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Library Student Resource Group: Feb 26 Notes

Present: Joy Brennan, Joey Brown, Laura Jones, Nick Nardini, Allison Ringhand, Kavitha Selveraj, Anthony Todd, Jessica Westphal,
Judi Nadler, Rachel Rosenberg, Sem Sutter, Jim Vaughan

Followups from last meeting

Newsletters: Several bibliographers send out newsletters to their departments. We are now collecting these newsletters at:

Display screen: We are ordering a video display screen for the first floor of Regenstein, and hope to have it in place by the end of Spring quarter.

Journal abbreviations: We have entered a standard list of journal abbreviations. If you have additional suggestions for abbreviations, just send them to our Cataloging department using the report a problem.

PubMed: John spoke with Deb Warner, the Library's Biomedical Reference Librarian, who replied: "Off-campus access to e-journals through PubMed is available via the Find It button. One needs to access PubMed through the Library, as opposed to, so that the Find It button displays in PubMed. PubMed is listed in Crerar's Science Databases Quick Links. Please note, the publisher button that appears in many PubMed records may work when one is on campus, but it will not work when off-campus and out of the IP range for authorized U of C users." Deb also holds PubMed Basics workshops in February and possibly March. She is also happy to meet with students in a small group or one-on-one setting to provide information on searching PubMed.

Seeking input from other students: please do seek input from other students. Send drafts of messages to Rachel - she would be happy to review them. Rachel is also happy to help investigate who should be the intended recipients: departmental secretaries? other personnel?

Library Budget Reduction Process

Judi shared a presentation that she made to library staff on February 18. Jim passed out circulation and entrance graphs as an example of data we are using to inform the reduction process. We have lots of information, and we want to use this in the best possible way.

During the presentation, Judi mentioned that we are considering closing the Crerar all-night study space. Kavitha asked if we can keep Crerar open until 1-2am for medical school students when classes were in session.

Regenstein is primarily used as a study hall - many people who come to the library come to study, rather than to use Library books. The atmosphere of the Reg, said Allision, is conducive to studying - more so than other places on campus. Anthony noted that even if students don't actively use the collections, it's still important to have the collections in close proximity to study space. To grad students, it's incredibly important that you can quickly look up a footnote.

Graduate students, said Jessica, often keep roughly business hours, while undergrads come to the Reg in the evening, and inquired if we had data on entries by student type. Jim will break down Regenstein entries by academic status.

Is there any way to know how long people entering at 10 pm are staying in the library?

One contributing factor towards graduate student use of the library is that graduate students aren't given office space. We don't have any other space to study besides the library.

Submitting Dissertations Online

At present dissertations have to be submitted in paper. We would like to move to electronic submission of dissertations: no more printing out copies! Instead, students would submit their files directly to ProQuest/UMI (the Dissertation Office would still review them). ProQuest would make PDFs available, and authors could order a paper copy for an additional fee. The Library will take the record made by ProQuest for the dissertation and import it into the catalog. Sem noted that online submissions not only simplify the review process, but also allows for greater accessibility since "born digital" PDFs can be easily interpreted by screen readers for visually impaired reserachers.

The Library Board was very enthuiastic about this process, and we plan to begin electronic-only submissions with Summer Convocation this year.

Will there be any effort to digitize older dissertations? Probably not, although copies can always be ordered from ProQuest.

How safe are all the digital copies? ProQuest has several digital archives in various places, in addition to 2 microfilm copies in separate locations. They also send us back a PDF copy of any U of C dissertations, and we add this to our own digital archive. ProQuest also has an agreement with the Library of Congress: if ProQuest ever goes out of business, they will turn over all their files and film to LC.

Harper Library Closure

Harper Library will close in June, and the collections will move to Regenstein then. The former Harper Library space will be renovated into the Harper College Learning Center. The renovation will include a cafe, an updated NSIT studio space, spaces in Stuart for tutors and librarians, new ventilation, and so on. The actual construction will take about 9 months, but will not start right away - more funding has to be raised first. While the College is securing funding, they plan to open temporary facilities in the Harper space.

The Harper collection will be stored on the A-Level, in existing shelving. Once the Mansueto Library opens, we will review the Harper books to see if they should be stored in Mansueto or integrated with existing Regenstein collections.

Copying and Printing

Joey has heard several complaints about the card reading machines. Jim replied that the new IDs are a little thicker than the old Chicago cards. Further, our card readers and the dorm laundry card readers aren't in sync, but we have talked with Residence Halls and Commons and this problem is being addressed. We will also be moving to a new copy vendor in the fall, who will install new readers and new machines. We have asked the vendor to utilize the RFID technology when available.

One member asked if more printers could be duplex. Jim noted that in the fall, most printers will have duplex capability.

Could we have a print-only station? The Library will investigate this possibility.

Closing Law Library during Finals

The Law School is temporarily restricting access to Law students only during reading period and finals (Saturday March 7 through Monday March 16th). During this time, if you need a book located at the D'Angelo Law Library, please consult the Reference Desk. UPDATE: Non-Law students will be allowed to use the Library if they need access the collections or need to consult a reference librarian. Please see Michelle's messages on the SG blog for details.

Other Topics

Could email notices include the topic of the notice in the subject line? That way we can differentiate between a hold notice and a recall notice, and so on. The Library will investigate. Further, sometimes email notices just contain an attachment, which then can't be opened.

Would the Library consider not printing paper circulation receipts? Jim replied that we are exploring this option. It woudn't affect locker sweeps, because we use a handheld scanner for this purpose.