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Crerar Special Facilities


The largest special facility (in both size and impact) in the Crerar Library is USITE/Crerar (the Crerar Computer Cluster), located on the lower level. USITE/Crerar has two sections: a cyber-cafe, with food, beverages, and network connections, and a multipurpose staffed computer lab.

The folks at IT Services administer the cluster and have a nice USITE/Crerar web page with information and photos. (There are some more photos here.) Please contact them (702-7894) for information about the new cluster and/or if you have questions or problems. IT Services has passed on the following information to us:

While construction was underway on the cluster, this page had information about the construction, including the project statement, and pictures of the area after demolition and during construction. There was also some links to campus news stories about the project. We have stopped updating this information, but it's all still here for archival purposes.

Other Facilities in Crerar Library

Seminar Rooms and Faculty Studies

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