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SSA Library Recent Acquisitions List June 2013

SSA General Collection

BF697 .P38 2013 c.2 SSAd

Pavlik-Malone, Lisa .  

Being doll:a study of youngness & oldness at interface /:by Lisa Pavlik-Malone.

Newcastle upon Tyne:Cambridge Scholars Pub.,:2013

94 p.:ill. (some col.) ;:21 cm.


BF697.5.S46 M78 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Mruk, Christopher J. .

Self-esteem and positive psychology:research, theory, and practice /:Christopher J. Mruk.   4th ed.  

New York:Springer Pub. Co.,:c2013.

xiii, 294 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


BF724 .H546 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Himelstein, Sam. .

A mindfulness-based approach to working with high-risk adolescents /:Sam Himelstein.  

New York:Routledge,:2013.  

xix, 192 pages ;:23 cm


E185.86 .S514 2013 c.1 SSAd

Sharkey, Patrick .

Stuck in place:urban neighborhoods and the end of progress toward racial equality /:Patrick Sharkey.  

Chicago, Ill.:University of Chicago Press,:c2013.

x, 250 p.:ill., maps ;:24 cm.


F158.9.N4 H86 2013 c.2 SSAd  

Hunter, Marcus Anthony. .

Black citymakers:how the Philadelphia Negro changed urban America /:Marcus Anthony Hunter.  

New York:Oxford University Press,:c2013.  

xv, 286 p.:ill., maps ;:25 cm.


H62 .F37 2013 c.2 SSAd

Farrimond, Hannah. .

Doing ethical research /:Hannah Farrimond.  

Basingstoke, Hampshire ;:New York:Palgrave Macmillan,:2013.

x, 211 p. ;:22 cm.


HB172.5.M33553 2013 c.1 SSAd

Macroeconomics at the service of public policy /:edited by Thomas J. Sargent, Jouko Vilmunen.  

Oxford:Oxford University Press,:2013.

xiii, 225 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


HD58.8.A677 2006 c.1 SSAd  

Aldrich, Howard .

Organizations evolving /:Howard E. Aldrich and Martin Ruef.  2nd ed.

London ;:Thousand Oaks, Calif.:Sage,:2006.  

xiv, 330 p.:ill. ;:25 cm.


HF5549.5.J63 G55 2013 c.1 SSAd

Glicken, Morley D.  

Treating worker dissatisfaction during economic change /:Morley D. Glicken, Bennie C. Robinson.

Amsterdam ;:Boston:Elsevier Academic Press,:2013

xvi, 319 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.  


HM548 .S78 2013 c.1 SSAd

Stuckler, David. .  

The body economic:why austerity kills : recessions, budget battles, and the politics of life and death /:David Stuckler, Sanjay Basu.

New York:Basic Books,:2013.

xxi, 216 p.:ill. ;:25 cm.


HM881 .T374 2012 c.1 SSAd

Tarrow, Sidney G. .  

Strangers at the gates:movements and states in contentious politics /:Sidney Tarrow.  

Cambridge ;:New York:Cambridge University Press,:2012.

xi, 260 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HN49.V64 E45 2013 c.2 SSAd  

Eliasoph, Nina .

The politics of volunteering /:Nina Eliasoph.  


190 p. ;:21 cm.


HN80.N4D336 2013 c.1 SSAd

DaCosta Nunez, Ralph .

The poor among us:a history of family poverty and homelessness in New York City /:Ralph da Costa Nunez and Ethan G. Sribnick.  

New York:White Tiger Press,:[2013]

iv, 319 pages:illustrations (some color) ;:24 cm  


HN90.C6 T75 2012 c.1 SSAd  

Tropman, John E. .

Successful community leadership and organization:a skills guide for volunteers and professionals /:John E. Tropman.  2nd ed.  

Washington, DC:National Association of Social Workers,:c2012.

xii, 167 p. ;:23 cm.


HQ759 .P266 2013 c.2 SSAd

Park, Shelley M., 1961-

Mothering queerly, queering motherhood:resisting monomaternalism in adoptive, lesbian, blended, and polygamous families /:Shelley M. Park.

Albany:State University of New York Press,:c2013.

xi, 306 p. ;:24 cm.


HQ806 .H355 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Haltzman, Scott, 1960-

The secrets of surviving infidelity /:Scott Haltzman, M.D.

Baltimore:The Johns Hopkins University Press,:2013.  

297 pages ;:23 cm


HQ1061 .P49 2013 c.1 SSAd

Phillipson, Chris .

Ageing /:Christopher Phillipson.  

Cambridge:Polity Press,:2013.

viii, 218 p.:ill. ;:22 cm.


HV11 .C37 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Carey, Malcolm .

The social work dissertation:using small-scale qualitative methodology /:Malcolm Carey. 2nd ed.  

Maidenhead, Berkshire ;:New York, NY:McGraw-Hill/Open University Press,:2013.

xii, 238 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


HV12 .H37 2013 c.1 SSAd

Harris, John, 1952-

A dictionary of social work and social care /:John Harris and Vicky White.  

Oxford:Oxford University Press,:2013.

515 p. ;:20 cm.


HV40 .J36 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Jansson, Bruce S. .

Becoming an effective policy advocate:from policy practice to social justice.  7th ed.

Belmont, CA:Brooks/Cole,:c2014.

xxiv, 513 p.:ill. ;:26 cm.


HV40.32.D95 D95 2013 c.1 SSAd

DÞykema, Christopher Rhoades, 1944-2008.

Forty years in social work:reflections on practice and theory /:Christopher Rhoades  

Washington, DC:NASW,:[2013]

vi, 184 pages ;:26 cm


HV41 .G86 2013 c.1 SSAd

GÞunter, Michael .  

Psychoanalytic social work:practice - foundations - methods /:Michael Gunter and George Bruns ; with contributions from Martin Feuling ... [et al.] ; translation, Harriet Hasenclever.  

London:Karnac Books,:2013.

xi, 228 p. ;:23 cm.


HV41.P53 1994 c.1 SSAd  

Plaut, Eloine Raab. .

Inventory of data sets relevant to social work research on mental health services   /:prepared by Eloine Raab Plaut.

Chicago:University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration,:1994.

28, 11 leaves ;:28 cm.


HV689 .B46 2014 c.1 SSAd  

Bentley, Kia J. .

The social worker and psychotropic medication:toward effective collaboration with mental health clients, families, and providers /:Kia J. Bentley, Joseph Walsh.  4th ed.  

Belmont, CA:Brooks/Cole,:c2014.

xxii, 344 p. ;:24 cm.


HV751.A6R64 2013 c.1 SSAd

Rogowski, Steve .

Critical social work with children and families:theory, context and practice  

Bristol, UK ;:Chicago, IL:Policy Press,:2013.

x, 195 p. ;:24 cm.


HV873 .W74 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Wrench, Katie, 1972-

Life story work with children who are fostered or adopted:creative ideas and activities /:Katie Wrench and Lesley Naylor.

London:Jessica Kingsley Publishers,:2013.

112 pages ;:23 cm  


HV887.R8 D44 2012 c.1 SSAd  

Deegan, Debbie. .

To Russia with love:changing the lives of abandoned children /:Debbie Deegan with Emily Hourican.

Cork:Mercier Press,:c2012.  

256 p., [8] p. of plates:col. ill., ;:20 cm.


HV1461 .M384 2014 c.1 SSAd

McInnis-Dittrich, Kathleen, 1951-

Social work with older adults:a biopsychosocial approach to assessment and intervention /:Kathleen McInnis-Dittrich.   4th ed.


xxiii, 374 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HV5053 .P373 2013 c.2 SSAd  

Parker, Robert Nash .

Alcohol and violence:the nature of the relationship and the promise of prevention   /:Robert Nash Parker and Kevin J. McCaffree.

Lanham, Md.:Lexington Books,:c2013.

xviii, 211 p.:ill., maps ;:24 cm.


HV5824.W6 W64 2013 c.2 SSAd  

Boeri, Miriam. .

Women on ice:methamphetamine use among suburban women /:Miriam Boeri.  

New Brunswick, N.J.:Rutgers University Press,:c2013.

xvi, 231 p. ;:23 cm.


HV6570 .D35 2013 c.2 SSAd  

Dale, Susan (Susan Elizabeth)

The secret keepers:narratives exploring the inter and transgenerational effects of childhood sexual abuse and violence /:by Susan Dale.

Newcastle upon Tyne:Cambridge Scholars Publishing,:2013.

viii, 163 p. ;:21 cm.


HV6570 .H64 2013 c.1 SSAd

Hoffer, Tia A. .

Suicide among child sex offenders /:Tia A. Hoffer, Joy Lynn E. Shelton.  

New York:Springer,:c2013.

vii, 79 p. ;:24 cm.


HV6570 .W56 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Winton, Mark A., 1962-

When teachers, clergy, and caretakers sexually abuse children and adolescents /:Mark A. Winton & Barbara A. Mara.

Durham, N.C.:Carolina Academic Press,:c2013.  

ix, 170 p. ;:23 cm.


HV6626.A425 2013 c.1 SSAd

Allen, Mary .

Social work and intimate partner violence /:Mary Allen.  

Abingdon, Oxon ;:New York:Routledge,:2013.

177 p. ;:24 cm.


HV6626.2 .C55 2013 c.2 SSAd  

Clark, Valerie A., 1981-

Intimate partner violence among adolescents:causes and correlates /:Valerie A. Clark.  

El Paso:LFB Scholarly Pub.,:2013.  

v, 213 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


HV6626.3.I577 2013 c.1 SSAd

International perspectives on elder abuse /:edited by Amanda Phelan.  

Abingdon, Oxon ;:New York:Routledge,:2013.

xiv, 235 p. ;:24 cm.


HV6710.K37 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Karter, Elizabeth, 1966-

Women and problem gambling:therapeutic insights into understanding addiction   and treatment /:Liz Karter.

London ;:New York:Routledge,:2013.  

xi, 149 p. ;:22 cm.


HV9069.B294 2013 c.1 SSAd

Banks, Cyndi .

Youth, crime and justice /:Cyndi Banks.  

Abingdon, Oxon ;:New York:Routledge,:2013.

x, 328 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


HV9146.L65 F37 2013 c.1 SSAd

Farrington, David P.

Offending from Childhood to Late Middle Age:Recent Results from the Cambridge Study on Delinquent Development /:David P. Farrington, Alex R. Piquero, [et al.]  

New York:Springer,:[2013]

xiv, 80 pages:illustrations ;:24 cm.  


JK275 .W45 2013 c.1 SSAd

Williamson, Kevin D .

The end is near and it's going to be awesome:how going broke will leave America richer, happier, and more secure /:Kevin D. Williamson.  

New York, NY:Broadside Books,:c2013.

x, 229 p. ;:24 cm.


LB1027.5 .S2585 2014 c.1 SSAd  

Schmidt, John J., 1946-

Counseling in schools:comprehensive programs of responsive services for all students /:John J. Schmidt, Professor Emeritus, East Carolina University. Sixth edition.


xvii, 363 pages ;:24 cm


LB3013.4 .T89 2014 c.1 SSAd

Tuzeo-Jarolmen, JoAnn, 1945-

School social work:a direct practice guide /:JoAnn Jarolmen.

Los Angeles:Sage Publications,:c2014.

438 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


PN4888.H57 C43 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Chavez, Leo R. (Leo Ralph)

The Latino threat:constructing immigrants, citizens, and the nation /:Leo R. Chavez.   Second edition.

Stanford, California:Stanford University Press,:2013.


RA399.A3 E95 2013 c.1 SSAd

Begley, Charles E., 1947-

Evaluating the healthcare system:effectiveness, efficiency, and equity /:Charles E. Begley, David R. Lairson, Robert O. Morgan, Paul J. Rowan, Rajesh Balkrishnan.  Fourth edition.

Chicago, Illinois:Health Administration Press,:[2013]

xv, 320 pages:illustrations ;:27 cm  


RA410.53 .H669 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Hough, Douglas E.

Irrationality in health care:what behavioral economics reveals about what we do and why /:Douglas E. Hough.

Stanford, California:Stanford Economics and Finance,:[2013]  

xvii, 291 pages:illustrations ;:24 cm


RA645.O23 D45 2013 c.1 SSAd

Delgado, Melvin .

Social justice and the urban obesity crisis:implications for social work

New York:Columbia University Press,:[2013]

viii, 266 pages ;:23 cm


RA790.6 .S43 2013 c.1 SSAd

Sederer, Lloyd I. .  

The family guide to mental health care /:Lloyd I Sederer ; foreword by Glenn Close.

New York:W. W. Norton & Co.,:c2013.  

xxii, 312 p. ;:25 cm.


RC451.4.E45 E53 2013 c.1 SSAd

Enduring migration through the life cycle /:edited by Arturo Varchevker and Eileen McGinley.  

London:Karnac Books,:2013.  

xxvii, 249 p. ;:23 cm.


RC451.5.M48 F56 2013 c.1 SSAd

Flores, Yvette Gisele. .

Chicana and Chicano mental health:alma, mente, y corazÔon /:Yvette G. Flores.  

Tucson:University of Arizona Press,:[2013]

167 pages ;:24 cm.


RC455.2.C4 F73 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Frances, Allen, 1942-

Saving normal:an insider's revolt against out-of-control psychiatric diagnosis, DSM-5, big pharma, and the medicalization of ordinary life /:Allen Frances.

New York:William Morrow,:c2013.

xx, 314 p.:ill. ;:24 cm.


RC455.2.C4 G74 2013 c.1 SSAd

Greenberg, Gary,

The book of woe:the DSM and the unmaking of psychiatry /:Gary Greenberg.

New York:Blue Rider Press, a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.,:[2013]

403 pages ;:24 cm  


RC488 .I58 2013 c.1 SSAd  

The interpersonal neurobiology of group psychotherapy and group process /:edited by Susan P. Gantt and Bonnie Badenoch.

London:Karnac Books,:2013.

xxi, 213 p.:ill. ;:23 cm.


RC489.C63 S36 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Scott, Michael J., 1948-

CBT for common trauma responses /:Michael J. Scott.

London ;:Thousand Oaks, Calif.:SAGE,:2013.  

vi, 264 p.:ill. ;:25 cm.


RC489.M55 G37 2013 c.1 SSAd

Garland, Eric L. .  

Mindfulness-oriented recovery enhancement for addiction, stress, and pain /:Eric L. Garland.  

Washington, DC:NASW Press, National Association of Social Workers,:[2013]

vii, 206 pages ;:26 cm  


RC489.S676 J64 2013 c.1 SSAd

Johnson, Rick,

Spirituality in counseling and psychotherapy:an integrative approach that   empowers clients /:Rick Johnson.  

Hoboken, New Jersey:John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,:[2013]

xxiii, 263 pages ;:24 cm


RC512 .A27 2013 c.1 SSAd

Acceptance and commitment therapy and mindfulness for psychosis /:edited by Eric M.J. Morris, Louise C. Johns and Joseph E. Oliver.  

Chichester, West Sussex, UK:Wiley-Blackwell,:2013.

xxii, 279 pages:illustrations ;:25 cm


RC512 .G33 2013 c.1 SSAd

Gaag, Mark van der, 1953-

CBT for those at risk of a first episode psychosis:evidence-based psychotherapy for   people with an "at risk mental state" /:Mark van der Gaag, Dorien Nieman, and David van den Berg.  

London ;:New York:Routledge,:2013.  

xvi, 217 pages:illustrations ;:26 cm


RC552.E18 E28216 2013 c.1 SSAd

Eating disorders:an encyclopedia of causes, treatment, and prevention /Justine J.  

Santa Barbara, Calif.:Greenwood,:c2013.

xiv, 498 p.:ill. ;:26 cm.


RC552.T7 E53 2013 c.1 SSAd

Enduring trauma through the life cycle /:edited by Eileen McGinley and Arturo  


xxx, 231 p. ;:23 cm.


RC569 .F594 2013 c.1 SSAd

Flemons, Douglas G. .

Relational suicide assessment:risks, resources, and possibilities for safety /:Douglas Flemons, Leonard M. Gralnik ; foreword by Donald Meichenbaum.  

New York:W.W. Norton & Company,:[2013]

xvi, 253 pages ;:25 cm  


RJ399.C6 W37 2013 c.1 SSAd  

Warren, Jacob C. .

Always the fat kid:the truth about the enduring effects of childhood obesity /:Jacob   Warren and K. Bryant Smalley.

New York City:Palgrave Macmillan,:2013.   xii, 242 p.:maps ;:25 cm.


RJ499 .C492 2013 c.1 SSAd

Christophersen, Edward R. .

Treatments that work with children:empirically supported strategies for managing childhood problems /:Edward R. Christophersen, Susan Mortweet VanScoyoc.  Second edition.  

Washington, DC:American Psychological Association,:[2013]

xii, 282 pages ;:26 cm


RJ499 .E93 2012 c.1 SSAd  

Exceptional life journeys:stories of childhood disorder /:edited by Jac Andrews, Peter Istvanffy.

London ;:Waltham, MA:Elsevier,:2012.  

xxxvi, 270 p. ;:24 cm.


RJ503.6 .M329 2013 c.1 SSAd  

McConaughy, Stephanie H. .

Clinical interviews for children and adolescents:assessment to intervention /:Stephanie H. McConaughy.  Second edition.

New York:The Guilford Press,:[2013]  

xv, 272 pages:illustrations ;:27 cm.


RJ504.2 .U847 2013 c.1 SSAd

The uses of psychoanalysis in working with children's emotional lives /:edited by Michael O'Loughlin.

Lanham, Md.:Jason Aronson,:c2013.  

xi, 375 p. ;:24 cm.


RJ504.4 .P73 2012 c.1 SSAd

Prager,Laura M. .  

Suicide by security blanket, and other stories from the child psychiatric emergency service:what happens to children with acute mental illness /:Laura M. Prager and Abigail L. Donovan.  

Santa Barbara, Calif.:Praeger,:c2012.

xiv, 115 p.:ill. ;:25 cm.  


RJ506.B44 B36 2013 c.1 SSAd

Barkley, Russell A., 1949-

Defiant children:a clinician's manual for assessment and parent training /:Russell A. Barkley.  Third edition.

New York:The Guilford Press,:[2013]

xii, 228 pages:illustrations ;:27 cm  


RJ506.D47 T73 2013 c.2 SSAd  

Transforming systems for parental depression and early childhood developmental delays:findings and lessons learned from the Helping Families Raise Healthy Children initiative /:Dana Schultz ... [et al.].

Santa Monica, CA:RAND Corporation,:2013.

xxix, 166 p.:ill. ;:28 cm.


RJ506.J88 T44 2013 c.1 SSAd

Teen residential treatment programs /:Judeen Bartos,

Detroit:Greenhaven Press,:[2013]

98 pages ;:24 cm.


RJ506.P66 S39 2013 c.1 SSAd

Schwartz, Harvey L., 1955-

The alchemy of wolves and sheep:a relational approach to internalized perpetration in complex trauma survivors /:Harvey L. Schwartz.  

Hove, East Sussex ;:New York:Routledge,:2013.

265 pages ;:24 cm  


Online resources accessible through the library catalogue: monographs

BF636.6 .M43 2012 Online

Meakins, Elizabeth

What will you do with my story? [electronic resource] / Elizabeth Meakins.

London : Karnac Books, 2012.


HC110.P6 M3376 2013eb Online

McNeil, Lori

Street practice [electronic resource] : changing the lens on poverty and public assistance / Lori McNeil.

Farnham, Surrey, England ; Burlington, Vt. : Ashgate, 2013.

1 online resource (xix, 170 p.) : ill.


HN59.2 .L495 2010eb Online

Lewis, Kristen

The measure of America 2010-2011 [electronic resource] : mapping risks and resilience american human development project / Kristen Lewis and Sarah Burd-Sharps.

New York : New York University Press, c2010

xvi, 317 p. : col. ill., col. maps.


HQ12 .S422 2012eb Online

Sex for life [electronic resource] : from virginity to Viagra, how sexuality changes throughout our lives / edited by Laura M. Carpenter and John DeLamater.

New York : New York University Press, c2012.

1 online resource (x, 363 p.) : ill.


HQ801 .V279 2012eb Online

Van Hooff, Jenny

Modern couples? [electronic resource] : continuity and change in heterosexual relationships / by Jenny Van Hooff.

Burlington, Vt. : Ashgate, 2012.

1 online resource (170 p.)


HQ1064.G7 D38 2012eb Online

Davidson, Scott, 1954-

Going grey [electronic resource] : the mediation of politics in an ageing society / by Scott Davidson.

Farnham ; Burlington, VT : Ashgate, c2012.

1 online resource (viii, 195 p.) : ill., ports.


HV95 .A54 2009  Online

Allard, Scott W.

Out of reach [electronic resource] : place, poverty, and the new American welfare state / Scott W. Allard.

New Haven : Yale University Press, c2009.


LC5133.P5 C84 2013eb Online

Cucchiara, Maia Bloomfield

Marketing schools, marketing cities [electronic resource] : who wins and who loses when schools become urban amenities / Maia Bloomfield Cucchiara.

Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2013.


RA564.9.H63 O45 2013 Online

Oliver, Vanessa, 1980-

Healing home [electronic resource] : health and homelessness in the life stories of young women / Vanessa Oliver.

Toronto : University of Toronto Press, c2013.


Online resources accessible through the library catalogue: serials

HC101.N195  Online

NBER working paper series [electronic resource]

Cambridge, MA : National Bureau of Economic Research

--Bassok, Daphna [et al.][2012] : Does State Preschool Crowd-Out Private Provision?  The Impact of Universal Preschool on the Childcare Sector in Oklahoma and Georgia. w18605  

--Blau, Francine D., and Lawrence M. Kahn [2013] : Female Labor Supply: Why is the US Falling Behind?  w18702 


HV701.C55I47 Online

Child Welfare Policy and Practice Group

Improving outcomes by improving practice / Child Welfare Policy & Practice Group.

Began with volume 1, issue 1 (July 2011). Semiannual

Montgomery, AL : Child Welfare Policy & Practice Group, 2011-


Relevant new material at other University of Chicago libraries:  books

E184.A1 C573 2013 JRL

Combined destinies : whites sharing grief about racism / Ann Todd Jealous and Caroline T. Haskell ; foreword by Julian Bond and Pam Horowitz.

Washington, D.C. : Potomac Books, c2013.

xxiii, 197 p. ; 24 cm.


HM1106 .O94 2013 JRL

The Oxford handbook of close relationships / edited by Jeffry A. Simpson, Lorne Campbell.

New York : Oxford University Press, c2013.

xvii, 846 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.


HN90.S6 E26 2013 v.1-2 JRL

The economics of inequality, poverty, and discrimination in the 21st century / Robert S. Rycroft, editor.

Santa Barbara, Calif. : Praeger, c2013.


HQ12 .S422 2012 JRL

Sex for life : from virginity to Viagra, how sexuality changes throughout our lives / edited by Laura M. Carpenter and John DeLamater.

New York : New York University Press, c2012.

x, 363 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. [also available as an electronic book]


HQ767.9 .O78 2013 JRL

Oswell, David

The agency of children : from family to global human rights / David Oswell.

Cambridge ; New York : CambridgeUniversity Press, 2013.

viii, 305 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.


HQ800.3 .G55 2013 JRL

Gilmartin, Brian G.

Shyness & love : causes, consequences, and treatment / Brian G. Gilmartin. 2nd edition

Lanham, Md. : University Press of America, c2013.

viii, 330 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.


HV553 .C698 2013 JRL

Coyne, Christopher J.

Doing bad by doing good : why humanitarian action fails / Christopher J. Coyne.

Stanford, California : Stanford Economics and Finance, an imprint of Stanford University Press, [2013]

xiv, 258 pages ; 24 cm


HV8138 .C535 2011 JRL

Chriss, James J., 1955-

Beyond community policing : from early American beginnings to the 21st century / James J. Chriss.

Boulder, CO : Paradigm Publishers, c2011.

xi, 248 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.


LB1065 .B743 2013 JRL

Breaking the mold of education : innovative and successful practices for student engagement, empowerment, and motivation / Audrey Cohan and Andrea Honigsfeld.

Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield Education, [2013]

xix, 191 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.


LC4717 .B38 2013 JRL

Bauminger-Zviely, Nirit

Social and academic abilities in children with high-functioning autism spectrum disorders / Nirit Bauminger-Zviely.

New York : The Guilford Press, [2013]

xiv, 322 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm


RA1148 .F559 2013 Sci

Forensic uses of clinical assessment instruments / edited by Robert P. Archer and Elizabeth M.A. Wheeler. 2nd edition

New York, NY : Routledge, 2013.

xv, 416 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.


RC564 .S497 2013 JRL

Sheff, David

Clean : overcoming addiction and ending America's greatest tragedy / David Sheff.

Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013.

xxii, 374 p. ; 24 cm.


UB357 .F64 2012 JRL

Fleury-Steiner, Benjamin, 1970-

Disposable heroes : the betrayal of African-American veterans / Benjamin Fleury-Steiner.

Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield, c2012.

vii, 187 p. ; 24 cm.


Relevant new material at other University of Chicago libraries: media

DVD RC455.4.E8 A34 2010 Sci [1st Floor Film/DVD Collection]

Afflictions [videorecording] : culture & mental illness in Indonesia / Elemental Productions presents ; produced and directed by Robert Lemelson

Watertown, MA : Documentary Educational Resources, c2010-2011.

6 videodiscs (182 min.) : sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in.