Dissertation Office

Dissertation Office staff have several meetings this week, and we may not be available if you stop by. By this point in the quarter, summer doctoral candidates should have already been in touch with our office, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you still have questions. We will respond as soon as possible, just not as quickly as we usually do.

Summer Doctoral Candidates: The deadline for dissertation submissions is Wednesday, July 24, at 4:30 p.m.

  • Complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates before you submit your dissertation.
  • For detailed instructions on submitting your dissertation, see: Final Submissions. If you have an issue with your submission, do not create a new submission. For questions about your submission, contact Colleen Mullarkey in the Dissertation Office.
  • Upload a completed copy of the Departmental Approval Form, signed by your department chair, when you upload your dissertation. The version you upload should be the same version approved by your department. Wait to complete your dissertation submission until after you upload the approval form. The Dissertation Office will not process dissertation submissions if the form is missing.
  • You must also upload permission to include previously published material in your dissertation if permission is needed.
  • Please note: You may enter multiple files in the File Uploads section. Do not click on Submit until you have uploaded both the dissertation pdf and departmental approval form.

Many questions may be answered by checking for information:

About Formatting,
Be sure your title page follows the instructions for the title page. Scroll through your file page by page to be sure all requirements are met.

About the Submission Process.
You can avoid common mistakes by following the instructions. For example:
Choose the correct submission form. (Doctoral Dissertation)
*If you have an ORCID ID, enter it as a URL. (https://orcid.org/...)
*Enter the degree date in the Date field. (2024-08)
*Do not use the Related Resources field unless you have created a website or online video specifically for your dissertation.

About the Departmental Approval Form,
The dissertation defense and any changes recommended by the dissertation committee must occur before you ask for departmental approval. Ask your program administrator how much time is needed for departmental review. Some departments require a few weeks; others require a few days.

About Permissions,
If you need permissions to include previously published material in your dissertation, be prepared to upload these permissions when you submit your dissertation. Documentation permitting re-use of the content must be attached to the Knowledge@UChicago record. Many journals permit authors to include their previously published article as a chapter in their dissertation. If the information is posted on the journal's website, you can save the relevant page as a pdf. These types of files should be zipped into one file, "Restricted to Admin Use," and described as "Permissions." Per the University's Dissertation Requirements: "If a dissertation includes copyrighted material beyond fair use, the author must obtain permission from the holder of the copyright."

Or about the Survey of Earned Doctorates.
You should complete the survey before you submit your dissertation.

The Dissertation Office provides information on the University's dissertation policies. We help doctoral students understand dissertation formatting and publication requirements, and we assist with the submission process. We support graduate program administrators as they manage dissertation submissions and departmental approval, and we audit completed dissertation submissions to ensure they meet University requirements. We coordinate dissertation publishing and embargoes with ProQuest and with Knowledge@UChicago.