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Professor, anthropologist. The Redfield Papers span the years of Robert Redfield's association with the Department of Anthropology at the University of Chicago, from the mid-1920s when he began graduate work in anthropology to the end of his professional career in 1958.

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Biographical Note

Most of Robert Redfield's life and distinguished career were closely linked to the University of Chicago. He had graduated from the University's Laboratory School and its College, and had received the JD degree before beginning graduate work in anthropology with Fay-Cooper Cole and Edward Sapir in 1924. Upon the completion of his PhD in 1928 he was made an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology and from that date until his death in 1958 he was an active member of the faculty of the Anthropology Department. Promotions came quickly for him: by 1934 he was a full professor and in the same year was made Dean of the Division of Social Sciences: after giving up the Deanship in 1946, he served as chairman of the Department of Anthropology from 1947 to 1949.

When Redfield began his graduate work in anthropology, anthropology was taught in a department combined with sociology, thus giving him the full benefit of training in both fields. Faye-Cooper Cole and Edward Sapir guided much of his graduate training: in the field of sociology, the most influential member of the faculty, Robert E. Park, was the man who had first encouraged Redfield to pursue anthropological studies and whose work was to have an important effect on Redfield's conception of the nature of the social sciences. As a reflection of his student years, a few of Redfield's own student term papers are found in the section of "Student Papers: and in the "Personal Correspondence" can be found a record of his archaeological experiences in Bainbridge, Ohio, in the summer of 1925. Other than these, the collection contains very little record of his graduate training before beginning fieldwork in Middle America.

Redfield married Margaret Park, Robert Park's daughter, in 1920 and, because of her training in anthropology and sociology and her strong natural interest in people, Mrs. Redfield was always an active and important participant in fieldwork. In 1926, the Redfields began their first fieldwork in the small village of Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico. The eight months spent in Tepoztlan was the more difficult because the Redfields needed to keep their children safe during several incidents of Mexican civil unrest. A few field notes are found in the "Middle America Field Materials," but more extensive documentation of these months exists in the correspondence between Redfield and family members in Chicago, and his correspondence with Mrs. Redfield while she was temporarily in Tacubaya, Mexico.

From the work in Tepoztlan Redfield wrote his PhD dissertation, which was later, published as Tepoztlan: Life in a Mexican Village (1930). The body of the dissertation was published virtually unchanged, but with a new introduction. The original introduction to the dissertation is also very interesting: it can be consulted with the copy of the dissertation found in the general collection of the University of Chicago Library.

In 1930, Redfield began his association with the Carnegie Institution of Washington and its work in Yucatan. Initially, Redfield went to Yucatan to propose a cultural survey of the peninsula but soon after his arrival, a meeting was held at the headquarters in Chichen Itza and it was decided not to pursue a survey of contemporary cultures. Archeology was the first and biggest interest of the CIW in Yucatan and from this had sprung a very strong historical-reconstructionist approach to the study of modern cultures. Redfield made it clear he would not engage in this type of study (which he considered a search for survivals), but would go ahead, nonetheless, and draft a proposal for a different kind of study. Alfred Kidder, who was then associated with the CIW and who had attended the meeting in Chichen Itza, took an interest in Redfield's approach to the study of contemporary cultures and, after the proposal was submitted, advocated its implementation. The project, as outlined by Redfield, was undertaken and was destined to be both large and important. The preliminary events surrounding the cultural survey of Yucatan are documented by Redfield's correspondence to his wife (see the "Personal Correspondence"), and by the project proposals and their drafts found in the "General Files" under Carnegie Institution of Washington.

In 1931, the Redfields began their fieldwork in Yucatan. Chan Kom had been chosen as one of four communities to be studied and Alfonso Villa-Rojas, then a young schoolteacher, had already begun working in the village under Redfield's supervision. The Redfields joined him there for further work. These labors resulted in Chan Kom: A Maya Village (1934), jointly authored by Redfield and Villa, and was the first of the Yucatan community studies to be published. During the years of work in Yucatan other communities were studied: Asael Hansen undertook intensive work in the capitol city of Merida, Villa studied several villages in Quintana Roo, and Redfield studied the town of Dzitas. The entire project was done under Redfield's direction and as a result there are in the collection extensive field notes, field diaries, and correspondence relating to all this work.

Redfield was responsible for the supervision of similar work, also sponsored by the CIW, being done in the neighboring highlands of Guatemala by Sol Tax. In the spring of 1935, Redfield made an exploratory trip to Guatemala with a brief stopover in Yucatan. This trip is described in Redfield's letters to his family but the expected arrival of the Redfield's fourth child was the uppermost concern in his mind (he returned to Chicago just a few hours before the birth of his son James). During this trip, however, arrangements were begun for the Redfields to take up fieldwork in Agua Escondida, Guatemala.

In the spring of 1937, and from October to February of 1938-1939 the Redfields were working in Agua Escondida. At the time of the 1938-1939 trip Redfield was finishing The Folk Culture of Yucatan (1941) which synthesized all of the work which had been done in Yucatan in the 1930s and which included part of the results from Sol Tax's work in Guatemala. It was an enormous task, which reflected Redfield's ability to extract general trends from a morass of data.

All of the work done in Guatemala is substantiated by a large number of diaries, ethnographic field notes, and correspondence between Tax and Redfield. Also present are Benjamin and Lois Paul's notes from work done in Guatemala under the supervision of the University of Chicago Department of Anthropology.

In the late 1940s, Redfield's interest began to turn away from “the folk” and centered on “civilization.” Late in 1948 the Redfields set out for China where he was to teach at National Tsinghua University, Peiping. After a brief stay in Peiping the Redfields were forced to go to Lingnan University, Canton, and soon after that to leave the country in the face of the advancing Communist Army. The Redfields returned from China by way of Europe where Redfield delivered a series of lectures in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1949. The "Personal Correspondence" contains documentation of the China-Europe trip: related correspondence can be found in the "General Files" under Helen and Everett Hughes. The Frankfurt Lectures themselves are found in the section of "Redfield Publications." Photographs are the only material present from the brief stay in China and India. Scattered documents throughout the collection, however, clearly reveal his increasing interest in the study of comparative civilization.

From the beginning of this career Redfield had also been involved in a large number of national and international activities and had been active as a private citizen in many social causes. He was president of the American Anthropological Association (1944): was a member of the Commission on the Freedom of the Press: was a director of the American Council on Race Relations: a member of the Committee to Frame a World Constitution: and had been an advisor for the War Relocation Authority during the war years. In addition to these activities he was also a frequent guest lecturer at various universities and served on the boards of several foundations. As a man of great integrity who held high standards for himself and for things with which he was associated, his assistance was highly valued in the academic world: his name was often sought to back public causes. The records of these activities are found throughout the "General Files."

In the 1950s, Redfield began to remove himself from the strenuous obligations imposed by these and other activities and turned instead to more concentrated teaching and writing at the University of Chicago. Perhaps of greatest interest to him was the comparative study of civilization largely made possible through the generous grants of the Ford Foundation. This claimed the greatest part of his attention in the 1950s: the records of this project were deposited in the University Archives in 1972 and have been organized as a separate collection: "Comparative Cultures Project Papers."

After the mid-1950s Redfield had less time and energy to devote to his work because he suffered from leukemia. His remaining time was enthusiastically devoted to those activities, which had come to have special importance for him. These included work on the concepts of civilization, the nature and role of general education in modern society, and human nature. Even in the face of ebbing strength Redfield worked diligently and maintained, as always, his self-imposed standards. He passed away on 16 October 1958, in Billings Hospital from leukemia.

Scope Note

The Redfield Papers span the years of Robert Redfield's association with the Department of Anthropology at the University of Chicago, from the mid-1920s when he began graduate work in anthropology to the end of his professional career in 1958. When Redfield was appointed Assistant Professor of Anthropology in 1928, his professional files, which form the basis of this collection and provide systematic and thorough documentation of his career, were established. The "General Files" section here represents the bulk of this documentation, which is supplemented by extensive ethnographic material collected in Middle America, his manuscripts, his publications, and his teaching materials.


This section contains over 300 personal letters, most of which were written by Redfield to his immediate family. Redfield seldom dated anything he wrote: to compensate for this lack the letters have been grouped according to the periods in which they were written. These periods include Redfield's first (and last) archaeological dig in the summer of 1925 while still a graduate student: the field work in Tepoztlan (1926-1927): the summer he taught at Cornell and finished his dissertation (1928): correspondence from 1926 to 1928 related to job offers and publications: field work in Yucatan and Guatemala (1930-1948): field work in China and the Redfields' travels in Europe after leaving China in 1949: a brief period in 1950 when Redfield was recuperating from bronchitis in San Miguel, Mexico: and letters from a variety of conferences he attended over the years.

Redfield was a devoted family man and intensely disliked being away from his wife and children. When possible Mrs. Redfield accompanied him in his travels, as both a valuable companion and a good researcher: the children were taken along on most extended field trips. When it was necessary for Redfield to be away from his family he was a constant correspondent, writing as often as time permitted, usually daily. These letters concentrate on family life and events, but also include vivid descriptions, impressions, and feelings about the events at hand. In addition they often express personal feelings about his work and his profession, which are not found elsewhere in the collection.

When Mrs. Redfield and the children were with Redfield he wrote long, thoughtful letters to his mother and to his parents-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Park ("Mother" is Mrs. Redfield, Sr.: "Mom" and "Pop" are the Parks) as well as to other family members and close friends.


Nearly half of the Papers are in this section, forming a record of Redfield's professional activities until 1958 and covering both his work at the University and his work at the national and international levels. The contents are predominantly correspondence, supplemented by agendas and minutes of meetings, reports, announcements, project proposals and so forth. During the years covered here, Redfield was an active guiding force in the Department of Anthropology and, despite his extensive administrative and professional activities outside the department: it always claimed his first and strongest loyalty. The "General Files" do not contain extensive information related to Redfield's publications, fieldwork, or teaching, each of which is contained in a separate section of the collection.

The organization of the files represents the consolidation of two separate filing alphabets and the interfiling of loose correspondence, which had been removed from a file and never returned. The catch-titles on the original folders have been maintained in most cases, with the occasional addition of clarifying information.

Redfield's strongest interests can be seen from the following titles. Of greatest importance is his correspondence with students and faculty members at the University, and correspondence with other professional colleagues throughout the world. The list of correspondents includes, among many others: A. R. Radcliffe-Brown, E. E. Evans Prichard, Meyer Fortes, Monica Wilson, Fred Eggan, Sol Tax, Milton Singer, Helen and Everett Hughes, Alfonso Villa, Borje Hanssen, Wen Tsao, Francis Hsu, Surajit Sinha, Elsie Clews Parsons, Zora Neale Hurston, Sylvanus G. Morely, Daniel Cosio Villegas, and Alfred Tozzer.

The number of correspondents is large although the extent of the correspondence itself is very uneven: the work done by Tax and Redfield, for instance, generated extensive correspondence, both professional and personal, while the correspondence with Radcliffe-Brown indicates that an informal relationship existed between the two men but is disappointingly small in its size. As might be expected there is correspondence from a large number of anthropologists. Whether Redfield was writing to someone in the field or was receiving correspondence while in the field himself, there exists correspondence which details events in the University and in the profession. This body of correspondence might not exist had on-going fieldwork not temporarily prevented these people from personal participation in many events.

That students were of special importance to Redfield is clearly documented by the special care he took in teaching courses, evaluating the work of individuals, and supervising fieldwork done by PhD students. Whether students were in the College, beginning graduate work, or on the verge of becoming colleagues, Redfield was always attentive to the particular strengths and weaknesses of the individual, was honest and critical in his evaluation, and had a large reservoir of patience. The loyalty and inspiration engendered by Redfield's interest was often carried over to later years. Many of Redfield's students became prominent anthropologists and maintained a high respect for Redfield and his work, as well as close contact with the man himself.

Redfield was also associated with a large number of diverse organizations. Among others represented in the collection are: the American Anthropological Association, the American Council of Learned Societies, the Committee on Cultural Relations with Latin America, the Hispanic Foundation, and the Joint Committee on Latin American Studies.

A long-standing concern of Redfield's which is revealed in these papers was for the rights and protection of minorities in the United States. The files contain information related to organizations of a general nature (NAACP, the Anti-Defamation League) as well as to more specific instances of minority problems: Redfield testified as an expert witness in the Sweatt vs. Painter case dealing with segregation in a Texas college: he maintained a strong interest in the work at Tuskegee Institute: he worked with the War Relocation Authority during the war years (this body administered the Japanese-American internment camps): and took a stand against the "red scare," particularly as it threatened academic freedom in the university or the lives of personal friends. The American Council on Race Relations, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the National Indian Institute, the Committee on Education, Training and Research in Race Relations, are other bodies represented in the collection.

Redfield was also involved, generally on behalf of individuals or the University, with large foundations which provided substantial funding for the University-related research projects of the 1930s, '40s and '50s. The first and most extensive association was with the Carnegie Institution of Washington and of particular interest here are the proposals and reports submitted by Redfield in the 1930s.

Other foundations represented in the collection include the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, the Social Science Foundation of the University of Denver, the Wenner-Gren Foundation (formerly the Viking Fund), and the National Research Council. For many years Redfield was a trustee of the Social Science Foundation of the University of Denver, and the collection contains extensive working papers, minutes and reports from the activities of this organization.

Education was an important topic in Redfield's writing but it is only found indirectly in the General Files through a myriad of people and topics. Greater documentation is present for Redfield's participation in the Commission on the Freedom of the Press and the Committee to Frame a World Constitution. The collection contains Redfield's correspondence and a few papers relating to these two bodies but few of the reports, drafts, or minutes of the bodies.

Few records exist which specifically related to the work of the Division of the Social Sciences while Redfield was the Dean: likewise there is little documentation of Redfield's role in the Council of the University Senate.


The field materials have been arranged according to the area of study involved and are also largely chronological. The contents are varied, ranging from correspondence and brief entries in field diaries to typed notes and manuscripts of publications. Not only are Redfield's notes and collected ethnographic material present but also those of Alfonso Villa Rojas, Asael Hansen, Sol Tax, and Benjamin Paul, whose work was directly or indirectly supervised by Redfield.

The organization of these materials appears somewhat complicated due to the diverse forms of information and the complexity of its origin. The major divisions of this work are: Tepoztlan, Yucatan, Guatemala, Photographs, General notes, and Mexicans in Chicago. A brief description of the arrangement and content of each of these sections follows. Redfield's original folder titles, contents, and arrangements have generally been preserved throughout this section.

Tepoztlan materials include only a field diary, miscellaneous notes and some maps. A large number of corridos (folksongs) have also been preserved by transcription, in songbooks, or on broadsheets. These materials provided the foundation for Redfield’s discussion of corridos in Tepoztlan, A Mexican Village: A Study of Folk Life, published in 1930.

The Yucatan material, because of its bulk, is further divided into five sections: Cham Kom, Dzitas, Merida, Quintana Roo and general Yucatan. Again, these divisions and arrangements follow those created by Redfield.

The Chan Kom records are organized as follows: outlines and proposals for the field work (including rough outlines for the book Chan Kom), the collected ethnographic material by subject, Redfield's field diaries from 1930, and miscellany. The Dzitas material is arranged in a similar fashion but there are no field diaries: outlines and hypotheses, collected ethnographic data arranged by subject, and miscellany.

Asael Hanssen was largely responsible for the work done in Merida, and the collection includes his notes and drafts. It also includes "Life History of Antonia" by Margaret Park Redfield.

The Quintana Roo materials were collected by Alfonso Villa Rojas and include extensive field diaries from 1932-1936, typed notes by subject, miscellany, and Villa's correspondence and reports to Redfield, 1930-1938.

Folk Culture of the Yucatan (1949) represented Redfield's synthesis of the work done in Yucatan and some of the work done in Guatemala. Included here are an early table of contents for the book, articles, maps, and notes used in writing, photographs used in the book, and translations of the work into Spanish and Portuguese.

A Village That Chose Progress (1950) was an account of changes which had taken place in the village of Chan Kom since Redfield had first studied it in the early 1930s. The collection contains outlines and notes, census materials which had been collected, a typescript of the book and some miscellany.

The Carnegie Institution of Washington budgets for the Yucatan work and expense accounts for Redfield and Villa are also in the collections, along with some miscellaneous materials from Yucatan which did not fall into any of the above categories.

The Guatemala materials represent much the same diversity found in the Yucatan group but are not nearly so extensive. Redfield's and Tax's field diaries from 1937-1941 are followed by Redfield's notes on San Antonio Palopo and Agua Escondida, the brief Redfield article, "April Is This Afternoon" and Benjamin and Lois Paul's field notes from Guatemala. The Chiapas materials are notes and maps from the Tzetal project of 1942 collected by Villa.

Also included are photographs related to archaeology and ethnology, primarily in Yucatan, and a larger number of the negatives are present than prints. In nearly all cases the identifying information is very scanty, but most of the photographs were probably made for, and used by, the Carnegie Institution of Washington. A small number of photographs from Tepoztlan are also found here, as well as a few miscellaneous prints of unknown origin.

Several people, including M. J. Andrade and Karen Shields, created the photographs, which are assorted prints related to Yucatan and are not well identified. There are about one hundred negatives from photographs taken by Redfield and Villa in Chan Kom, 1931, but identifying information is incomplete. A file of negatives are primarily related to archaeology. Also included are a group of prints and negatives, primarily from Yucatan (Chan Kom and Chichen Itza), 1931, with little or no identifying information. Also included are glass negatives and a few negatives from Tepoztlan, 1927.

The General Notes on Middle America are notes, pamphlets, reprints, etc., from secondary sources and center mostly on Mexico. They may have been collected purely for background information or may also have been used in Redfield's writing and teaching. A small set of notes collected in the 1920s about Mexicans in Chicago complete the field materials.

In the late 1940s the National Research Council Committee on Latin American Anthropology began a project to microfilm field notes and other manuscript material from Middle America. The project was called the Microfilm Collection of Manuscript Materials on Middle American Cultural Anthropology, and includes among others, some of the notes found in the field materials in the Redfield Papers. Microfilm copies of Redfield's "Ethnographic Material on Agua Escondida," "Notes on San Antonio Palopo" and "April Is This Afternoon" are found in the collection which is located in the Library's microfilm reading room. A complete list of the Library's microfilm holdings related to this project is available in Special Collections: those items mentioned above, however, are the only parts of this collection represented.


Redfield was a prolific writer whose publications cover a wide range of topics. Series IV contains a nearly complete set of his articles and smaller books: the topics and treatment range from informal accounts of field experiences, e.g., "Among the Middle Americans": through works of a purely anthropological nature, e.g., "Folk Society": to issues of a broader social nature, e.g., "America at War: The Japanese Americans." His concern over minority and race problems, his very strong interest in education, and his work for world government are strongly represented here in addition to the larger body of his anthropological publications.

The first file in the series contains a bibliography of Redfield's publications (though it does not include the large number of book reviews he wrote over the years). While this section mostly contains published items which appear on the bibliography, there are also notes and lectures which were not published by Redfield. Some of these have appeared in Mrs. Redfield's published volumes of the Redfield Papers (Papers: University of Chicago Press, 1962-1963), and a few have not been published in any form. Access by date of publication is available from the bibliography, whereas the publications themselves are arranged alphabetically in the collection to allow access by title.

The contents of these folders are represented by a variety of forms: rough notes, rough drafts, typed manuscripts, dittoed copies of the work, and reprints. Those folders which contain only notes toward a complete work have been noted, otherwise it may be assumed that some form of a complete work is in the folder. In addition, some folders also contain correspondence and/or secondary materials which had been collected by Redfield.

Most of the folders represent articles, but on several occasions Redfield was asked to give a lecture series which was later published in book form. The Primitive World and its Transformations began as the Messenger Lectureship at Cornell University: Peasant Culture and Society was originally prepared as a series of lectures at Swarthmore College. Redfield's major books related to his field work (Chan Kom: Folk Culture of Yucatan: A Village That Chose Progress) are represented among the publications by reviews, mailing lists, and publication correspondence, but the manuscripts themselves are with the field notes and outlines from which they were drawn (see "Middle American Field Materials").

Redfield was an active participant in the University of Chicago Roundtable broadcasts, a continuing series of programs sponsored by the University Radio Office. Two folders which have notes or correspondence relating to these are in this collection. Bound copies of the transcripts from these broadcasts are located in the University Archives. The index to the University Roundtable goes up to 1948, but the researcher should note that Redfield participated in these broadcasts at least until 1954.


Redfield's teaching materials have been left virtually unchanged: each folder reflects the title and contents of the original folders when transferred to the University Archives. These materials are diverse, and at times fragmentary and cryptic. They include notes on others' writing or lectures: Redfield's personal notes: rough outlines: notes to be used in giving lectures: and occasionally the fully written-out lecture. In some cases there are also correspondence, course syllabi, bibliographies and other supplementary materials. Some files reflect individual lectures given in courses while other files reflect lectures for an entire course: some are only notes for an anticipated lecture topic.

Nearly all of the lectures were given in the University: in the Division of Social Sciences, in the College, or in the Department of Anthropology, but the distinction between this and other parts of the collection is not easy to make. There is a direct and close relationship between Redfield's fieldwork, his writing, and his teaching. Often lectures in courses grew out of field experiences and in turn the lectures themselves were often published (e.g., "Folk Society" was originally given as a lecture in the College, was translated into Spanish by Sol Tax and published in Mexico, and was finally published in English some years later). Just as often, however, Redfield's published materials provided the initial point for a course. The Folk Society courses were given most often and interact extensively and intensively with fieldwork and published material. Overall, these papers point up the seriousness with which Redfield undertook his teaching: the courses were varied and interesting and he was not one to endlessly repeat the same course year after year. The notes testify to the amount of work that went into his lectures and the wide range of materials he incorporated into both his writing and his teaching.


This is a general Anthropology Department collection of student papers submitted to various faculty members. They range in date from the early 1920s to the mid-1940s and are predominantly concerned with ethnographic area studies. Although Redfield received many of these papers, some of his own papers written while a student, are included in this section. Most of the papers were written for Fay-Cooper Cole or Robert Redfield: the rest were submitted to Edward Sapir, A. R. Radcliffe-Brown and Fred Eggan. Included among the student papers are works by: Katherine Dunham, Leslie White, Sol Tax and Paul Kirchoff.


Series VII contains cards with bibliographic references, and brief note cards with quotations from books and articles. All the cards have been arranged by subject and relate to Middle American ethnography: the subject headings cover the same broad range of topics found in the "Middle American Field Materials."

The original, but very brittle, index cards bearing the subject headings have been replaced and all of the information on the original cards has been transferred to the replacements.


This Addenda consists of personal correspondence, miscellaneous biographical material, a small group of professional writings, a tape-recorded lecture, and photographs of family members and anthropological field locations.

The personal correspondence is concentrated in the period before 1930. Among the earliest letters are those written by Redfield to his mother during her stays at resorts in French Lick, Indiana and White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. The correspondence with his wife Margaret includes letters written to him before their marriage in 1920 as well as letters sent to Redfield during his frequent absences from Chicago. Redfield's letters to Margaret can be found in the Margaret Park Redfield Papers.

The chronologically arranged biographical material provides information on several aspects of Redfield's life, including his efforts to become a published poet, his tour of duty with the American Field Service ambulance corps in France, and subsequent attempt to obtain a military commission, his brief career as a lawyer, and his first teaching position at the University of Colorado.

The photographs in this Addenda depict conditions on the Aisne Front during World War I, activities of the Redfield family and friends at field sites in Mexico and Guatemala, and peasant life in communities studied by Redfield. Many of the field photographs are similar to those in the Middle American Field Materials of the Redfield Papers.

An annotated plan (1913) of the Redfield estate near Des Plaines, Illinois was added to the Archives' file of architectural drawings.

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Subject Headings


Series I: Personal Correspondence

Box 1   Folder 1

Bainbridge, Ohio, 1925

Box 1   Folder 2

Tepoztlan, Mexico, 1926-1927

Box 1   Folder 3

Cornell University, New York 1928

Box 1   Folder 4

Fellowship, publications thesis and job offers, 1925-1928

Box 1   Folder 5

Chan Kom, Yucatan, 1930

Box 1   Folder 6

Hanover, New Hampshire, 1930

Box 1   Folder 7

Chan Kom and Merida, Yucatan, 1931

Box 1   Folder 8

Dzitas, Yucatan, 1933

Box 1   Folder 9

Yucatan and Guatemala, 1935

Box 1   Folder 10

Agua Escondida, Guatemala, 1937

Box 1   Folder 11

Merida, Yucatan, 1938?

Box 1   Folder 12

Agua Escondida, Guatemala, 1938-1939

Box 1   Folder 13

Chan Kom, Yucatan, 1948

Box 1   Folder 14

China, 1948-1949

Box 1   Folder 15

Frankfurt, Germany, 1949

Box 1   Folder 16

San Miguel, Mexico, circa 1950

Box 1   Folder 17

Undated letters from various conferences, 1952

Box 1   Folder 18

Family letters, 1941

Box 1   Folder 19

Miscellaneous other letters and biographical material, 1958

Series II: General Files

Box 2   Folder 1

Abrams, Lewis, 1949

Box 2   Folder 2

Ackerknecht, Erwin H., 1943

Box 2   Folder 3

Adams, John B., undated

Box 2   Folder 4

Adams, Robert M., 1954

Box 2   Folder 5

Adams, Samuel, 1952

Box 2   Folder 6

Adler, Mortimer, 1949

Box 2   Folder 7

Advisees, student, 1957-1958

Box 2   Folder 8

Aginsky, Burt W., 1947

Box 2   Folder 9

Agnew, Louise, 1953

Box 2   Folder 10

Akeley, T. Barton, 1944

Box 2   Folder 11

Alegria, Ricardo E., 1943

Box 2   Folder 12

Alpbach European Forum, 1953

Box 2   Folder 13

Alpenfels, Ethel, 1942

Box 2   Folder 14

American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1950

Box 2   Folder 15

American Anthropological Association, 1934-1940

Box 2   Folder 16

American Anthropological Association, January-June, 1944

Box 2   Folder 17

American Anthropological Association, July 1944-1948

Box 2   Folder 18

American Civil Liberties Union. 1938

Box 2   Folder 19

American Council of Learned Societies, report and minutes, 1952

Box 2   Folder 20

American Council of Learned Societies, correspondence, 1953

Box 2   Folder 21

American Council of Learned Societies, correspondence, 1955

Box 3   Folder 1-4

American Council of Learned Societies, reports and minutes, 1952

Box 3   Folder 5-6

American Council of Learned Societies, reports and minutes, 1953

Box 3   Folder 7-8

American Council of Learned Societies, reports and minutes, 1954

Box 4   Folder 1-2

American Council of Learned Societies, reports and minutes, 1955

Box 4   Folder 3

American Council on Education, 1955

Box 4   Folder 4

American Council on Race Relations, correspondence, 1944

Box 4   Folder 5

American Council on Race Relations, minutes and reports, undated

Box 4   Folder 6

American Library Association, 1941

Box 4   Folder 7

American Philosophical Society, 1947

Box 4   Folder 8

Andrade, Mrs. Manuel, 1957

Box 4   Folder 9

Anthropology bibliographies, undated

Box 4   Folder 10

Anthropology Department, academic arrangements, department syllabi, etc., 1941

Box 4   Folder 11

Anthropology Department, correspondence with Dean of Social Sciences, 1941

Box 4   Folder 12

Anthropology Department, 1942

Box 4   Folder 13

Anthropology Department, 1943-1944

Box 4   Folder 14

Anthropology Department, 1945-1947

Box 4   Folder 15

Anti-Defamation League, 1947

Box 4   Folder 16

Area Studies,1949

Box 5   Folder 1

Armstrong, Robert, 1953

Box 5   Folder 2

Arriola, Jorge Luis, 1942

Box 5   Folder 3

A-other: Aberle-Axford, 1955

Box 5   Folder 4

Barker, George C., 1943

Box 5   Folder 5

Barnett, H. G., 1941

Box 5   Folder 6

Beals, Ralph S., 1948

Box 5   Folder 7

Beckwith, Martha W., 1947

Box 5   Folder 8

Benedict, Ruth, 1940

Box 5   Folder 9

Bennett, John, 1945

Box 5   Folder 10

Bennett, Wendell C., 1947

Box 5   Folder 11

Benton, William, 1956

Box 5   Folder 12

Bernstein, Harry, 1944

Box 5   Folder 13

Biesanz, John and Mavis, 1949

Box 5   Folder 14

Billings Hospital Race Question, 1947

Box 5   Folder 15

Birth of Civilization Seminar (Near East Club), 1947

Box 5   Folder 16

Boder, David P., 1945

Box 5   Folder 17

Bopegamage, Shri A., 1956

Box 5   Folder 18

Borbolla, Ruben de la, undated

Box 6   Folder 1

Borgese, Elisabeth Mann and G. A., 1947

Box 6   Folder 2

Borman, Len (Kalmuck Resettlement Project), 1952

Box 6   Folder 3

Bose, N. K., 1956

Box 6   Folder 4

Bowers, Walter, 1951

Box 6   Folder 5

Bowles, Gordon, 1948

Box 6   Folder 6

Braidwood, Robert J., 1946

Box 6   Folder 7

Brandt, Richard, Brew, J. O., see-Merrill, Robert, 1953

Box 6   Folder 8

Broadcasting Foundation of America, 1955

Box 6   Folder 9

Brown, Paula, 1950

Box 6   Folder 10

Bunche, Ralph, Bureau of Indian Affairs, see-Maes, Ernest, 1947

Box 6   Folder 11

B-other: Bailey-Bessaignet, 1951

Box 6   Folder 12

B-other: Birdwhistle-Bowlby, 1943

Box 6   Folder 13

B-other: Bradbury-Butterfield, 1949

Box 6   Folder 14

Camara, Fernando, 1948

Box 6   Folder 15

Campisi, Paul, 1949

Box 6   Folder 16

Carlburg, Gosta, 1953

  • Carnegie Corporation of New York, see-Stackpole, Stephen
Box 6   Folder 17

Carnegie Institution of Washington, correspondence and reports submitted, 1930

Box 6   Folder 18

Carr, E. H., 1948

Box 6   Folder 19

Casagrande, Joseph B., 1950

Box 6   Folder 20

Caso, Alfonso, 1947

Box 6   Folder 21

Cattell, Jacques (American Men of Science), 1949

Box 6   Folder 22

Chapin, F. Stuart, 1927

Box 6   Folder 23

Chicago Student Federalists, 1951

Box 6   Folder 24

China trip, correspondence and arrangements, 1943-May 1944

Box 6   Folder 25

China trip, June-July 1944

Box 7   Folder 1

China trip, August 1944

Box 7   Folder 2

China trip, September 1944-June 1945

Box 7   Folder 3

China trip, 1948-1949

Box 7   Folder 4

Chow, Yung-The, 1949

Box 7   Folder 5

Cole, Fay-Cooper, 1925

Box 7   Folder 6

Commission on the Freedom of the Press, 1943

Box 7   Folder 7

Committee for the Study of Mankind (Gerhard Hirshfeld), 1956

  • Committee on Cultural Relations with Latin America, SEE Herring, Hubert
Box 7   Folder 8

Communist China, 1952

Box 7   Folder 9

Coulborn, Rushton, January-December 1943

Box 7   Folder 10

Coulborn, Rushton, January 1944-June 1945

Box 7   Folder 11

Coulborn, Rushton, July 1945-June 1946

Box 7   Folder 12

Coulborn, Rushton, July 1946-June 1947

Box 7   Folder 13

C-other: Cahnman-Currier

Box 7   Folder 14

Manuscript, "Development of Thought during the Decline of a Civilized Society," undated

Box 8   Folder 1

Dartmouth Sociology Department Report (Tumin, Freedman Doob, Redfield), 1953

Box 8   Folder 2

Dawson, Christopher, 1956

Box 8   Folder 3

Duncan, Hugh D., 1950

Box 8   Folder 4

D-other: Danish Embassy-Durham, 1948

Box 8   Folder 5

Eggan, Fred, 1948

Box 8   Folder 6

Einstein, Albert, 1947

Box 8   Folder 7

Eisenhart, L. P. (American Philosophical Society), 1953

Box 8   Folder 8

Ekvall, Robert B., March-July 1938

Box 8   Folder 9

Ekvall, Robert B., August 1938-December 1939

Box 8   Folder 10

Ekvall, Robert B., 1940-1955

Box 8   Folder 11

Ellison, Jack, 1953

Box 8   Folder 12

Embree, John, 1936

Box 8   Folder 13

Emerson, Alfred E., "The Supraorganismic Aspects of the Society," undated

Box 8   Folder 14

Encyclopedia Brittanica, articles and correspondence, 1945

Box 9   Folder 1

Encyclopedia Brittanica, films and correspondence, 1953

Box 9   Folder 2

Erixon, Sigurd, 1953

Box 9   Folder 3

Erlich, Vera S., 1953

Box 9   Folder 4

Eskerod, Albert, 1952

  • Ethno-history, Committee on, SEE Tucker, Sarah Jones
Box 9   Folder 5

Eugenics Record Office information, 1935

Box 9   Folder 6

Evans-Prichard, E. E., 1950

Box 9   Folder 7

Experiment in International Living, 1941

Box 9   Folder 8

Experimental Conference on Legal and Social Philosophy, undated

Box 9   Folder 9

E-other: Earle-Ewing, 1947

Box 9   Folder 10

Fagg, W. B. (Royal Anthropological Institute), 1947

Box 9   Folder 11

Fairbank, John K., 1949

Box 9   Folder 12

Fairbank, Mrs. Wilma, 1945

Box 9   Folder 13

Fairbanks, Charles S., 1942

Box 9   Folder 14

Fallers, L. A., 1952

Box 9   Folder 15

Fathauer, George, 1946

  • Fejos, Paul, SEE Wenner-Gren Foundation
Box 9   Folder 16

Field Museum (Joint Committee on Cooperation between the Chicago Natural History Museum and the University of Chicago), 1950

Box 9   Folder 17

Finkelstein, Louis, 1943

Box 9   Folder 18

Firth, Raymond, 1949

Box 9   Folder 19

Fisk University, 1947

  • Fondo de Cultura Economica, SEE Villegas, Daniel Cosio
  • Ford, C. S., see-World Area Files
Box 9   Folder 20

Fortes, Meyer, 1952

Box 9   Folder 21

Foster, George, 1942

Box 9   Folder 22

4E Contracts, University Council Subcommittee on, undated

Box 10   Folder 1

Francis, E. K., 1945

Box 10   Folder 2

F, 1956

  • French Community Studies, Conference on (Haverford College, 1956)
  • French Equatorial Africa, Native Policy of (Governor General M. Eboue)
Box 10   Folder 3

Friedmann, F. G., 1952

Box 10   Folder 4

Friedmann, F. G., 1952

Box 10   Folder 5

Friedmann, F. G., 1952

Box 10   Folder 6

F, 1940’s

  • Friedson, Eliot
  • Friends of the Land
  • Fuiji, Mary (Mrs. Abe Halpern)
  • Fulbright Act (Public Law 584)
Box 10   Folder 7

Fuller, Anne H., 1957

Box 10   Folder 8

Fuller, Oliver T., 1951

Box 10   Folder 9

F, 1958

  • Fund for the Republic, 1958
  • Furniss, Edgar S. (Association of American Universities)
Box 10   Folder 10

F-other: Faculty Club-Furer-Haimendorf, 1948

Box 10   Folder 11

Gamio, Manuel, 1948

Box 10   Folder 12

Garro, J. Eugenio, 1941

Box 10   Folder 13

G, 1950’s

  • Garvin, Paul
  • Garza, Macedonia
  • Gerontology
Box 10   Folder 14

Gilbert, W. M., 1935

Box 10   Folder 15

Gillian, John, 1943

Box 10   Folder 16

Gillin, John, "Sickness and Curing in Latin America," undated

Box 10   Folder 17

Correspondence, 1940’s

  • Girard, Rafael
  • Gjessing, Gutorm
Box 10   Folder 18

Correspondence, 1930’s

  • Goldenweiser, Alexander
  • Goldschmidt, Walter
Box 11   Folder 1

G, 1940

  • Gomez, D. Filiberto
  • Gonzalez, M. P. (Institute Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana)
  • Gosnell, Mrs. Harold
  • Gottesman Foundation, SEE Wallach, Ira D.
Box 11   Folder 2

Gouband, Antonio, 1939-1942

Box 11   Folder 3

Gouband, Antonio, 1943-1944

Box 11   Folder 4

Gouband, Antonio, 1945-1947

Box 11   Folder 5

Gower, Charlotte, 1935

Box 11   Folder 6

Gower, Charlotte, Milocca, a Sicilian Village (publication correspondence), 1935

Box 11   Folder 7

G, 1951

  • Gray, Robert
  • Greene, John C.
Box 11   Folder 8

Grey, Irving M. (Division of Publication, Carnegie Institution of Washington), 1934

Box 11   Folder 9

G, 1947

  • Griffin, James
  • Grodzins, Morton
  • Grolier Society
  • Gropp, Arthur E., see-Middle American Research
  • Gruening, Ernest
  • Guatemalan Ethnology, Conference on
  • Guggenheim Foundation
Box 11   Folder 10

Correspondence, 1955

  • Guthe, Carl E.
  • Gutkind, Peter
Box 11   Folder 11

G-other: Galloway-Goheen, 1948

Box 11   Folder 12

G-other: Goiten-Gyles, 1956

Box 12   Folder 1

Haile, Father Berard, 1939

Box 12   Folder 2

H, 1947

  • Hallowell, A. Irving
  • Halpern, Abraham
  • Hamady, Sania
Box 12   Folder 3

Hamilton, Earl J., 1942

Box 12   Folder 4

Handbook in Latin American Studies for 1937

Box 12   Folder 5

Handbook in Latin American Studies for 1938

Box 12   Folder 6

Handbook of Latin American Studies for 1939

Box 12   Folder 7

Handbook of Latin American Studies for 1939, 1940-1943

Box 12   Folder 8

Hanke, Lewis (Hispanic Foundation), 1935-1939

Box 12   Folder 9

Hanke, Lewis, 1940-1947

Box 12   Folder 10

Hansen, Asael T., 1943

Box 13   Folder 1

Hansen, Millard (University of Puerto Rico Social Science Research Center), 1954

Box 13   Folder 2

Hanssen, Borje, correspondence, 1953

Box 13   Folder 3

Hanssen, Borje, manuscript of "Common Folk and Gentlefolk," undated

Box 13   Folder 4

Haring, C. H., 1935

Box 13   Folder 5

Harms, Ernest (Dictionary of the Social Sciences), 1941

Box 13   Folder 6

H, 1935-1952

  • Harrington, J. C.
  • Harrington, John P.
  • Harris, Grace and Al
  • Harris, Norman Wait, Memorial Foundation
Box 13   Folder 7

Harrison, Mrs. W. H. (editor, Division of Historical Research, Carnegie Institution of Washington), 1937

Box 13   Folder 8

Haskell, Edward, 1938

Box 13   Folder 9

Hawley, Florence, 1934

Box 13   Folder 10

Hayner, Norman S., 1941

Box 13   Folder 11

H, 1957

  • Hays, H. R.
  • Hazen Conference, University of Denver
  • Henry, Jules
  • Henry, V. Horatio
Box 13   Folder 12

Herring, Hubert C. (Committee on Cultural Relations with Latin America), 1934

Box 14   Folder 1

Herskovits, Melville J., 1934

Box 14   Folder 2

Correspondence, 1938-1952

  • Herzog, George
  • Higgs, Robert
  • Hirschfeld, Gerhard
  • Hispanic Foundation, Library of Congress, see-Hanke, Lewis
Box 14   Folder 3

History Curriculum (Report of the Committee Appointed by the American Historical Association to Consider the History Curriculum in Colleges), 1942

Box 14   Folder 4

Hoebel, E. Adamson, 1945

Box 14   Folder 5

Hoijer, Harry, 1938

Box 14   Folder 6

Hoijer, Harry, ed. Language in Culture (publication correspondence), 1954

Box 14   Folder 7

Hollingshead, A. B., 1939

Box 14   Folder 8

Holmes, Calixta Guiteras (includes Sol Tax's Afterword to Perils of the Soul), 1952

Box 14   Folder 9

Hoselitz, Bert, undated

Box 14   Folder 10

Hsu, Francis L. K., 1945

Box 14   Folder 11

Hsu (Francis?), manuscript, undated

Box 14   Folder 12

Huang, Ti, 1946

Box 14   Folder 13

Hughes, Helen and Everett (includes letters from China, 1949, and arrangements for Frankfurt Lectures)

Box 14   Folder 14

H, 1937

  • Humphrey, Norman D.
  • Hurston, Zora Neale
  • Hutchins, Robert M.
  • Huth, Carl
  • Huxley, Julian
Box 15   Folder 1

H-other: Hackett-Hazen, 1951

Box 15   Folder 2

H-other: Hegaard-Hutchinson, 1952

Box 15   Folder 3

Indian Service Bureau, 1934-1935

Box 15   Folder 4

I, 1930s-1950s

  • Ingalls, Jeremy
  • Institute of Cultural Studies
  • Institute of Current World Affairs
  • Institute of Jewish Affairs (Beryl Harold Levy)
Box 15   Folder 5

Institute of Pacific Relations, American Council, 1938-1946

Box 15   Folder 6

Institute of Pacific Relations, 1949-1954

  • Institute on Ethics, SEE Finkelstein, Louis
Box 15   Folder 7

Institute on Race Relations (University of Hawaii), 1953

Box 15   Folder 8

Inter-American Educational Foundation, 1945

Box 15   Folder 9

Inter-American Indian Institute, 1935-1942

Box 15   Folder 10

Inter-American Indian Institute, 1943-1946

Box 15   Folder 11

I, 1942

  • Inter-American Monthly
  • Inter-American Training Centers
  • International Development Placement Association, Inc.
  • International Folk Dance Society
Box 16   Folder 1

I, 1944

  • International Institute of Afro-American Studies
  • International Relations (degree requirements, University of Chicago)
  • Ivy, A. C.
Box 16   Folder 2

I-other: Ichheiser-Iwanska, 1950

Box 16   Folder 3

J, 1948

  • Japanese Americans in Chicago, Study of
  • Jennings, Jesse D.
  • Jensen, Adolf (Frobenius Institut, Frankfurt, Germany)
Box 16   Folder 4

Johnson, Charles S., 1935

Box 16   Folder 5


  • Jonas, Gilbert
  • Jonas, Gilbert, see-World
Box 16   Folder 6

Jones, Robert C., 1928-1943

Box 16   Folder 7

Jones, Robert C., 1944-1956

  • SEE ALSO Pan-American Council
Box 16   Folder 8


  • Judd, Charles H.
  • Junek, O. W.
Box 16   Folder 9

J-other: Jackson-Joyce, 1952

Box 16   Folder 10

K, 1939

  • Kallis, Milton
  • Kidd, Kenneth
Box 16   Folder 11

Kidder, A. V., 1945

Box 16   Folder 12

K, 1952

  • Kimpton, Lawrence A.
  • Kimura, Yoshinari
  • Kirchhoff, Paul
  • Kirk, Grayson
Box 16   Folder 13

Kluckhohn, Clyde and Florence, 1929

Box 17   Folder 1

Koenig, Samuel, 1940

Box 17   Folder 2

Kroeber, A. L., 1934

Box 17   Folder 3

Krogman, Wilton M., 1941

Box 17   Folder 4

Kruszewski, Charles, 1938

Box 17   Folder 5

K-other: Kahler-Kennicott, 1952

Box 17   Folder 6

K-other: Kerner-Kumarappa, 1946

Box 17   Folder 7

Laboratory of Anthropology, 1939

Box 17   Folder 8

Ladd, John (Redfield notes of Ladd's Structure of the Moral Order), 1957

Box 17   Folder 9

L, 1939

  • Lafarge, Oliver
  • Lafore, Lawrence (Swarthmore College)
  • Lanier, E. A.
Box 17   Folder 10

Larsen, Helga, 1936

Box 17   Folder 11

Correspondence, 1954

  • Lasker, Bruno
  • Latin American Field Conference on Inter-Library Cooperation
  • Latin American Institute for Race and Culture Studies
Box 17   Folder 12-14

Latin American Studies, Joint Committee on, minutes and agendas, 1942

Box 18   Folder 1-2

Latin American Studies, Joint Committee on, minutes and agendas, 1943

Box 18   Folder 3

Latin American Studies, Joint Committee on, reports, 1942

  • Project book, 1942, Special training projects
  • National Commission on Latin American Studies
  • Publications in the United States of Latin American writing in the field of social science
  • Committee on Inter-American Scientific Publication
  • The Tarascan Project
  • An Inter-American Institute at the University of Texas
  • An Inter-American Institute at Northwestern
  • The University of California Projects
  • The Inter-American Society of Latin American Anthropology and Geography
  • Instituto de Estudios Anglo-Americanos
Box 18   Folder 4

Latin American Studies, Joint Committee on, reports, 1942

  • Proposal for Five Spanish Scholars in Mexico
  • The American Antiquity Proposal
  • Library of Congress Project
  • Latin American Studies, Princeton University
  • Inter-American Studies, Princeton University
  • J. Fred Rippy Proposal
  • ALA book list
  • CIAA book list
  • Webb portfolios
  • Latin American Psychology
Box 18   Folder 5

Latin American Studies, Joint Committee on, reports, 1942

  • Inter-American Institute at the University of Kansas City
  • Flavio Rodas Research
  • Society of Women Geographers Project
  • Outline of Study of 16th Century Fresco Painting in Mexico
  • Anthropological Training Fellowships in U. S. for Mexicans
  • Dr. Vaillant's Rotating Plan
  • Rohen-Y-Galvez Bibliography
  • Treshtenko Bibliography on Latin American Cooperatives
  • Rollins College Project
  • Donald D. Brand Project
Box 18   Folder 6

Latin American Studies, Joint Committee on, reports, 1942

  • Colegio de Mexico Project
  • Smithsonian Cooperative Ethno-Graphic Investigations
  • Russell H. Fitzgibbon Project
  • Plan for the Exchange of Scientific and Learned Journals in the Inter-American Field
  • The Mexican Revolutionary Novel (1910-1940) and its Social Background
  • Mexican-American Community Project in Los Angeles
  • Bemis Proposal for Assembling Guides of the History of Latin America in the United States
  • Proposal for Microfilming the Collections of Latin American newspapers in the Pan American Union
  • Sociedade Paulista de Estudios Historicos
  • Projecto Preliminaire Concernant la Publication d'un "Guide" ou "Manuel" de la Presse Sud-Américaine
Box 18   Folder 7

Latin American Studies, Joint Committee on, reports, 1943

  • Project book, 1943, Strategic Index of the Americas
  • Handbook of Latin American Studies
  • National Planning Association Project
  • Bolivian Indians
  • Argentina-Portrait of a Nation
  • American Constitutions
  • Who's Who in Latin America
  • W. E. Dunn Project
  • Dictionary of Biography and Monuments in the Western Hemisphere
  • Comparative Study of Social and Political Philosophy in Latin America and North America
Box 18   Folder 8

Latin American Studies, Joint Committee on, reports, 1943

  • Brito Foucher
  • Chilean History Contest
  • The Negro in Colonial Mexico
  • Latin-American Research in Government Studies
  • Inter-American Exchange of Reprints
  • Boas Library
  • Lima Library
  • Index of Latin American Publications
  • Basic Studies of Latin America
  • Tenth Chilean General Scientific Congress
  • Encyclopedia Dictionary of Facts Regarding Brazil
  • Translation Exchange
  • A United States History Text for Latin America
  • Study of Latin American Trainee Program
Box 18   Folder 9

Latin American Studies, Joint Committee on, correspondence, 1942-1943

Box 18   Folder 10

Latin American Studies, Joint Committee on, reports, 1942

  • Sub-committee on publications
  • Subcommittee on personnel
  • Subcommittee on research
  • Subcommittee on the preparation of guides to manuscript materials
Box 18   Folder 11

L, undated

  • Latin American Training School
  • Latin American Workshop
Box 18   Folder 12

Leach, E. R., report on the Possibilities of a Social Economic Survey, 1948

Box 18   Folder 13

Ledbetter, Margaret (Mrs. M. Parker), 1954

  • Lee, C. M., SEE NAACP Committee of Consultants for Legal Defense and Education Fund
Box 18   Folder 14

Lee, Shu-Ching, correspondence, 1945-1951

Box 19   Folder 1

Lee, Shu-Ching, correspondence, 1951-1952

Box 19   Folder 2

Lee, Shu-Ching, manuscript of Social Transformation in China

Box 19   Folder 3

L, 1938

  • Leh, L. L.
  • Leighton, Alexander H.
  • Lemley, Juan H. V.
  • Leonard, Juan
Box 19   Folder 4

L, 1937

  • Leonard, O. B.
  • Leser, Paul
Box 19   Folder 5

Leslie, Charles, correspondence, 1956

Box 19   Folder 6-10

Leslie, Charles, field notes (typed: arranged chronologically), undated

Box 19   Folder 11

L, 1942

  • Lessa, William
  • Lesser, Alexander
Box 20   Folder 1

L, 1951

  • Levi, Edward
  • Levine, Don
Box 20   Folder 2

L, 1947

  • Levi-Strauss, Claude
  • Levy, Beryl Harold, see-Institute of Jewish Affairs
Box 20   Folder 3

Levy, Jerold, 1957

Box 20   Folder 4

Levy, Marion, 1950

Box 20   Folder 5

Lewis, Oscar, 1945

Box 20   Folder 6

Lewis-Redfield Controversy, 1955

Box 20   Folder 7

Li, An-Che, 1936

Box 20   Folder 8

L, 1943

  • Library of International Relations
  • Lin, Tung-Chi
  • Lind, Andrew, SEE Institute on Race Relations
Box 20   Folder 9

L, 1934

  • Lindeman, Edouard C.
  • Lindgren, Ethel John
Box 20   Folder 10

Linton, Ralph, undated

Box 20   Folder 11

L, 1934

  • Ljunggren, Florence Ziegler
  • Lohman, Joseph N.
  • Lomax, Alan
  • Loomis, Charles P.
  • Lowie, Robert H.
  • Lundell, C. L.
Box 20   Folder 12

L-other: LaBarre-Libby, 1949

Box 20   Folder 13

L-other: Library-Lynch,1946

Box 20   Folder 14

McAllister, Gilbert, 1936

Box 21   Folder 1

M, 1941

  • McBride, G. M.
  • McBryde, Webster T.
  • McCall, Bevode
Box 21   Folder 2

M, 1949

  • MacCann, Richard
  • McCarran Act, SEE National Committee to Repeal the McCarran Act
  • McCornack, Richard B.
  • McCulloch, John I. B., SEE Inter-America Monthly
  • McEvoy, J. P.
  • McGregor, John C.
  • McIlwraith, T. F.
  • McNammee, Margie
  • McNeill, William H.
Box 21   Folder 3

McQuown, Norman A., 1947

Box 21   Folder 4

Mc-other: McAllester-McWilson, 1948

Box 21   Folder 5

Macy, Josiah, Jr., Foundation, 1946

Box 21   Folder 6

Correspondence, 1955

  • Madsen, William
  • Maes, Ernest (Bureau of Indian Affairs)
Box 21   Folder 7

Maes Letters (National Indian Institute, mimeographed), 1943

Box 21   Folder 8

M, 1937

  • Magin, Adolfo
  • Mareson, Simon
  • Marlin, Joseph R.
  • Maron, Stanley
Box 21   Folder 9-12

Marriott, McKim, ed., Village India, publication correspondence, reviews, photographs, 1950s

Box 21   Folder 13

M, 1930s-1950s

  • Marshall, Cecil
  • Martinez Del Rio, Pablo
  • May, Leo
  • Mead, Margaret
Box 22   Folder 1

Measure, 1951

Box 22   Folder 2

Mekeel, Scudder, 1951

Box 22   Folder 3

M, 1947

  • Meltzer, Bernard, Jury Study Memo, no. 2
  • Mendelsohn (?) World View Bibliography
  • Mendieta, Antonio Beruff
  • Mendieta y Nunez, Lucio
Box 22   Folder 4

M, 1948

  • Merriam, John C.
  • Merill, Robert and J. O. Brew (Carbon 14 dating)
Box 22   Folder 5

Metraux, Alfred, 1946

Box 22   Folder 6

M, 1950’s

  • Meyer, Cord, Jr.
  • Middle American Information Bureau
  • Middle American Handbook-Proposal
  • Middle American Research (Arthur E. Gropp, Tulane University)
  • Miller, James
  • Millis, Walter, The Constitution and the Common Defense
Box 22   Folder 7

Miner, Horace, correspondence, 1943

Box 22   Folder 8

Miner, Horace, St. Denis, A French-Canadian Village, 1937

Box 22   Folder 9

M, 1955

  • Mintz, Sidney
  • Moe, Kate
  • Monserrate, Fernando M., Santos from Puerto Rico
  • Mook, Maurice
  • Moore, Wilbert E.
Box 22   Folder 10

Moravec, Richard, 1955

  • Morgan, Richard, Case, SEE John Bennett
Box 22   Folder 11

Morley, Slyvanus G., 1955

Box 23   Folder 1

M, 1951

  • Muenzinger, Karl F.
  • Mulloy, John J.
  • Munch, Peter
  • Mundker, Mrs. Mohini
  • Mundri, Lal Singh
  • Murdock, George P.
  • Murra, John V.
Box 23   Folder 2

M-other: Mack-Meyners, 1954

Box 23   Folder 3

M-other: Michigan State University-Myrdal, 1947

Box 23   Folder 4

NAACP Committee of Consultants for Legal Defense & Educational Fund, 1948

Box 23   Folder 5

N, 1950

  • Nadel, S. F.
  • Naegele, Kaspar, Some Problems of Value Research
  • Nash, J. B.
  • Nash, Manning
Box 23   Folder 6

Nash, Philleo, 1935

Box 23   Folder 7

N, 1940

  • National Broadcasting Company, Inc.
  • National Committee on Immigration and Citizenship
  • National Committee to Repeal the McCarran Act
  • National Conference of Christians and Jews
  • National Council for the Social Studies
Box 23   Folder 8-9

National Indian Institute, 1941

  • SEE ALSO Maes letters
Box 24   Folder 1

National Opinion Research Center, 1948

Box 24   Folder 2

National Research Council, 1941

Box 24   Folder 3

N, 1940

  • Navy, United States, Department of
  • Nef, John, see-Social Thought, Committee on
  • Nesbitt, Paul
  • Nichols, Roy
Box 24   Folder 4

N, 1935

  • Niebyl, Karl Heinrich
  • Noguera, Eduardo
Box 24   Folder 5

N-other: Naftlin-Novak, 1951

Box 24   Folder 6

O, 1950s

  • Oberg, Kalervo,
  • Odum, Howard
Box 24   Folder 7

O, 1954

  • Olivier, N. J. J.
  • O'Neale, Lila M.
Box 24   Folder 8

Opler, M. E., 1934

Box 24   Folder 9

O, 1944

  • Orione, Julio
  • Orlen, Joel
  • Orozco, Luis Chavez
Box 24   Folder 10

O, 1946

  • Orr, Kenneth
  • Oswald, Oliver
  • Owen, T. M.
Box 24   Folder 11

O-other: Oare-Oyler, 1947

Box 24   Folder 12

P, 1953

  • Paepcke, Walter P.
  • Paine, Robert
Box 25   Folder 1

P, undated

  • Palacios, Emanuel
  • Pan American Council see also- Jones, Robert C.
Box 25   Folder 2

Correspondence, 1938

  • Pan American Traveler
  • Pan American Union
  • Pargellis, Stanley (Newberry Library)
Box 25   Folder 3

P, 1958

  • Park, Edward C.
  • Park, George
Box 25   Folder 4

Park, Robert E., publications, undated

  • Parker, Margaret, SEE Ledbetter, Margaret
Box 25   Folder 5

Parmenter, Ross, 1949

Box 25   Folder 6

Parsons, Elsie Clews, correspondence, 1934

Box 25   Folder 7

Parsons, Elsie Clews, Paguchi, publication of, 1942

Box 25   Folder 8

Parsons, Talcott, 1947

Box 25   Folder 9

Passin, Herbert, correspondence, 1938-1942

Box 25   Folder 10

Passin, Herbert, correspondence, 1943-1956

Box 25   Folder 11

Paul, Benjamin, 1940

Box 25   Folder 12

P, 1953

  • Pearse, Andrew
  • Peattie, Donald C.
  • Peattie, Lisa Redfield
Box 26   Folder 1

P, 1934

  • Peattie, Roderick
  • Pehrson, Jean
  • Pehrson, Robert
Box 26   Folder 2

P, 1934

  • Pelzel, John
  • People abroad, miscellaneous information
  • Petersen, Paul W.
  • Peterson, Frederick A.
  • Piddington, Ralph
  • Pierce, Bessie Louise
Box 26   Folder 3

Pierson, Donald, 1937

Box 26   Folder 4

P, 1942

  • Pijoan, Michel
  • Pittman, Richard S.
  • Plancarte, Francisco M.
  • Platt, Robert S.
Box 26   Folder 5

P, 1938

  • Pleasants, Frederick R.,
  • Polanyi, Michael
  • Policy Committee of the Division of Social Sciences
  • Powdermaker, Hortense
  • Powell, Richard R. (Columbia University Bicentennial)
Box 26   Folder 6

Press, University of Chicago, 1945

Box 26   Folder NIL


Box 26   Folder 8

Probst, George, see also- Radio Office, 1947

Box 26   Folder 9

Provinse, John, 1954

  • Puerto Rico, University of, Social Science Research Center, SEE Hansen, Millard
Box 26   Folder 10

P, 1950

  • Pugh, Marion
  • Pusey, Nathan
Box 26   Folder 11

P-other: Paine-Phillips, 1951

Box 26   Folder 12

P-other: Pickett-Puttkamer, 1943

Box 27   Folder 1

Q, 1948

  • Queen, Stuart A.
  • Quinn, Vincent
  • Quintero, Angel G.
Box 27   Folder 2

Race Relations, Committee on Education, Training and Research in, undated, 1949

Box 27   Folder 3

R, 1947

  • Radcliffe-Brown, A. R.
  • Radin, Paul
Box 27   Folder 4

Radio Office, University of Chicago (includes University of Chicago Roundtable correspondence and minutes of board meetings), 1947

Box 27   Folder 5

R, 1947

  • Radvanyi, Laszlo
  • Ramos, Arthur
  • Rankin, Thomas V.
  • Redekop, Calvin
Box 27   Folder 6

Redfield, Margaret Park, "A Child Is Born in Tepoztlan," "The Farmer's Tools," "Folk Literature of a Yucatan Town," "Notes on the Cookery of Tepoztlan, Morelos," 1940

Box 27   Folder 7

R, 1952

  • Research Council on Problems of Alcohol
  • Reynolds, Earle L.
  • Richards, Audrey
  • Riddle, Oscar
  • Riesman, David
  • Ritter, Edith
  • Roberts, Walter Orr
Box 27   Folder 8

Rockefeller Foundation, David H. Stevens, 1942-1943

Box 27   Folder 9

Rockefeller Foundation, 1944

Box 27   Folder 10

Rockefeller Foundation, 1945-1951

Box 27   Folder 11

Rockefeller Foundation, Conference at Lincoln Nebraska on Northern Plains, 1942

Box 27   Folder 12

Rockefeller Foundation, Guatemalan Museum Project, 1942

Box 28   Folder 1

R, 1940s

  • Roe, Anne
  • Roosevelt, Theodore
Box 28   Folder 2

Rosales, Juan, 1940’s

  • Royal Anthropological Institute, SEE Fagg, W. B.
Box 28   Folder 3

Roys, Ralph, 1943

Box 28   Folder 4

R-other: Ramos-Roberts, 1941

Box 28   Folder 5

R-other: Robertson-Ryerson, 1948

Box 28   Folder 6

Sady, Rachel Reese, 1940s

Box 28   Folder 7

S, 1935-1957

  • Sahib, H. A., thesis statement
  • Sanchez, Carlos
  • Sanders, Irwin (Associated for International Research)
  • Sarah Lawrence College
Box 28   Folder 8

S, 1939-1947

  • Schapera, I.
  • Schlesinger, Arthur M.
  • Scholes, France
  • Scholes, Robert
Box 28   Folder 9

S, 1950

  • Schuler, Edgar A.
  • Schultz, T. W.
  • Sears, Robert
  • Sebeok, Thomas A.
Box 28   Folder 10

S, 1950s

  • Seeman, Melvin
  • Segerstdet, Torgny, "The Group as a Sociological and Anthropological Concept"
  • Seminar on Freedom (Pasadena, 1951)
  • Seton, Marie
  • Setzler, Frank
Box 29   Folder 1

S, 1950’s

  • Shabat, Oscar
  • Shadick, Harold
  • Shapiro, Gilbert
  • Shapiro, Harry
  • Shapley, Harlan (Progressive Citizens of America)
Box 29   Folder 2

S, 1950’s

  • Sharma, K. N.
  • Sharp, Gene
  • Shattuck, George C.
  • Sherlock, P. M.
  • Shields, Karena
Box 29   Folder 3

Shils, Edward, 1946

  • SEE ALSO Social Thought, Committee on
Box 29   Folder 4

S, 1940-1954

  • Shook, Edwin K.
  • Sibley, Willis, PhD proposal
  • Siegel, Bernard
  • Simpson, Eyler N.
  • Simpson, Lesley Byrd
Box 29   Folder 5

Singer, Milton, 1947

Box 29   Folder 6

S, 1940’s

  • Singh, Indrajit
  • Sinha, Surajit
Box 29   Folder 7

S, 1943

  • Sio, Arnold A.
  • Siverts, Henning
Box 29   Folder 8

Sklow, Isabel, 1941

Box 29   Folder 9

Slotkin, J. S., 1936

Box 29   Folder 10

S, 1940s-1950s

  • Smith, Elbertson
  • Smyser, Selden
Box 29   Folder 11

S, 1940s-1950s

  • Smythe, Hugh
  • Snyder, Harold (The Washington Seminar on International Affairs)
Box 29   Folder 12

Social Science Foundation, University of Denver, 1945

Box 30   Folder 1

Social Science Foundation, University of Denver, 1946

Box 30   Folder 2

Social Science Foundation, University of Denver, 1947

Box 30   Folder 3

Social Science Foundation, University of Denver, 1948-1955

Box 30   Folder 4

Social Science Foundation, annual report, 1944-1945

Box 30   Folder 5

Social Science Foundation, University of Denver, 1945-1946

Box 30   Folder 6

Social Science Foundation, University of Denver, meeting of the trustees, April 25-27, 1947

Box 30   Folder 7

Social Science Foundation, University of Denver, 1946-1947

Box 30   Folder 8

Social Science Foundation, University of Denver, 1947-1948

Box 31   Folder 1

Social Science Foundation, University of Denver, annual report of the treasurer, 1947-1948

Box 31   Folder 2

Social Science Foundation, University of Denver, meeting of the trustees, October 24-26, 1948: July 11-12, 1949

Box 31   Folder 3

Social Science Foundation, University of Denver, annual report, 1948-1949

Box 31   Folder 4

Social Science Foundation, University of Denver, meeting of the trustees, November 20-21, 1949: May 6-7, 1950

Box 31   Folder 5

Social Science Foundation, University of Denver, annual report, 1949-1950

Box 31   Folder 6

Social Science Foundation, University of Denver, meeting of the board of trustees, August 4-5, 1951: report of the trustees, 1950-1951

Box 31   Folder 7

Social Science Foundation, University of Denver, Report on the History and Purposes of the Social Science Foundation by M. Shafroth: interim report to the board of trustees, 1951-1952

Box 31   Folder 8

Social Science Foundation, University of Denver, problems and uses of foreign policy, 1952

Box 31   Folder 9

Social Science Foundation, University of Denver, meeting of the trustees, November 16-17, 1952

Box 31   Folder 10

Social Science Foundation, University of Denver, May 15-17, 1953

Box 31   Folder 11

Social Science Foundation, University of Denver, annual report, 1952-1953

Box 32   Folder 1

Social Science Foundation, University of Denver, annual report, 1953-1954

Box 32   Folder 2

Social Science Foundation, University of Denver, pamphlets, 1954

  • Social Science Research Council SEE ALSO Sibley, Elbridge
Box 32   Folder 3

Social Science 200 Committee, 1946

Box 32   Folder 4

Social Thought, Committee on (John U. Nef) see also- Shils, Edward, 1943

Box 32   Folder 5

S, 1938-1945

  • Sociedad de Geografia e Historia
  • Society for Social Research
  • Sociological Research Association
Box 32   Folder 6

S, 1937-1956

  • Sociological Review
  • Soper, Edmund D.
  • Soustelle, Jacques, "Le Totemisme des Lancandones"
  • Sparling, Edward J. (Roosevelt College)
Box 32   Folder 7

Spencer, Katherine, 1940

Box 32   Folder 8

Spicer, Edward and Rosamund, 1934

Box 32   Folder 9

Spicer, Edward, Pascua, A Yaqui Village in Arizona, 1939-1940

Box 32   Folder 10

S, 1934

  • Spier, Leslie
  • Spindler, George
Box 32   Folder 11

Spitzer, Allen, 1950

Box 32   Folder 12

Spoehr, Alexander,1939

Box 32   Folder 13

Srole, Leo, 1938

Box 32   Folder 14

Stackpole, Stephen H. (Carnegie Corporation of New York), 1952

Box 33   Folder 1

Starr, Betty, 1952

Box 33   Folder 2

S, 1940’s

  • State Department, Division of Cultural Resources
  • State Department, press releases
Box 33   Folder 3

Steggerda, Morris, 1934

Box 33   Folder 4

S, 1950’s

  • Steiner, Kurt
  • Stern, Bernard, see-Hayner, Thomas
  • Stevens, David, see-Rockefeller Foundation
  • Steward, Julian
Box 33   Folder 5

S, 1946

  • Stewart, Omer
  • Stoloff, Victor
  • Strategic Index of Latin America
  • Stresser-Pean, Guy
Box 33   Folder 6

S, 1947

  • Strodtbeck, Fred L.
  • Strong, Duncan SEE ALSO Symposium on the Present Status of Anthropology
  • Strozier, Robert N.
  • Swarthmore College, SEE Lafore, Lawrence
Box 33   Folder 7

Sweatt vs. Painter, 1947

Box 33   Folder 8

Sweden trip, correspondence and arrangements,1953

Box 33   Folder 9

Swedish Folklife Research, 1952

Box 33   Folder 10

Symposium on the Present State of Anthropology see also- Strong, Duncan, 1939

Box 33   Folder 11

Szilard, Leo, "Creative Intelligence and Society," "My Trials as a War Criminal," 1946

Box 33   Folder 12

S-other: Saale-Seymour, 1952

Box 33   Folder 13

S-other: Shafroth-Smyser, 1953

Box 34   Folder 1

S-other: Snavely-Szczerba-Likiernik, 1954

Box 34   Folder 2

Tax, Ervin H., 1935

Box 34   Folder 3

Tax, Sol, correspondence, 1934

  • SEE ALSO Series III, Subseries 4
Box 34   Folder 4

Tax, Sol, correspondence, 1935

Box 34   Folder 5

Tax, Sol, correspondence, 1936

Box 34   Folder 6

Tax, Sol, correspondence, 1937

Box 34   Folder 7

Tax, Sol, correspondence, 1938

Box 34   Folder 8

Tax, Sol, correspondence, 1939-1940

Box 34   Folder 9

Tax, Sol, correspondence, 1941

Box 34   Folder 10

Tax, Sol, correspondence, January-July 1942

Box 34   Folder 11

Tax, Sol, correspondence, August-December 1942

Box 35   Folder 1

Tax, Sol, correspondence, 1943

Box 35   Folder 2

Tax, Sol, correspondence, 1944-1945

Box 35   Folder 3

Tax, Sol, correspondence, 1946-1949

Box 35   Folder 4

Tax, Sol, correspondence, 1950-1958

Box 35   Folder 5

Tax, Sol, "The Social Organization of the Fox Indians," "Culture and Civilization in Guatemalan Societies," "Values in Action: The Fox Project," 1939

Box 35   Folder 6

T, 1947

  • Taft studio
  • Taylor, C. V.
  • Tegen, Einar
  • Termer, Franz
  • Thayer, Helen
Box 35   Folder 7

T, 1940’s

  • Thompson, Dan
  • Thompson, Edgar T.
  • Thompson, Eric
Box 35   Folder 8

T, 1940’s

  • Thompson, Laura
  • Thomson, Charles
  • Thomson, Watson
Box 35   Folder 9

T, 1951

  • Thorner, Daniel
  • T'ien, J-K'ang
  • Titiev, Mischa
  • Tomashevich, George
Box 35   Folder 10

T, 1930’s

  • Toor, Frances
  • Torres-Bedet, Jaime, see-UNESCO
  • Tozzer, Alfred
  • Tree-ring studies (dendrochronology)
Box 35   Folder 11

T, 1955

  • Trevor, J. C.
  • Trytten, M. H. (National Research Council)
  • Tucker, Sarah Jones (Committee on Ethno-History)
Box 36   Folder 1

Tumin, Melvin, 1942

Box 36   Folder 2

Tyler, Ralph, 1947

Box 36   Folder 3

T-other: Taft-Tyroler, 1935

Box 36   Folder 4

Underhill, Ruth, 1951

Box 36   Folder 5

UNESCO, correspondence, 1946

Box 36   Folder 6-7

UNESCO, pamphlets and reports, 1947

Box 36   Folder 8

United States Department of Agriculture

  • SEE ALSO M. L. Wilson, 1939
Box 36   Folder 9

United World Federalists, correspondence, 1946

Box 37   Folder 1-2

United World Federalists, reports and pamphlets, 1949

Box 37   Folder 3

Urbanization and Cultural Change Seminar, minutes, 1950

Box 37   Folder 4

U-other: Unitarian Service Committee-Utah Legislative Council, 1950

Box 37   Folder 5

Vaillant, George, 1930s-1940s

Box 37   Folder 6

V, 1952

  • Varagnac, Andre
  • Varela, E. A. (Bursar, Carnegie Institution of Washington)
  • Vasquez, Alfredo Barrera
Box 37   Folder 7

V, 1942

  • Vela, David
  • Verdet, Paule
  • Vestal, Paul
Box 37   Folder 8

Vidyarthi, L. P.1954

Box 37   Folder 9

V, 1952

  • Vienna Anthropological Congress
  • Viking Fund, Inc., see-Wenner-Gren Foundation
Box 37   Folder 10

Villa Rojas, Alfonso, correspondence, 1939

  • Villa Rojas, Alfonso, correspondence, 1930-1938 SEE Series II, Subseries 2, Sub-subseries 3
Box 37   Folder 11

Villa Rojas, Alfonso, correspondence, 1940

Box 38   Folder 1

Villa Rojas, Alfonso, correspondence, 1941

Box 38   Folder 2

Villa Rojas, Alfonso, correspondence, January-June 1942

Box 38   Folder 3

Villa Rojas, Alfonso, correspondence, July-December 1942

Box 38   Folder 4

Villa Rojas, Alfonso, correspondence, 1943

Box 38   Folder 5

Villa Rojas, Alfonso, correspondence, 1944

Box 38   Folder 6

Villa Rojas, Alfonso, correspondence, 1945

Box 38   Folder 7

Villa Rojas, Alfonso, correspondence, 1946

Box 38   Folder 8

Villa Rojas, Alfonso, correspondence, 1947-1958

Box 38   Folder 9

V, 1942

  • Villegas, Daniel Cosio
  • Vivas, Eliseo
Box 39   Folder 1

V, 1946

  • Vogt, Evon
  • Von Grunebaum, Gustave
  • Von Hagen, Victor Wolfgang
Box 39   Folder 2

V-other: Valcarcel-Votaw

Box 39   Folder 3

V, 1940s

  • Wach, Joachim
  • Wade, Ira O.
  • Wagley, Charles C.
Box 39   Folder 4

Wagner, Mario

Box 39   Folder 5


  • Wakeley, Ray E.
  • Wallach, Ira D. (Gottesman Foundation)
Box 39   Folder 6

Waller, Theodore

Box 39   Folder 7

W, 1940s-1950s

  • Wallis, Allen
  • Wang, Tsi C.
  • Wang, Yi-Chu
Box 39   Folder 8

War Department

Box 39   Folder 9

War Relocation Authority, correspondence and pamphlets

Box 40   Folder 1-2

War Relocation Authority, newspapers (Japanese-American), 1942

Box 40   Folder 3

W, 1940s-1950s

  • Ward, F. C.
  • Ware, Caroline
Box 40   Folder 4

Warner, W. Lloyd, undated

Box 40   Folder 5

Washburn, S. L., undated

  • Washington Seminar, SEE Snyder, Harold
Box 40   Folder 6

W, undated

  • Watkins, Mark Hanna
  • Watson, James B.
Box 40   Folder 7

W, undated

  • Watt, Donald B.
  • Wax, Murray
  • Wax, Rosalie
Box 40   Folder 8

Weckler, Joseph

Box 40   Folder 9

W, 1940s-1950s

  • Weidenreich, Fritz
  • Weingrod, Alex
  • Weinrich, John E.
  • Weiss, Paul
Box 41   Folder 1

Wenner-Gren Foundation (includes correspondence of Viking Fund, Inc., its predecessor), 1946

Box 41   Folder 2

W, 1949

  • Wescott, Roger
  • Wessel, Bessie Bloom
Box 41   Folder 3

Whalley, Elsa, 1953

Box 41   Folder 4

W, 1953

  • Wheeler, Sara
  • White, Leslie
  • Whitford, Andrew H.
  • Whiting, Alfred
Box 41   Folder 5

W, 1953

  • Willey, Gordon
  • Williams, Lynn
  • Willits, Joseph H. (Rockefeller Foundation)
  • Willner, Dorothy
Box 41   Folder 6

W, 1940

  • Wilson, Edwin B.
  • Wilson, Meredith L.
  • Wilson, Monica
Box 41   Folder 7

W, 1953

  • Wilt, Napier
  • Wirth, Louis
Box 41   Folder 8

Wisdom, Charles, correspondence, 1934

Box 41   Folder 9

Wisdom, Charles, A Chorti Village of Guatemala, publication of, 1938

Box 41   Folder 10

W, 1950’s

  • Witko, Rosemary
  • Wittfogel, Karl A.
  • Wolf, Eric R.
Box 41   Folder 11

Wolff, Kurt H., 1943

Box 41   Folder 12

W, 1940

  • Wood, Josephine
  • Woods, Sister Francis Jerome
  • Woodward, J. L.
Box 42   Folder 1

WORLD (World Order Realized Through Law and Democracy-Gilbert Jonas), 1951

Box 42   Folder 2

World Area Files (C. S. Ford, Yale University), 1947

Box 42   Folder 3

World Constitution, Committee to Frame a, 1946

Box 42   Folder 4

W, 1947

  • World Government Congress
  • Wright, Arthur
  • Wu, Wen-tsao
Box 42   Folder 5

W-other: Wahab-Willey, 1958

Box 42   Folder 6

Williams-Wyoming, University of, 1935

Box 42   Folder 7

Yang, C.K., 1949

Box 42   Folder 8

Y, 1936

  • Young, Consuelo
  • Young, Ernest
  • Young, Kimball
  • Young, R. W.
  • Zingg, Robert C.
Box 42   Folder 9

X-Y-Z-other: Xolocotzi-Zook, 1947

Box 42   Folder 10

Unidentified letters, undated

Series III: Middle American Field Materials

Subseries 1: Tepoztlan

Box 43   Folder 1

Field diary, undated

Box 43   Folder 2

Miscellaneous documents, undated

Box 43   Folder 3

"The Mexican Corrido," Porfiriana, undated

Box 43   Folder 4-5

Transcripts of songs, 1931

Box 43   Folder 6-11

Broadsheets and songbooks, 1920s

Subseries 2: Yucatan

Sub-subseries 1: Chan Kom

Box 44   Folder 1

Proposals and outlines (including outline of Chan Kom)

Box 44   Folder 2

Population, undated

Box 44   Folder 3

Family (includes genealogies and departures), 1930

Box 44   Folder 4

Communications (arrivals and departures), undated

Box 44   Folder 5

Chan Kom History, 1930

Box 44   Folder 6

Domestic Equipment, 1930

Box 44   Folder 7

Houses, undated

Box 44   Folder 8

Food and Cookery, undated

Box 44   Folder 9

Clothing, undated

Box 44   Folder 10

Pottery, undated

Box 44   Folder 11

Field Research, 1931

  • Henequen manufactured
  • Gardens
  • Agriculture
Box 44   Folder 12

Research, 1931

  • Animal husbandry
  • Hunting
  • Bees and Bee-Keeping
Box 44   Folder 13

Fagina, undated

Box 44   Folder 14

Field Research, undated

  • Money and Trade
  • Land and Land Ownership
  • House Building
Box 44   Folder 15

Agricultural economics, 1931

Box 44   Folder 16

Family, undated

Box 44   Folder 17

Names, 1930

Box 44   Folder 18

Political Organization, undated

Box 44   Folder 19

Agrarian Laws, 1930

Box 44   Folder 20

Liga (male political organization), undated

Box 44   Folder 21

Field Research, 1930

  • Santos
  • Novenas
Box 44   Folder 22

Village Fiestas, 1927

Box 44   Folder 23

Balames (spirits), 1931

Box 44   Folder 24

Agricultural Ceremonies, undated

Box 44   Folder 25

Field Research, 1931

  • Gods of the Bees
  • Loh Ceremony
Box 44   Folder 26

Sickness, 1931

Box 44   Folder 27

Sickness Ceremonies, undated

Box 44   Folder 28

Divination, 1931

Box 44   Folder 29

Abstracts of Ceremonies, undated

Box 44   Folder 30

Birth Customs, undated

Box 44   Folder 31

Baptism, Godparents, Tzicil (feast), undated

Box 44   Folder 32

Hetz-Mek (Maya baptism), undated

Box 45   Folder 1

Games, 1931

Box 45   Folder 2

Marriage, undated

Box 45   Folder 3

Death and Burial, undated

Box 45   Folder 4

Folklore, 1931

Box 45   Folder 5

Myths, 1925

Box 45   Folder 6

School, 1917

Box 45   Folder 7

People, undated

Box 45   Folder 8

Diaries of Edilberto Ceme and Pablo Ku, 1930s

Box 45   Folder 9

Field Research, undated

  • Autobiography of Don Eus
  • Speeches by Don Eus
Box 45   Folder 10

Day-by-day work record of Chan Kom men, 1930s

Box 45   Folder 11

New Notes (variety of topics included), undated

Box 45   Folder 12

Redfield field diary, Chan Kom, 1930

Box 45   Folder 13

Redfield field diary, Chan Kom and Environs, 1930

Box 45   Folder 14

Redfield field diary, Villages and Village Life (except Chan Kom and Environs), 1930

Box 46   Folder 1

Redfield field diary, Merida and General, 1930

Box 46   Folder 2-5

Villa Chan Kom diary and field notes, 1930-1931

Box 46   Folder 6

Villa Chan Kom diary and field notes, 1930-1931

Box 46   Folder 7

Miscellaneous materials, 1950s

Sub-subseries 2: Dzitas

Box 46   Folder 8

Hypotheses and outlines, undated

Box 46   Folder 9

Social Census, undated

Box 46   Folder 10

Disease in Dzitas (including childbirth, folk botany, witchcraft, etc.), undated

Box 47   Folder 1

Kinship, undated

Box 47   Folder 2

Marriage, Divorce, undated

Box 47   Folder 3

Persons, undated

Box 47   Folder 4

Agricultural ceremonies, undated

Box 47   Folder 5

Fiesta Patronal and other fiestas, 1934

Box 47   Folder 6

Novenas and Santos, undated

Box 47   Folder 7

Family schedules, undated

Box 47   Folder 8

Government and Fagina, undated

Box 47   Folder 9

Social distance, undated

Box 47   Folder 10

History (of Dzitas), undated

Box 47   Folder 11

Hetz-Mek, Baptism, Confirmation, undated

Box 47   Folder 12

Agricultural economics, undated

Box 47   Folder 13


  • Property and Inheritance, undated
  • Death, undated
Box 47   Folder 14

General folklore, undated

Box 47   Folder 15

Miscellaneous notes, undated

Box 47   Folder 16

Notes taken in 1935

Sub-subseries 3: Merida

Box 47   Folder 17

"Merida, A Latin American City" (A. T. Hansen?)

Box 47   Folder 18

Hansen notes, pp.1001-1025, undated

Box 47   Folder 19

Hansen notes, pp. 1026-1057, undated

Box 47   Folder 20

Hansen notes, pp. 1058-1087, undated

Box 47   Folder 21

Hansen notes, pp. 1088-1116, undated

Box 47   Folder 22

Hansen notes, pp. 1117-1144, undated

Box 47   Folder 23

Hansen notes, pp. 1145-1191, undated

Box 47   Folder 24

Hansen notes, pp. 1192-1246, undated

Box 47   Folder 25

Hansen notes, pp. 1247-1292, undated

Box 47   Folder 26

Hansen notes, pp. 1293-1342, undated

Box 47   Folder 27

Hansen notes, pp. 1343-1363, undated

Box 47   Folder 28

Hansen, manuscript, undated

Box 48   Folder 1

Hansen notes, Merida tales and myths, 1933

Box 48   Folder 2

Hansen and Villa, notes on winds, 1933

Sub-subseries 4: Quintana Roo

Box 48   Folder 3


  • Margaret Park Redfield, Life History of Antonia, undated
  • Quintana Roo, undated
Box 48   Folder 4

Diario Ethnologico de un viaje a Quintana Roo, 1932

Box 48   Folder 5

Notes, 1932

  • General account of Quintana Roo
  • Ethnological Diary of a Trip in Quintana Roo, 1932
Box 48   Folder 6

Ethnographic Diary, 1935-1936

Box 48   Folder 7

Ethnographic Diary, (copy), 1935-1936

Box 48   Folder 8

Notes on Tusik, undated

Box 48   Folder 9

Notes on Tusik, (copy), undated

Box 49   Folder 1

Segunda Parte Etnografia, Capitulo VI-VIII, undated

Box 49   Folder 2

Preliminary notes, 1932

Box 49   Folder 3

Notes regarding third trip to Quintana Roo, February, 1933

Box 49   Folder 4-7

Notes (typewritten, in Spanish), undated

Box 49   Folder 8

Ethnographical Investigation of Quintana Roo, 1935-1936

Box 49   Folder 9

Datos sobre la despoblacion de Quintana Roo, 1936

Box 49   Folder 10

Tentative list of correspondences between ceremonies celebrated at Chan Kom and those observed at X-Cacal and Tusik, undated

Box 49   Folder 11

Miscellaneous notes, 1930

Box 49   Folder 12

H. Adrian, "Some Observances concerning the Maya Indians of Quintana Roo, 1924-1925"

Box 50   Folder 1

Villa Rojas correspondence with Redfields, 1930

Box 50   Folder 2

Villa Rojas correspondence with Redfields, 1931

Box 50   Folder 3

Villa Rojas correspondence with Redfields, 1932

Box 50   Folder 4

Villa Rojas correspondence with Redfields, 1933

Box 50   Folder 5

Villa Rojas correspondence with Redfields, 1934

Box 50   Folder 6

Villa Rojas correspondence with Redfields, 1935

Box 50   Folder 7

Villa Rojas correspondence with Redfields, 1936

Box 50   Folder 8

Villa Rojas correspondence with Redfields, 1937

Box 50   Folder 9

Villa Rojas correspondence with Redfields, 1938

Box 50   Folder 10

Villa Rojas, Alfonso, autobiography, 1934

Box 51   Folder 1

Culture and Civilization in Yucatan: outlines this was originally proposed as the title of Folk Culture of Yucatan, undated

Box 51   Folder 2

Spanish language text on Mexican folkways, undated

Box 51   Folder 3

"The Sacred and the Secular in Yucatan and Guatemala" by Redfield with comments by Sol Tax, undated

Box 51   Folder 4

"Spanish and Indian" the extent of Influence of Each Heritage," undated

Box 51   Folder 5

Mrs. Morley's photographs used in the book, undated

Box 51   Folder 6-8

Spanish translation of Folk Culture of Yucatan, undated

Box 51   Folder 9


  • Yucatan Una Cultura de Transicion (Spanish translation, published edition), 1941
  • Civilizaçao E Cultura de Folk (Portuguese translation, published edition), 1949

Sub-subseries 5: General Yucatan

Box 52   Folder 1

A Village that Chose Progress, suggested outline and notes, undated

Box 52   Folder 2-3

Social Change in a Maya Village: Chan Kom, Yucatan, 1931-1948

Box 52   Folder 4

Carnegie Institution of Washington, Division of Historical Research, Budgets, 1935-1948

Box 52   Folder 5

Carnegie Institution of Washington, Redfield Expense Accounts, 1946

Box 52   Folder 6-7

Carnegie Institution of Washington, Villa Expense Accounts1936-1946

Box 52   Folder 8

Miscellaneous (demographic charts, maps, etc.: see also BOX 94: charts)

Subseries 3: Guatemala

Box 53   Folder 1

Redfield field notebooks, 1937 and 1938

Box 53   Folder 2

Diaries, 1930s-1940s

  • Redfield field diary, typed, 1938
  • Tax field diary, typed, 1938-1939
Box 53   Folder 3

Redfield diary, longhand, 1939-1940

Box 53   Folder 4

Tax field diary, typed, 1940-1941

Box 53   Folder 5

Notes, 1945

  • Notes on San Antonio Palopo by Redfield
  • Summaries: Agua Escondida Culture and Society by Redfield
Box 53   Folder 6-8

Benjamin Paul, typed notes, 1941

Box 53   Folder 9

Benjamin Paul, table of contents: pp. 1-54, undated

Box 53   Folder 10

Benjamin Paul, pp. 55-187, undated

Box 53   Folder 11

Benjamin Paul, pp. 188-265, undated

Box 54   Folder 1

Benjamin Paul, pp. 266-400, 1940

Box 54   Folder 2

Benjamin Paul, pp. 401-524, 1940

Box 54   Folder 3

Benjamin Paul, pp. 525-679, 31940

Box 54   Folder 4

Miscellaneous duplicate pages, 1040

Box 54   Folder 5

"April is This Afternoon" by Redfield also on microfilm, undated

Box 54   Folder 6

Sol Tax, writings, undated

  • "An Introduction to the Ethnology of Guatemala" by Sol Tax?, undated
  • "The Position of the Pokoman" by Tax, undated
  • "Present-Day Pottery of the Western Highlands of Guatemala" by Tax, undated
Box 54   Folder 7

Notes and field reports, undated

  • Benjamin Paul report on field work in Guatemala
  • Instructions given to Juan Rosales for use in San Pedro
  • "Cultural Process in Guatemala" (interview with a Guatemalan Indian in Chicago by Antonio Goubaud)
Box 54   Folder 8

John Gillin materials on Jilotepeque, Guatemala

Box 54   Folder 9

Redfield and Tax reports on Guatemalan field work

Box 54   Folder 10

Survey and court cases, undated

Box 54   Folder 11

Ethnographic notes, 1940

Box 55   Folder 1

Ethnographic notes, undated

Box 55   Folder 2

Letters of introduction for Redfield

Box 55   Folder 3

Correspondence, 1940-1945

Subseries 4: Chiapas

Box 55   Folder 4

Villa Field notes from Tzeltal project, 1942

Box 55   Folder 5

Notes and research materials

  • Tabular comparison of towns in Chiapas (done by Redfield)
  • Map of Chiapas by Franz Blom
  • "Le Totemisme des Lacandons" by Jacques Soustelle, 1937

Subseries 5: Photographs

Box 55   Folder 6

Prints, undated

Box 55   Folder 7-9

Negatives, undated

Box 55   Folder 10

Negatives and prints, 1931

Box 55   Folder 11

Negatives and prints, 1931

Subseries 6: General Notes

Box 56   Folder 1

Houses, undated

Box 56   Folder 2

Pottery, 1933

Box 56   Folder 3

Photographs of local costumes, undated

Box 56   Folder 4

Art work, 1920s-1930s

  • Nationalistic Art
  • Photographs of Diego Rivera’s murals by Tina Modotti
Box 56   Folder 5

Santos, undated

Box 56   Folder 6

Minor Arts, 1928

Box 56   Folder 7

Weaving, undated

Box 56   Folder 8

Musical Instruments, undated

Box 56   Folder 9

Dances, undated

Box 56   Folder 10

Transportation, 1931

Box 56   Folder 11

Death, 1930

Box 56   Folder 12

Holy Week, 1927

Box 56   Folder 13

Fiestas, 1936

Box 56   Folder 14

Carnival, 1927

Box 56   Folder 15

Popular Games: Drama, 1930

Box 56   Folder 16

Nativistic Literature, 1935

Box 56   Folder 17

Alabados, 1926

Box 56   Folder 18

Physical Type, undated

Box 56   Folder 19

Kitchen, undated

Box 56   Folder 20

Cities, 1929

Box 56   Folder 21

Nationalism, 1930s

Box 56   Folder 22

Manufacturing, 1926

Box 56   Folder 23

Mexican Border, 1926

Box 56   Folder 24

Current History and Politics, 1925

Box 56   Folder 25

Education, 1930

Box 56   Folder 26

Exports and Imports: Commerce, 1933

Box 57   Folder 1

Maps, 1937

Box 57   Folder 2

Marriage, 1932

Box 57   Folder 3

Curanderas (healers), 1898-1928

Box 57   Folder 4

Mayordomia, 1930

Box 57   Folder 5

"Pastoral Letter of the Catholic Episcopate of the United States on the Religious Situation in Mexico", 1926

Box 57   Folder 6

Catalogue of popular plant names, 1923

Box 57   Folder 7

Statistical material (assembled by the U. S. Commercial Attache, Mexico City), 1930

Box 57   Folder 8

Kinship terms used by (Spanish-speaking) Ladinos of Agua Escondida, undated, 1924

Box 57   Folder 9

"Notes on the Huaxteca Indians of San Luis Potosi, Mexico" by Rudolph Schuller, undated

Box 57   Folder 10

Languages, undated

Box 57   Folder 11

Population and demography, 1930

Box 57   Folder 12

"Trabajo del Lugar" by De La Fuente, Oaxaca, undated

Box 57   Folder 13

"Family, Kinship and Marriage in Middle America" by George Fathauer, undated

Box 57   Folder 14

Bishop Toral's Diocesan Instructions (notes in English and Spanish), undated

Box 57   Folder 15

"The Food of the Present-Day Maya Indians of Yucatan" by Francis Benedict and Morris Steggerda, 1936

Box 57   Folder 16

"Compendio y Descripcion de las Indias Occidentale" by Vasquez de Espinosa, undated

Box 57   Folder 17

Report of field trip of Norman McQuown, March, 1950

Box 57   Folder 18

Notes and research materials

  • Witchcraft and related Beliefs (Juan Lemley?), undated
  • Tlapenco Rites of Passage (Juan Lemley?), undated
Box 57   Folder 19

Booklet for survey of social institutions, produced by Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales, Universidad Nacional Autonoma, Mexico, undated

Subseries 7: Mexicans in Chicago

Box 57   Folder 20

"The Mexicans in Chicago," field journal, 1924-1925

Box 57   Folder 21

Essays, charts and transcribed documents describing Mexican immigrant life in Chicago, 1923-1925

Box 57   Folder 22

Address book, related to study of Mexicans in Chicago, circa 1924

Series IV: Redfield Publications

Subseries 1: Books, Articles and Speeches

Box 58   Folder 1

Bibliography of Redfield's work (2 copies), undated

Box 58   Folder 2

Academic freedom in America and Britain (Roundtable no. 743), 1952

Box 58   Folder 3

"America at War: The Japanese American," Walgreen Foundation Lecture, 1942

Box 58   Folder 4

"My Adventures as a Mexican," 1928

Box 58   Folder 5

"An Ancient Art in an Ancient Village," 1928

Box 58   Folder 6

"Anthropological Understanding of Man," undated

Box 58   Folder 7

"Anthropology, a Natural Science?," 1936

Box 58   Folder 8

"Anthropology and the Primitive Community," 1955

Box 58   Folder 9

"Anthropology: Unity and Diversity," 1936-1937

Box 58   Folder 10

"An Arab's view of Point IV," (with Ali Othman, Roundtable nos., 749-750), 1952

  • "April is This Afternoon," see-BOX 54, folder 6
Box 58   Folder 11

"Area Programs in Education and Research," 1944

Box 58   Folder 12

"Art and Icon," 1958

Box 58   Folder 13

"The Art of Social Science", undated

Box 58   Folder 14

"The Back Stairs of Yucatan," 1933

Box 58   Folder 15

"The Calpolli-Barrio in a Present-Day Pueblo," 1928

Box 58   Folder 16

"Can Human Nature be Changed: an outline of a discussion", undated

Box 58   Folder 17

"Can Rules or Tutors Educate?," 1943

Box 58   Folder 18

"The Carnival in Tepoztlan, Morelos," 1928

Box 58   Folder 19

"The Cerahpa and the Castiyohpa in Tepoztlan," 1927

Box 58   Folder 20

Chan Kom, reviews and correspondence see also-BOX 44, 1935

Box 59   Folder 1

"Characterization of Civilizations," 1956

Box 59   Folder 2

"The Chinese in a World Community," 1949

Box 59   Folder 3

"Civilization (Collier's Encyclopedia), undated

Box 59   Folder 4

"Civilization and the Moral Order," 1950

Box 59   Folder 5

"Civilizations as Things Thought About: Anthropological Approaches," undated

Box 59   Folder 6

"The Commands of Reason" see also- Internal Security in America, 1952

Box 59   Folder 7

"Comments for the Conference on Comparative Method," undated

Box 59   Folder 8

"Communists should teach in American Universities," undated

Box 59   Folder 9

"This Community of Scholars," 1948

Box 59   Folder 10

"Community Studies in Japan and China," undated

Box 59   Folder 11

"Comparative Study of Cultures, A Table of Contents for a Book," undated

Box 59   Folder 12

Concept and Theory in the Study of Culture, Personality and Human Nature (notes only), undated

Box 59   Folder 13

"The Consequence of Atomic Energy," 1949

Box 59   Folder 14

"A Contribution of Anthropology to the Training of Teachers," undated

Box 59   Folder 15

"Cultural Anthropology and Modern Agriculture" (includes: Antropologia Cultural y Agricultura Moderna), undated

Box 59   Folder 16

"Cultural Anthropology in Humanistic Education," undated

Box 59   Folder 17

Cultural Marginality (notes only), undated

Box 59   Folder 18

"The Cultural Role of the Cities" (with Milton Singer), undated

Box 59   Folder 19

"Culture and Education in the Midwestern Highlands of Guatemala," undated

Box 60   Folder 1

"Culture Changes in Yucatan," 1934

Box 60   Folder 2

"Culture Contact without Conflict," undated

Box 60   Folder 3

"Dangerous Duty of the University," undated

Box 60   Folder 4

"Defense of Academic Freedom," undated

Box 60   Folder 5

"Democracy in Higher Education," undated

Box 60   Folder 6

"Difficult Duty of Speech," undated

Box 60   Folder 7

"Disease and Its Treatment in Dzitas, Yucatan," with Margaret Park Redfield, 1940

Box 60   Folder 8

"Does America Need a Hearing Aid?," 1953

Box 60   Folder 9

Does the Study of Culture Reveal a Common Human Nature?, undated

Box 60   Folder 10

"The Ear of America," 1952

Box 60   Folder 11

"Education: For Aristocracy or Equality?," 1950

Box 60   Folder 12

"The Education of the Will," 1943

Box 60   Folder 13

The Educational Experience (a series of lectures sponsored by the Fund for Adult Education and sometimes referred to as the "Redfield Lectures," 1955

Box 60   Folder 14

Embree, Edwin, in Memoriam (funeral eulogy given by Redfield), undated

Box 60   Folder 15

Ethnic Groups and Nationality, undated

Box 60   Folder 16

"Ethnography of Tzeltal Communities of Chiapas," notes on (with Alfonso Villa), 1939

  • Ethnological Problem, SEE Peace as a Problem of Ethnology
Box 60   Folder 17

Folk Culture of Yucatan: General Correspondence Reviews, Correspondence about Spanish Translation see also-BOX 51, 1942

Box 61   Folder 1

"The Folk Society" (in English, Spanish and Chinese), undated

Box 61   Folder 2

"The Folk Society and Culture," undated

Box 61   Folder 3

"Folk Society and Social Science," 1939

Box 61   Folder 4

"Folkways and City Ways," undated

Box 61   Folder 5

"Formulation of a Problem in the Study of Society" (notes only), 1938

Box 61   Folder 6

Frankfurt Lectures, undated

  • "The Logic and Function of Social Science"
  • "Social Science as a Humanity"
  • "Social Science and Values"
Box 61   Folder 7

Frankfurt Lectures, undated

  • "Social Science as Morality"
  • "Social Science in our Society"
  • "Discussion on Freedom of the Press"
Box 61   Folder 8

FrankfurtLectures, undated

  • "Logic and Funktionen der Gesellschaftswissenschaft," G. Albers
  • "Gesellschaftswissenschaft als Geisteswissenschaft"
Box 61   Folder 9

Frankfurt Lectures, undated

  • "Die Gesellschaftslehre als eine Kunst"
  • "Gesellschaftswissenschaft und Werte"
Box 61   Folder 10

Frankfurt Lectures: "Sozialwissenschaft und Ethik," undated

Box 61   Folder 11

The Future of Civilization, 1958

Box 61   Folder 12

General Characteristics of Present-Day Meso-American Indian Society, with Sol Tax, undated

Box 62   Folder 1

"The Genius of the University," 1956

Box 62   Folder 2

"Government by Just Not Telling," undated

Box 62   Folder 3

"History of Ethnology," undated

Box 62   Folder 4

"How Human Science Operates," 1956

Box 62   Folder 5

"How Shall the City Attempt Philosophy?," 1941

Box 62   Folder 6

Human Nature and the Study of Society (Margaret Redfield's correspondence concerning the publication of the Redfield Papers), 1961

Box 62   Folder 7

"The Humane Profession," by Redfield, undated

Box 62   Folder 8

Hunting and Gathering People (notes and correspondence only), 1956

Box 62   Folder 9

"In Cultural Change," undated

Box 62   Folder 10

"The Indian in Mexico (or) Indians and Indianism" with introduction by Margaret Park Redfield (2 copies), 1940

Box 62   Folder 11

"Indian-Latino Relations," 1940

Box 62   Folder 12

"Internal Security in America," undated, 1945

Box 62   Folder 13

"Issues Faced in the Improvement of Upper-Division Curriculum in the Social Sciences," 1945

Box 62   Folder 14

"Jews, Christians and Professors," 1943

Box 62   Folder 15

"Latin-American View of the Good Life" (with Daniel Cosío Villegas and Alfonso Reyes, Roundtable no. 504), 1947

Box 62   Folder 16

Little Community, course materials, 1953

  • Comparison of Cultures
  • Little Community, As a Social Structure
Box 62   Folder 17

Little Community, course materials, 1953

  • Little Community, As a Whole Within Wholes
  • Little Community, As a Kind of Person
Box 62   Folder 18

Little Community, course materials, 1953

  • Little Community, As History
  • Little Community, Reality the Many Sided (Parts and Wholes)
Box 62   Folder 19

Little Community, correspondence and reviews, 1955

Box 62   Folder 20

"Maine's Ancient Law in the Light of Primitive Societies," undated

Box 62   Folder 21

Man in Society, "How Human Society Operates," undated

Box 62   Folder 22

"Man, Nature of (or) Human Nature (Encyclopedia Britannica)," undated

Box 62   Folder 23

"The Material Culture of Spanish-Indian Mexico," 1929

Box 62   Folder 24

"Maya Archaeology as the Mayas See it," undated

Box 62   Folder 25

"Mayas and Modern Civilization," 1933

Box 63   Folder 1

"Memorandum for the Study of Acculturation," (with Ralph Linton and Melville Herskovits), 1936

Box 63   Folder 2

General Characteristic of Present-Day Meso-American Indian Society, (with Sol Tax), Messenger Lectureship, Cornell University, see-Primitive World and Its Transformations, undated

Box 63   Folder 3

"Mexico: The Next Six Years" (with Ramón Beteta Alejandro Carrillo, Roundtable n o. 455)

Box 63   Folder 4

"Natural History of the Folk Society," undated

Box 63   Folder 5

"Nature of Anthropology," undated

Box 63   Folder 6

"The Nature of Human Culture," undated

Box 63   Folder 7

The Negro after the War (correspondence and notes only), 1935

Box 63   Folder 8

"A Note on the General and Specific in Education," 1954

Box 63   Folder 9

"Peace as a Problem of Ethnology," 1954

Box 63   Folder 10

"Peace as a Problem of Race," 1944

Box 63   Folder 11

"The Peasant and Modern Civilization," undated

Box 63   Folder 12-14

"Peasant Society and Culture" (lectures originally given at Swarthmore College), 1955

Box 63   Folder 15

"Peasant's View of the Good Life" (2 copies), undated

Box 64   Folder 1

"The Present-Day Maya," 1941

Box 64   Folder 2

"The Pressure to Conform," 1952

Box 64   Folder 3

"The Price of Peace," undated

Box 64   Folder 4

"Primitive and Peasant: Simple and Compound Society," undated

Box 64   Folder 5

"Primitive Law" (includes bibliography), 1941

Box 64   Folder 6

"Primitive Merchants of Guatemala," 1939

Box 64   Folder 7

"The Primitive World View," 1952

Box 64   Folder 8-12

The Primitive World and Its Transformations (these were a series of lectures first given at Cornell University in 1952: included are a French translation, notes, correspondence and reviews, 1950

Box 64   Folder 13

The Problem of the Freedom of the Press (notes only), undated

Box 64   Folder 14

"Progress," undated

Box 65   Folder 1

"Race and Class in Yucatan," 1938

Box 65   Folder 2

"Race and Human Nature: An Anthropologist's View," 1944

Box 65   Folder 3

"Race and Religion in Selective Admission," 1947

Box 65   Folder 4

"Race: Fact and Belief," 1952

Box 65   Folder 5

"Race in Human and Social Nature," 1944

Box 65   Folder 6

"Race is What We Make It," 1942

Box 65   Folder 7

"Races and Nationalities," 1924

Box 65   Folder 8

"Races in Latin America" (notes only), 1943

Box 65   Folder 9

"The Reading Period at the University of Chicago" Redfield Lectures, see-Educational Experience, undated

Box 65   Folder 10

"The Regional Aspect of Culture," 1930

Box 65   Folder 11

"Relation between Social Science and Values" (notes only), undated

Box 65   Folder 12

"The Relations between Indians and Ladinos in Agua Escondida," Guatemala, 1956

Box 65   Folder 13

"Relation of Anthropology to the Social Sciences and the Humanities," 1952

Box 65   Folder 14

"Religion in Micronesia and Outline of Micronesian Culture" (papers written while a graduate student, 1924

Box 65   Folder 15

"Remedial Plants of Tepoztlan: A Mexican Folk Herbal," 1928

Box 66   Folder 1

"Research in the Social Sciences: Its Significance for General Education," 1941-1964

Box 66   Folder 2

"Research Materials in Middle American Ethnology with Special Reference to Chicago Libraries," 1942

Box 66   Folder 3

"Research Problems in Mexico and Guatemala" (with Ralph Beals), undated

Box 66   Folder 4

"Role of Anthropology in Humanistic Education," 1947

Box 66   Folder 5


  • "Rural Sociology and the Folk Society," 1942
  • The Sacred and the Secular in Guatemala, see-BOX 51, folder 2
Box 66   Folder 6

"Sanctions" (notes only), undated

Box 66   Folder 7

"Second Epilogue to Maya History," 1932

Box 66   Folder 8

Shylock and Othello -- Then and Now (notes only), undated

Box 66   Folder 9

Sigma Xi Panel Discussion (December 1945, on federal funds for research

Box 66   Folder 10

"Social and Cultural Change," 1957

Box 66   Folder 11

"The Social Implications of Race," 1941

Box 66   Folder 12

"The Social Organization of Tradition," 1948

Box 66   Folder 13

Social Revolution in China (notes and correspondence on), undated

Box 66   Folder 14

"Social Science among the Humanities," undated

Box 66   Folder 15

"Social Science as Method" (notes only), undated

Box 66   Folder 16

"Social Science in our Society," undated

Box 66   Folder 17

"Social Science in the Atomic Age," 1945

Box 67   Folder 1

"Social Science Research in General Education," 1951

Box 67   Folder 2

"The Social Scientist in our Society," undated

Box 67   Folder 3

"Social Scientist: Man Between," 1954

Box 67   Folder 4

"Social Uses of Social Science," 1947

Box 67   Folder 5

"Societies and Cultures as Natural Systems," 1955

Box 67   Folder 6

"The Sociology of Literacy" (notes only), undated

Box 67   Folder 7

"The Study of Culture in General Education," 1947

Box 67   Folder 8

"Studies of the Relations of Linguistics Structure to World View and Modes of Thought" (notes only), undated

Box 67   Folder 9

"Talk with a Stranger," undated

Box 67   Folder 10

Tepoztlan (reviews and royalty reports), 1935

Box 67   Folder 11

"Thinker and Intellectual in Primitive Society," 1957

Box 67   Folder 12

"This Being an Ethnologist," 1938

Box 67   Folder 13

"Training in the Social Sciences under a Divisional Organization," 1934-1937

Box 67   Folder 14

"Tribe, Peasant and City," 1953

Box 67   Folder 15

"The Universally Human and Culturally Variable," 1957

Box 67   Folder 16

Values, 1953

Box 67   Folder 17

"Values in Action, A Comment," 1957

Box 67   Folder 18

A Village that Chose Progress (review) see also- BOX 52, 1950

Box 67   Folder 19

"Visit to China," post 1948

Box 67   Folder 20

"What We Know about Race," 1943

Box 67   Folder 21

"What's Past is Prologue" (with Richard McKeon and Louis Wirth, Roundtable no. 615)

Box 68   Folder 1

"The Wisdom of Huckleberry Finn," 1935

Box 68   Folder 2

"World Government as Seen by a Social Scientist," undated

Box 68   Folder 3

World Government Book (never completed: includes correspondence), 1949

Box 68   Folder 4

World Government Why and What, undated

Box 68   Folder 5

"World View" (notes), undated

Subseries 2: Introductions, Reviews and Miscellaneous Notes

Box 68   Folder 6

"Introduction: Social Anthropology of North American Tribes," Fred Eggan, Ed., 1937

Box 68   Folder 7

Introduction: papers by Fried and Beardsley, Far Eastern Quarterly, 1954

Box 68   Folder 8

Introduction: Pascua: A Yaqui Village by E. H. Spicer, undated

Box 68   Folder 9

Introduction to talk by S. L. Washburn, Citizens' Board, 1950

Box 68   Folder 10

Discussion, "Sociology and Common Sense" by Carl C. Taylor, 1947

Box 68   Folder 11

Review, Decadence by C. E. M. Joad, 1950

Box 68   Folder 12

Book reviews, 1930-1940

Box 68   Folder 13

Book reviews, 1941-1956

Box 68   Folder 14

Miscellaneous notes, undated

Series V: Teaching Materials

Box 69   Folder 1

Aid to Underdeveloped Areas, undated

Box 69   Folder 2

Anthropological Dictionary, undated

Box 69   Folder 3

Anthropology and Religion, undated

Box 69   Folder 4

Anthropology in the Sciences, 1936

Box 69   Folder 5

As the Anthropologist Views Religion, undated

Box 69   Folder 6

Biological and Cultural Factors in Race Classification, undated

Box 69   Folder 7

Civilization: Its Unique and Its Generic Character, undated

Box 69   Folder 8

Comparative Ethics and Swarthmore Value seminar, undated

Box 69   Folder 9

Comparison of Cultures, Bibliography (2 additional copies), undated

Box 69   Folder 10

Comparison of Cultures, Outline for a Discussion of the Characterization and Comparison of Cultures (2 copies), undated

Box 69   Folder 11

Comparison of Cultures, 1953-1957

  • Islam and the West, "Summary and Analysis," 1953
  • Program, "The Indian Village," 1954
  • Calendar, "Social and Cultural Change in India," 1957
Box 69   Folder 12

Comparison of Cultures, McKim Marriott, "Village, Region and Nations: Little Communities in an Indigenous Civilization," parts I & II, 1954

Box 69   Folder 13

Comparison of Cultures, A. Beals, "Cultural Change in a Mysore Village," 1954

Box 69   Folder 14

Comparison of Cultures, A. Beals, "Cultural Change in a Namhalli Village," 1954

Box 69   Folder 15

Comparison of Cultures, Bernard Cohn, "The Changing Status of the Depressed Castes," parts I & II, 1954

Box 69   Folder 16

Comparison of Cultures, Oscar Lewis, "The Mexican and Indian Village An Analysis of Village Factions, 1954"

Box 69   Folder 17

Comparison of Cultures, D. G. Mandelbaum, "Value System & World View: the Kota" (2 copies), 1954

Box 69   Folder 18

Comparison of Cultures, A. T. Mosher, "The Influence of Hindu Religion and Social Traditions on the Village Economy," undated

Box 69   Folder 19-23

Comparison of Cultures, notes, 1954

Box 69   Folder 22

Concepts, Nature of, undated

Box 70   Folder 1-3

Cultural Anthropology, Methods in, 1954

Box 70   Folder 4

Cultural and Personality Integration in Folk and Urban Societies, undated

Box 70   Folder 5

Cultural Change, 1946

Box 70   Folder 6

Cultural Diversity vs. Cultural Unity, undated

Box 70   Folder 7

Cultural Role of Cities, 1951

Box 70   Folder 8

Cultural Tradition outside the Civilization, 1956

Box 70   Folder 9

Culture and Civilization, 1948

Box 70   Folder 10

Culture and Personality Course, undated

Box 70   Folder 11

Culture and the Individual, undated

Box 70   Folder 12

Difference, Inequality, Injustice, 1949

Box 70   Folder 13

Elliot Smith and Kulturkreislehre, undated

Box 70   Folder 14

Ethnic Differences and the Rise of Anthropology, undated

Box 70   Folder 15

Ethnographic Method, undated

Box 70   Folder 16

Ethnography, Methods in, undated

Box 70   Folder 17

Ethnology, Notes on, undated

Box 70   Folder 18

Evolutionists, Notes on, undated

Box 70   Folder 19

Folk Society, introduction, Nature of the Course, undated

Box 70   Folder 20

Folk Society, outlines, 1947

Box 70   Folder 21

Folk Society, Synopsis of the course, 1947

Box 70   Folder 22

Folk Society, general, 1947

Box 70   Folder 23

Folk Society, References and Book lists, 1947

Box 70   Folder 24

Folk Society, What Is a Culture, undated

Box 70   Folder 25

Folk Society, The Ideal Type, undated

Box 70   Folder 26

Folk Society, Culture, Society, Civilization and Related Topics, undated

Box 70   Folder 27

Folk Society, Culture, Society and Civilization, undated

Box 70   Folder 28

Folk Society, Folk Society and Civilization, undated

Box 71   Folder 1

Folk Society, Smallness, Homogeneity, Literacy, undated

Box 71   Folder 2

Folk Society, The Secular Folk, undated

Box 71   Folder 3

Folk Society, The Sacred Society, undated

Box 71   Folder 4

Folk Society, Ritual-Ceremony, undated

Box 71   Folder 5

Folk Society, Taboo, undated

Box 71   Folder 6

Folk Society, Myth, undated

Box 71   Folder 7

Folk Society, The Folk Society in History, undated

Box 71   Folder 8

Folk Society, Folk Economics, 1950

Box 71   Folder 9

Folk Society, Yucatan Research, undated

Box 71   Folder 10

Folk Society, Political Organization, undated

Box 71   Folder 11

Folk Society, Notes on the Diagrammatic Ordering of Societies with Reference to "Folkness," undated

Box 71   Folder 12

Folk Society, Nationalism-Nationalistic Movements, undated

Box 71   Folder 13

Folk Society, The Moral Order, "Immanent Justice," undated

Box 71   Folder 14

Folk Society, The Folk Mind, undated

Box 71   Folder 15

Folk Society, Kinship, 1947

Box 71   Folder 16

Folk Society, The Division of Labor, undated

Box 71   Folder 17

Folk Society, Polyani-Status Economy, undated

Box 71   Folder 18

Folk Society, Tawney-Religion and the Rise of Civilization

Box 71   Folder 19

Folk Society, Von Martin, Sociology of the Renaissance (review by John Bennett), undated

Box 71   Folder 20

Folk Society, Carr, Conditions of Peace, undated

Box 71   Folder 21

Folk Society, Durkheim, Elementary Forms, undated

Box 71   Folder 22

Folk Society, Mill, On Liberty, undated

Box 71   Folder 23

Folk Society, undated

  • Lippman, Preface to Morals, undated
  • Bunzel, Zuni Ceremonies, undated
Box 71   Folder 24

Folk Society, Mayo, Human Problems of an Industrial Civilization, undated

Box 71   Folder 25

Folk Society, Kelsen, Nature and Society, undated

Box 71   Folder 26

Folk Society, Maine, Morgan, Tönnies, Durkheim, undated

Box 71   Folder 27

Folk Society, references relevant to the course and not incorporated in it, undated

Box 71   Folder 28

Functionalists, notes on, undated

Box 71   Folder 29

The Historical and the Scientific in Anthropology, undated

Box 71   Folder 30

How to Think about Mankind, undated

Box 71   Folder 31

How We Live, undated

Box 71   Folder 32

Human Communities, undated

Box 72   Folder 1-5

Human Nature, 1951

Box 72   Folder 6

Ideal Types, undated

Box 72   Folder 7

The Indian in Latin America, undated

Box 72   Folder 8

Indian in Mexico and Guatemala, 1943

Box 72   Folder 9

Law: Constraint and Creation, undated

Box 72   Folder 10

Law, Nature of, 1951

Box 72   Folder 11

Liberal Education in a Free Society, undated

Box 72   Folder 12

Little Community, undated

Box 72   Folder 13

Malinowski on Religion, undated

Box 72   Folder 14-17

The Maya Aztec, and Related Indian Cultures, 1935

Box 72   Folder 18

Meso-American Civilization, Toltecs, 1940

Box 72   Folder 19

Meso-American Civilization, Maya Dates, 1947

Box 72   Folder 20

Meso-American Civilization, Ancient Maya Culture

Box 72   Folder 21

Meso-American Civilization, Maya Building and the World View, undated

Box 72   Folder 22

Meso-American Civilization, Maya History, sketches and paintings, representing Mayan art, undated

Box 72   Folder 23

Meso-American Civilization, Maya Archaeology, undated

Box 72   Folder 24

Meso-American Civilization, Maya Calendar, undated

Box 72   Folder 25

Meso-American Civilization, Aztec Culture, undated

Box 72   Folder 26

Meso-American Civilization, Aztec Archaeology, undated

Box 72   Folder 27

Meso-American Civilization, Aztec History, undated

Box 73   Folder 1

Meso-American Civilization, Aztec Calendar, undated

Box 73   Folder 2

Meso-American Civilization, Nahua Period, includes sketches of Aztec artwork, undated

Box 73   Folder 3

Meso-American Civilization, Material for Reading Glyphs, undated

Box 73   Folder 4

Meso-American Civilization, Maya Ethnology, undated

Box 73   Folder 5

Meso-American Civilization, Middle American Reading List, undated

Box 73   Folder 6

Meso-American Civilization, Outline: Problems of the Field, undated

Box 73   Folder 7

Meso-American Civilization, Historical Outline relating North and South America, undated

Box 73   Folder 8

Meso-American Civilization, Archaic, undated

Box 73   Folder 9

Meso-American Civilization, Exams, Topics, undated

Box 73   Folder 10

Meso-American Civilization, Notes, undated

Box 73   Folder 11

Middle America Lectures, undated

Box 73   Folder 12

"Methods", undated

Box 73   Folder 13-14

Middle American Ethnology, undated

Box 73   Folder 15

Minorities and the American Way of Life, undated

Box 73   Folder 16

Moral Order, Outline for the Study of, undated

Box 73   Folder 17

Nature of Civilization, undated

Box 73   Folder 18

Political Theory, undated

Box 73   Folder 19-20

Present-Day Mexico, undated

Box 74   Folder 1

Primitive Law, undated

Box 74   Folder 2

Progress and Cultural Relativity, undated

Box 74   Folder 3

Social Anthropology, Concepts in, undated

Box 74   Folder 4

Social Anthropology, Methods in, 1958

Box 74   Folder 5

Social Anthropology, Notes on, undated

Box 74   Folder 6

Social Anthropology, 1957

Box 74   Folder 7

Social Change for the schools, Seminar on Implications of, undated

Box 74   Folder 8-10

Social Science 2, 1942

Box 74   Folder 11

Subject Matter of Anthropology, Culture, 1934

Box 74   Folder 12-14

Values Seminar, 1955

Box 74   Folder 15

Wholes and Systems, undated

Box 74   Folder 16

Miscellaneous Notes, undated

Series VI: Student Papers

Box 74   Folder 17

Adams, John, "Indian Art in Malaysia," undated

Box 74   Folder 18

Adams, Robert

  • "New Caledonia" undated
  • "Island Peoples of the South Pacific" undated
Box 75   Folder 1


  • Alegria, Ricardo, "Law Among Pre-Literate People of Malaysia," 1944
  • Allison, H. C., "Nias," undated
Box 75   Folder 2


  • Ball, Jean, "The Cultural Horizons of Borneo," 1944
  • Bowers, A. W., "Evidence of Hindu and Buddhistic Influence in Malaysia"
Box 75   Folder 3


  • Braidwood, Robert J., "Islam and the Arab in Malaysia," 1940
  • Bro, Alice, "The Hill Tribes of Southern India," 1945
Box 75   Folder 4


  • Brown, Ina Corinne, "Relation of Munda Culture to Malaysia," 1936
  • Brown, Rosamond P., "A Picture of Siam: From Folk Culture to Civilization," 1935
Box 75   Folder 5


  • Carr, Malcolm, "India," 1935
  • Cartwright, Harry, "Mortuary Customs of Malaysia," undated
  • Cartwright, Harry, "Notes on Malaysia," undated
Box 75   Folder 6


  • Chamberlain, J., "Basic Material Culture of Malaysia,"
  • Chave, Margaret, "Some Relations between Malaysia and Melanesia," 1945
Box 75   Folder 7


  • Cohen, George, "Melanesia," undated
  • Cole, Katherine, "The Ethnology of the Chinese Peoples as Portrayed by Contemporary Novelists," 1935
Box 75   Folder 8


  • Collette, Patricia, "The Status of Women in Three Sumatran Groups," 1944
  • Collins, June McCormick, "The Vedda of Ceylon," 1945
Box 75   Folder 9


  • Commons, Rachel, "The Relation of Madagascar to Malaysia," 1930
  • Croft, Dorothy, "Tribes of the Amur River Region"
  • Crowley, H. Cornelia, "British Influence in Borneo," 1932
  • Cruise, Robert B., "Religions in China," 1939
Box 75   Folder 10

DeVos, George, "Japan: From the Aspect of Social Anthropology," 1946

Box 75   Folder 11

Diefenderfer, Paul T., "Totemism in Africa," 1926

Box 75   Folder 12


  • Dunham, Katherine M., "Java," undated
  • Ebright, Donald F., "The Dravidians," undated
Box 75   Folder 13

Eggan, Fred, "The Influence of India on Malaysia: The Problem Involved," 1930

Box 75   Folder 14


  • Elliott, John B., "Mythology of Melanesia and Micronesia"
  • Elliott, John B., "The Unity of Australian Culture"
  • Embree, John F., "The Social Organization of Ontong Java," 1934
Box 75   Folder 15


  • Enberger, Robert, "Mythology and Language of Polynesia"
  • English, Kent, "Peoples of the Southern Philippines," 1930
  • Field, Amy, "Indian-Malayan Culture in Bali," 1940
Box 76   Folder 1


  • Flory, K. C., "Australia," undated
  • Flory, K. C., "The Influence of India on Malayan Lythology," undated
  • Friedman, Annesta, "Evidence of Malayan Culture on the Asiatic Mainland," undated
Box 76   Folder 2


  • Gans, Marion, "Easter Island," undated
  • Ganswoort, Elma, "The Distribution, Usage and Cultivation of Tobacco among North American Indians," undated
Box 76   Folder 3


  • Giffin, Naomi, "The Family and the Individual in Eskimo Society and the relation of each to the Education of the Young"
  • Gilbert, William H., Jr., "Malaysian Paganism." 1930
  • Gittings, Leonard, "The Jews in Asia," 1939
Box 76   Folder 4


  • Gordon, Ethel, "Siam," undated
  • Graham, Robert, "Australian Aboriginal Culture," undated
  • Greenlee, Robert, "The Mon-Khmer Peoples of Cambodia," undated
Box 76   Folder 5


  • Greenman, Norman, "Evidences of Malayan Culture on the Mainland," undated
  • Griffin, John W., "Polynesia," undated
Box 76   Folder 6

Griffin, John W., "The Taino Culture of the West Indies," 1943

Box 76   Folder 7

Grimes, Lena E., "New Britain and the Admiralities," 1932

Box 76   Folder 8


  • Grip, Carl, "Shinto: The State Religion of Japan," 1943
  • Hall, Royal C., "A Study of Primitive Religion among the Lao Tribes"
Box 76   Folder 9


  • Hanna, Ross E., Jr., "The Sakai," 1930
  • Hanna, Ross E., Jr., "Typical Culture of the Guinea Region"
  • Hannermann, Emil F., "Intoxicants of Mexico and Middle America," 1943
  • Harris, Alfred, "Some Preliminary Notes on the Indians of the Susquehanna River Drainage in Pennsylvania"
Box 76   Folder 10


  • Hartman, Ellen, "Short Special Report on the Hawaiian Islands," undated
  • Heisey, Ruth, "Japan, an Ethnological Survey from Prehistoric Times to 1853," 1935
Box 76   Folder 11


  • Hendon, Rufus, "The Ethnography of Sakhalin Island," undated
  • Hill, Richard, "Physical Types and Cultures and their Movements"
  • Hinkley, Louise, "Religion of the Incas," undated
  • Hogle, Katherine, "Maids, Wives and Widows in Thonga Islands," undated
Box 76   Folder 12


  • Holdengraber, Sophie, "The Dietary Laws of the Jews," undated
  • Holmes, Lionel, "Types of Social Organization Found in Malaysia," undated
  • Horner, E. M., "Australia Natives," undated
Box 77   Folder 1


  • Howe, Laurence L., "Some Aspects of the Abrogation of Rights in Rem in Human Beings," 1937
  • Hurwitz, Libby J., "Summary of Notes and Report on Australia"
  • Hyde, Jeanne, "Some Islands of the Bismarck Archipelago: New Ireland, Duke of York, New Hanover," undated
Box 77   Folder 2


  • Jacobsen, G. F., "Korea"
  • Jennings, J. D., "Ethnography of the Northern Philippine Islands"
  • Jennings, J. D., "Hopi Ethnology," 1930
Box 77   Folder 3

Junek, Oscar W., "Blanc Sablon: A Study of an Isolated Labrador Fishing Village" (Abstract and Summary of MA Thesis), 1935

Box 77   Folder 4

Junek, Oscar W., "Improved Techniques of Plaster Casting of Human Types," 1935

Box 77   Folder 5


  • Junker, Buford, "The Relations between the Near East and China," 1939
  • Kaplan, Bernice A., "India -- Geography, Linguistics, Archaeology"
  • Kasuga, Katsuwo, "Languages of India"
Box 77   Folder 6


  • Kirchhoff, Paul, "Kinship Terms and Preferential Marriage," 1932
  • Kneberg, Madeline, "The Non-Hindu Tribes of India," 1935
  • Korteling, Ralph, "The Ritual Attitude among the Muhammadans of South India," 1932
Box 77   Folder 7


  • Kraus, Bertram S., "An Appraisal of the `Southern Cult' Phenomenon," undated
  • Krogman, Wilton M., "Blackfoot Ceremonial Bundles in their relation to the Plains: with Specific Reference to the Pawnee, Arapaho, Crow, Gros Ventre, and Nez Perce," undated
Box 77   Folder 8


  • Lacey, John A., "The Ideological Aspects of Confucian China," undated
  • Larimer, Howard K., "Age and Military Societies Among the Plains Indians," undated
  • Laves, Gerhardt, "Polynesian Canoes and Fishing," undated
  • Laves, Gerhardt, "Review of Melanesian Ethnology," undated
Box 78   Folder 1


  • Laves, Gerhardt, "Malaysian Birth Customs," undated
  • Laves, Gerhardt, "Review of Australian Ethnology," undated
  • Lerbank, Anna E., "On the Salish Indians," undated
  • Lesser, Nancy, "Puppet Shows and Shadow Plays of Malaysia," undated
Box 78   Folder 2


  • Levine, Seymour, "The Tibeto-Burman People in Burma"
  • Levinson, Charlotte, "A Brief Review of the Papers Written for the Seminar on India," "Origin of the People of Japan"
  • Lewis, Lee, "A Sketch of the Karen People of Burma with special reference to their relationship to the People of Malaysia"
Box 78   Folder 3


  • Lillywhite, Alden, "Indian Confederacies of North America," undated
  • Litvak, Henry, "Culture Contacts in Malaysia as Seen through Folk-Lore and Mythology," undated
Box 78   Folder 4


  • Lowenthal, Jane S., "Comparison of the Lapp and the Eskimo," 1930
  • Lowenthal, Jane S., "Social Systems of Polynesia," 1932
  • Luckhardt, H. F., "Musical Instruments of Aboriginal Middle America," undated
Box 78   Folder 5


  • McAllister, J. Gilbert, "Notes on the Aboriginal Culture of Hawaii," 1932
  • McFarland, Mary, "A Comparative Review of the Veddas of Ceylon, the Sakai of the Malay Peninsula, and the Toradjas of the Celebes," 1938
Box 78   Folder 6


  • McGregor, J. C., "Relation of Mountain Groups of Luzon and Those of Naga Hills," undated
  • McLaughlin, Mora, "Early History of Iceland," undated
  • Mark, Irene P., "The Magyar," undated
Box 78   Folder 7


  • Martin, Roselle, "Religions of Pre-Moslem Turks," undated
  • Martin, Roselle, "Clan and Class in Malayan Society," undated
  • Martowski, Thaddeus, "The Nature and Function of Penal Sanctions," undated
  • Matsoukas, Nicholas J., "A Historic Survey of Modern Hellas"
  • Matsoukas, Nicholas J. and C. B. Osgood, "The Greek Press"
Box 78   Folder 8


  • Mayhall, Mildred P., "The Bushmen," 1929
  • Mayhall, Mildred P., "The Origin of Maize Compared with the Origin of Certain Cereals of the Old World," 1930
  • Meeker, Marchia, "Philippine Law," undated
Box 78   Folder 9

Merz, Robert, "Artistic Life in China," undated"

Box 78   Folder 10

Merz, Robert

  • "Culture Areas Peripheral to Peru: The Andean Cultures," 1939
  • "Relationship of Norris Basin to the South East," undated
  • "Cultural Horizons of Borneo," undated
Box 78   Folder 11


  • Midkiff, Constance, "Summary of Six Papers on India," undated
  • Millen, Bethune, "Weaving Techniques in the Peruvian Area," undated
  • Miner, Horace, "The Ball-Game in Middle and North America," undated
  • Minus, Marian, "Cultural Contacts in Malaysia as Seen through Mythology," 1936
Box 78   Folder 12


  • Mott, Mildred, "The Effect of Buddhism on Eastern Asia," undated"
  • Munger, Edwin S., "Summary of the Yakuts and Climatological Factors in their History, Culture and Present Environment," undated
  • Murra, John, "The Historical Background of Plains Cultures," 1940
  • Murra, John, "The Popul Vuh," 1940
Box 79   Folder 1


  • Nelson, Brina, "Australia," undated
  • Nesbitt, Paul, "Ethno-botany and Ethno-zoology of Polynesia," 1928
  • Nesbitt, Paul, "Mechta Jel Arbi, An African Paleolithic Station," undated
  • Nesbitt, Paul, and Robert Engberg, "Melanesian Report," 1928
Box 79   Folder 2


  • Neumann, Ruthlynn, "The Case for and against the Indonesian," undated
  • Newman, M. T., "The Natives of Australia and Their Culture," 1932
  • Oberg, Kalervo, "Term Paper on Australia," undated
  • Offer, Herman J., "The Celts: Race, Language and Culture," undated
Box 79   Folder 3


  • O'Neil, Veronica, "Chinese Paintings," 1936
  • Opler, Morris E., "The Relation of Japan to Malaysia," undated
  • Opler, Morris E., "Government in Africa, an essay on method and a brief comparison of the respective governments of the Ba Ganda and the Ashanti," undated
  • Oppenheimer, Elizabeth, "The Folklore of Modern Greece," undated
Box 79   Folder 4


  • Osanai, Iva T., "Culture Areas of Northern Malaysia," 1936
  • Oshio, H., "The Fundamentals of Shinto," undated
  • Otten, Charlotte, "Art of India," undated
Box 79   Folder 5

Padilla-Pardee, 1930s

  • Padilla, Elena, "The Tagalog and the Ifugao of the Philippine Islands," 1944
  • Pardee, Ruth, "The Mon-Khmer of Southeastern Asia," 1936
Box 79   Folder 6-7

Pardee, Ruth, "A Study of the Functions of Associations in a Small Negro Community in Chicago," MA dissertation, 1937

Box 79   Folder 8

Patterson-Pederson, 1930s

  • Patterson, Evelyn M., "Central Algonkin Religions," undated"
  • Pederson, Dorothy, "Acculturation Problems in British Malaysia," 1936-37
Box 79   Folder 9

Pannes-Platt, 1930s

  • Pannes, Hilgard, "An Outline of the Dispersion of Islam in Asia," 1939
  • Peterson, Robert, "The Amur River Tribes"
  • Platt, Jule, "Culture Patterns of Dravidian India"
Box 79   Folder 10

Pond, Alonzo, 1930s

  • "Administration of Justice"
  • "Religion of the Tuaregs"
  • "The Tonga Islands"
  • "Worship of the Sky in Africa," 1931
Box 79   Folder 11


  • Pottenger, Zipporah, "The Intrusive Religions of India," undated"
  • Pratt, John, "The Art of Hawaii and New Zealand: A Contrast and Comparison," undated"
Box 80   Folder 1


  • Provinse, John H., "Sacrifices and Ceremonies among the Paleo-Siberians," 1928
  • Quait, Merle A., "The Chinese Village and the City," 1939
  • Rawlings, "The Amazon Area Culture," undated
  • Redfield, Margaret Park, "Secular Social Attitudes Developed in Connection with the Maize Complex," undated
Box 80   Folder 2


  • Redfield, Robert, "An Incomplete Catalogue of Pre- and Post-Columbian Codices of Mexico," undated
  • Redfield, Robert, "Recent Light on the Archaic Culture in the Valley of Mexico," 1924
  • Reinhold, S., "Polynesian Mythology," undated
Box 80   Folder 3

Rinaldo, John

  • "The Architecture of Malaysia"
  • "Maize Products in Ancient Middle America"
  • "The Ethnology of Korea"
Box 80   Folder 4


  • Roberts, Harry W., "The Origin, Growth, and Role of Ideologies in Inter-Group Relations: Black and White in the Southern States, 1800-1860," 1935
  • Roberts, Robert, "The Relationship of Hill Tribes of Assam and Burma with Malaysia," 1936
  • Rodgers, Ruth M., "The Influence of India on the Lore of Bagobo," undated
Box 80   Folder 5

Roest, P.K., 1920s

  • "Balinese Religion," 1924
  • "The Sun-Dance of the Plains Indians," class report, undated
  • "Study of the Italian Peasant: Part IV, Folklore," 1925
Box 80   Folder 6


  • Rosenfels, Ruth, "Samoa," undated
  • Rowe, Vivian, "A Comparative Linguistic and Ethic Study of the Veddas and the Sakai," undated
Box 80   Folder 7


  • Rubenstein, Ida, "The Indians of Louisiana and the Lower Mississippi Valley," undated
  • Ruby, Virginia, "The Lake Dwelling Culture of Switzerland," 1940
  • Russell, Melle Kellogg, "Polynesian Religion by E. S. C. Handy," undated
Box 80   Folder 8


  • Sarma, Jyotirmoyee, "Indian Survivals in Bali," 1942
  • Salisbury, Barbara, "Chinese Culture and Belief," undated
  • Schmidt, Helen L., "Chinese Ethnology," undated
Box 80   Folder 9


  • Schaedel, Richard, "The Social and Economic Organization of Tibetan Society," undated
  • Scherubel, Harry, "Trade Routes of Aboriginal America," undated
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Box 80   Folder 10


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  • Sewell, Hester, "Southern India"
  • Sewell, Hester, "Middle Caste People - Vellala"
  • Sewell, Hester, "The Great Bottom Caste - Paraiyans"
  • Sewell, Hester, "The Nayar of Malabar - A Special Case"
  • Shapiro, Dena, "The Melanesians"
Box 80   Folder 11

Shapiro, Dena

  • "Notes on Australia," 1928
  • "Land Tenure Systems of Malaysia," 1927
Box 80   Folder 12


  • Shapiro, Dorothy, "Andean Textiles," 1937
  • Shimanuki, N., "Notes on the Shinto," undated
  • Shrader, Florence, "The Negritos of Malaysia," 1942
Box 81   Folder 1


  • Sider, Harriet, "A Synthetic View of Australian Culture"
  • Skebelsky, Blanche, "The New Hebrides Islands," undated
  • Slotkin, J. S., "The Indian Caste System," 1935
Box 81   Folder 2


  • Smith, G. H., "Notes on African Geography," 1941
  • Smith, G. H., "Use of Fire by Early Man"
  • Smith, Harriet M., "A Study of Maya Art Forms as Ethnological Documentary Evidence," with paintings and sketches representing Mayan art, 1935
  • Smith, Harriet M., "Australian Aboriginal Culture as an Entity," undated
Box 81   Folder 3


  • Smith, Marion C., "The Use and Spread of the Narcotic Peyote Among the Indians," undated
  • Sparrowhawk, Charlotte, "The Zulus of South East Africa," 1928
  • Spicer, E. H., "The Supplementary Series and Maya Lunar Chronology," undated
Box 81   Folder 4


  • Spoehr, Alex, "India," undated
  • Spoehr, Alex, "Cultural Landscape of the Indians of California," undated
  • Steele, Betty, "Social Integration of Australian Tribes," undated
  • Steen, Elizabeth, "The Native of New Zealand," undated
Box 81   Folder 5


  • Steen, Elizabeth, "Magic as Believed In and Practiced by Most African Tribes Today," undated
  • Steinbach, N. E., "Asiatic Migration into Europe," 1946
  • Steinbach, N. E., "Notes on Seminar Papers on India," 1934-35
  • Stroebel, Charles, "Some Problems of Kwakiutl Ethnology," 1932
  • Stroebel, Charles, "Australian Tribes," undated
Box 81   Folder 6


  • Sutherland, W. H., "Symbolism of the North American Indian," 1930
  • Swanson, Herbert, "The Hill Tribes of Formosa," 1924
  • Tai, Kwen Ih, "Ancestor Worship as Common Folk Understand It," 1924
  • Tax, Sol, "The Marquesas Islands," 1932
Box 81   Folder 7

Taylor, Zachary

  • "Archaeological Interpretation and Kinship Systems," undated
  • "Domestic Animals in Malaysia," undated
  • "Function of Masks in Primitive Religion," undated
Box 81   Folder 8


  • Thomas, Mary, "India," undated
  • Toigo, Pompei, "Parallelisms of Mexican and Italian Cultural Folkways," undated
  • Trinkle, Harriet Ann, "The Little Katcina," undated
Box 81   Folder 9


  • Vogt, Evon A., Jr., "The Participant-Observer Technique," undated
  • Voight, Robert, "A Survey of the Native Australian Culture," 1932
  • Voight, Robert, "The Origin and Spread of the Earth-Lodge," 1931
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Box 81   Folder 10


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  • Watkins, Mark H., "The Culture of a Typical Amazonian Tribe," undated
  • Watkins, Mark H., "The Ethnology of English Borneo," 1930
  • Watkins, Mark H., "The Indian Culture of Northwestern California," 1930
Box 82   Folder 1

Watkins, Mark H.

  • "Mexican Marriage Customs," 1930
  • "People of the South Pacific," undated
  • "The Zapotecs," 1929
Box 82   Folder 2

Course work, 1930s

  • Watson, Don, "The Chuckchee," undated
  • Watson, Don, "India," undated
  • Watson, Don, "Tribe of Northeastern Siberia" (with Alexander Spoehr), undated
  • Wax, Murray, see folder 2a, below (1935?)
  • Weckler, J. E., "Summary of Seminar Reports on India," 1935
  • Weckler, J. E., "Statistical Method in Ethnology," PhD preliminary exam, 1938
Box 82   Folder 3

Wax, Murray, book reviews, papers (1958), miscellaneous notes from R. Redfield to Murray Wax and Rosalie Hankey Wax, 1953

Box 82   Folder 4


  • Weckler, J. E., "The People of Tibet," 1935
  • White, Leslie A., "The Guiana Indians," 1925
  • White, Leslie A., "A Problem in Blackfoot Ethnology," 1925
Box 82   Folder 5


  • Whiting, Alfred E., "Notes on the Origin of Corn and Related Subjects," 1938
  • Whiteford, A., "The Integration of Montagnais-Naskapi Society"
  • Whiting, Alfred E., "Rice Terracing in Malaysia," 1938
Box 82   Folder 6


  • Whiting, Alfred E., "The Tungud Movement of Eastern Mindanao," 1943
  • Wien, Bernard, "Religion of the Polynesians in General," 1932
Box 82   Folder 7

Wilder, Charles G.

  • "Melanesia," 1930
  • "The Australian Tribes," 1932
  • "India," 1935
  • "The Solomon Islands," undated
Box 82   Folder 8


  • Wilkenson, Gaylord, "Form and Interpretation in the Art of the American Indian," undated
  • Winston, Ellen B., "A Study of Abnormal Individuals in African Societies," 1929
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Box 82   Folder 9


  • Woodworth, A. H., "Some Religious Beliefs and Practices of the Thonga," 1932
  • Wright, Betty, "The Sun Dance," 1931
  • Zaun, Donald, "Chinese Relations with Malaysia before 1650"
Box 83   Folder 1


  • Ziegler, Florence, "The Tarascans," 1929
  • Zingg, Robert, "Analysis of the Ritual Sanction among the Thonga"
  • Young, Ernest F., "Leads Provided Archaeology by Aerial Photography," 1940
  • Young, Jean, "The Literature of the Incas," 1937
Box 83   Folder 2-3

Anthropology 483, seminar, conducted by Cole, Radcliffe-Brown, Hoijer and Andrade: student bibliographies, winter 1933

Series VII: Bibliographic Cards, Notes and Oversized Charts

Box 83   Folder 4

Notes, undated

Box 84

Bibliographic cards, undated

Box 85

Notes and bibliographic cards, undated

Box 86

Notes and bibliographic cards, undated

Series VIII: Addenda

Subseries 1: Personal Correspondence

Box 87   Folder 1

Allen, William Rowland, 1917-1918

Box 87   Folder 2

Bernhoft, Herman A.. 1917

Box 87   Folder 3

Guilbert, Henri, 1919-1920

Box 87   Folder 4

Gutmann, Joanna Redfield, undated

Box 87   Folder 5

Park, Clara Cahill, 1917

Box 87   Folder 6

Park, Robert Ezra, 1924

Box 87   Folder 7

Peattie, Donald Culross, 1917

Box 87   Folder 8

Peattie, Elia W., 1923

Box 87   Folder 9

Peattie, Lisa Redfield, 1928

Box 87   Folder 10

Peattie, Louise Redfield, 1917-1923

Box 87   Folder 11

Peattie, Louise Redfield, 1940-1945

Box 87   Folder 12

Peattie, Louise Redfield, 1955-1958 and undated

Box 87   Folder 13

Peterson, Paul W., 1914-1925

Box 87   Folder 14

Redfield, Bertha Dreier, 1903-1907

Box 87   Folder 15

Redfield, Bertha Dreier, 1908

Box 87   Folder 16

Redfield, Bertha Dreier, 1910-1914

Box 88   Folder 1

Redfield, Bertha Dreier, 1915-1919

Box 88   Folder 2

Redfield, Bertha Dreier, 1922, 1927-1928

Box 88   Folder 3

Redfield, Bertha Dreier, 1929-1930

Box 88   Folder 4

Redfield, Bertha Dreier, undated

Box 88   Folder 5

Redfield, James M., undated

Box 88   Folder 6

Redfield, Margaret Park, 1917-1919

Box 88   Folder 7

Redfield, Margaret Park, 1921-1929

Box 88   Folder 8

Redfield, Margaret Park, January-February, 1930

Box 88   Folder 9

Redfield, Margaret Park, March, 1930-1939

Box 88   Folder 10

Redfield, Margaret Park, 1940-1951

Box 89   Folder 1

Redfield, Margaret Park, undated

Box 89   Folder 2

Redfield, Margaret Park, undated

Box 89   Folder 3

Redfield, Robert, Sr., 1917

Box 89   Folder 4

Redfield, Robert, III, 1929

Box 89   Folder 5

Other friends, 1914-1919

Subseries 2: Biographical

Box 89   Folder 6

Robert Redfield, Sr., miscellaneous biographical material, 1895-1919

Box 89   Folder 7

Robert Redfield, childhood writings, 1905-1911

Box 89   Folder 8

Bird Club notebook, 1912-1916, Bird Record, 1916

Box 89   Folder 9

Miscellaneous academic records, 1912-1924

Box 89   Folder 10

Aquarium notebook, 1915

Box 89   Folder 11

Invitations to write or lecture on the War, 1915-1917

Box 89   Folder 12

Poetry and related correspondence, 1916-1920 and undated (includes Harriet Monroe and Carl Sandburg)

Box 89   Folder 13

American Field Service, France, 1917

Box 90   Folder 1

Scrapbook, address book, and notebook, France, 1917

Box 90   Folder 2

Diary, France, May 20-August 18, 1917

Box 90   Folder 3

Autobiographical account, France, 1917

Box 90   Folder 4

Attempts to obtain military commission, 1918

Box 90   Folder 5

Report on horned dogfish, zoology class, 1919

Box 90   Folder 6

The Naughty Princess (play), by Robert and Louise Redfield, 1919

Box 90   Folder 7

Miscellaneous personal financial records, 1920-1955

Box 90   Folder 8

Glenview Club membership, 1921

Box 90   Folder 9

Illinois state bar examination, correspondence, 1922

Box 90   Folder 10

Reed College, Oregon, correspondence, 1925

Box 90   Folder 11

University of Colorado, correspondence, 1925

Box 90   Folder 12

Journal of a trip through Colorado and New Mexico, undated

Box 90   Folder 13

Passports, 1933-1935

Box 90   Folder 14

International House, University of Chicago, correspondence concerning gift of Clara Cahill Park pastel drawings, 1952

Box 90   Folder 15

"My Day," autobiographical account, undated

Box 90   Folder 16

Miscellaneous memorabilia and news clippings, 1914

Box 90   Folder 17

Death certificate, 1958

Box 90   Folder 18

Funeral and memorial services, programs, 1958

Box 90   Folder 19

Obituaries, 1958

Box 90   Folder 20

Letters of condolence, 1958-1959

Box 90   Folder 21

"Redfield's Tepoztlan," by Ricardo Godoy, undated

Box 91   Folder 1

"Chapter 1: Morning in Mexico," anonymous biographical fragment, includes a brief essay by Robert Redfield, "Milk, Mexico, and Modern Life," 1924

Box 91   Folder 2

"The Hedgehog and the Fox in Robert Redfield's Work and Career," by Charles Leslie, 1914

Subseries 3: Lectures and Writings

Box 91   Folder 3

"A Chinese Village," undated

Box 91   Folder 4

"Civilization as Cultural Structures?," undated

Box 91   Folder 5

"Civilization as Societal Structures? The Development of Community Studies," undated

Box 91   Folder 6

"Co-operation and Conflict as Modes of Social Integration," 1950

Box 91   Folder 7

"Discussion of `Sociology and Common Sense,’ by Carl C. Taylor, undated

Box 91   Folder 8

"Ethnic Relations, Primitive and Civilized," undated

Box 91   Folder 9

Ethnographic Materials on Agua Escondida (Microfilm Collection of Manuscripts on Middle America Cultural Anthropology, No. 3), pp. 24-176, undated

Box 91   Folder 10

Ethnographic Materials on Agua Escondida (Microfilm Collection of Manuscripts on Middle America Cultural Anthropology, No. 3), pp. 177-378, undated

Box 91   Folder 11

"Introduction" to Biological Symposia, undated

Box 91   Folder 12

"An Experience of Another Culture," undated

Box 91   Folder 13

"A Note on the General and Specific in Education," 1954

Box 91   Folder 14

On culture and personality untitled, undated

Box 91   Folder 15

On the functions of social science untitled, undated

Box 91   Folder 16

"The Place of the Social Sciences in a General Education," undated

Box 91   Folder 17

Review of Patrick Gardiner, The Nature of Historical Explanation, 1952

Box 91   Folder 18

"The Role of Anthropology in Humanistic Education," June 6, 1947, tape recording

  • This item has been reformatted for access.
Box 91   Folder 19

"Said to Student in 240 at the Last Class Meeting," 1957

Box 92   Folder 1

"Social Science as a Humanity," undated

Box 92   Folder 2

"Social Science as Morality," undated

Box 92   Folder 3

"What is an Education?," 1935

Box 92   Folder 4


  • Praising Olga Adams untitled, undated
  • "The Historic Nature of Man," outline and correspondence, undated
  • Lecture given at Aspen Institute, undated
Box 92   Folder 5

Robert Redfield

Series IX: Photographs

Box 92   Folder 6

Robert Redfield and family, 1929

Box 92   Folder 7

Margaret Park Redfield, undated

Box 92   Folder 9

Chan Kom, undated

Box 92   Folder 10

China, undated

Box 92   Folder 11-12

France, 1917

Box 92   Folder 13

Guatemala, undated

Box 92   Folder 14

World War I, photographs and memorabilia, undated

Box 92   Folder 15-18

Tepoztlan, undated

Box 92   Folder 19

Tepoztlan, negatives

Series X: Oversize

Box 93   Folder 1

Maps, undated

Box 93   Folder 2

Maps of Mexico, undated

Box 93   Folder 3

Chan Kom, ethnographic

Box 93   Folder 4

Map of Mexico, undated

Box 93   Folder 5

Map, undated, comparative study of indigenous groups, undated

Box 93   Folder 6

Maps, undated

Box 93   Folder 7

Top Secret Bigot, 1977

Box 93   Folder 8

Research charts, undated

Box 93   Folder 9

maps, undated

Box 93   Folder 10

Research charts, undated

Box 93   Folder 11

Charts and maps of Chan Kom, undated

Box 93   Folder 12

Charts and maps, undated

Box 93   Folder 13

Census materials, Genealogical chart (predominant family names: Caamal, Cemé, Dzul, Kuyoc, Tamay, Tec, Yam), undated

Box 93   Folder 14

Newspaper: A history of the Revolution through an illustrated Day of the Dead Satire

Box 93   Folder 15

Genealogy, undated

Box 94   Folder 1


  • Census materials, genealogical chart (predominant family names: Cabrera, Chocho, Martinez, Perez, Sanchez, Sicay, Tobar)
  • Chart showing relative locations of residents' homes in Tchuiquistel
Box 94   Folder 2

Census materials, "Percentage of Non-Spanish Speaking People," manuscript map of Yucatan: "Census 1930": "Percentage of Free Union," manuscript map of Yucatan, 1930

Box 94   Folder 3


  • "Plano del Pueblo Chankom," blueprint map, 1929 4 pp
  • "Plano del Pueblo Dzitas," blueprint map, 1929, 4 pp
  • SEE ALSO Box 52, Folder 8 for related materials
Box 94   Folder 4

Maps, undated

Box 94   Folder 5

Chart of "Indians of Quetaltenanago," undated

Box 94   Folder 6

Map and research chart of Chiapas, undated

Box 94   Folder 7

Charts, undated

Box 94   Folder 8

Chan Kom Census, 1930’s

Box 94   Folder 9

Map and research charts, undated

Box 94   Folder 10

Galley, undated

Box 94   Folder 11

"Climates of Southwestern Guatelmala by the Köppen Classification," 1942

Box 94   Folder 12

Map of Central America, 1946

Box 94   Folder 13

Map, undated

Box 94   Folder 14

newspaper, 1943

Box 94   Folder 15

"Design for country estate belonging to Mr. Robert Redfield," 1913

Box 94   Folder 16

Ground plan, undated

Box 94   Folder 17

Chart and newspaper, undated

Box 94   Folder 18

Chart, undated

Box 94   Folder 19

Vocabulary lists, undated

Box 94   Folder 20

Galley, undated

Box 94   Folder 21

Newspaper clippings, 1930

Box 94   Folder 22

Galley, undated

Box 94   Folder 23

Chart, undated

Box 94   Folder 24

Hand drawn map of San Antonio Palopo, undated

Box 94   Folder 25

Field notes, Mexico, undated

Box 95   Folder 1

Comparative timeline, Mesoamerican archaeological periods, undated

Box 95   Folder 2

Color pencil drawing of Mayan wall painting, copied from Thompson, "Archaeological Researches in Yucatan," 1904, undated

Box 95   Folder 3

Painting of wall from Mayan temple, undated

Box 95   Folder 4

Annotated maps of India and Indochina, undated

Box 95   Folder 5

Annotated map with "North American Indian Tribes," undated

Box 95   Folder 6

Chart of Peruvian cultures and artifacts, undated

Box 95   Folder 7

Student map of Meditteranean, undated

Box 95   Folder 8

Chart of milpas, by farmer and crop, location not identified, undated

Box 95   Folder 9

El Liberal Progresista, Guatemala, front page of newspaper, July 10, 1944

Box 95   Folder 10

Chan Kom population chart, undated

Box 95   Folder 11

Map of Morelos, Mexico, undated

Box 95   Folder 12

Map of Malyasia, undated

Box 95   Folder 13

Sketch of scene on Mayan Vase, undated

Box 95   Folder 14

Newspaper clippings, 1917-1944

Box 95   Folder 15

Certificate issued to Robert Redfield, in Greek, undated

Box 95   Folder 16

Corrido, by Jesus Balderrama, song sheets and notes, undated

Box 95   Folder 17

Maps and data, Tepoztlan, Morelos, undated

Box 95   Folder 18

"Soy Rebelde," handwritten song sheet, undated

Box 95   Folder 19

Flyer for "Mexican Seminar", Committee on Cultural Relations with Latin America, 1937

Box 95   Folder 20

"Mexico in 1947," Life, clipping, 1947

Box 95   Folder 21

Photograph by Gitel Steed, Women and child, undated

Box 95   Folder 22

Chart of Mesoamerican languages and affinities, undated

Box 95   Folder 23

"Discrimination in American Education," by R. Redfield, copy, 1947

Box 95   Folder 24

Charts, Mexican census data, 1920’s

Box 95   Folder 25

Mexican census data, 1930

Box 95   Folder 26

Chart of crops and prices, undated