tragical Discourse, That the like is not afforded in any Histories of this Nature. There being added likewise several new Additions which was not in the Original Copy from whence it was Translated. It being not onley Useful, but very Necessary for Old and Young; Wherein they may plainly see the Follies of Riches and greatness, and learn how to avoid temptations of that nature, that often brings Men into danger of life. As also, Youths may by this be instructed how to behave themselves in their Travels, or upon any occasion whatsoever. With the Illustration of several New Pictures (London: Printed by, and for, T. Haly [etc.], 1682.) [Anonym, ThHiOfT].

Anonymous [1683], The Dutch Rogue or, Gusman of Amsterdam Traced from the Craddle to the Gallows: Being, the Life, Rise, and Fall of D. de Lebechea a Decay'd Merchant. Containing many fraudulent Practises, notorious Villanies, and audacious Enterprizes, with their various events. Illustrated with Copper - plates. Out of Nether - dutch (London: Printed by A. M. for Greg. Hill, 1683.) [Anonym, ThDuRoO].

Anonymous [1683], The London Bully, or the Prodigal Son, Displaying the Principal Cheats of Our Modern Debauchees; with the Secret Practises and Cabals of the Lewd Apprentices of this Town: Discovered in the Life & Actions Of an Eminent Citizens Son (London: Printed by Hen. Clark, for Tho. Malthus [etc.], 1683.) [Anonym, ThLoBuO].

Anonymous [1683], The London Jilt: or, the Politick Whore. Shewing, All the Artifices and Stratagems which the Ladies of Pleasure make use of for the Intreaguing and Decoying of Men; Interwoven with several Pleasant Stories of the Misses Ingenious Performances (London: Printed for Hen. Rhodes [etc.], 1683.) [Anonym, ThLoJiO].

Anonymous [1683], The Unsatisfied Lovers. A New English Novel. Part. I (London: Printed for James Partridge [etc.], 1683.) [Anonym, ThUnLoA].

Anonymous [1684], Eve Revived, or the Fair One Stark - Naked. A Novell (London: Printed by William Downing [etc.], 1684.) [Anonym, EvReOrT].

Anonymous [1685], The History of Nicerotis, A Pleasant Novel (London: Printed for R. Bentley and S. Magnes [etc.], 1685.) [Anonym, ThHiOfN].

Anonymous [1686], Love's Posie: or, a Collection of Seven and Twenty Love - Letters, both in Verse and Prose; That lately pass'd betwixt a Gentleman and a very Young Lady in France (London: Printed for Joseph Hindmarsh [etc.], 1686.) [Anonym, LoPoOrA].

Anonymous [1687], Cynthia: with the Tragical Account of the Unfortunate Loves of Almerin and Desdemona. Being a Novel. Illustrated With Variety of the Chances of Fortune, Morallized with many useful Observations drawn from thence, whereby the Reader may reap both Pleasure and Profit. Done by an English Hand (London: Printed by R. Holt, for T. Passinger ... and R. Fenner [etc.], 1687.) [Anonym, CyWiThT].

Anonymous [1691], The Secret History of the Duke of Alançon and Q. Elizabeth. A True History (London: Printed for Will with the Whisp [etc.], 1691.) [Anonym, ThSeHiO].

Anonymous [1692], The Rival Mother; a Late True History: Digested into a Novel (London: Printed for R. Baldwin [etc.], 1692.) [Anonym, ThRiMoA].

Anonymous [1693], The Player's Tragedy. Or, Fatal Love, a New Novel (London: Printed, and Sold by Randal Taylor [etc.], 1693.) [Anonym, ThPlTrO].

Anonymous [1693], Vertue Rewarded; or, the Irish Princess. A New Novel (London: Printed for R. Bentley [etc.], 1693.) [Anonym, VeReOrT].

Anonymous [1696], Alcander and Philocrates: or, the Pleasures and Disquietudes of Marriage. A Novel. Written by a Young Lady (London: Printed for R. Parker ... S. Briscoe ... and S. Burrowes [etc.], 1696.) [Anonym, AlAnPhO].

Anonymous [1699], The Adventures of Covent - Garden, In Imitation of Scarron's City Romance (London: Printed by H. Hills, for R. Standfast [etc.], 1699.) [Anonym, ThAdOfC].

Anonymous [1699], Woman's Malice, a Novel: Being a True History of the Amours of an Eminent Person of Quality (London: Printed for Joseph Wilde [etc.], 1699.) [Anonym, WoMaANo].

Anton, Robert [1613], Moriomachia (London: Imprinted ... by Simon Stafford, 1613.) [AntRob, Moriom].

Armin, Robert [1608], A Nest of Ninnies. Simply of themselues without Compound ... By Robert Armin (London: Printed by T. E. for Iohn Deane, 1608.) [ArmRob, ANeOfNi].

Averell, William [1584], A Dyall for dainty Darlings, rockt in the cradle of Securitie. A Glasse for all disobedient Sonnes to looke in. A Myrrour for vertuous Maydes. A Booke right excellent, garnished with many woorthy examples, and learned aucthorities, most needefull for this tyme present. Compiled by VV. Auerell (London: Imprinted ... for Thomas Hackette [etc.], 1584.) [AveWil, ADyFoDa].

Ayres, Philip [1696], The Revengeful Mistress; Being an Amorous Adventure of an English Gentleman in Spain. In which are also contain'd three other Novels, Viz. The Wrong'd Innocence clear'd, The Generous Impostor, and The Vnfortunate Collonel ... Writ by Ph. Ayres (London: Printed for R. Wellington [etc.], 1696.) [AyrPhi, ThReMiB].

Baldwin, William [1584], [Beware the cat] ([London]: [Imprinted ... by Edward Allde], [1584].) [BalWil, BeThCa].

Baron, Robert [1647], '&Egr;&Rgr;&Ogr;&Tgr;&Ogr;&Pgr;&Agr;&Igr;&Ggr;&Ngr;&Igr;&Ogr;&Ngr;: Or the Cyprian Academy. By Robert Baron (London: Printed by W. W. and are to be sold by J. Hardesty, T. Huntington, and T. Jackson [etc.], 1647.) [BarRob, GrOrThC].

Baron, Robert [1649], An Apologie For Paris. For rejecting of Juno, and Pallas, and presenting of Ate's Golden Ball to Venus. With a discussion of the Reasons that might induce him to favour either of the three. Occasioned by a Private Discourse, wherein the Trojans Judgment was carped at by some, And defended By R: B. (London: Printed for Th. Dring [etc.], 1649.) [BarRob, AnApFoP].

Behn, Aphra [1684], Love - Letters Between a Noble - Man And his Sister (London: Printed, and are to be sold by Randal Taylor [etc.], 1684.) [BehAph, LoLeBeA].

Behn, Aphra [1685], Love Letters from a Noble Man to His Sister: Mixt With the History of Their Adventures. The Second Part by the same Hand (London: Printed for the Author [etc.], 1685.) [BehAph, LoLeFrA].

Behn, Aphra [1687], The Amours of Philander and Silvia: Being the Third and Last Part of the Love - Letters Between a Noble - Man and his Sister (London: Printed, and are to be Sold by most Book - Sellers, 1687.) [BehAph, ThAmOfP].

Behn, Aphra [1688], Three Histories. Viz. I. Oroonoko: Or, The Royal Slave. II. The Fair Jilt: Or, Tarquin and Miranda. III. Agnes de Castro: Or, The Force of Generous Love. By Mrs. A. Behn (London: Printed for W. Canning [etc.], 1688.) [BehAph, ThHiViI2].

Behn, Aphra [1688], Three Histories. Viz. I. Oroonoko: Or, The Royal Slave. II. The Fair Jilt: Or, Tarquin and Miranda. III. Agnes de Castro: Or, The Force of Generous Love. By Mrs. A. Behn (London: Printed for W. Canning [etc.], 1688.) [BehAph, ThHiViI].

Behn, Aphra [1689], The History of the Nun: or, the Fair Vow - Breaker. Written by Mrs. A. Behn. Licensed, Octob. 22. 1688. Ric. Pocock (London: Printed for A. Baskervile [etc.], 1689.) [BehAph, ThHiOfT2].

Behn, Aphra [1689], The Lucky Mistake: A New Novel. Written by Mrs. A. Behn (London: Printed for R. Bentley [etc.], 1689.) [BehAph, ThLuMiA].

Beling, Richard [1624], A Sixth Booke to the Covntesse of Pembrokes Arcadia. VVritten by R. B. (Dvblin: Printed by the Societie of Stationers, 1624.) [BelRic, ASiBoTo].

Bellon, Peter [1668], A Relation of the Country of Jansenia; wherein Is treated of the Singularities founded therein, the Customes, Manners, and Religion of it's Inhabitants. With a Map of the Countrey. Composed in French by Lewis Fountaine ... And newly Translated into English by P. B. (London: Printed for the Author, & are sold by A. Banks and C. Harper [etc.], 1668.) [BelPet, AReOfTh].

Bellon, Peter [1689], The Court Secret: a Novel ... Written by P. B. (London: Printed for R. Bentley and S. Magnes [etc.], [Part 2], 1689.) [BelPet, ThCoSeA].

Bernard, Richard [1627], The Isle of Man: Or, The Legall Proceeding in Man - Shire against Sinne. Wherein, by way of a continued Allegorie, the chiefe Malefactors disturbing both Church and Commonwealth are detected, and attached; with their Arraignment, and Iudiciall tryall, according to the Laws of England. A necessary Direction for waifaring Christians, not acquainted with those perilous wayes they must passe, before they happily arriue at their wished Hauen. By R. B. (London: Printed by G. M. for Edward Blackemoore, 1627.) [BerRic, ThIsOfM].

Bettie, William [1608], The Historie of Titana, and Theseus. Verie Pleasant for Age to auoyd drowsie thoughts: profitable for youth to eschew wanton pastimes: so that to both, it brings the mindes content. Written by W. B. (London: Printed by T. C. for Thomas Panier [etc.], 1608.) [BetWil, ThHiOfT3].

Blackbourn, Richard [1688], Clitie, a Novel. Written by Rich. Blackbourn (London: Printed for Ric. Bentley and S. Magnes [etc.], 1688.) [BlaRic, ClANoWr].

Blage, Thomas [1569], A schole of wise Conceytes, Wherin as euery Conceyte hath wit, so the most haue much mirth, Set forth in common places by order of the Alphabet. Translated out of diuers Greke and Latine Wryters, by Thomas Blage (London: Printed ... by Henrie Binneman [etc.], 1569.) [BlaTho, AScOfWi].

Borde, Andrew [1690], The Merry Tales of the Mad - Men of Gotam. By A. B. ([London]: Printed by J. R. for G. Coniers ... and J. Deacon [etc.], [1690?].) [BorAnd, ThMeTaO].

Boyle, Roger [1655], Parthenissa, a Romance. In Four Parts. Dedicated to the Lady Northumberland, And the Lady Sunderland. The First Part (London: Printed for Henry Herringman [etc.], 1655.) [BoyRog, PaARoIn].

Boyle, Roger [1655], Parthenissa, a Romance. In Four Parts. Dedicated to the Lady Northumberland, And the Lady Sunderland. The Fourth Part (London: Printed for Henry Herringman [etc.], 1655.) [BoyRog, PaARoIn4].

Boyle, Roger [1655], Parthenissa, a Romance. In Four Parts. Dedicated to the Lady Northumberland, And the Lady Sunderland. The Second Part (London: Printed for Henry Herringman [etc.], 1655.) [BoyRog, PaARoIn2].

Boyle, Roger [1655], Parthenissa, a Romance. In Four Parts. Dedicated to the Lady Northumberland, And the Lady Sunderland. The Third Part (London: Printed for Humphrey Moseley [etc.], 1655.) [BoyRog, PaARoIn3].

Boyle, Roger [1656], Parthenissa: a Romance. The Last Part. The Fifth Tome (London: Printed by T. R. & E. M. for Henry Herringman [etc.], 1656.) [BoyRog, PaARoTh].

Boyle, Roger [1669], Parthenissa: a Romance. The Last Part. The Sixth Tome (London: Printed for Henry Herringman [etc.], 1669.) [BoyRog, PaARoTh2].

Boyle, Roger [1676], English Adventures. By a Person of Honour. Licensed May 12th, 1676. Roger L'Estrange ([London]: Printed by T. Newcomb, for H. Herringman [etc.], 1676.) [BoyRog, EnAdByA].

Brathwait, Richard [1640], The Two Lancashire Lovers: or The Excellent History of Philocles and Doriclea. Expressing The faithfull constancy and mutuall fidelity of two loyall Lovers. Stored with no lesse variety of dicourse To delight the Generous, then of serious advice to instruct the Amorous. By Musaeus Palatinus (London: Printed by Edward Griffin. For R. B. or his Assignes, 1640.) [BraRic, ThTwLaL].

Brathwait, Richard [1659], Panthalia: or the Royal Romance. A Discourse Stored with infinite variety in relation to State - Government And Passages of matchless affection gracefully interveined, And presented on a Theatre of Tragical and Comical State, in a successive continuation to these Times. Faithfully and ingenuously rendred (London: Printed by J. G. and are to be sold by Anthony Williamson [etc.], 1659.) [BraRic, PaOrThR].

Breton, Nicholas [1600], The Strange Fortvnes of Two Excellent Princes: in their liues and loues, to their equall Ladies in all the titles of true honour (London: Imprinted ... by P. Short, for Nicholas Ling, 1600.) [BreNic, ThStFoO].

Breton, Nicholas [1604], Grimellos Fortunes, VVith his Entertainment in his trauaile. A discourse full of pleasure (London: Printed for E. VVhite [etc.], 1604.) [BreNic, GrFoVvH].

Breton, Nicholas [1606], The Wil of Wit, Wits Will, or Wils Wit, chuse you whether. Containing fiue discourses, the effects whereof follow ... Newly corrected and amended, being the fift time Imprinted. Compiled by Nicholas Breton (London: Printed by Thomas Creede, 1606.) [BreNic, ThWiOfW].

Breton, Nicholas [1635], A Mad VVorld my masters, Mistake me not. Or, A merry Dialogue betweene two Trauellers, The Taker, and Mistaker: Being very Delightfull, Pleasant, and Profitable to all (London: Printed by R. Raworth, for I. S., 1635.) [BreNic, AMaVvMy].

Brewer, Thomas [1631], The Life and Death of the merry Deuill of Edmonton. With the pleasant prancks of Smug the Smith, Sir Iohn, and mine Host of the George, about the stealing of Venison. By T. B. ([London]: Printed by T. P. for Francis Faulkner [etc.], 1631.) [BreTho, ThLiAnD2].

Brown, Thomas [1700], Amusements Serious and Comical, Calculated for the Meridian of London. By Mr. Brown (London: Printed for John Nutt [etc.], 1700.) [BroTho, AmSeAnC].

Bunyan, John [1678], The Pilgrim's Progress from this World, to That which is to come: Delivered under the Similitude of a Dream Wherein is Discovered, The manner of his setting out, His Dangerous Journey; And safe Arrival at the Desired Countrey ... By John Bunyan (London: Printed for Nath. Ponder [etc.], 1678.) [BunJoh, ThPiPrF].

Bunyan, John [1680], The Life and Death of Mr. Badman, Presented To the World in a Familiar Dialogue Between Mr. Wiseman, And Mr. Attentive. By John Bunyan (London: Printed by J. A. for Nath. Ponder [etc.], 1680.) [BunJoh, ThLiAnD3].

Bunyan, John [1682], The Holy War, Made by Shaddai upon Diabolus, For the Regaining of the Metropolis of the World. Or, the Losing and Taking Again of the Town of Mansoul. By John Bunyan (London: Printed for Dorman Newman ... and Benjamin Alsop [etc.], 1682.) [BunJoh, ThHoWaM].

Bunyan, John [1684], The Pilgrim's Progress. From this World to That which is to come: The Second Part. Delivered under the Similitude of a Dream Wherein is set forth The manner of the setting out of Christian's Wife and Children, their Dangerous Journey, and Safe Arrival at the Desired Country: By John Bunyan (London: Printed for Nathaniel Ponder [etc.], 1684.) [BunJoh, ThPiPrF2].

Cavendish, Margaret [1656], Natures Pictvres Drawn by Fancies Pencil to the Life. Written by the thrice Noble, Illustrious, and Excellent Princess, the Lady Marchioness of Newcastle. In this Volume there are several feigned Stories of Natural Descriptions, as Comical, Tragical, and Tragi - Comical, Poetical, Romancical, Philosophical, and Historical, both in Prose and Verse, some all Verse, some all Prose, some mixt, partly Prose, and partly Verse. Also, there are some Morals, and some Dialogues; but they are as the Advantage Loaves of Bread to a Bakers dozen; and a true Story at the latter end, wherein there is no Feignings (London: Printed for J. Martin, and J. Allestrye [etc.], 1656.) [CavMar, NaPiDrB2].

Cavendish, Margaret [1656], Natures Pictvres Drawn by Fancies Pencil to the Life. Written by the thrice Noble, Illustrious, and Excellent Princess, the Lady Marchioness of Newcastle. In this Volume there are several feigned Stories of Nautral Descriptions, as Comical, Tragical, and Tragi - Comical, Poetical, Romancical, Philosophical, and Historical, both in Prose and Verse, some all Verse, some all Prose, some mixt, partly Prose, and partly Verse. Also, there are some Morals, and some Dialogues; but they are as the Advantage Loaves of Bread to a Bakers dozen; and a true Story at the latter end, wherein there is no Feignings (London: Printed for J. Martin, and J. Allestrye [etc.], 1656.) [CavMar, NaPiDrB].

Cavendish, Margaret [1666], The Description of a New World, Called The Blazing World. Written by the Thrice Noble, Illustrious, and Excellent Princesse, The Duchesse of Newcastle (London: Printed by A. Maxwell, 1666.) [CavMar, ThDeOfA].

Chambers, Robert [1600], Palestina: Written By Mr. R. C. (Florence: Imprinted by Bartelmew Sermartelli, 1600.) [ChaRob, PaWrByM].

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Dekker, Thomas [1603], The VVonderfull yeare. 1603. Wherein is shewed the picture of London, lying sicke of the Plague. At the ende of all (like a mery Epilogue to a dull Play) certaine Tales are cut out in sundry fashions, of purpose to shorten the liues of long winters nights, that lye watching in the darke for vs (London: Printed by Thomas Creede [etc.], 1603.) [DekTho, ThVvYe1].

Dekker, Thomas [1609], The Ravevens Almanacke, Foretelling of a Plague, Famine. and Ciuill Warre. That shall happen this present yeare 1609. not only within this Kingdome of great Brittaine, but also in France, Germany, Spayne, & other parts of Christendome. With certaine remedies, rules, and receipts, how to preuent or at least to abate the edge of these vniuersall Calamities (London: Printed by E. A. for Thomas Archer [etc.], 1609.) [DekTho, ThRaAlF].

Dekker, Thomas [1631], Penny - VVise, Povnd Foolish. Or, a Bristovv Diamond, set in two Rings, and both Crack'd. Profitable for Married men, pleasant for young men, and a rare example for all good Women (London: Printed by A. M. for Edward Blackmore [etc.], 1631.) [DekTho, PeVvPoF].

Deloney, Thomas [1612], Thomas of Reading. Or, The sixe worthy yeomen of the West. Now the fourth time corrected and enlarged By T. D. (London: Printed ... for T. P., 1612.) [DelTho, ThOfReO].

Deloney, Thomas [1626], The pleasant Historie of Iohn Winchcomb, In his yonguer yeares called Iack of Newbery, The famous and worthy Clothier of England; declaring his life and loue, together with his charitable deeds and great Hospitalitie. And how hee set continually fiue hundred poore people at worke, to the great benefite of the Common - wealth. Now the tenth time Imprinted, corrected and enlarged by T. D. (London: Printed by H. Lownes, and are to be sold by Cuthbert Wright [etc.], 1626.) [DelTho, ThPlHiO2].

Deloney, Thomas [1637], The Gentle Craft. A Discovrse Containing many matters of Delight, very pleasant to be read: Shewing what famous men have beene Shoomakers in time past in this Land, with their worthy deeds and great Hospitality. Declaring the cause why it is called the Gentle Craft: and also how the Proverbe first grew; A Shoomakers sonne is a Prince borne. T. D. (London: Printed for Robert Bird, 1637.) [DelTho, ThGeCrA].

Deloney, Thomas [1639], The Gentile Craft. The second Part. Being a most merrie and pleasant Historie, not altogether vnprofitable nor any way hurtfull: verie fit to passe away the tediousnesse of the long winter evenings. By T. D. Newly corrected and augmented (London: Printed by Elizabeth Purslow [etc.], 1639.) [DelTho, ThGeCrT].

Dickenson, John [1594], Arisbas, Euphues amidst his slumbers: Or Cupids Iourney to Hell. Decyphering a Myrror of Constancie, a Touch - stone of tried affection, begun in chaste desires, ended in choise delights: And emblasoning Beauties glorie, adorned by Natures bountie. VVith the Trivmph of Trve Loue, in the foyle of false Fortune. By I. D. (London: Imprinted ... by Thomas Creede for Thomas Woodcocke [etc.], 1594.) [DicJoh, ArEuAmH].

Dickenson, John [1598], Greene in Conceipt. New raised from his graue to write the Tragique Historie of faire Valeria of London. Wherein is Trvly Discovered the rare and lamentable issue of a Husbands dotage, a wiues leudnesse, & childrens disobedience. Receiued and reported by I. D. (London: Printed ... by Richard Bradocke for William Iones [etc.], 1598.) [DicJoh, GrInCoN].

Dunton, John [1691], A Voyage Round the World: or, a Pocket - Library, Divided into several Volumes. The First of which contains the Rare Adventures of Don Kainophilus, From his Cradle to his 15th. Year. The like Discoveries in such a Method never made by any Rambler before. The whole Work intermixt with Essays, Historical, Moral and Divine; and all other kinds of Learning. Done into English by a Lover of Travels. Recommended by the Wits of both Universities (London: Printed for Richard Newcome, [1691].) [DunJoh, AVoRoTh].

Fidge, George [1652], The English Gusman; or the History Of that Unparallel'd Thief James Hind. Wherein is Related I. His Education and manner of Life; also a full Relation of all the severall Robberies, madd Pranks, and handsom Jests done by Him. II. How at Hatfield he was Enchanted by a Witch For three years space; and how She Switch'd His Horse with a white Rod, and gave him a thing like a Sun - dial, the Point of which should direct him which way to take when persued. And III. His Apprehension, Examination at the Councel of State, Commitment to the Gatehouse, and from thence to Newgate; His Arraignment at the Old Baily; And the discourse betwixt his Father, his Wife and Himself in Newgate. With several Cuts to Illustrate the Matter. Written by G. F. (London: Printed by T. N for George Latham Junior [etc.], 1652.) [FidGeo, ThEnGuO].

Forde, Emanuel [1598], Parismus, the Renovmed Prince of Bohemia. His most famous, delectable, and pleasant Historie. Conteining His Noble Battailes fought against the Persians. His loue to Laurana, the Kings Daughter of Thessaly. And his straunge Aduentures in the Desolate Iland. With the miseries and miserable imprisonment, Laurana endured in the Iland of Rockes. And a description of the Chiualrie of the Phrygian Knight, Pollipus: and his constant loue to Uioletta (London: Imprinted ... by Thomas Creede, for Richard Oliue, 1598.) [ForEma, PaThReP].

Forde, Emanuel [1599], Parismenos: The Second Part of the most famous, delectable, and pleasant Historie of Parismus, the renowned Prince of Bohemia. The aduenturous trauels and Noble Chiualrie of Parismenos, the Knight of Fame, in diuers Countries (London: Printed by Thomas Creede, and are to sold by Richard Oliue and William Holmes [etc.], 1599.) [ForEma, PaThSeP].

Forde, Emanuel [1607], The Most Pleasant Historie of Ornatus and Artesia. Wherein is contained the vniust Raigne of Thaeon King of Phrygia. Who with his sonne Lenon, (intending Ornatus death,) right Heire to the Crowne, was afterwardes slaine by his owne Seruants, and Ornatus after many extreame miseries, Crowned King (London: Printed by Thomas Creede, 1607.) [ForEma, ThMoPlH].

Forde, Emanuel [1633], The Famovs Historie of Montelyon, Knight Of The Oracle, and Sonne to the Renowmed Persicles King of Assyria. Shewing, His strange Birth, Unfortunate Love, Perilous Adventures in Armes, and how he came to the knowledge of his Parents. Interlaced, with much variety of Pleasant and delightfull Discourse (London: Printed ... by B. Alsop, and T. Favvcet [etc.], 1633.) [ForEma, ThFaHiO3].

Gascoigne, George [1573], A Hundreth sundrie Flowres bounde vp in one small Poesie. Gathered partely (by translation) in the fyne outlandish Gardins of Euripides, Ouid, Petrarke, Ariosto, and others: and partly by inuention, out of our owne fruitefull Orchardes in Englande: Yelding sundrie svveete sauours of Tragical, Comical, and Morall Discourses, bothe pleasaunt and profitable to the well smellyng noses of learned Readers (London: Imprinted for Richarde Smith, [1573].) [GasGeo, AHuSuFl].

Gascoigne, George [1575], The Posies of George Gascoigne ... Corrected, perfected, and augmented by the Authour (London: Imprinted ... by H. Bynneman for Richard Smith, 1575.) [GasGeo, ThPoOfG].

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Godwin, Francis [1638], The Man in the Moone: or a Discovrse of a Voyage thither by Domingo Gonsales: The speedy Messenger (London: Printed by John Norton, for Ioshua Kirton, and Thomis Waren, 1638.) [GodFra, ThMaInT].

Goodman, Nicholas [1632], Hollands Leagver: or, an Historical Discovrse of the Life and Actions of Dona Britanica Hollandia the Arch - Mistris of the wicked women of Evtopia. Wherein is detected the notorious Sinne of Panderisme, and the Execrable Life of the luxurious Impudent (London: Printed by A. M. for Richard Barnes, 1632.) [GooNic, HoLeOrA].

Gosson, Stephen [1579], The Ephemerides of Phialo, deuided into three Bookes. The first, A method which he ought to follow that desireth to rebuke his freend, when he seeth him swarue: without kindling his choler, or hurting himselfe. The second, A Canuazado to Courtiers in foure pointes. The third, The defence of a Curtezan ouerthrowen. And a short Apologie of the Schoole of Abuse, against Poets, Pipers, Players, & their Excusers. By Step. Gosson (London: Imprinted ... by Thomas Dawson, 1579.) [GosSte, ThEpOfP].

Grange, John [1577], The Golden Aphroditis: A pleasant discourse, penned by John Grange ... Wherevnto be annexed by the same Authour asvvell certayne Metres vpon sundry poyntes, as also diuers Pamphlets in prose, which he entituleth His Garden: pleasant to the eare, and delightful to the Reader, if he abuse not the scente of the floures (London: [Imprinted ... by Henry Bynneman], 1577.) [GraJoh, ThGoApA].

Greene, Robert [1583], Mamillia. A Mirrour or looking - glasse for the Ladies of Englande. Wherein is disciphered, howe Gentlemen vnder the perfect substaunce of pure loue, are oft inueigled with the shadowe of lewde lust: and their firme faith, brought a sleepe by fading fancie: vntil wit ioyned with wisedome, doth awake it by the helpe of reason. By Robert Greene (London: Imprinted ... for Thomas Woodcocke, 1583.) [GreRob, MaAMiOr].

Greene, Robert [1584], Gwydonivs. The Carde of Fancie: Wherein the Folly of those Carpet Knights is decyphered, which guyding their course by the compasse of Cupid, either dash their ship against most daungerous Rocks, or els attaine the hauen with paine and perill. Wherein also is Described in the person of Gwydonius, a cruell Combat betvveene Nature and necessitie. By Robert Greene (London: Imprinted for William Ponsonby, 1584.) [GreRob, GwThCaO].

Greene, Robert [1584], Morando: The Tritameron of Loue: Wherein certaine pleasaunt conceites, vttered by diuers woorthy personages, are perfectly dyscoursed, and three doubtfull questyons of Loue, most pithely and pleasauntly discussed: Shewing to the wyse howe to vse Loue, and to the fonde, howe to eschew Lust: and yeelding to all both pleasure and profitt. By Robert Greene (London: Printed for Edwarde White [etc.], 1584.) [GreRob, MoThTrO].

Greene, Robert [1588], Pandosto: The Triumph of Time. Wherein Is Discouered by a pleasant Historie, that although by the meanes of sinister fortune Truth may be concealed, yet by Time in spight of fortune it is most manifestly reuealed. Pleasant for age to auoyde drowsie thoughtes, profitable for youth to eschue other wanton pastimes, and bringing to both a desired content ... By Robert Greene (London: Imprinted ... by Thomas Orwin for Thomas Cadman [etc.], 1588.) [GreRob, PaThTrO].

Greene, Robert [1589], Menaphon: Camillas alarum to slumbering Euphues, in his melancholie Cell at Silexedra. VVherein are deciphered the variable effects of Fortune, the wonders of Loue, the triumphes of inconstant Time. Displaying in sundrie conceipted passions (figured in a continuate Historie) the Trophees that Vertue carrieth triumphant, maugre the wrath of Enuie, or the resolution of Fortune. A worke worthie the youngest eares for pleasure, or the grauest censures for principles. Robertus Greene (London: Printed by T. O. for Sampson Clarke [etc.], 1589.) [GreRob, MeCaAlT].

Greene, Robert [1592], A Qvip for an Vpstart Courtier: Or, A quaint dispute betvveen Veluet breeches and Clothbreeches. Wherein is plainely set downe the disorders in all Estates and Trades (London: Imprinted by Iohn Wolfe [etc.], 1592.) [GreRob, AQvFoAn].

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Hart, Alexander [1640], The Tragi - Comicall History of Alexto and Angelica. Containing The progresse of a zealous Candide, and Masculine Love. With a Various Mutability of a feminine affection. Together with Loves Iustice thereupon. Written by Alex: Hart (London: Printed by B. A. and T. F. for Nich: Vavasour [etc.], 1640.) [HarAle, ThTrCoH].

Head, Richard [1665], The English Rogue: Described, in the Life of Meriton Latroon, A Witty Extravagant. Being a compleat History of the Most Eminent Cheats of Both Sexes (London: Printed for Henry Marsh [etc.], 1665.) [HeaRic, ThEnRoD].

Head, Richard [1673], The Floating Island: or, a New Discovery, Relating The strange Adventure on a late Voyage, from Lambethana to Villa Franca, Alias Ramallia, To the Eastward of Terra del Templo: By three Ships, Viz. The Pay - naught, The Excuse, The Least - in - Sight, Under the Conduct of Captain Robert Owe - much: Describing the Nature of the Inhabitants, their Religion, Laws and Customs (London: Published by Franck Careless [etc.], 1673.) [HeaRic, ThFlIsO].

Head, Richard and Kirkman, Francis [1668], The English Rogue: Continued, In the Life of Meriton Latroon, And other Extravagants. Comprehending the Most Eminent Cheats of Most Trades and Professions. The Second Part. Licensed Feb. 22, 1668 (London: Printed for Francis Kirkman [etc.], 1668.) [HeRiAnK, ThEnRoC].

Head, Richard and Kirkman, Francis [1671], The English Rogue: Continued in the Life of Meriton Latroon, and Other Extravagants. Comprehending the most Eminent Cheats of Both Sexes. The Fourth Part. With the Illustration of Pictures to every Chapter (London: Printed for Francis Kirkman [etc.], 1671.) [HeRiAnK, ThEnRoC3].

Head, Richard and Kirkman, Francis [1671], The English Rogue: Continued in the Life of Meriton Latroon, and Other Extravagants: Comprehending the most Eminent Cheats of Both Sexes. The Third Part. With the Illustration of Pictures to every Chapter (London: Printed for Fran. Kirkman [etc.], 1671.) [HeRiAnK, ThEnRoC2].

Healey, John [1609], The Discovery of a New World: or A Description of the South Indies. Hetherto Vnknowne: By an English Mercury (London: Imprinted for Ed: Blount and W. Barrett, [1609?].) [HeaJoh, ThDiOfA].

Herbert, Sir Percy [1661], The Princess Cloria: or, The Royal Romance. In Five Parts. Imbellished with divers Political Notions, and singular Remarks of Modern Transactions. Containing The Story of most part of Europe, for many Years last past. Written by a Person of Honour (London: Printed by Ralph Wood, and are to be sold by William Brooke [etc.], 1661.) [HeSiPe, ThPrClO].

Heywood, Thomas [1656], The Famovs and Remarkable History of Sir Richard Whittington Three times Lord Major of London Who lived in the time of King Henry the Fift, in the yeare 1419: With all the remarkable Passages, and things of Note, which hapned in his time: with his Life and Death. Written by T. H. (London: Printed by W. Wilson, and are to be Sold by Francis Coles [etc.], 1656.) [HeyTho, ThFaAnR].

Hind, John [1604], The Most Excellent Historie of Lysimachus and Varrona, daughter to Syllanus, Duke of Hypata, in Thessalia. Wherin are contained the effects of Fortune, the Wonders of affection, and the conquests of incertaine Time. By I. H. R. (London: Printed by Thomas Creede, 1604.) [HinJoh, ThMoExH].

Hind, John [1606], Eliosto Libidinoso: Described in two Bookes: VVherein Their imminent dangers are declared, who guiding the course of their life by the compane of Affection, either dash their Ship against most dangerous shelues, or else attaine the Hauen with extreame Preiudice. Written by Iohn Hynd (London: Printed by Valentine Simmes, and are to be sold by Nathaniel Butter, 1606.) [HinJoh, ElLiDeI].

Holland, Samuel [1656], Don Zara Del Fogo: A Mock - Romance. Written originally in the Brittish Tongue, and made English by a person of much Honor, Basilius Musophilus. With a Marginall Comment Expounding the hard things of the History (London: Printed by T. W. for Tho. Vere [etc.], 1656.) [HolSam, DoZaDeF].

Howell, James [1640], &Dgr;&Egr;&Ngr;&Dgr;&Rgr;&Ogr;&Lgr;&Ogr;&Ggr;&Igr;&Agr;. Dodona's Grove, or, the Vocall Forrest. By I. H. ([London]: By T. B. for H. Mosley [etc.], 1640.) [HowJam, GrDoGrO].

J. S. [1639], Clidamas, or the Sicilian Tale. Written by J. S. (London: Printed by Thomas Payne, and are to be sold by Iohn Cowper [etc.], 1639.) [JS, ClOrThS].

Johnson, John [1641], The Academy of Love. Describing the Folly of Young men, and the Fallacie of women. By Iohn Iohnson (London: Printed for H. Blunden [etc.], 1641.) [JohJoh, ThAcOfL].

Johnson, Richard [1597], The second Part of the famous History of the seauen Champions of Christendome. Likevvise shevving the Princely provvesse of Saint Georges three Sonnes, the liuely Sparke of Nobilitie. VVith many other memoriall atchiuements worthy the golden spurres of Knighthood (London: Printed for Cuthbert Burbie [etc.], 1597.) [JohRic, ThSePaO].

Johnson, Richard [1607], The Pleasant Conceites Of Old Hobson the merry Londoner, full of humorous discourses, and witty meriments. Whereat the quickest wittes may laugh, and the Wiser sort take pleasure (London: Printed ... for Iohn Wright [etc.], 1607.) [JohRic, ThPlCoO].

Johnson, Richard [1608], The Most Famovs History of the seuen Champions of Christendome: Saint George of England, Saint Denis of Fraunce, Saint Iames of Spayne, Saint Anthony of Italie, Saint Andrew of Scotland, Saint Patricke of Ireland, and Saint Dauid of Wales; Shewing their Honorable battailes by Sea and Land: their Tilts, Iousts and Turnaments for Ladies: their Combats with Giants, Monsters, and Dragons: their aduentures in forraine Nations: their inchauntments in the holy Land: their Knighthoods, Prowesse and Chiualtry, in Europe, Affrica, and Asia, with their victories against the enemies of Christ (London: Printed for Elizabeth Burbie [etc.], 1608.) [JohRic, ThMoFaH].

Johnson, Richard [1631], The most pleasant History of Tom a Lincolne, That renowned Souldier, the Red - Rose Knight, who for his Valour and Chivalry, was surnamed The Boast of England. Shewing his Honourable Victories in Forraigne Countries, with his strange Fortunes in the Fayrie Land: and how he married the faire Anglitora, Daughter to Prester Iohn, that renowned Monarke of the World. Together with the Lives and Deathes of his two famous Sonnes, the Blacke Knight, and the Fayrie Knight, with divers other memorable accidents, full of delight. The sixth Impression (London: Printed by Aug: Mathewes and are to bee sold by Robert Byrde, and Francis Coules [etc.], 1631.) [JohRic, ThMoPlH2].

Keach, Benjamin [1684], The Progress of Sin; or the Travels of Ungodliness: wherein, The Pedigree, Rise (or Original) Antiquity, Subtilty, Evil Nature, and prevailing Power, of Sin, is fully Discovered; In an apt and Pleasant Allegory: together with The great Victories he hath obtained, and abominable Evils he hath done to Mankind, by the help of the Devil, in all his Travels from the beginning of the World, to this very Day. As also, The Manner of his Apprehension, Arraignment, Tryal, Condemnation and Execution. By B. K. (London: Printed for John Dunton [etc.], 1684.) [KeaBen, ThPrOfS].

Kirkman, Francis [1673], The Counterfeit Lady Unveiled. Being a full Account of the Birth, Life, most remarkable Actions, and untimely Death of Mary Carleton, Known by the Name of the German Princess (London: Printed for Peter Parker [etc.], 1673.) [KirFra, ThCoLaU].

Kirkman, Francis [1673], The Unlucky Citizen: Experimentally Described in the Various Misfortunes Of an Unlucky Londoner. Calculated for the Meridian of this City but may serve by way of Advice to all the Cominalty of England, but more perticularly to Parents and Children: Masters and Servants: Husbands and Wives. Intermixed with severall Choice Novels. Stored with variety of Examples and advice: President and Precept. Illustrated with Pictures fitted to the severall Stories (London: Printed by Anne Johnson, for Fra. Kirkman [etc.], 1673.) [KirFra, ThUnCiE].

Kittowe, Robert [1600], Loues Load - starre. Lively Deciphered in a Historie no lesse commendable than comfortable, for all those that in their louely affections, haue by the enmitie of their friends, bene molested with the menacing meteors of crossing misfortunes. Leading also all kinde and true Louers, that in their choyces are frownd at by froward Parents, vnto the portfull Paradise of pleasurde Patience, and patient Pleasures. By Robert Kittowe (London: Printed by Th. Creede [etc.], 1600.) [KitRob, LoLoStL].

L'Estrange, Sir Roger [1678], Five Love - Letters from a Nun to a Cavalier. Done out of French into English (London: Printed for Henry Brome [etc.], 1678.) [LeSiRo, FiLoLeF].

Lodge, Thomas [1590], Rosalynde. Euphues golden legacie: found after his death in his Cell at Silexedra. Bequeathed to Philautus sonnes noursed vp with their father in England. Fetcht from the Canaries. By T. L. (London: Imprinted by Thomas Orwin for T. G and John Busbie, 1590.) [LodTho, RoEuGoL].

Lodge, Thomas [1596], A Margarite of America: By T. Lodge ([London]: Printed for Iohn Busbie [etc.], 1596.) [LodTho, AMaOfAm].

Long, Kingsmill [1625], Barclay His Argenis: or, the Loves of Poliarchvs and Argenis: Faithfully translated out of Latine into English, By Kingesmill Long (London: Printed by G. P. for Henry Seile [etc.], 1625.) [LonKin, BaHiArO].

Lyly, John [1578], Euphves. The Anatomy of Wyt. Very pleasant for all Gentlemen to reade, and most necessary to remember: wherein are contained the delights that Wyt followeth in his youth by the pleasauntnesse of Loue, and the happynesse he reapeth in age, by the perfectnesse of Wisedome. By Iohn Lylly (London: Imprinted ... for Gabriell Cawood [etc.], [1578].) [LylJoh, EuThAnO].

Lyly, John [1580], Euphues and his England. Containing his voyage and aduentures, myxed with sundry pretie discourses of honest Loue, the discription of the countrey, the Court, and the manners of that Isle. Delightful to be read, and nothing hurtfull to be regarded: wherein there is small offence by lightnesse giuen to the wise, and lesse occasion of loosenes proffered to the wanton. By Iohn Lyly (London: Imprinted ... for Gabriell Cawood [etc.], 1580.) [LylJoh, EuAnHiE].

M., Jo [1591], Phillipes Venus. Wherin is pleasantly discoursed sundrye fine and wittie Arguments, in a senode of Gods and Goddesses, assembled for the expelling of wanton Venus, from among their sacred societie. Enterlaced with many merrye and delightfull Questions, and wittie answers: Wherin Gentlemen may finde matter to purge mellanchollye, and pleasant varietie to content fancye (London: Printed for Iohn Perrin [etc.], 1591.) [MJo, PhVeWhI].

Mackenzie, George [1660], Aretina; Or, The Serious Romance. Written originally in English. Part First (Edinburgh: Printed for Robert Broun [etc.], 1660.) [MacGeo, ArOrThS].

Manley, Mary de la Riviere and Pack, Richardson [1696], Letters: Writen by Mrs. Manley. To which is Added A Letter from a supposed Nun in Portugal, to a Gentleman in France, in Imitation of the Nun's Five Letters in Print, by Colonel Pack (London: Printed for R. B. [etc.], 1696.) [MaMaDeL, LeWrByM].

Markham, Gervase [1607], The English Arcadia, Alluding his beginning from Sir Philip Sydneys ending. By Iaruis Markham (London: Printed by Edward Allde, and are to bee solde by Henrie Pocket [etc.], 1607.) [MarGer, ThEnArA].

Markham, Gervase [1613], The Second and Last Part of the First Booke of the English Arcadia. Making a compleate end of the first History: Full of various deceptions, and much Interchangeable matter of wit ... By G. M. (London: Printed by Nicholas Okes for Thomas Saunders [etc.], 1613.) [MarGer, ThSeAnL].

Melbancke, Brian [1583], Philotimus. The Warre betwixt Nature and Fortune. Compiled by Brian Melbancke (London: Imprinted ... by Roger Warde [etc.], 1583.) [MelBri, PhThWaB].

Middleton, Christopher [1597], The Famous Historie of Chinon of England, with his strange aduentures for the loue of Celestina daughter to Lewis King of Fraunce. With the worthy Atchiuement of Sir Lancelot du Lake, and Sir Tristram du Lions for faire Laura, daughter to Cador Earle of Cornewall, beeing all Knights of King Arthurs round Table. By Chr. Middleton (London: Printed by Iohn Danter, for Cuthbert Burbie [etc.], 1597.) [MidChr, ThFaHiO4].

Munday, Anthony [1580], Zelavto. The Fovntaine of Fame. Erected in an Orcharde of Amorous Aduentures. Containing A Delicate Disputation, gallantly discoursed betweene two noble Gentlemen of Italye. Giuen for a freendly entertainment to Euphues, at his late ariuall into England. By A. M. (London: Imprinted ... by Iohn Charlevvood, 1580.) [MunAnt, ZeThFoO].

Nashe, Thomas [1592], Pierce Penilesse his Supplication to the Diuell, Describing the ouer - spreading of Vice, and suppression of Vertue. Pleasantly interlac't with variable delights: and pathetically intermixt with conceipted reproofes. Written by Thomas Nash (London: Imprinted by Richard Ihones [etc.], 1592.) [NasTho, PiPeHiS].

Nashe, Thomas [1594], The Vnfortvnate Traveller. Or, The life of Iacke Wilton ... Tho. Nashe (London: Printed by T. Scarlet for C. Burby [etc.], 1594.) [NasTho, ThVnTrO].

Nashe, Thomas [1599], Nashes Lenten Stuffe, Containing, The Description and first Procreation and Increase of the towne of Great Yarmouth in Norffolke: With a new Play neuer played before, of the praise of the Red Herring. Fitte of all Clearkes of Noblemens Kitchins to be read: and not vnnecessary by all Seruing men that haue short boord - wages, to be remembred (London: Printed for N. L. and C. B. [etc.], 1599.) [NasTho, NaLeStC].

Neville, Henry [1668], The Isle of Pines, or, A late Discovery of a fourth Island in Terra Australis, Incognita. Being A True Relation of certain English persons, Who in the dayes of Queen Elizabeth, making a Voyage to the East India, were cast away, and wracked upon the Island near to the Coast of Terra Australis, Incognita, and all drowned, except one Man and four Women, whereof one was a Negro. And now lately Anno Dom. 1667. a Dutch Ship driven by foul weather there, by chance have found their Posterity (speaking good English) to amount to ten or twelve thousand persons, as they suppose. The whole Relation follows, written, and left by the Man himself a little before his death, and declared to the Dutch by his Grandchild (London: Printed by S. G. for Allen Banks and Charles Harper [etc.], 1668.) [NevHen, ThIsOfP].

Oldys, Alexander [1692], The Female Gallant or, the Wife's the Cuckold. A Novel (London: Printed for Samuel Briscoe [etc.], 1692.) [OldAle, ThFeGaO].

P. M. [1671], The Hairy - Giants: or, a Description of Two Islands in the South Sea, Called by the name of Benganga and Coma: Discovered By Henry Schooten of Harlem; In a Voyage began January 1669, and finished October 1671. Also, a perfect Account of the Religion, Government, and Commodities of those Islands. Together with the Customs and Manners of the Inhabitants; which are of an extraordinary Stature, viz. Twelve foot high, or thereabouts. Likewise, a Description of the Compass and Situation of those Islands, with their Longitude and Latitude. Whereunto is annexed an Appendix for the Instruction of Mariners. Written in Dutch by Henry Schooten; and now Englished by P. M. (London: Printed by A. Maxwell, for John Watson, and are to be Sold by James Collins [etc.], [1671].) [PM, ThHaGiO].

Painter, William [1566], The Palace of Pleasure: Beautified, adorned and well furnished, with Pleasaunt Histories and excellent Nouelles, selected out of diuers good and commendable Authors. By William Painter (London: Imprinted ... by Henry Denham, for Richard Tottell and William Iones, 1566.) [PaiWil, ThPaOfP].

Painter, William [1567], The second Tome of the Palace of Pleasure, conteyning store of goodly Histories, Tragicall matters, and other Morall argument, very requisite for delighte and profit. Chosen and selected out of diuers good and commendable Authors: By William Painter (London: Imprinted ... by Henry Bynneman, for Nicholas England, 1567.) [PaiWil, ThSeToO].

Parry, Robert [1595], Moderatvs: or the Adventures. of the Black Knight (London: Printed by Richard Ihones, 1595.) [ParRob, MoOrThA].

Peele, George [1607], Merrie Conceited Iests of George Peele Gentleman, sometimes a student in Oxford. Wherein is shewed the course of his life how he liued: a man very well knowne in the Citie of London and elsewhere (London: Printed by Nicholas Okes for Francis Faulkner and Henrie Bell [etc.], 1607.) [PeeGeo, MeCoIeO].

Pettie, George [1576], A petite Pallace of Pettie his pleasure: Contaynyng many pretie Hystories by him set foorth in comely colours, and most delightfully discoursed ([London]: [Printed ... by R. W.], [1576].) [PetGeo, APePaOf].

Pix, Mary [1696], The Inhumane Cardinal, or Innocence Betray'd. A Novel. Written By a Gentlewoman, for the Entertainment of the Sex (London: Printed for John Harding ... and Richard Wilkin [etc.], 1696.) [PixMar, ThInCaO].

Reynolds, John [1621], The Trivmphs of Gods Revenege, against the crying, and execrable Sinne of Murther: or His Miraculous discoueries and seuere punishments thereof: In thirty seuerall Tragicall Histories (digested in sixe Bookes) acted in diuers Countries beyond the Seas, and neuer till now published, or imprinted in any Language. Histories, which containe great variety of memorable accidents, Amorous, Morall, and Diuine, very necessary to restraine, and deterre vs from this bloody Sinne, which, in these our dayes, makes so ample, and so lamentable a progression. Written by Iohn Reynolds. The First Booke (London: Printed by Felix Kyngston, for William Lee [etc.], 1621.) [ReyJoh, ThTrOfG].

Reynolds, John [1622], The Trivmphs of Gods Revenge, against the Crying and execrable sinne of Murther. In thirty seuerall Tragicall Histories, (digested into six Books) committed in diuers Countryes beyond the Seas, and neuer before published or imprinted in any Language. Written by Iohn Reynolds. Booke II (London: Imprinted by Felix Kyngston, for William Lee [etc.], 1622.) [ReyJoh, ThTrOfG2].

Reynolds, John [1623], The Trivmphs of Gods Revenge, against the Crying and Execrable sinne of Murther. Expressed in thirty seuerall Tragicall Histories, (digested into sixe Bookes) which containe great varietie of mournefull and memorable Accidents, Amorous, Morall, Diuine. Booke. III. Written by Iohn Reynolds (London: Printed by Avgstine Mathevves, for William Lee [etc.], 1623.) [ReyJoh, ThTrOfG3].

Reynolds, John [1635], The Triumphs of Gods Revenge against the Crying and Execrable Sinne of (Willfull and Premeditated) Murther. VVith his Miraculous Discoveries, and severe Punishments thereof. In Thirtie severall Tragicall Histories (Digested into Sixe Bookes) committed in divers Countries beyond the Seas, never published, or Imprinted in any other Language. Histories which containe great varietie of mournfull and memorable Accidents, Historicall, Morall, and Divine, very necessary to restraine and deterre us from this bloodie Sinne, which in these our dayes makes so ample, and large a Progression. With a Table of all the severall Letters and Challenges, contained in the whole sixe Bookes. Written by Iohn Reynolds (London: Printed for William Lee [etc.], 1635.) [ReyJoh, ThTrOfG4].

Reynolds, John [1650], The Flovver of Fidelitie. Displaying In a Continuate Historie, The various Adventures of Three Foraign Princes. By John Reynolds (London: Printed by T. M. and A. C. for George Badger [etc.], 1650.) [ReyJoh, ThFlOfF].

Rich, Barnaby [1581], Riche his Farewell to Militarie profession: conteinyng verie pleasaunt discourses fit for a peaceable tyme: Gathered together for the onely delight of the courteous Gentlewomen, bothe of Englande and Irelande, for whose onely pleasure thei were collected together, And vnto whom thei are directed and dedicated by Barnabe Riche (London: Imprinted ... by Robart VValley, 1581.) [RicBar, RiHiFaT].

Rich, Barnaby [1581], The straunge and wonderfull aduentures of Do Simonides, a gentilman Spaniarde: Conteinyng verie pleasaunte discourse: Gathered for the recreation aswell of our noble yong gentilmen, as our honourable courtly Ladies: by Barnabe Riche (London: Imprinted ... by Robart Walley [etc.], 1581.) [RicBar, ThStAnW].

Rich, Barnaby [1584], The Second Tome of the Trauailes and aduentures of Don Simonides, enterlaced with varietie of Historie, wherein the curteous and not curious Reader, maie finde matters so leueled, as maie suffice to please all humours. For malancholie men, they shall not neede to saile to Anticera, for here they shall finde pleasaunt expulsiues. For merrie myndes, sober discourses to preuent excesse. For deuoute, wholesome lessons to confirme their contemplatio. For al sortes, such delightes as neither alow of daliaunce, nor discommende honest pleasure. Written by Barnabe Riche (London: Imprinted ... for Robert Walley [etc.], 1584.) [RicBar, ThSeToO2].

Rich, Barnaby [1592], The Aduentures of Brvsanvs Prince of Hungaria, Pleasant for all to read, and profitable for some to follow. Written by Barnaby Riche, seauen or eight yeares sithence, and now published by the great intreaty of diuers of his freendes (London: Imprinted ... for Thomas Adames, 1592.) [RicBar, ThAdOfB].

Rivers, George [1639], The Heroinae: or The lives of Arria, Paulina, Lucrecia, Dido, Theutilla, Cypriana, Aretaphila (London: Printed by R. Bishop, for John Colby [etc.], 1639.) [RivGeo, ThHeOrT].

Roberts, Henry [1590], A Defiance to Fortune. Proclaimed by Andrugio, noble Duke of Saxony, declaring his miseries, and continually crossed with vnconstant Fortune, the banishment of himselfe, his wife and children. Whereunto is adioyned the honorable Warres of Galastino, Duke of Millaine in reuenge of his wrongs vpon the trayterous Saxons. Wherin is noted a myrrour of noble patitience, a most rare example of modest chastity, and the perfect patterne of true friendship. Verie delectable and ful of varietie. Written by H. R. (London: Printed ... for Iohn Proctor, 1590.) [RobHen, ADeToFo].

Roberts, Henry [1598], Honovrs Conquest: Wherein is conteined the famous Hystorie of Edward of Lancaster: recounting his honourable trauailes to Ierusalem, his hardie aduentures and honours, in sundrie Countires gained his resolutions and attemps in Armes. With the famous victories performed by the Knight of the vnconquered Castel, a gallant English Knight, his admirable forces, and sundrie conquests obtained, with his passions and successe in loue: full of pleasant discourses, and much varietie. VVritten by H. R. (London: Printed by Thomas Creede, 1598.) [RobHen, HoCoWhI].

Roberts, Henry [1617], The Historie of Pheander The Mayden Knight. Describing His Honovrable Travailes and haughty attempts in Armes, with his successe in Loue, Enterlaced with many pleasant Discourses, wherein the grauer may take delight, and the valiant youthfull be encouraged by Honourable and worthie Aduenturing, to gaine Fame. Newly corrected, and augmented. The Fourth Edition (London: Printed by Barnard Alsop [etc.], 1617.) [RobHen, ThHiOfP].

Saker, Austen [1580], Narbonus. The Laberynth of Libertie. Very pleasant for young Gentlemen to peruse, and passing profitable for them to prosecute. Wherein is contained the discommodities that insue, by following the lust of a mans will, in youth: and the goodnesse he after gayneth, being beaten with his owne rod, and pricked with the peeuishnesse of his owne conscience, in age. UUritten by Austen Saker (London: Imprinted ... by Richard Ihones [etc.], 1580.) [SakAus, NaThLaO].

Sales, Sir William [1655], Theophania: or Severall Modern Histories Represented by way of Romance: and Politickly Discours'd upon; by An English Person of Quality (London: Printed by T. Newcomb for Thomas Heath [etc.], 1655.) [SaSiWi, ThOrSeM].

Settle, Elkanah [1692], The Notorious Impostor. Or the History of the Life of William Morrell, alias Bowyer, Sometime of Banbury, Chirurgeon. Who lately personated Humphrey Wickham of Swackly, in the County of Oxon, Esquire, at a Bakers House in the Strand, where he Died the third of Jan. 1691/2. Together With an Authentick Copy of his Will, taken out of the Prerogative Court and the manner of his Funeral in St. Clements Church - yard (London: Printed for Abel Roper [etc.], 1692.) [SetElk, ThNoImO].

Sharpham, Edward [1597], The Discouerie of the Knights of the Poste: Or the Knightes of the post, or comon common baylers newly Discried. Wherein is shewed and plainely laide open, many lewde actions, and subtill deuises, which are daily practised by them: to the great abuse of most honorable Councelers, learned Iudges, and other graue Maiestrates: And also to the defrauding and vtter vndoing of a greate number of her Maiesties good and loyall subiects. By E. S. (London: Printed by G. S. [etc.], 1597.) [ShaEdw, ThDiOfT].

Sheppard, Samuel [1650], The Loves of Amandus and Sophronia, Historically Narrated. A Piece of rare Contexture, Inriched with many pleasing Odes and Sonnets, occasioned by the Jocular, or Tragicall occurrences, hapning in the progresse of the Historie. Disposed into three Books, or Tracts By Samuel Sheppard (London: Printed by G. D. for Iohn Hardestie [etc.], 1650.) [SheSam, ThLoOfA].

Sidney, Sir Philip [1593], The Covntesse of Pembrokes Arcadia. Written by Sir Philip Sidney ... Now since the First Edition augmented and ended (London: Printed for William Ponsonbie, 1593.) [SiSiPh, ThCoOfP].

Skelton, John [1567], Merie Tales: Newly Imprinted & made by Master Skelton (London: Imprinted ... by Thomas Colwell, [1567].) [SkeJoh, MeTaNeI].

Tilney, Edmund [1568], A brief and pleasant discourse of duties in Mariage, called the Flower of Friendshippe (London: Imprinted ... by Henrie Denham [etc.], 1568.) [TilEdm, ABrAnPl].

Twine, Laurence [1594], The Patterne of painefull Aduentures: Containing the most excellent, pleasant and variable Historie of the strange accidents that befell vnto Prince Apollonius, the Lady Lucina his wife, and Tharsia his daughter. Wherein the vncertaintie of this world, and the fickle state of mans life are liuely described. Gathered into English by Lavrence Tvvine (London: Imprinted ... by Valentine Simmes for the Widow Newman, [1594?].) [TwiLau, ThPaOfP2].

W. C. [1585], The Aduentures of Ladie Egeria. Containing her miserable bannishment by Duke Lampanus her husbande, through the inducement of Ladie Eldorna the harlot, and Lord Andromus the Flatterer: who for his periurie and false insinuation, was by a wonderfull iudgement vtterly subuerted and deuoured. The Combat fought by Lord Trauenna, (with Necto the Slaue insteade of Andromus the Flatterer) obtayning the victorie, was afterwardes Bannished. The graue Letters, wise and sentencious Orations, of the Counsaile, Iudges and others. The bannishment of the Dukes two children. Lastly, the Duke himselfe bannished, by Pasifer the Flatterer, and Eldorna the harlot: the bloudy murther of Eldorna, by her owne bastarde sonne Rastophel, who through their meanes vsurped the gouernement: with a wonderfull description of other Flatterers, and insolent persons: with many other memorable accidents; contayning wisedome, discretion and pollicie; no lesse renowmed then profitable (London: Published by W. C. ... Printed by Robert Walde - graue, [1585?].) [WC, ThAdOfL].

W. P. [1619], The Relation of a Wonderfull Voiage made by William Cornelison Schovten of Horne. Shewing how South from the Straights of Magelan, in Terra Del - fuogo: he found and discouered a newe passage through the great South Sea, and that way sayled round about the world. Describing what Islands, Countries, People, and strange Aduentures he found in his saide Passage (London: Imprinted by T. D. for Nathanaeel Nevvbery [etc.], 1619.) [WP, ThReOfA].

Warner, William [1584], Pan his Syrinx, or Pipe, Compact of seuen Reedes: including in one, seuen Tragical and Comicall Arguments, with their diuers Notes not impertinent: Whereby, in effect, of all thinges is touched, in few, something of the vayne, wanton, proud, and inconstant course of the World. Neither herein, to some - what praiseworthie, is prayse vvanting. By William Warner (London: Printed by Thomas Purfoote [etc.], [1584].) [WarWil, PaHiSyO].

Weamys, Anna [1651], A Continuation of Sir Philip Sydney's Arcadia: Wherein is handled The Loves of Amphialus and Helena Queen of Corinth, Prince Plangus and Erona. With the Historie of the Loves of Old Claius and Young Strephon to Urania. Written by a young Gentlewoman, Mris A. W. (London: Printed by William Bentley, and are to be sold by Thomas Heath [etc.], 1651.) [WeaAnn, ACoOfSi].

Whetstone, George [1582], An Heptameron of Ciuill Discourses. Containing: The Christmasse Exercise of sundrie well Courted Gentlemen and Gentlewomen. In whose behauiours, the better sort, may see, a represetation of their own Vertues: And the Inferiour, may learne such Rules of Ciuil Gouernmet, as wil rase out the Blemish of their basenesse: Wherin, is Renowned, the Vertues, of a most Honourable and braue mynded Gentleman. And herein, also, [as it were in a Mirrour] the Vnmaried may see the Defectes whiche Eclipse the Glorie of Mariage: And the wel Maried, as in a Table of Housholde Lawes, may call out needefull Preceptes to establysh their good Fortune. A Worke, intercoursed with Ciuyll Pleasure, to reaue tediousnesse from the Reader: and garnished with Morall Noates to make it profitable, to the Regarder. The Reporte, of George Whetstone (London: Printed by Richard Iones [etc.], 1582.) [WheGeo, AnHeOfC].

Wilkins, George [1608], The Painfull Aduentures of Pericles Prince of Tyre. Being The true History of the Play of Pericles, as it was lately presented by the worthy and ancient Poet Iohn Gower (London: Printed by T. P. for Nat: Butter, 1608.) [WilGeo, ThPaAdO].

Wotton, Henry [1578], A Courtlie controuersie of Cupids Cautels: Conteyning fiue Tragicall Histories, very pithie, pleasant, pitiful and profitable: Discoursed uppon wyth Argumentes of Loue, by three Gentlemen and two Gentlewomen entermedled with diuers delicate Sonets and Rithmes, excaeding delightfull to refresh the yrkesomnesse of tedious tyme. Translated out of French as neare as our English phrase will permit, by H.VV. (London: Imprinted by Francis Coldock, and Henry Bynneman, 1578.) [WotHen, ACoCoOf].

Wroth, Lady Mary [1621], The Countesse of Mountgomeries Urania. Written by the right honorable the Lady Mary Wroath (London: Printed for Ioh Marriott and Iohn Grismand [etc.], [1621].) [WrLaMa, ThCoOfM].

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