Survey 2010 comments: Crerar Library

General Comments

1. As a doctoral student in the sciences the majority of my library use came in my first year when I had classes. During the year I used the library daily; primarily as a place to study. I also frequently used the printing services of the computer lab that was in the basement of Crerar. In terms of materials, I almost exclusively use pubmed to search for the articles in my field however the university subscriptions to journals is absolutely essential for my work.

2. Make it more obvious which light switch controls which set of lights. Also, more step ladders would be nice. Lastly, make it more clear that you can put money for copying on your student ID. I didn't know this, so I bought a copy card.

3. Some comments: --Almost every major trip I make to Crerar or Regenstein libraries, I find that books that were supposed to be on the shelves cannot be found. In the past, I have filed lost book notifications and the libraries have not been able to locate the copies. I am concerned and frustrated that a large fraction of the libraries' holdings are not where you think they are. --Electrical outlet access in the D'Angelo library is excellent, at least along the window desks, but impossible to find at the tables in the main space. I believe Crerar suffers from similar access problems but I haven't studied there for a while. Regenstein's outlets are acceptable, in that I can usually find an open table with a power supply, but falls short of the D'Angelo's highest standard of two devoted outlets per table.

4. I have to go to Crerar once in a while, and whenever I do I dread it because it takes 5 times longer to find my book than it should: needs better organization and *more maps* of the bookstacks placed prominently around! I also used the computer lab there over break, when the Reg's was closed, and I did not find the new space to be very accommodating; the old one was much better. Though I liked the fact that it was near the windows, the desk space was untenably cramped—there was nowhere to spread my books and papers—and the chairs were squeezed so close back to back, that it was virtually impossible to work at every station b/c the seating was so narrow!

5. Crerar: The lighting on the second floor is bad. The second floor also has a lack of plugs. ~ more white boards would be awesome. even if they were small ones that one could check out from the desk - this would be great. ~ I think that the shelves where the journals are kept on the first floor are using up valuable space. Most are empty. They could be removed and the library would look a lot better or could have more room for small study rooms. ~ The carpet could be replaced. ~ could there be a vending machine in the foyer/the area before one comes through the gate?

6. Crerar is a very good library. It is difficult to think of something more then we already have.

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Study / Workspace and Atmosphere

7. I love Crerar library! Wonderful, quiet space to study. The librarians at the reference desk have always been very helpful. It would be nice if there were more spaces for group study at Crerar.

8. More cafe-type spaces would be nice for people who like some background noise.

9. In Crerar, the group study spaces are really great, but it is very frustrating to often find that only one person is using them. I think there should be a rule that ONLY groups may use them, and that single users should not be in them. Second, I never adjusted to the move of the USITE computer center from the basement to the first floor. I think the basement space was FAR superior - it was truly a great space for using computers by oneself or in groups, and I really miss it. The 1st floor space just does not compare, I always feel like I am disturbing people, it is not its own space but just plopped down in the quiet of the shelves. I also miss the double-sided, color, inexpensive printing that was offered there. I will not forget that great space that was given up to make way for offices that hardly look like they are being used (that space was perfect for a computer center, and does not seem to suit offices at all!!)

10. Make the space more laidback and fun. Allow food and drink. Maybe have a cafe. In general, library should feel more like a cafe than an academic institution. Provide more spaces for groups.

11. Many of the group study rooms in Crerar lack wireless internet. There are also too few enclosed study rooms in Crerar, especially around exam times.

12. It would be nice if Crerar had some kind of snack station/area or even coffee shop.

13. Quiet study space is not quite at all

14. More separated study desk--John Crerar

15. I would really appreciate more PCs available for public use in Crerar, as well as some in more private study spaces and group stations. I am also a bit frustrated by the lack of group study areas in both Crerar and Regenstein.

16. Crerar needs more group study rooms that aren't so quiet! It's hard to have a group discussion in the rooms because they're not sound proof and we feel like we're bothering nearby students.

17. More spaces

18. Both the Regenstein and Crerar libraries could do with better food & refreshment options - so that continuous study can occur without too much disruption ...

19. Carpeting Carpeting Carpeting

20. need more group space and white boards

21. Regenstein study spaces are not really very conducive to getting work done. Maybe they could take a few design tips from Crerar.

22. Spaces for group study are often occupied by one person which makes it difficult for groups to actually use it. The rooms could be locked and opened by verified groups (2+ people) that are given key access by the front desk.

23. the study area in Crerar is much better and has a nicer environment, but Crerar does not have the resources I need for research.

24. I stopped going to Crerar because it's become too social and people are constantly eating there. I understand snacking or drinking coffee in the library, but it's gone way beyond that to the point that I've felt ill from the smell of some of the things people bring in and eat (I'm vegetarian, so burgers just don't smell appetizing to me aside from the fact that they're inappropriate to eat in the library). I also had to stop going to Crerar because people bring in things like chips or granola bars, items that are wrapped in foil bags and are VERY VERY LOUD when being opened, eaten from or disposed of

25. Crerar is antiseptic.

26. Crerar Library provides an excellent space for studying, and the longer hours are very much appreciated

27. The carpeting in Crerar = good idea!

28. I wish there were more food available at Crerar!

29. I love Crerar. It uses space nicely, and you don't feel like you'll get a communicable disease from the computer's keyboards.

30. The smaller room in Crerar at the end of the tables on the 2nd floor (courtyard side) makes people think that it is soundproof when it is not, and people often go in there to watch movies, listen to music, or have loud conversations not realizing that they can be clearly heard.

31. There could be an area within the library designated for eating, which could include a microwave.

32. They're lovely, especially Crerar. I really enjoy being there.

33. There should be a café in or near Crerar.

34. Crerar is a really underused space, in part I believe to the lack of carrels for safely stashing laptops and other belongings for stack browsing/bathroom trips/coffee breaks. Why not have these?

35. As a med student, it would be most supportive to have a great place to study

36. Along the Northern-most wall in the Crerar Library, on the second and third floors, the internet access is very spotty. Also, group study rooms go quickly. It is a shame that the Usite computing center had to be moved out of the basement group study space onto the first floor. The computing center in the basement, when it was in use, was my favorite place to study, practice a presentation or have group discussion sessions. The space is now underutilized as a group office, while the first floor is cramped and it is rude to talk to others there - so it is no replacement for the old set-up in the basement.

37. At Crerar it is sometimes difficult to get a study room to work on a group project and it would be nice if there were at least 2 more designated study areas there. Also unless you take a cubicle, it can be tricky to find an outlet.

38. There should be a café in or near Crerar.

39. I love studying in Crerar and Regenstein.

40. Crerar- group study rooms are sort of dingy and could use fewer broken chairs, more chalk, more power outlets. Crerar in general could use more power outlets.

41. Crerar is a really underused space, in part I believe to the lack of carrels for safely stashing laptops and other belongings for stack browsing/bathroom trips/coffee breaks. Why not have these? That said, the new computer lab on the 1st floor is a very nice improvement.

42. Crerar is nicely lit, and the different options for study areas is very friendly (wide tables, cubicles, computer areas, group study rooms)

43. for extended study sessions, wish that even a working vending machine was available at Crerar.

44. have more large room non-quiet rooms for group study. The group rooms get busy and it would be nice to have another place where talking was allowed in Crerar.

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Lighting / Outlets

45. Lighting could be improved for the quiet study spaces in the Crerar library.

46. Lights are dim in some corners.

47. The Crerar Library has poor lighting in a lot of the areas (the automatic lights never come on, or don't stay on even if you move around). There are also few places for group study.

48. The Crerar stacks can be a bit creepy due to the lighting. I realize this is to save energy, however, so I don't necessarily think it should be changed.

49. All need different lighting, I would think

50. Crerar: a terribly maintained library! are they short on funds or something; there are almost always lights out for weeks on every floor

51. Searching the stacks in Crerar is dark, even once you've found the right light switch and turned on all the available lights. The basement movable stacks in Crerar are difficult to move.

52. Some of the bookstacks are not well-lit but in fact are dark. Maybe there's a way to activitate the lighting to help me find a book I'm looking for, but if so I don't know how to do this.

53. The lighting at the Crerar library is of a much higher quality (more light, brighter, whiter, and localized directly above study spaces) and this is something that the Regenstein could easily improve as well.

54. Power outlets. That 1st floor of Crerar is great in terms of light and tables (if chilly), but it's pretty hard to get a seat with a power outlet.

55. The lighting in Crerar can be harsh on the eyes after a while.

56. The lighting in Crerar is often on a timer at the end of rows, and turns off long before I'm finished browsing journal articles or other items, many of which are older and not indexed online.

57. The lighting in Crerar is terrible. They go out every 10-15 min when I'm studying, so I have to get up and turn them back on. I know it's saving power, but can the timer be set to 30 min at least or on a motion sensor? It's very disruptive.

58. The new lighting in Harper is fantastic--I really like the table lamps and I wish the Reg had better lighting like that! JCL also has nice lighting--all that natural light during the day keeps me from wanting to jump out the window. :) I wish, though, overall, that the libraries had more outlets for plugging laptops, especially since during busy hours the computers are often full.

59. The solo study spaces at Crerar could use some help -- mainly in increasing the number of electrical outlets and improving the lighting. I know lighting was recently replaced on the 2nd floor, but it is fluorescent and pretty unpleasant

60. When walking down the stacks, the lights should come on.

61. A few more tables and more lighting in Crerar (the outer area in the basement)

62. Even though most books I need are at the Reg, I end up spending most of my time in Crerar because the lighting in the Reg is so very poor

63. the overhead lamps in Crerar are great, but it is a more socially isolating space.

64. Crerar library NEEDS more outlets. Both Crerar and the Reg should have lamp lighting on the tables.

65. Crerar needs better lighting.

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Cleaning / Maintenance

66. For Crerar Library: please clean the white Apple keyboards regularly (currently they are dirty beyond belief); please install the software on the Apple computers also on the PC computers

67. Other than the loud custodian in crerar, which has caused many of us to move our study space from the 4th floor (where she cleans) to the 3rd floor, the experience is fine. The only other thing which I am not sure is actually possible to fix, is the plumbing in the bathrooms. The toilets are repeatedly clogged and don't flush with much force. It makes for a pretty disgusting experience almost daily.

68. If the cleaning and vacuuming service at Crerar were done before the start of public hours, it would be wonderful. But I do realize there are constraints about that, since staff don't start their shifts before the public hours.

69. One custodian in crerar can be incredibly loud and verging on disrespectful. She repeatedly vacuums around you while you are trying to study and acts like she is upset because you are blocking her way. This is almost daily in the middle of the day.

70. The cleaning staff in Crerar are constantly moving around and making noise during the afternoon, which can be a bit distracting for quiet studying. Does cleaning have to occur during the hours when most people are using the library to study?

71. The John Crerar Library is poorly lit in many of the study areas, and meeting rooms are always very messy- with food wrappers, papers, etc.

72. Crerar: Reschedule library cleaning staff so they aren't cleaning desks during study hours.

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Circulation / Stacks / Collections

73. The time it takes books to be returned to the shelves is a problem in Crerar. Several times, the catalog indicated that a book I was interested in was available, but it was not on the shelf. This would go on for weeks, until finally it was back on the shelf and I could check it out.

74. In addition, in my experience Crerar books are frequently missing or mis-shelved.

75. The medical school is the ONLY doctoral program grad school that is not given extended loan privileges. I had to haul all of my books over every quarter after the 3rd online recheck. This is ridiculous and presumptuous that we are hindered in our research. Fixing this would save infinite time. Thank you.

76. I would use more botanical and paleobotanical books in Crerar.

77. As far as being able to find books - there are a lot of lost books that never seem to be replaced, or are mis-shelved and never found again. Some libraries are worse than others - although in the Reg its an occasional annoyance, in Crerar its a constantly repeated frustration.

78. I also use the Crerar library frequently. It seems to be much less used as a study space that the Reg, so although it has les space its never crowded. However - the rate at which returned books are reshelved Crerar is **terrible**. There's never been an occasion when I've never been there to look for a book, when I *haven't* had to search through all the backlogged trollies parked up full of returned books, to find what I need. The books are rarely in the right place - huge numbers of the social studies/history and philosophy of science books are misplaced or lost. I have to schedule extra amount of time to hunt all over the library every time I go there - and when I'm on campus I got there a lot.

79. It is almost impossible to find print journals in Crerar so is important to have digital access

80. Also, to the extent possible, please maintain print copies of journals. I have noticed that several journals I used to read in Crerar have disappeared in print form. Chemistry of Materials in particular comes to mind.

81. I am occasionally frustrated when old books appear as in the system but are not on the shelves. This seems most common with the Dewey decimal collection in the basement of Crerar, and it's always sad to realize the book you want is missing.

82. I go to Crerar library mostly for browsing Biomedical Journals. I wish they provide more up to date journals in the reading area, like Nature, Science, Nature Genetics, etc.

83. Crerar used to be slow about searching for missing books, but has improved lately in this respect.

84. I regularly find items misshelved in Crerar or notice that the items on the cart awaiting reshelving sit there for several weeks at a time, particularly over breaks.

85. science is funny, -- i really just use pubmed to find articles, and in my lab we all read the table of contents from a number of journals and pass along relevant articles to each other. The most useful thing is then just having access to any article we come across, or any technical reference book we need for development of whatever cutting edge technology we're building (this is usually in the form of a programming language or software-library reference book - the hardware comes with documentation, and we ordered it with a plan for putting it all together). and i will repeat myself. the two resources i find myself missing the most in this process are the IEEE/ACM portal, and the oreilly books. there's some other journals too, but they come up less often.

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Hours / Access

86. The door to the tunnel from the Crerar basement to the GCIS building appears to have card-swiping entrance, but my ID card, which allows me entry to GCIS at all hours, does not work on this door. Other students who work in GCIS have the same problem. This means we can only use the tunnel to go from GCIS to Crerar, but not back. It would be nice if this was remedied.

87. Allow self-checkout and have library open 24 hrs.

88. Can you please extend the library hours again? I think it's criminal that Crerar and the Reg close so early, especially since the folks who are most likely to use Crerar late at night are folks from the hospital or scientists and not a bunch of undergrads.

89. the hours Crerar is open should not have been shortened

90. I hope the Crerar library Circ./Reserve time can be extend to Sunday morning.

91. 24 hours access!

92. would recommend that the Crerar library be open later than 1 am during weekdays.

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93. I miss the USITE in downstairs CRERAR BADLY...was one of the more pleasant spaces to study and low-key.

94. USITE Crerar needs to be restored See earlier comment

95. I think more computer resources are needed in the Crerar library. However, the new regulation that each user has to sign in no matter what, really slows things down, because I guess the memory capacity of the computers that have been placed in Crerar is low so that it takes a very long time for someone to log on the network. So, I suggest to reserve more space for computer stations and request that either the computers to be modernized or the log on/off procedure to be removed.

96. I really like the new set of computers on the first floor of Crerar.

97. I mainly access the resources via my home PC so good web and computer access (I use EndNote, for example) resources are important.

98. It would be great if there were computers to use on the 2nd floor of Crerar!

99. Need to fix broken Mac's much faster. They have been sitting there out for service for weeks. (Crerar)

100. The USITE location in Crerar was completely ruined when it was moved from downstairs to upstairs; the new space is ugly, the computers are slow and in poor condition, the environment (quiet library) is inappropriate for many types of computer work, especially collaboration. What was once a very nice place to use computer (USITE downstairs) was totally ruined. Very disappointed and I considered writing to the head of NSIT and library services in this regard.

101. I like the Macs in Crerar.

102. I've stopped using the new scanners in Regenstein, however, since I had attempted to scan several texts on different occasions last quarter and repeatedly had to deal with the scanner resetting and the scanned pages being lost. Since then, when I need to scan something, I've gone to Crerar to use the scanners set up with some of the Mac computers. Also, the computer lab in the basement of Crerar was a really wonderful place to work, and I've found myself using computers on campus only when I have to (as opposed to making trips to campus specifically to work in the Crerar computer lab) since it was closed.

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103. Sometimes the librarians at Crerar are noisy; holding full voice conversations while I'm trying to read.

104. the library staff is, generally speaking, phenomenal, especially the research librarians. They are excellent and have always been able to point me in the right direction at Crerar and the Reg. It is clear the university has invested in the quality of its staff, and this is the most critical aspect of the library in helping my research. Thank you!!!!

105. The staff is very effective and helpful.

106. In Crerar, it seems like there is frequently too much noise to study effectively-- sometimes this is the library staff talking on phones in the library proper.

107. the library workshops are fantastic, but rarely advertised to the medical school. I would love to see more!

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Printing / Copying / Scanning

108. As I mentioned in a previous entry-box, it would be nice if there was at least one copier in Crerar that took cash/change.

109. In John Crear library, there isn't a credit card machine for adding money to my card and then printing. Usually I run out of money and go to Regenstein to finish.

110. It would be nice if there was at least one copy-machine which took cash. I am an infrequent user of the copy-machines, so I find it inconvenient to load my card with money and then scan my card to make copies.

111. I also wish there were copiers/scanners on the second and third floors in Crerar, in addition to those located on the first floor.

112. I often check out books at the Reg and then go to Crerar to do scanning.

113. Making photocopies/scanning of print journals at Crerar is very inconvenient, and the student on staff usually doesn't do a good job helping me.

114. More copy machines in Crerar would be nice.

115. I basically only use Crerar, and I would love it if printers/scanners were installed on all floors, instead of only on the main level. Maybe they are already there and I am missing them, but I can only seem to find them on the first floor.

116. Crerar is does not re-shelve books quickly and the stacks are not labeled with the correct call numbers. It has half the number of photocopiers it used to have and they no longer take paper or coin money requiring visits to the card recharge station on the first floor in the middle of copy jobs. Often all the copiers are occupied now that there are fewer

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