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Joint Meeting of the Library Student Resource Group & Information Technology Student Advisory Board

February 20 2013

Present: Vidal Anguiano*, Adreanne Breton, Darrel Chia, Doug Everson*, Jamie Wan Wen Huang*, Evan Kuehn, Julia Sizek, Zhui Wang, Kevin Zhang*, Michael Zhao* (* = ITS Advisory Board members)
From IT Services: Paul Bergen, Kaylea Champion
From the Library:Judi Nadler (chair), David Borycz, Rebecca Starkey, James Vaughan, Rachel Rosenberg, John Kimbrough

Welcome to the first joint meeting of the Library Student Resource Group (LSRG) and the Information Technology Student Advisory Board (ITAB), two groups of students that advise the Library and IT Services, respectively.

Regenstein A-Level

The reading room space in the A-Level of Regenstein has served many different purposes since the library opened. Recent uses include housing the Library's 24-hour study space (now on the first floor of Regenstein) and providing swing space for the 2011-2012 Regenstein collections move. For several years the Department of Computer Science's  Instructional Laboratories (aka the MacLab) have been located in room A-01 in the NE corner of the A-Level, and there are also two workstations with assistive technology in rooms A-01A and A-01B.

Pending funding approval, the MacLab will move to Crerar in summer 2013. This move will provide the MacLab with more physical space, provide the MacLab with an opportunity to extend its staffing hours, and promote natural affinities between the MacLab and the science collections and services at Crerar. The Library and IT Services are together exploring how the A-Level might be reconfigured post-move to provide spaces for student learning, collaboration, and engagement with technology. We'd like the input of ITAB and the LSRG: what sort of spaces and furniture would you like to see in a future A-Level? (At the meeting, we showed examples of different types of spaces, including many from the Learning Space Toolkit.)


What sort of space do people prefer? Open or enclosed?

The Library, said Judi, should (and does) offer a variety of study spaces.


Digital Displays

Many learning spaces feature large displays, some with touchscreen or other interactive functionality. We know patrons desire large displays, but what are these used for? Is the interactivity important?


Do there need to be computers on the A-Level? If so, what kind and what software should be installed?

Other Hardware/Software

What other hardware and software would you like to see in the A-Level?

Presentation Practice Space

Would a space to practice presentations (equipped with a projector for displaying slides and a camera for recording) be useful?


Other A-Level Comments and Questions

Regenstein Multi-Purpose Room

After discussing the A-Level, the LSRG and ITAB went upstairs for a tour of the new multi-purpose room (under construction on the first floor).

Next Meeting and Future Topics

The next LSRG meeting will take place in Spring Quarter (date TBD).

Please send Rebecca any suggestions for future topic ideas. If you have suggestions, or further comments on any topic discussed today, feedback can be sent to our list: lsrg@lib.