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November - December 2012

New Books List

11/5/2012 - 1/28/2013


BF575.G7 G6888 2012 c.1 SSAd

Graves, Dodie. .  

Setting up and facilitating bereavement support groups:a practical guide /:Dodie   Graves.  

London ;:Philadelphia:Jessica Kingsley Publishers,:2012.

176 p. ;:23 cm.


BF636.W485 2013 c.1 SSAd  

White, Tony, 1957- ,:-:author.

Working with drug and alcohol users:a guide to providing understanding,   assessment and support /:Tony White.

London ;:Philadelphia, PA:Jessica Kingsley Publishers,:2013.   +2013

223 pages:illustrations ;:23 cm


BF636.6 .F84 2013 c.1 SSAd

Fuertes, Jairo .  

Specialty competencies in counseling psychology /:Jairo N. Fuertes, Arnold R.   Spokane, Elizabeth Holloway.

New York:Oxford University Press,:c2013.

xv, 248 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


BF636.7.C76 H36 2012 c.1 SSAd

Handbook of race and development in mental health.

New York, N.Y.:Springer,:c2012.  

xxiv, 389 p. ;:25 cm.


BF698.35.A87 R63 2012 c.1 SSAd

Robertson, John M., 1949- .,:-

Tough guys and true believers:managing authoritarian men in the psychotherapy   room /:John M. Robertson.  

New York:Routledge,:2012.

xx, 306 p.:ill. ;:25 cm.


BF713 .N48 2012 c.1 SSAd  

Newman, Barbara M. .

Development through life:a psychosocial approach /:Barbara M. Newman and   Philip R. Newman.

11th ed.   Belmont, CA:Wadsworth Cengage Learning,:c2012.

xxiii, 623 p.:ill. ;:29 cm.


BF720.F38 E54 2012 c.1 SSAd

Engaging fathers in the early years:a practitioner's guide /:edited by Carol Potter   and Roger Olley.

London ;:New York, NY:Continuum International,:c2012.  

xii, 170 p. ;:25 cm.


BF723.R46A49 2011 c.2 SSAd ; BF723.R46A49 2011 c.2 CDRom SSAdMed

Alvord, Mary Karapetian .

Resilience builder program for children and adolescents:enhancing social   competence and self regulation : a cognitive-behavioral approach /:Mary   Karapetian Alvord, Bonnie Zucker, Judy Johnson Grados.

Champaign, IL:Research Press,:c2011.  

x, 401 p.:ill. ;:28 cm. +:1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.)


BF724 .C637 2012 c.1  SSAd

Counseling boys and young men /:Suzanne Degges-White, Bonnie R. Colon,   editors.  

New York:Springer Pub.,:c2012.  

xxv, 427 p. ;:23 cm.


BF724.5.H39 2007 c.1 SSAd

Hayslip, Bert .

Adult development and aging /:Bert Hayslip, Jr., Paul E. Panek, Julie Hicks Patrick.   4th ed.

Malabar, Fla.:Krieger Pub.,:2007.

xi, 298 p.:ill. ;:29 cm.


BF1099.C55 B85 2012 c.1 SSAd  

Bulkeley, Kelly, 1962- ,:-

Children's dreams:understanding the most memorable dreams and nightmares of   childhood /:Kelly Bulkeley and Patricia M. Bulkley.

Lanham, Md.:Rowman & Littlefield Publishers,:c2012.  

vii, 162 p. ;:23 cm.


BL60 .D298 2012 c.2 SSAd

Davis, Nancy Jean, 1950- ,:-

Claiming society for God:religious movements and social welfare in Egypt, Israel,   Italy, and the United States /:Nancy J. Davis and Robert V. Robinson.  

Bloomington:Indiana University Press,:c2012.

xvi, 214 p. ;:23 cm.


BX1753.M354 2012 c.1 SSAd

Massaro, Thomas, 1961- ,:-

Living justice:Catholic social teaching in action /:Thomas Massaro.   2nd classroom ed.

Lanham, Md.:Rowman & Littlefield Publishers,:c2012.

xi, 197 p. ;:23 cm.


DS554.83.H56 A3 2001  c.1 SSAd  

Him, Chanrithy, 1965- ,:-

When broken glass floats:growing up under the Khmer Rouge /:Chanrithy Him.

New York ;:London:W.W. Norton,:2001.  

330 p.:ill. ;:21 cm.


E175.5.Z56 D83 2012 c.1 SSAd

Duberman, Martin B. .  

Howard Zinn:a life on the left /:Martin Duberman.

New York:New Press:Distributed by Perseus Distribution,:c2012.

xii, 365 p., [16] p. of plates:ill. ;:24 cm


F548.9.M5 F47 2012 c.1 SSAd  


Brown in the Windy City:Mexicans and Puerto Ricans in postwar Chicago /:Lilia   Fernandez.  

Chicago:The University of Chicago Press,:2012.   +2012

xii, 376 pages:illustrations, maps ;:24 cm.


H61 .S354 2012 c.1 SSAd  

Scales, T. Laine .

Social environments and human behavior:contexts for practice with groups,   organizations, communities and social movements /:T. Laine Scales, Jon   Singletary, H. Stephen Cooper.  

Belmont, CA:Brooks/Cole Pub Co.,:c2012.

xix, 183 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


H62 .B337 2012 c.2 SSAd

Baronov, David .   Conceptual foundations of social research methods /:David Baronov.

2nd ed.

Boulder:Paradigm Publishers,:c2012.  

viii, 215 p. ;:23 cm.


H62 .P97 2008 c.1 SSAd

Pyrczak, Fred .

Evaluating research in academic journals:a practical guide to realistic evaluation.   4th ed.

Glendale, CA:Pyrczak Pub.,:c2008.

vi, 162 p. ;:28 cm.


HA29.H39 2009 c.1 SSAd  

Healey, Joseph F., 1945- .,:-

Statistics:a tool for social research /:Joseph F. Healey.

8th ed., instructor's edition  

Belmont, CA:Wadsworth/Cengage Learning,:c2009.

xxx, 512 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HB172 .K775 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Krugman, Paul R. .


3rd ed.   New York:Worth Publishers,:c2013.

1 v. (various pagings) ;:28 cm.


HC103 .W52 2012 c.2 SSAd

Wilensky, Harold L. .  

American political economy in global perspective /:Harold L. Wilensky.

New York:Cambridge University Press,:2012.

xxiv, 360 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HD4904.25 .S44 2012 c.1 SSAd

Seen, heard and counted:rethinking care in a development context /:edited by   Shahra Razavi.  

Chichester, West Sussex ;:Malden, MA:Wiley-Blackwell,:2012.  

xii, 263 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


HD5707.5 .R47 2012 c.1 SSAd

Resilience and unemployment /:edited by ÛAsmund Aamaas ... [et al.].   ZÞurich:Lit,:c2012.

224 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HD5724 .R337 2012 c.1 SSAd

Reconnecting to work:policies to mitigate long-term unemployment and its   consequences /:Lauren D. Appelbaum, editor.

Kalamazoo, Mich.:W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research,:c2012.  

xviii, 179 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


HD7091 .S62443 2012 c.1 SSAd

Social security programs and retirement around the world:historical trends in   mortality and health, employment, and disability insurance participation and   reforms /:edited by David A. Wise.

Chicago:University of Chicago Press,:2012.

ix, 459 pages:illustrations ;:24 cm.


HD7287.96.U6 A38 2013 c.1 SSAd

The affordable housing reader /:edited by J. Rosie Tighe And Elizabeth J. Mueller.

London ;:New York:Routledge,:2013.  

xxiii, 565 p.:ill., maps ;:26 cm.


HD7288.72.U5 L35 2012 c.1 SSAd

Lake, Robert W., 1946- .,:-

The new suburbanites:race & housing in the suburbs /:Robert W. Lake.  

New Brunswick [N.J.]:Transaction Publishers,:[2012].

xvii, 303 p.:maps ;:23 cm.


HD7288.78.U52 N745 2012 c.2 SSAd


Driven from New Orleans:how nonprofits betray public housing and promote   privatization /:John Arena.

Minneapolis:University of Minnesota Press,:c2012.

xl, 303 p.:ill., maps ;:22 cm.


HM766.G45 2011 c.1 SSAd  

Global grassroots:perspectives on international organizing /:Wade Rathke, editor.

New Orleans:Social Policy Press,:c2011.

284 p.:ill., ports. ;:22 cm.


HM1033 .D553 2011 c.1 SSAd  

Dimensions of human behavior.:The changing life course /:[edited by] Elizabeth D.    Hutchison and contributors.

4th ed.   Los Angeles:Sage,:c2011.

xxv, 539 p.:ill. ;:26 cm.


HM1121 .H395 2012 c.1 SSAd


Dramatic problem solving:drama-based group exercises for conflict transformation   /:Steven T. Hawkins.  

London ;:Philadelphia:Jessica Kingsley Publishers,:2012.

136 p.:ill. ;:22 cm.


HN18.3 .E67 2012 c.1 SSAd

Epstein, Kitty Kelly, 1946- ,:-  

Organizing to change a city /:Kitty Kelly Epstein ; with Kimberly Mayfield Lynch   and J. Douglas Allen-Taylor.

New York:Peter Lang,:c2012.

xiii, 173 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


HN18.3 .M35 2013 c.2 SSAd  

Making sense of social problems:new images, new issues /:edited by Joel Best,   Scott R. Harris.  

Boulder, Colo.:Lynne Rienner Publishers,:2013.

ix, 335 p.:ill., map ;:24 cm.   Social problems, social constructions


HN28.S7 2001 c.2 SSAd

Spector, Malcolm. .

Constructing social problems /:Malcolm Spector and John I. Kitsuse ; with a new   introduction by John I. Kitsuse.  

New Brunswick, NJ:Transaction Publishers,:c2001.

xii, 184 p. ;:23 cm.


HN59.2 .A44 2011 c.2 SSAd

American democracy and the pursuit of equality.  

Boulder:Paradigm Publishers,:c2011.

ix, 278 p. ;:24 cm.


HN65 .R85 2013 c.1 SSAd

Flora, Cornelia Butler, 1943- ,:-  

Rural communities:legacy and change /:Cornelia Butler Flora and Jan L. Flora.

4th ed.

Boulder, CO:Westview Press,:c2013.  

x, 414 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


HN90.S65 H35 2009 c.2 SSAd

Haskins, Ron .

Creating an opportunity society /:Ron Haskins, Isabel Sawhill.   Washington, D.C.:Brookings Institution Press,:c2009.

xiii, 347 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


HQ21 .B754 2012 c.1 SSAd

Bogaert, Anthony F., 1963- .,:-

Understanding asexuality /:Anthony F. Bogaert.  

Lanham, Md.:Rowman & Littlefield Publishers,:c2012.

vii, 183 p. ;:24 cm.


HQ76.25 .H84 2011 c.1 SSAd  

Huegel, Kelly, 1974- ,:-

GLBTQ:the survival guide for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning   teens /:Kelly Huegel.

Rev. & updated 2nd ed.   Minneapolis, Minn.:Free Spirit Pub.,:c2011.

ix, 229 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


HQ76.27.Y68 S393 2012 c.1 SSAd

Schwartz, John, 1957- ,:-  

Oddly normal:one family's struggle to help their teenage son come to terms with   his sexuality /:John Schwartz.

New York:Gotham Books,:c2012.

xiv, 290 p.:ill. ;:22 cm.


HQ535 .Y35 2012 c.2 SSAd  

Yamin, Priscilla. .

American marriage:a political institution /:Priscilla Yamin.

Philadelphia:University of Pennsylvania Press,:c2012.  

212 p. ;:24 cm.


HQ536 .G52 2013 c.1 SSAd

Giele, Janet Zollinger. .  

Family policy and the American safety net /:Janet Zollinger Giele ; Susan J.   Ferguson, series editor.

Thousand Oaks, Calif.:Sage,:c2013.

xiii, 391 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


HQ734 .D37 2012 c.2 SSAd

The dark side of family communication.

Cambridge, UK ;:Malden, MA:Polity Press,:2012.  

xii, 166 p. ;:21 cm.


f HQ792.U5K53 c.1 2012 SSAd

Kids count data book

Kids count data book   Kids count data book.

Washington, D.C.:Center for the Study of Social Policy,:1990-  

v.:ill. ;:23 x 28 cm.  Annual, 1990-


HQ799.E9 E83 2012 c.1 SSAd  

Evans, Peter .

Youth and community empowerment in Europe.  

Bristol, UK ;:Chicago, IL:Policy Press,:2012.

xxv, 196 p. ;:24 cm.


HQ1061.A4274 2006 c.1 SSAd

Aging, globalization, and inequality:the new critical gerontology /:edited by Jan  

Amityville, N.Y.:Baywood Pub.,:c2006.

viii, 291 p. ;:24 cm.


HQ1061 .H3353 2012 c.1 SSAd  

Handbook of families and aging /:Rosemary Blieszner and Victoria Hilkevitch   Bedford, editors.   2nd ed.

Santa Barbara, Calif.:Praeger,:c2012.  

x, 616 p.:ill. ;:25 cm.


HQ1061 .R4525 2012 c.2 SSAd

Researching later life and ageing:expanding qualitative research horizons /:edited   by Miranda Leontowitsch.

Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ;:New York:Palgrave Macmillan,:2012.  

xi, 216 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


HQ1064.U5 A757 2012 c.2 SSAd

As the leaves turn gold:Asian Americans and experiences of aging /:Bandana   Purkayastha ... [et al.].

Lanham, Md.:Rowman & Littlefield,:c2012.  

viii, 172 p. ;:24 cm.


f HT167 .S89 2012 c.1 SSAd

SynergiCity:reinventing the postindustrial city /:edited by Paul Hardin Kapp and   Paul J. Armstrong ; foreword by Richard Florida.

Urbana:University of Illinois Press,:[2012]

xiii, 194 pages, 16 pages of plates:illustrations (some color) ;:25 x 29 cm


HV10.5.H838 2013 c.1 SSAd

Hugman, Richard, 1954- ,:-

Culture, values and ethics in social work:embracing diversity /:Richard Hugman.  

Abingdon, Oxon ;:New York:Routledge,:2013.

163 p. ;:25 cm.


HV11.A47 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Alston, Margaret .

Research for social workers:an introduction to methods /:Margaret Alston & Wendy   Bowles.   3rd edition.


xii, 412 pages:illustrations ;:24 cm


HV11 .L588 2013 c.1 SSAd

Longhofer, Jeffrey L. (Jeffrey Lee) .:)  

Qualitative methods for practice research /:Jeffrey Longhofer, Jerry Floersch, Janet   Hoy.  

New York:Oxford University Press,:c2013.

xviii, 197 p.:ill. ;:22 cm.  


HV11 .M38 2013 c.1 SSAd

Matiche-Maroney, Jeanne. .

E-field program:a competency-based program for the social work practicum.  

Upper Saddle River, N.J.:Pearson Education,:c2013.

v, 84 p. ;:28 cm.


HV11 .W54 2012 c.1 SSAd

Whittaker, Andrew .  

Research skills for social work.  2nd ed.

London:Learning Matters ;:Thousand Oaks, Calif.:SAGE,:2012.  

xv, 144 p. ;:25 cm.


HV29.7 .C65 2012 c.1 SSAd  

The Columbia guide to social work writing /:edited by Warren Green and Barbara   Levy Simon.  

New York:Columbia University Press,:c2012.

xxv, 326 p. ;:23 cm.


HV40 .S69 2012 c.1 SSAd

Stirk, Stephen, 1953- ,:-

Creating person-centred organisations:strategies and tools for managing change in   health, social care and the voluntary sector /:Stephen Stirk and Helen Sanderson.

London ;:Philadelphia:Jessica Kingsley Publishers,:2012.  

336 p.:ill. ;:25 cm.


HV40 .Z273 2013 c.1 SSAd

Zastrow, Charles .

The practice of social work:a comprehensive worktext /:Charles H. Zastrow.   10th ed.

Belmont, CA:Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning,:c2013.

xvii, 601 p.:ill. ;:28 cm.


HV40.35 .R43 2012 c.1 SSAd

Reamer, Frederic G., 1953- .,:-

Boundary issues and dual relationships in the human services /:Frederic G.   2nd ed.

New York:Columbia Unversity Press,:c2012.  

ix, 249 p. ;:24 cm.


HV41 .H323 2013 c.1 SSAd  

The handbook of community practice /:Marie Weil, editor ; Michael Reisch, Mary L.    Ohmer, associate editors.  2nd ed.

Thousand Oaks, Calif.:SAGE Publications,:c2013.  

xvi, 948 p.:ill. ;:26 cm.


HV41 .S827 2013 c.1 SSAd

The strengths perspective in social work practice /:[edited by] Dennis Saleebey.   6th ed.


xx, 332 p. ;:24 cm. 


HV43 .D45 2013 c.1 SSAd

De Jong, Peter, 1945- ,:-

Interviewing for solutions /:Peter De Jong, Insoo Kim Berg.   4th ed.

Belmont, Calif.:Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning,:c2013.

xxvii, 430 p. ;:24 cm.


HV91 .G325 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Gambrill, Eileen D., 1934- .,:-

Social work practice:a critical thinker's guide /:Eileen Gambrill.

3rd ed.   New York:Oxford University Press,:c2013.

x, 687 p.:ill. ;:29 cm.


HV91 .S6267 2013 c.1 SSAd

Soriano, Fernando I. .

Conducting needs assessments:a multidisciplinary approach /:Fernando I. Soriano.   2nd ed.

Thousand Oaks, Calif.:SAGE Publications,:c2013.

xviii, 217 p. ;:24 cm.


HV95 .S43 2013 c.1 SSAd

Segal, Elizabeth A. .

Social welfare policy and social programs:a values perspective.   3rd ed.

Belmont, CA:Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning,:c2013.  

xvi, 400 p. ;:23 cm.


HV245 .P37 2012 c.2 SSAd

Pascall, Gillian .   Gender equality in the welfare state?.

Bristol, UK ;:Chicago, IL:Policy Press,:2012.

x, 194 p. ;:25 cm.


HV245 .S86 2011 c.1 SSAd  

Supporting people:towards a person-centred approach /:Peter Beresford ... [et al.].

Bristol:Policy Press/Joseph Rowntree Foundatoion,:2011.

xii, 433 p. ;:24 cm.


HV323 .E34 2012 c.1 SSAd  

The effect of workfare on crime:youth diligence and law obedience.

Copenhaggen:Rockwell Foundation and University Press of Southern   Denmark,:c2012.  

48 p. ;:24 cm.


HV530.J39 2012 c.1 SSAd


Religion and faith-based welfare:from wellbeing to ways of being /:Rana Jawad.  

Bristol:Policy Press,:2012.

iv, 268 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HV687.5.U5 H36 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Handbook for public health social work /:edited by, Public Health Social Work   Section of the American Public Health Association ; Robert H. Keefe, Elaine T.   Jurkowski, managing editors.  

New York:Springer Pub.,:c2013.

xxi, 390 p. ;:23 cm.


HV699 .I48 2012 c.1 SSAd  

Infants, toddlers, and families in poverty:research implications for early child care   /:edited by Samuel L. Odom, Elizabeth P. Pungello, Nicole Gardner-Neblett.

New York:Guilford Press,:2012.

xviii, 382 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HV699 .M85 2013 c.1 SSAd

Multicultural perspectives in social work practice with families /:Elaine P. Congress,   Manny J. GonzÔalez, editors.  3rd ed.  

New York:Springer Pub. Co.,:c2013.

xxii, 386 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


HV713 .F265 2012 c.1 SSAd

Farmer, Elaine, 1949- ,:-  

Effective working with neglected children and their families:linking interventions   with long-term outcomes /:Elaine Farmer and Eleanor Lutman.

London ;:Philadelphia, PA:Jessica Kingsley Publishers,:2012.

240 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


HV741.G645 2012 c.1 SSAd

Gormley, William T., 1950- .,:-

Voices for children:rhetoric and public policy /:William T. Gormley Jr.  

Washington, D.C.:Brookings Institution Press,:c2012.

x, 198 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


HV741 .K674 2012 c.2 SSAd

Kozol, Jonathan .  

Fire in the ashes:twenty-five years among the poorest children in America   /:Jonathan Kozol.   1st ed.

New York:Crown Publishers,:c2012.   x, 354 p. ;:25 cm.


HV751.A6 E39 2012 c.1 SSAd

Effective safeguarding for children and young people:what next after Munro?.

Bristol ;:Chicago:Policy Press,:2012.  

xi, 160 p. ;:22 cm.


HV866.G7 W35 2012 c.1 SSAd

Waiting to be found:papers on children in care.  

London:Karnac Books,:2012.

xxxi, 320 p. ;:23 cm.


HV875 .B44 2010 c.1 SSAd  

Beesley, Pat .

Making good assessment:a practical resource guide /:Pat Beesley.  2nd ed.  

London:British Agencies for Adoption and Fostering,:2010.

280 p.:ill. ;:30 cm.

HV875.64 .H43 2012 c.1 SSAd  


Children and the politics of cultural belonging /:Alice Hearst, Smith College.

New York, NY:Cambridge University Press,:2012.  

viii, 204 pages ;:24 cm


HV1317.F54 2011 c.1 SSAd

Gifford, Elisabeth. .  

The house of hope:God's love for the abandoned orphans of China /:Elisabeth   Gifford.  


223 p., [8] p. of plates:col. ill. ;:20 cm.


HV1420.72 .O77 2012 c.2 SSAd  

Orphan care:a comparative view /:edited by Jo Daugherty Bailey.  1st ed.

Sterling, Va.:Kumarian Press,:2012.  

xii, 197 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HV1421 .S74 2012 c.1 SSAd

Stein, Mike .

Young people leaving care:supporting pathways to adulthood /:Mike Stein.  

London ;:Philadelphia:Jessica Kingsley Publishers,:2012.

200 p. ;:23 cm.


HV1481.G72 L47 2012 c.1 SSAd

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender ageing:biographical approaches for   inclusive care and support /:edited by Richard Ward, Ian Rivers and Mike  

London ;:Philadelphia, PA:Jessica Kingsley Publishers,:2012.

223 p. ;:23 cm.


HV1568 .D5638 2012 c.1 SSAd

Disability and social theory:new developments and directions /:edited by Dan   Goodley, Bill Hughes and Lennard Davis.  

Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire:Palgrave Macmillan,:2012, +2012.

xii, 348 pages ;:23 cm


HV1568.2 .O43 2011 c.1 SSAd

Omansky, Beth .

Borderlands of blindness /:Beth Omansky.  

Boulder, Colo.:Lynne Rienner Publishers,:2011.

x, 229 p. ;:24 cm.


HV4005 .S25 2012 c.1 SSAd  

Sainsbury, Diane .

Welfare states and immigrant rights:the politics of inclusion and exclusion.1st ed.  

Oxford:Oxford University Press,:2012.

ix, 327 p. ;:24 cm.


HV4045 .W55 2012 c.2 SSAd  

Wilson, William J., 1935- .,:-

The truly disadvantaged:the inner city, the underclass, and public policy /:William   Julius Wilson.   Second edition.  

Chicago ;:London:University of Chicago Press,:2012, +1987.

xi, 317 p.:illustrations ;:23 cm.


HV4505 .W233 2012 c.1 SSAd

Wagner, David .  

Confronting homelessness:poverty, politics, and the failure of social policy /:David   Wagner with Jennifer Barton Gilman.

Boulder, Colo.:Lynne Rienner Publishers,:c2012.

xi, 207 p. ;:24 cm. 


HV5135 .C65 2012 c.1 SSAd

College student alcohol abuse:a guide to assessment, intervention, and prevention    /:[edited by] Christopher J. Correia, James G. Murphy, Nancy P. Barnett.

Hoboken, N.J.:John Wiley & Sons,:c2012.

x, 380 p. ;:23 cm.


HV5801 .R57 2012 c.1 SSAd  

Risk and rehabilitation:management and treatment of substance misuse and   mental health problems in the criminal justice system.

Bristol ;:Chicago, IL:Policy Press,:2012.

viii, 204 p. ;:25 cm.


HV6025 .D55 2012 c.1 SSAd  

Dimensions of crime as a social problem /:edited by Robert Hartmann McNamara   and Keith J. Bell.

Durham, N.C.:Carolina Academic Press,:c2012.

xv, 368 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


HV6250.4.C48 H37 2012 c.1 SSAd

Hartjen, Clayton A., 1943- .,:-

The global victimization of children:problems and solutions /:Clayton A. Hartjen, S.    Priyadarsini.  

New York:Springer Science+Business Media, LLC,:c2012.

xiii, 402 p. ;:24 cm.


HV6250.4.W65 K585 2012 c.2 SSAd

Klein, Renate, 1959- ,:-   Responding to intimate violence against women:the role of informal networks   /:Renate Klein.  

New York:Cambridge University Press,:2012.

162 p. ;:23 cm.  


HV6419 .S43 2011 c.1 SSAd

Security and everyday life /:edited by Vida Bajc and Willem de Lint.

New York:Routledge,:2011.  

vi, 312 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HV6437 .C75 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Crime and crime reduction:the importance of group processes /:edited by Jane L.   Wood and Theresa A. Gannon.

Hove, East Sussex ;:New York:Routledge,:2013.

xv, 206 p. ;:24 cm.


HV6437 .L66 2012 c.1 SSAd

Looking beyond suppression:community strategies to reduce gang violence /:edited    by Erika Gebo and Brenda J. Bond.  

Lanham, Md.:Lexington Books,:c2012.

x, 191 p.:ill., map ;:24 cm.


HV6437 .P76 2012 c.1 SSAd


Defining street gangs in the 21st century:fluid, mobile, and transnational networks.

New York:Springer,:c2012.

xii, 56 p. ;:24 cm.  


HV6439.U5 L39 2012 c.1 SSAd


Real gangstas:legitimacy, reputation, and violence in the intergang environment   /:Timothy R. Lauger.  

New Brunswick, N.J.:Rutgers University Press,:c2012.

viii, 253 p.:map ;:24 cm.


HV6534.H63 M48 2012 c.1 SSAd

Metz, Holly .

Killing the poormaster:a saga of poverty, corruption, and murder in the Great   Depression /:Holly Metz.  

Chicago, Ill.:Lawrence Hill Books,:c2012.

308 p.:ill., map ;:24 cm.


HV6626 .M87 2013 c.1 SSAd

Murray, Christine E. .  

Responding to family violence:a comprehensive, research-based guide for   therapists /:Christine E. Murray and Kelly N. Graves.

New York, NY:Routledge,:2013.

xxvii, 449 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HV6626 .W56 2013 c.1 SSAd  


Partner violence:a new paradigm for understanding conflict escalation.

New York ;:London:Springer Verlag:c2013.   xiii, 179 p. ;:24 cm.


HV7428 .D84 2012 c.1 SSAd


Youth justice and social work.  2nd ed.

London ;:Thousand Oaks, Calif.:SAGE/Learning Matters,:2012.  

xiii, 241 p. ;:25 cm.


HV8738 .W67 2013 c.1 SSAd

Women, punishment and social justice:human rights and penal practices /:edited   by Margaret Malloch and Gill McIvor.  

Abingdon, Oxon ;:New York:Routledge,:2013.

x, 220 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HV9105.P22 E34 2012 c.1 SSAd  


Kids for cash:two judges, thousands of children, and a $2.8 million kickback scheme    /:William Ecenbarger.

New York:New Press ;:[New York]:Distributed by Perseus Distribution,:2012.  

xiv, 272 p. ;:22 cm.


HV9275.F66 2013 c.1 SSAd

Foundations of offender rehabilitation /:Sharon Casey ... [et al.].

Abingdon, Oxon ;:New York:Routledge,:2013.  

xiv, 238 p.:ill. ;:25 cm.


HV9279 .E46 2012 c.1 SSAd

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