Twentieth-Century English Poetry

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Adams, Anna [1996], Green Resistance: New and Selected Poems (Enitharmon) [Adams,A:GreenResistance] (gender=F).

Adcock, Fleur [1991], Time-Zones (Oxford University Press) [Adcock,F:TimeZones] (gender=F).

Allen, Fergus [1993], The Brown Parrots of Providencia (Faber) [Allen,F:BrownParrotsProvidencia] (gender=M).

Allen, Fergus [1996], Who Goes There? (Faber) [Allen,F:WhoGoesThere] (gender=M).

Allott, Kenneth. [1975], Collected Poems (Secker & Warburg) [Allott,K:CollectedPoems] (gender=M).

Alvi, Moniza [1993], The Country At My Shoulder (Oxford University Press) [Alvi,M:CountryAtMyShoulder] (gender=F).

Alvi, Moniza [1996], A Bowl of Warm Air (Oxford University Press) [Alvi,M:BowlWarmAir] (gender=F).

Armitage, Simon, 1963- [1992], Kid (Faber) [Armitage,S:Kid] (gender=M).

Armitage, Simon, 1963- [1993], Book of Matches (Faber) [Armitage,S:BookMatches] (gender=M).

Armitage, Simon, 1963- [1995], The Dead Sea Poems (Faber) [Armitage,S:DeadSeaPoems] (gender=M).

Armitage, Simon, 1963- [1997], CloudCuckooLand (Faber) [Armitage,S:CloudCuckooLand] (gender=M).

Armstrong, Peter, 1957- [1988], Risings (Enitharmon) [Armstrng,P:Risings] (gender=M).

Ashbee, David [1989], Perpetual Waterfalls (Enitharmon) [Ashbee,D:PerpetualWaterfalls] (gender=M).

Ashby, Cliff. [1985], Plain Song: Collected Poems 1960-1985 (Carcanet) [Ashby,C:PlainSong] (gender=M).

Ashcroft, Cliff [1996], Faithful (Carcanet) [Ashcroft,C:Faithful] (gender=M).

Atik, Anne [1991], Offshore (Enitharmon) [Atik,A:Offshore] (gender=F).

Bamforth, Iain [1992], Sons and Pioneers (Carcanet) [Bamforth,I:SonsPioneers] (gender=M).

Bamforth, Iain [1996], Open Workings (Carcanet) [Bamforth,I:OpenWorkings] (gender=M).

Barker, George, 1913-1991 [1987], Collected Poems (Faber) [Barker,G:CollectedPoems] (gender=M).

Barker, George, 1913-1991 [1992], Street Ballads (Faber) [Barker,G:StreetBallads] (gender=M).

Barker, George, 1913-1991 [1995], Selected Poems (Faber) [Barker,G:SelectedPoems] (gender=M).

Barker, Sebastian [1992], Guarding the Border: Selected Poems (Enitharmon) [Barker,S:GuardingBorder] (gender=M).

Barker, Sebastian [1996], The Hand in the Well (Enitharmon) [Barker,S:HandWell] (gender=M).

Betjeman, Sir John, 1906-1984 [1958], Collected Poems (John Murray) [Betjeman,S:CollectedPoems] (gender=M).

Bhatt, Sujata, 1956- [1988], Brunizem (Carcanet) [Bhatt,S:Brunizem] (gender=F).

Bhatt, Sujata, 1956- [1991], Monkey Shadows (Carcanet) [Bhatt,S:MonkeyShadows] (gender=F).

Bhatt, Sujata, 1956- [1995], The Stinking Rose (Carcanet) [Bhatt,S:StinkingRose] (gender=F).

Binyon, Laurence, 1869-1943. [1931], Collected Poems of Laurence Binyon: London Visions ... (Macmillan) [Binyon,L:CollectedPoemsLaurenceBinyon] (gender=M).

Binyon, Laurence, 1869-1943. [1931], Collected Poems of Laurence Binyon: Lyrical Poems (Macmillan) [Binyon,L:CollectedPoemsLaurenceBinyon] (gender=M).

Bland, Peter, 1934- [1998], Selected Poems (Carcanet) [Bland,P:SelectedPoems] (gender=M).

Boland, Eavan [1995], Collected Poems (Carcanet) [Boland,E:CollectedPoems] (gender=F).

Boland, Eavan [1998], The Lost Land (Carcanet) [Boland,E:LostLand] (gender=F).

Boyle, Charles, 1951- [1996], Paleface (Faber) [Boyle,C:Paleface] (gender=M).

Brock, Edwin [1990], Five Ways to Kill a Man: New and Selected Poems (Enitharmon) [Brock,E:FiveWaysKillMan] (gender=M).

Brock, Edwin [1999], And Another Thing (Enitharmon) [Brock,E:AndAnotherThing] (gender=M).

Bullen, A. H. (Arthur Henry), 1857-1920 [1921], Weeping-Cross and Other Rimes () [Bullen,A:WeepingCrossOtherRimes] (gender=M).

Bunting, Basil [1996], The Complete Poems (Oxford University Press) [Bunting,B:CompletePoems] (gender=M).

Canton, William, 1845-1926 [1886], W. V. Her Book (1896) () [Canton,W:WVHerBook] (gender=M).

Canton, William, 1845-1926 [1887], A Lost Epic (1887) () [Canton,W:LostEpic] (gender=M).

Canton, William, 1845-1926 [1901], In memory of W. V () [Canton,W:InWV] (gender=M).

Canton, William, 1845-1926 [1902], The Comrades () [Canton,W:Comrades] (gender=M).

Canton, William, 1845-1926 [1912], The invisible playmate () [Canton,W:playmate] (gender=M).

Carpenter, Edward, 1844-1929. [1873], Narcissus (1873) () [Crpntr,E:Narcissus] (gender=M).

Carpenter, Edward, 1844-1929. [1908], Sketches from Life in Town and Country () [Crpntr,E:SketchesLifeTownCountry] (gender=M).

Champion, Miles, 1968- [1996], Compositional Bonbons Placate (Carcanet) [Champion,M:CompositionalBonbonsPlacate] (gender=M).

Chester, Tessa Rose, 1950- [1996], Provisions of Light (Oxford University Press) [Chester,T:ProvisionsLight] (gender=F).

Chesterton, G. K. (Gilbert Keith), 1874-1936 [1911], The Collected Poems (Dodd, Mead & Company) [Chstrtn,G:CollectedPoems] (gender=M).

Clarke, Gillian, 1937- [1985], Selected Poems (Carcanet) [Clarke,G:SelectedPoems] (gender=F).

Clarke, Gillian, 1937- [1993], The King of Britain's Daughter (Carcanet) [Clarke,G:KingBritain] (gender=F).

Clarke, Gillian, 1937- [1997], Collected Poems (Carcanet) [Clarke,G:CollectedPoems] (gender=F).

Clarke, Gillian, 1937- [1998], Five Fields (Carcanet) [Clarke,G:FiveFields] (gender=F).

Cluysenaar, Anne. [1997], Timeslips: New and Selected Poems (Carcanet) [Clysnr,A:Timeslips] (gender=F).

Conquest, Robert [1988], New and Collected Poems (Hutchinson) [Conquest,R:NewCollectedPoems] (gender=M).

Cope, Wendy [1986], Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis (Faber) [Cope,W:MakingCocoaKingsleyAmis] (gender=F).

Cope, Wendy [1988], Twiddling Your Thumbs (Faber) [Cope,W:TwiddlingYourThumbs] (gender=F).

Cope, Wendy [1991], The River Girl (Faber) [Cope,W:RiverGirl] (gender=F).

Cope, Wendy [1992], Serious Concerns (Faber) [Cope,W:SeriousConcerns] (gender=F).

Cornford, Frances Darwin, 1886-1960 [1954], Collected Poems (The Cresset Press) [Cornford,F:CollectedPoems] (gender=F).

Cornford, Frances Darwin, 1886-1960 [1996], Selected Poems (Enitharmon) [Cornford,F:SelectedPoems] (gender=F).

Cox, Brian, 1928- [1993], Collected Poems (Carcanet) [Cox,B:CollectedPoems] (gender=M).

Crichton Smith, Iain. [1992], Collected Poems (Carcanet) [Crichton,S:CollectedPoems] (gender=M).

Crichton Smith, Iain. [1994], Ends and Beginnings (Carcanet) [Crichton,S:EndsBeginnings] (gender=M).

Crichton Smith, Iain. [1996], The Human Face (Carcanet) [Crichton,S:HumanFace] (gender=M).

Crichton Smith, Iain. [1998], The Leaf and The Marble (Carcanet) [Crichton,S:LeafMarble] (gender=M).

Crosland, T. W. H. (Thomas William Hodgson), 1865-1924 [1894], The pink book () [Crosland,T:book] (gender=M).

Crosland, T. W. H. (Thomas William Hodgson), 1865-1924 [1899], The Absent-Minded Mule () [Crosland,T:AbsentMindedMule] (gender=M).

Crosland, T. W. H. (Thomas William Hodgson), 1865-1924 [1899], Other People's Wings () [Crosland,T:OtherPeople] (gender=M).

Crosland, T. W. H. (Thomas William Hodgson), 1865-1924 [1900], Pleasant Odes () [Crosland,T:PleasantOdes] (gender=M).

Crosland, T. W. H. (Thomas William Hodgson), 1865-1924 [1902], Outlook Odes () [Crosland,T:OutlookOdes] (gender=M).

Crosland, T. W. H. (Thomas William Hodgson), 1865-1924 [1903], The Five Notions () [Crosland,T:FiveNotions] (gender=M).

Crosland, T. W. H. (Thomas William Hodgson), 1865-1924 [1912], The First Stone () [Crosland,T:FirstStone] (gender=M).

Crosland, T. W. H. (Thomas William Hodgson), 1865-1924 [1912], Sonnets () [Crosland,T:Sonnets] (gender=M).

Crosland, T. W. H. (Thomas William Hodgson), 1865-1924 [1915], A Chant of Affection () [Crosland,T:ChantAffection] (gender=M).

Crosland, T. W. H. (Thomas William Hodgson), 1865-1924 [1916], War Poems () [Crosland,T:WarPoems] (gender=M).

Crosland, T. W. H. (Thomas William Hodgson), 1865-1924 [1917], The Collected Poems () [Crosland,T:CollectedPoems] (gender=M).

Crosland, T. W. H. (Thomas William Hodgson), 1865-1924 [1928], Last Poems () [Crosland,T:LastPoems] (gender=M).

Crossley-Holland, Kevin. [1996], The Language of Yes (Enitharmon) [Crssly-Hllnd,K:LanguageYes] (gender=M).

Crossley-Holland, Kevin. [1997], Poems from East Anglia (Enitharmon) [Crssly-Hllnd,K:PoemsEastAnglia] (gender=M).

Crucefix, Martyn, 1956- [1990], Beneath Tremendous Rain (Enitharmon) [Crucefix,M:BeneathTremendousRain] (gender=M).

Crucefix, Martyn, 1956- [1993], At the Mountjoy Hotel (Enitharmon) [Crucefix,M:AtMountjoyHotel] (gender=M).

Crucefix, Martyn, 1956- [1997], A Madder Ghost (Enitharmon) [Crucefix,M:MadderGhost] (gender=M).

Curnow, Allen, 1911- [1997], Early Days Yet (Carcanet) [Curnow,A:EarlyDaysYet] (gender=M).

Curry, Neil, 1937- [1988], Ships in Bottles (Enitharmon) [Curry,N:ShipsBottles] (gender=M).

Curry, Neil, 1937- [1992], Walking to Santiago (Enitharmon) [Curry,N:WalkingSantiago] (gender=M).

Curry, Neil, 1937- [1993], The Bending of the Bow (Enitharmon) [Curry,N:BendingBow] (gender=M).

Daryush, Elizabeth Bridges [1972], Selected Poems (Carcanet) [Daryush,E:SelectedPoems] (gender=F).

Davie, Donald [1990], Collected Poems (Carcanet) [Davie,D:CollectedPoems] (gender=M).

Davie, Donald [1996], Poems and Melodramas (Carcanet) [Davie,D:PoemsMelodramas] (gender=M).

Davies, Hilary, 1954- [1991], The Shanghai Owner of the Bonsai Shop (Enitharmon) [Davies,H:ShanghaiOwnerBonsaiShop] (gender=F).

Davies, Hilary, 1954- [1997], In a Valley of This Restless Mind (Enitharmon) [Davies,H:InValleyThisRestlessMind] (gender=F).

Dobson, Austin, 1840-1921 [1913], Collected poems () [Dobson,A:Collectedpoems] (gender=M).

Dobson, Austin, 1840-1921 [1930], Three unpublished poems () [Dobson,A:Threepoems] (gender=M).

Donaghy, Michael, 1954- [1993], Errata (Oxford University Press) [Donaghy,M:Errata] (gender=M).

Doughty, Charles Montagu, 1843-1926 [1900], Under Arms () [Doughty,C:UnderArms] (gender=M).

Doughty, Charles Montagu, 1843-1926 [1906], The Dawn in Britain () [Doughty,C:DawnBritain] (gender=M).

Doughty, Charles Montagu, 1843-1926 [1908], Adam cast forth () [Doughty,C:Adamforth] (gender=M).

Doughty, Charles Montagu, 1843-1926 [1916], The Titans () [Doughty,C:Titans] (gender=M).

Doughty, Charles Montagu, 1843-1926 [1923], Mansoul () [Doughty,C:Mansoul] (gender=M).

Duffy, Carol Ann [1985], Standing Female Nude (Anvil) [Duffy,C:StandingFemaleNude] (gender=F).

Duffy, Carol Ann [1987], Selling Manhattan (Anvil) [Duffy,C:SellingManhattan] (gender=F).

Duffy, Carol Ann [1990], The Other Country (Anvil) [Duffy,C:OtherCountry] (gender=F).

Duffy, Carol Ann [1993], Mean Time (Anvil) [Duffy,C:MeanTime] (gender=F).

Dunn, Douglas [1969], Terry Street (Faber) [Dunn,D:TerryStreet] (gender=M).

Dunn, Douglas [1972], The Happier Life (Faber) [Dunn,D:HappierLife] (gender=M).

Dunn, Douglas [1974], Love or Nothing (Faber) [Dunn,D:LoveNothing] (gender=M).

Dunn, Douglas [1979], Barbarians (Faber) [Dunn,D:Barbarians] (gender=M).

Dunn, Douglas [1981], St. Kilda's Parliament (Faber) [Dunn,D:StKilda] (gender=M).

Dunn, Douglas [1985], Elegies (Faber) [Dunn,D:Elegies] (gender=M).

Dunn, Douglas [1986], Selected Poems 1964-1983 (Faber) [Dunn,D:SelectedPoems] (gender=M).

Dunn, Douglas [1988], Northlight (Faber) [Dunn,D:Northlight] (gender=M).

Dunn, Douglas [1990], Andromache (Faber) [Dunn,D:Andromache] (gender=M).

Dunn, Douglas [1993], Dante's Drum-kit (Faber) [Dunn,D:Dante] (gender=M).

Duran, Jane, 1944- [1995], Breathe Now, Breathe (Enitharmon) [Duran,J:BreatheNow] (gender=F).

Eliot, T. S. (Thomas Stearns), 1888-1965 [1974], Collected Poems 1909-1962 (Faber) [Eliot,T:CollectedPoems] (gender=M).

Elliot, Alistair. [1989], My Country: Collected Poems (Carcanet) [Elliot,A:MyCountry] (gender=M).

Elliot, Alistair. [1993], Turning the Stones (Carcanet) [Elliot,A:TurningStones] (gender=M).

Elliot, Alistair. [1997], Facing Things (Carcanet) [Elliot,A:FacingThings] (gender=M).

Empson, William, 1906-1984 [1955], Collected Poems (The Hogarth Press) [Empson,W:CollectedPoems] (gender=M).

Enright, D. J. (Dennis Joseph), 1920- [1998], Collected Poems 1948-1998 (Oxford University Press) [Enright,D:CollectedPoems] (gender=M).

Ewart, Gavin [1991], Collected Poems 1980-1990 (Hutchinson) [Ewart,G:CollectedPoems] (gender=M).

Feinstein, Elaine [1994], Selected Poems (Carcanet) [Fnstn,E:SelectedPoems] (gender=F).

Feinstein, Elaine [1997], Daylight (Carcanet) [Fnstn,E:Daylight] (gender=F).

Forbes, Duncan, 1947- [1989], Public & Confidential (Enitharmon) [Forbes,D:Public] (gender=M).

Forbes, Duncan, 1947- [1993], Taking Liberties (Enitharmon) [Forbes,D:TakingLiberties] (gender=M).

Ford, Ford Madox, 1873-1939 [1997], Selected Poems (Carcanet) [Ford,F:SelectedPoems] (gender=M).

Forrest-Thomson, Veronica [1990], Collected Poems and Translations (Allardyce, Barnett) [Frrst-Thmsn,V:CollectedPoemsTranslations] (gender=M).

Francis, Matthew, 1956- [1996], Blizzard (Faber) [Francis,M:Blizzard] (gender=M).

Gallas, John, 1950- [1989], Practical Anarchy (Carcanet) [Gallas,J:PracticalAnarchy] (gender=M).

Gallas, John, 1950- [1993], Flying Carpets over Filbert Street (Carcanet) [Gallas,J:FlyingCarpetsFilbertStreet] (gender=M).

Gallas, John, 1950- [1997], Grrrrr (Carcanet) [Gallas,J:Grrrrr] (gender=M).

Gallas, John, 1950- [1999], Resistance Is Futile (Carcanet) [Gallas,J:ResistanceIsFutile] (gender=M).

Garfitt, Roger, 1944- [1989], Given Ground (Carcanet) [Garfitt,R:GivenGround] (gender=M).

Gascoyne, David, 1916- [1994], Selected Poems (Enitharmon) [Gascoyne,D:SelectedPoems] (gender=M).

Geddes, Gary. [1998], Flying Blind (Enitharmon) [Geddes,G:FlyingBlind] (gender=M).

Gittings, Robert. [1976], Collected Poems (Heinemann) [Gittings,R:CollectedPoems] (gender=M).

Glover, Jon [1994], To the Niagara Frontier: Poems New and Selected (Carcanet) [Glover,J:ToNiagaraFrontier] (gender=M).

Gosse, Edmund, 1849-1928 [1870], Madrigals, Songs and Sonnets () [Gosse,E:Madrigals] (gender=M).

Gosse, Edmund, 1849-1928 [1873], On Viol and Flute () [Gosse,E:OnViolFlute] (gender=M).

Gosse, Edmund, 1849-1928 [1879], New Poems () [Gosse,E:NewPoems] (gender=M).

Gosse, Edmund, 1849-1928 [1885], Firdausi in Exile () [Gosse,E:FirdausiExile] (gender=M).

Gosse, Edmund, 1849-1928 [1893], King Erik () [Gosse,E:KingErik] (gender=M).

Gosse, Edmund, 1849-1928 [1893], The rose of Omar () [Gosse,E:Omar] (gender=M).

Gosse, Edmund, 1849-1928 [1894], In Russet & Silver () [Gosse,E:InRusset] (gender=M).

Gosse, Edmund, 1849-1928 [1909], The Autumn Garden () [Gosse,E:AutumnGarden] (gender=M).

Gosse, Edmund, 1849-1928 [1929], Two unpublished poems () [Gosse,E:Twopoems] (gender=M).

Graham, W. S. (William Sydney), 1918-1986 [1979], Collected Poems 1942-1977 (Faber) [Graham,W:CollectedPoems] (gender=M).

Graham, W. S. (William Sydney), 1918-1986 [1996], Selected Poems (Faber) [Graham,W:SelectedPoems] (gender=M).

Graves, Robert, 1895-1985 [1995], Complete Poems Volume 1 (Carcanet) [Graves,R:CompletePoemsVolume] (gender=M).

Graves, Robert, 1895-1985 [1997], Complete Poems Volume 2 (Carcanet) [Graves,R:CompletePoemsVolume] (gender=M).

Graves, Robert, 1895-1985 [1999], Complete Poems Volume 3 (Carcanet) [Graves,R:CompletePoemsVolume] (gender=M).

Greenlaw, Lavinia, 1962- [1993], Night Photograph (Faber) [Greenlaw,L:NightPhotograph] (gender=F).

Greenlaw, Lavinia, 1962- [1997], A World Where News Travelled Slowly (Faber) [Greenlaw,L:WorldWhereNewsTravelledSlowly] (gender=F).

Gross, Philip [1989], Manifold Manor (Faber) [Gross,P:ManifoldManor] (gender=M).

Gross, Philip [1991], The Son of the Duke of Nowhere (Faber) [Gross,P:SonDukeNowhere] (gender=M).

Gross, Philip [1993], The All-Nite Café (Faber) [Gross,P:AllNiteCaf] (gender=M).

Gunn, Thom. [1994], Collected Poems (Faber) [Gunn,T:CollectedPoems] (gender=M).

Hall, J. C. (John Clive), 1920- [1985], Selected and New Poems 1939-84 (Secker & Warburg) [Hall,J:SelectedNewPoems] (gender=M).

Hamilton, Ian, 1938- [1998], Sixty Poems (Faber) [Hamilton,I:SixtyPoems] (gender=M).

Hannah, Sophie, 1971- [1995], The Hero and the Girl Next Door (Carcanet) [Hannah,S:HeroGirlNextDoor] (gender=F).

Hannah, Sophie, 1971- [1996], Hotels like Houses (Carcanet) [Hannah,S:HotelsHouses] (gender=F).

Hannah, Sophie, 1971- [1999], Leaving and Leaving You (Carcanet) [Hannah,S:LeavingLeavingYou] (gender=F).

Hardy, Thomas, 1840-1928 [1930], Collected poems () [Hardy,T:Collectedpoems] (gender=M).

Harrison, Tony, 1937- [1984], Selected Poems (Penguin) [Harrison,T:SelectedPoems] (gender=M).

Harsent, David, 1942- [1998], A Bird's Idea of Flight (Faber) [Harsent,D:Bird] (gender=M).

Haslam, Michael, 1947- [1995], A Whole Bauble: Collected Poems 1977-1994 (Carcanet) [Haslam,M:WholeBauble] (gender=M).

Heaney, Seamus [1972], Door into the Dark (Faber) [Heaney,S:DoorDark] (gender=M).

Heaney, Seamus [1972], Wintering Out (Faber) [Heaney,S:WinteringOut] (gender=M).

Heaney, Seamus [1975], North (Faber) [Heaney,S:North] (gender=M).

Heaney, Seamus [1979], Field Work (Faber) [Heaney,S:FieldWork] (gender=M).

Heaney, Seamus [1984], Station Island (Faber) [Heaney,S:StationIsland] (gender=M).

Heaney, Seamus [1984], Sweeney Astray (Faber) [Heaney,S:SweeneyAstray] (gender=M).

Heaney, Seamus [1987], The Haw Lantern (Faber) [Heaney,S:HawLantern] (gender=M).

Heaney, Seamus [1990], New Selected Poems 1966-1987 (Faber) [Heaney,S:NewSelectedPoems] (gender=M).

Heaney, Seamus [1991], Death of a Naturalist (Faber) [Heaney,S:DeathNaturalist] (gender=M).

Heaney, Seamus [1991], Seeing Things (Faber) [Heaney,S:SeeingThings] (gender=M).

Heaney, Seamus [1992], Sweeney's Flight (Faber) [Heaney,S:Sweeney] (gender=M).

Heaney, Seamus [1996], The Spirit Level (Faber) [Heaney,S:SpiritLevel] (gender=M).

Heaney, Seamus [1998], Opened Ground: Poems 1966-1996 (Faber) [Heaney,S:OpenedGround] (gender=M).

Heath-Stubbs, John Francis Alexander, 1918- [1990], The Game of Love and Death (Enitharmon) [Hth-Stbbs,J:GameLoveDeath] (gender=M).

Henry, Michael, 1942- [1988], An Ocean in My Ear (Enitharmon) [Henry,M:OceanMyEar] (gender=M).

Henry, Michael, 1942- [1991], Panto Sphinx (Enitharmon) [Henry,M:PantoSphinx] (gender=M).

Hesketh, Phoebe [1989], Netting the Sun: New and Collected Poems (Enitharmon) [Hesketh,P:NettingSun] (gender=F).

Hesketh, Phoebe [1992], Sundowner (Enitharmon) [Hesketh,P:Sundowner] (gender=F).

Hesketh, Phoebe [1994], The Leave Train: New and Selected Poems (Enitharmon) [Hesketh,P:LeaveTrain] (gender=F).

Hesketh, Phoebe [1997], A Box of Silver Birch (Enitharmon) [Hesketh,P:BoxSilverBirch] (gender=F).

Hill, Tobias, 1970- [1996], Midnight in the City of Clocks (Oxford University Press) [Hill,T:MidnightCityClocks] (gender=M).

Hinton, Brian. [1989], The Heart's Clockwork (Enitharmon) [Hinton,B:Heart] (gender=M).

Hofmann, Michael, 1957- [1986], Acrimony (Faber) [Hofmann,M:Acrimony] (gender=M).

Hofmann, Michael, 1957- [1993], Corona, Corona (Faber) [Hofmann,M:Corona] (gender=M).

Hofmann, Michael, 1957- [1999], Approximately Nowhere (Faber) [Hofmann,M:ApproximatelyNowhere] (gender=M).

Hooker, Jeremy, 1941- [1987], Master of the Leaping Figures (Enitharmon) [Hooker,J:MasterLeapingFigures] (gender=M).

Hooker, Jeremy, 1941- [1993], Their Silence a Language (Enitharmon) [Hooker,J:TheirSilenceLanguage] (gender=M).

Hooker, Jeremy, 1941- [1997], Our Lady of Europe (Enitharmon) [Hooker,J:OurLadyEurope] (gender=M).

Housman, A. E. (Alfred Edward), 1859-1936 [1988], Collected Poems and Selected Prose (Penguin) [Housman,A:CollectedPoemsSelectedProse] (gender=M).

Hubbard, Sue [1994], Everything Begins with the Skin (Enitharmon) [Hubbard,S:EverythingBeginsSkin] (gender=F).

Hughes, Ted, 1930-1998 [1960], Lupercal (Faber) [Hughes,T:Lupercal] (gender=M).

Hughes, Ted, 1930-1998 [1961], Meet My Folks (Faber) [Hughes,T:MeetMyFolks] (gender=M).

Hughes, Ted, 1930-1998 [1964], Nessie the Mannerless Monster (Faber) [Hughes,T:NessieMannerlessMonster] (gender=M).

Hughes, Ted, 1930-1998 [1967], Wodwo (Faber) [Hughes,T:Wodwo] (gender=M).

Hughes, Ted, 1930-1998 [1968], The Hawk in the Rain (Faber) [Hughes,T:HawkRain] (gender=M).

Hughes, Ted, 1930-1998 [1972], Crow (Faber) [Hughes,T:Crow] (gender=M).

Hughes, Ted, 1930-1998 [1977], Gaudete (Faber) [Hughes,T:Gaudete] (gender=M).

Hughes, Ted, 1930-1998 [1978], Cave Birds: An Alchemical Cave Drama (Faber) [Hughes,T:CaveBirds] (gender=M).

Hughes, Ted, 1930-1998 [1983], River (Faber) [Hughes,T:River] (gender=M).

Hughes, Ted, 1930-1998 [1986], Flowers and Insects (Faber) [Hughes,T:FlowersInsects] (gender=M).

Hughes, Ted, 1930-1998 [1989], Moortown Diary (Faber) [Hughes,T:MoortownDiary] (gender=M).

Hughes, Ted, 1930-1998 [1989], Wolfwatching (Faber) [Hughes,T:Wolfwatching] (gender=M).

Hughes, Ted, 1930-1998 [1992], Rain-Charm For The Duchy and other Laureate Poems (Faber) [Hughes,T:RainCharmForDuchyLaureatePoems] (gender=M).

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