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Library Student Resource Group: Minutes Jan 30 2008

Library Student Resource Group

January 30, 2008

Present: Hannah Chung, Ben Esparza (for Dan Kimerling), Michael Jurczak, Bridget Madden, Nick Nardini, Larisa Reznik, Fran Spaltro, Vaibhav Upadhyay, Han Xiao,
Judi Nadler, Meghan Hammond, Sem Sutter, Jim Vaughan, John Kimbrough

Guests: Agnes Tatarka (Assessment Director for the Library). A welcome to our guests.

The minutes from our previous meeting were approved.

Renewals and Recalls Update

(For background on these changes, please see the minutes from November 9.)

At our last meeting, the LSRG endorsed offering PhD candidates unlimited renewals. The Library Board approved this change a few weeks ago, although the Board is concerned about books not being on the shelf. Unlimited renewals will take effect on the next due date (early April).

Also at the November meeting, we discussed various options to avoid "recall wars." Since this time, David Larsen created a weekly list of all frequently requested/recalled items, and Sem set up a special book fund, which bibliographers may use at their discretion to purchase duplicate copies. To date we have ordered 83 titles on this fund.

Other Updates

Courtesy notices: Our integrated library system has just released an upgrade that allows courtesy notices. We hope to have this in place during Spring quarter.

CNetID and password to access Library accounts: Our systems department is talking with another university who uses our system and has programmed in this feature. We hope to implement CNetID authentication sometime in Autumn 2008.

Reopening of the A-Level: Student Government and the Library sponsored a study break to "welcome back the A-Level." Attendence was impressive: check out the YouTube video. Our use figures already show the A-Level being used 2-3x more than Crerar. One class librarian received a comment praising that "both libraries could be open all night."


Generally considered "fabulous." The Library has had some negative feedback about Lens on catalog-only workstations -- the LSRG thought Lens belonged on these workstations.

The LSRG's Lens "wish list" (a work in progress):

The Library is assessing the Lens traffic and would like to conduct some formal usability studies in the near future.


Our contract with Copico/Mac-Gray expires next summer. It would be helpful to know what copying and printing services you'd like to have in the library. We'll talk more about this in the future.

Other Business

Construction/Noise: the Law School is quieter than before, but the construction noise is still disruptive. Sometimes the noise isn't mechanical, but workers talking loudly and treating the space as just another work zone, rather than recongizing it's a library. It'd be helpful to better publicize the overall DLL timeline/plan, so we know when certain areas will be particularly noisy.

In the Reg, cellphone use is still an issue.

Food and Drink: The new DLL coasters and food policies are great (cold food, covered drinks, clean up after yourself). People seem to be respecting these boundaries. Would it be possible to create a similar policy for the Reg? (Answer: a formal policy allowing food is unlikely.) There seem to be fewer "picnics" in the Reg, although inappropriate eating still takes place.

Space Use: Some spaces are designated for certain researchers (e.g. the Classics Reading Room). However, other patrons have discovered this desirable space, and now legit Classics researchers can't find a table. Let's put some signs up communicating that the reading room is for classics use.

Computers: Like space use, the upper-floor computers are intended for library research. Yet people will camp out on them, writing papers or such. Maybe signs here as well?

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the LSRG will be February 29.