ETS Access-Control to Chadwyck-Healey/ProQuest Products

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Access for the University of Chicago: Chadwyck-Healey/ProQuest databases are site-restricted to the University of Chicago community. Access is controlled by the name or number of the requesting computer. For the University of Chicago, the name must end with or have an IP address beginning with 128.135. The University of Chicago Data Network Operations provides dial-up services to the campus network. The Network may also be connected to from a third party Internet service provider by using the NSIT Web Proxy.

Access for Other Institutions to CH/ProQuest Databases: Any institution that is part of the CIC (Committee on Institutional Cooperation) and has purchased a copy of any Chadwyck-Healey/ProQuest database may gain access to it through ETS. Other non-CIC institutions have made similar arrangements for individual databases. Please check below for your institution. Database abbreviations are noted within the product list below.

      Institution       Database Abbreviations
Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire de Fribourg ATIR
Boston College Voltaire
Columbia University ATIR; Voltaire
Davidson College Voltaire
Emory University ATIR
Getty Research Institute ATIR
Harvard University ATIR; Voltaire
Indiana University AmPo; AAP; Brecht; EAmF; EEPF; ECF; EngPo; EPD; EVD; Goethe; PLD; TESO; AmPo20v.1; AAP; Voltaire
Loyola University at Chicago PLD
Johns Hopkins University TESO; Voltaire
McGill University Voltaire
Metropolitan Museum of Art ATIR
Michigan State University AmPo; AAP; EngPo; EVD; Goethe; AAP20v.1
National Gallery of Art ATIR
New York University AAP; AmPo; AmPo1; ECF; EngPo; EPD; EVD; PLD
Northwestern University AmPo; AmPo1; AAP; AAP20; Bible; ECF; EEPF; EngPo; EPD; EVD; Goethe; KAFKA; LitTh; NCF; PLD; Voltaire and ATIR gratis
Ohio State University ActaS; AmD; AmPo; ATIR; Bible; Brecht; AAP; EAmF; EEPF ECF; EngPo; EPD; EVD; Goethe; Kafka; Luther; NCF; PLD; Schiller; TESO; AmPo20; AAP20; Yeats
Pennsylvania State University AmPo; ATIR; AAP; ECF; EngPo; EVD; Goethe; AAP20
Purdue University Goethe; TESO
Rice University Voltaire
Stanford University EVD; TESO; Voltaire
University of California, Berkeley ATIR; Voltaire
University of Groningen ATIR
University of Illinois, Chicago AAP; Goethe; AAP20
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne AmPo; Bible, AAP; EAmF; EEPF; ECF; EngPo; EPD; EVD; Goethe; PLD; TESO; AAP20; Voltaire; Yeats
University of Iowa AmPo; ATIR; AAP; EngPo; EVD; Goethe; Voltaire
University of Massachusetts Boston ATIR
University of Michigan AmPo; Bible, Brecht; AAP; EAmF; EEPF; ECF; EngPo; EPD; EVD; Goethe; Luther; NCF; PLD; TESO; AmPo20; AAP20; Voltaire; Yeats
University of Minnesota AmPo; Bible; AAP; EngPo; EPD; EVD; Goethe; PLD; Voltaire
University of Montana-Missoula Voltaire
University of Nebraska PLD
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill ATIR
University of Notre Dame AAP; ATIR; NCF; PLD; Yeats
University of Pittsburgh Voltaire
University of Toronto PLD; Voltaire; Yeats
University of Wisconsin at Madison AmPo; ATIR; AAP; EngPo; EVD; Goethe; PLD; TESO; Voltaire
University of Zurich ATIR
Yale University Voltaire

Contact Catherine Mardikes, ETS Coordinator, at to discuss the possibility of gaining access to the PhiloLogic version of a database or if your instituion is listed above and you are being denied access.

Chadwyck-Healey Databases with Abbreviations
For a full list of databases under PhiloLogic including ARTFL databases, that are restricted to ARTFL subscribers, and Alexander Street Press, Bibliopolis, and Champion databases as well as public domain collections, consult
Databases under PhiloLogic.

The following Chadwyck-Healey databases are currently available under PhiloLogic.

The following CH databases may be loaded under PhiloLogic in the future.

  • Acta Sanctorum (ACTAS)
  • The Bible in English (Bible)
  • Early American Fiction (EAF)
  • Luthers Werke (Luther)
  • Schillers Werke (Schiller)

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