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New Network Connections in Faculty Studies and Reading Rooms

The Library has completed installation of network jacks in the faculty studies and throughout reading rooms in the Regenstein, Crerar, and Harper library buildings. Jacks compatible with Macintosh computers (LocalTalk and Ethernet) and with Intel-based machines (e.g., IBM and compatible) are available, and provide direct access to the campus network. Modems are not necessary to connect to the network using these jacks. Academic Computing Service's Connectivity Package includes the software, recommendations for hardware, and instructions for configuring computers to use the network. Although other products may be used, ACS fully supports only the products included and recommended in the package.

In Regenstein faculty studies, all LocalTalk jacks have been activated. Faculty may contact the Regenstein Circulation Department (702-8731 or"> to have Ethernet jacks activated. In Crerar, both the LocalTalk and Ethernet jacks have been activated.

Network connections have also been installed in reading rooms in Crerar and Regenstein. Network jacks are located in floor mounted boxes, most of which contain a gray Ethernet jack and a white LocalTalk jack. All LocalTalk jacks in Crerar and selected LocalTalk jacks in Regenstein (floors A, 2, 3, 4 and 5) have been activated. Active LocalTalk jacks have been marked with red stickers, and maps posted on each floor of Crerar and Regenstein have been marked to indicate their locations.

Ethernet jacks in the reading room on the A-level of Regenstein and in the north reading room in Harper are being activated as part of a joint Library/GSB pilot project. If successful, additional Ethernet jacks will be activated during the 1996/1997 academic year.

Handouts on network access from faculty studies in Regenstein and on using LocalTalk network connections are available at the Reference Desk in Regenstein and at other Library locations.

For more information, contact Sandy Roscoe, Reference Services, at 702-4482 or">

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