Proxy Borrower Request

Faculty and academics with indefinite borrowing privileges may also request to establish another person as a proxy borrower. This person is able to borrow and recall books on behalf of the faculty member, with the same loan periods and privileges that said faculty would have in person. A card will be issued in the name of the person designated. All material charged on that card is the responsibility of the faculty member who has authorized the borrowing.

This privilege is intended to help faculty in their research work for the University, not for any other purpose.

Conditions for Use

Application Form

Please complete all requested information below, then click the "Submit Request" button. By doing so, you agree to the conditions of use outlined above. Once you submit the form, you can expect to receive an email notification within one business day that the proxy borrower card is ready for pickup at the ID & Privileges Office (see ID & Privileges Office hours online).

If you have further questions concerning Proxy Borrower Privileges, please contact the ID & Privileges Office. Thank you!

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For proxy borrowers with some relationship with the University...
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For proxy borrowers with no previous relationship with the University, please fill in their address and phone number so that we can create a new account for them.
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