Subject Specialists

A list arranged by subject area is also available, as is the Library Directory, which includes phone numbers.

Jeffry Archer Business
Paul Belloni

Government Documents
Human Development

Ellen Bryan African Studies 
June Farris Greek - Modern
Slavic & East European Studies; see also Sandra Levy 
Greg Fleming Reference - General; Humanities; Social Sciences
Julia Gardner Gay & Lesbian Studies
Women's Studies 
Jenny Hart Computer Science
Sarah Hogan

International Relations
Political Science
Public Policy

Barbara Kern Astronomy & Astrophysics
Science Reference
Anne K. Knafl

ReligionHebrew Language Materials - Classical

Scott Landvatter Dance
Sandra Levy Slavic & East European Studies; see also June Farris
Eileen Libby

Social Service Administration

Lyonette Louis-Jacques Law - Civil; Comparative; International
Catherine Mardikes Ancient Near East (Egypt and Western Asia, including Archaeology; Ancient Egyptian Languages)
Classics  (including Classical Archaeology; Ancient Greek; Latin)
Humanities (General)
Medieval & Byzantine Studies
Daniel Meyer Chicago Jazz Archive
Early Manuscripts
Modern Manuscripts
University Archives 
Judith Nadler Hebrew Language Materials - Modern
Yiddish Language Materials 
James Nye South Asian Studies: see also Laura Ring
Southeast Asia; see also Laura Ring 
Jee-Young Park East Asian Studies - Korean
Laura Ring South Asian Studies; see also James Nye
Southeast Asia; see also James Nye
Sandra Roscoe Contemporary Fiction (English & American); see also Sarah G. Wenzel
Theater; see also Nancy Spiegel, Sarah G. Wenzel
Marlis Saleh Middle Eastern Studies (including Islamic Studies; Arabic; Persian; Turkish)
Alice Schreyer Rare Books
William Schwesig Law - Common Law & Legal History; Economics; see also Judith Wright
Nancy Spiegel African American Studies
American History
Archaeology - Historical by Country
Art, Architecture & Photography
Cinema & Media Studies
European History
Military & Naval Sciences
Theater; see also Sarah G. Wenzel, Sandra Roscoe
Andrea Twiss-Brooks Bioinformatics
Geophysical Sciences (including Geology; Meteorology; Physical Oceanography)
History of Medicine
History of Science
Materials Science
Philosophy of Science
Science (General)
Sarah G. Wenzel English & American Literature (including Modern Poetry); see also Sandra Roscoe
French Literature
German Literature
Italian Literature
Latin American Studies
Scandinavian Literature
Spanish, Portuguese & Catalan Literature
Theater; see also Sandra Roscoe, Nancy Spiegel
Deb Werner Agriculture
Health Statistics
Molecular & Cell Biology
Organismal Biology
Christopher Winters Anthropology
Archaeology - Prehistoric & non-Western (excluding Area Studies)
Geography (including Urban Studies; Environmental Studies)
Map Collection
Social Sciences (General)
Judith Wright Law - Common Law & Legal History; Economics; see also William Schwesig
Jiaxun Benjamin Wu East Asian Studies - Chinese
Yuan Zhou East Asian Studies - Curator