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Library Student Resource Group Notes May 11 2010

Present: Joey Brown, Peter Erickson, Josh Grochow, Arielle Linsey, Laura Jones, Rachel Miller, Allison Ringhand, Nicholas Stock, Nick Tarasen
From the Library: Judi Nadler (chair), David Larsen, Rachel Rosenberg, Sem Sutter, Jim Vaughan, John Kimbrough (secretary)


John reported on various Library-related Scavhunt items.

Congratulations to Laura, Arielle, and other members of the LSRG (in abstentia) who are graduating. Jim and Sem presented books that have been purchased for the Library collections in honor of the graduating LSRG members.

User Rights and Responsibilities and Maintaining a Scholarly Environment in the Library

[please email John if you would like a copy of these documents. The distributed PDF is actually meant to be two separate documents; it’s just put together for convenience.]


Receiption: How will this document be received? One LSRG member thought the tone is much improved.

Quiet vs. Silent Spaces

There is some sentiment that complete silence should be the default for Library buildings, and if not we should have explicitly zoned "silent spaces." What's LSRG's take on this?

If you want a quiet space, said one LSRG member, you need a smaller room where the prevailing culture can enforce silence. Explicit signage ("you are entering a quiet space") would also help.

Chicago’s Participation in the Google Book Library Project

Over this summer, we will begin contributing books to the Google Books Library Project, as part of the agreement between Google and the CIC (Committee on Institutional Cooperation, a consortium that includes the University of Chicago, UIC, and Northwestern). We will begin with science materials.

Google has provided us a list of books they would like from our collections. They have a list of roughly 1m books that we hold that they don’t currently have: history of science and area studies in particular, and also materials in non-Roman alphabets.

There is an ongoing settlement being litigated that may allow for more of a book (besides snippets) to be displayed. If the settlement goes through.

LSRG members asked: what’st the turnaround time for sending the book to Google and getting it back? Judi replied a few weeks. We can’t really talk about precisely how much will be gone at one time, but it won’t be half of Crerar or anything approaching that!

Manseuto Grand Reading Room Furniture

The LSRG took a tour up to a room on the fourth floor where prototypes of the new Manuseto furniture were available for preview.