LibQUAL+ comments 2007: Library services

Library services - neg

1. prior to this survey, i never really thought about library services because i remain largely unaffected by them. they do not seem to help my education
2. Although I have some high expectation from 'a library' based on my experience from my previous school, but for UC library, I do not have such high expectation because the UChicago library, by planning, is not designed to serve all the students.
3. My chief problem with the U of C libraries is that they may be fine for undergraduates, but offer inadequate study space and materials for students writing their dissertations.
4. The automated / email response system is very slow.
5. Some of the pairs of headphones that one can check out at the circulation desk at Regenstein are broken.
6. I also hate the fact that two books that I recently requested a search for, were in the electronic catalog, but the library had not yet received it....and no one knows when they will arrive...this is misleading...
7. I am in a for-profit area of the University and, as far as I am aware, the library provides no services that I can use to do my job better.
8. It's been my general impression that if you can locate the person or library resource that has the information you need, you will get fantastic assistance/service/information, but it is not always clear where a person should go to locate that resource.
9. There is still a lot of stuff that needs to be fixed though. The things that aren't doing so hot right now aren't really lovable idiosyncrasies but constant inconveniences
10. The D'Angelo Law Library is extremely sub-par. I know it is getting renovated so hopefully that will help, but I do not want that to be an excuse to ignore survey responses about the Law Library.
11. Overall, Regenstein has made dramatic improvements since 1993 (new computer system, signage, reconfiguring lobby with ID & Privileges Office and circulation desk, much, more helpful and friendly circulation, reference, and ILL staff, fixing heating & air, automatically flushing toilets, on-line journals, electronically transmitted articles), however, all of this was just catching up to the 20th century.
12. There is a tendency for the library to be concerned with what makes life easiest for librarians, rather than how the library might actually realize the only credible reason for its existence: as a research resource (with research understood broadly).
13. Frankly I find the services low here. Folks use computers, and like to sit for hours. These are the important things that a library provides .... but you don't.
14. I have not had any good experiences with the library this year, even though I have to go there on almost a daily basis.
15. No (or very limited) services for disabled students (ergonomic services such as book holders / reading stands / ergonomic chairs)
16. it is hard to find people to answer questions about where a book is located when i'm not standing at the front desk
17. Main suggestions: 1) public access to library resources, and 2) participate in i-share with other university libraries in the city.One complaint with the library is that, rather than contributing to an open environment of access to information, it feels closed off under lock and key. Special access must be granted for entry and for access to various levels of electronic information.On a similar note, it is unreasonable that the university library does not participate in the i-share program with the rest of the city's colleges. It's silly that I can't check out a book from Loyola or DePaul libraries, and that students from those universities can't check out books from the U of C. The university libraries are incredible resources, and should be working to make themselves accessible, not restricted.
18. making clearer who to ask about what kinds of question
19. Less effort should be spent on beautifying web pages and more effort on the basics.
20. the library did not subscribe to particular e-journals, and I received no response when inquired about how to subscribe;
21. the library needs to improve in two areas: 1) communicating to users in the humanities which/when new acquisitions are made;
22. Ordering materials is sometimes unconscionably long, and I'm not always confident that Acquisitions really understands what is being ordered, especially in the case of rare or archival materials.
23. One day when I checked out a couple of books from Regenstein, I asked a gentleman in front desk to give me a bag for holding those books, he said the bags are only for raining days. Today is not raining, so I can't give you a bag. So, that day I just felt frustrated, and had to hold those books by hands to get home.
24. I find difficulty in getting some assistance at Reg-B level book stalks; I had to go all the way back to reserve desk for help. Some times I could not move the shelves due to some tech problems.
25. And when I request purchases, sometimes I get notification about them, sometimes not. It's not consistent.

Library services - pos

1. Since arriving at Chicago in 2005, I have been consistently impressed and delighted by te service I've received at the Regenstein (and Harper. Crerar, Eckhart, and Law when I've used them). I've found staff to be unfailingly responsive and courteous; any problems or requests I've had have been dealt with quickly and efficiently (a considerable difference from my Yale library experience).
2. The library gives great service -- I can't think of a time that I asked for help and my need was not completely satisfied.
3. The library is perhaps the most important academic resource of the university and deserves high priority.
4. From Interlibrary loans, to rare book collections, to reserves, to periodical resources, and more, the library system has more options and information resources than any student could even guess at
5. Many students, especially undergraduates, remain unaware of many great services that would make their research easier and enrich their intellectul lives.
6. I am extremely graful for the service the library and its staff provide.
7. In general, I find the library quite useful, a comforting resource to have available.
8. Crerar library is a great resource on-campus to do research and to study.
9. Overall the campus library system is in good working order.
10. Library works great, though. I'm always happy, and every time I've requested a paper the library doesn't have it has been found :) So I appreciate it.
11. Overall I don't have too many problems with the services that the library offers or the availability of materials
12. While in general, I find the resources and services provided by the Regenstein library to be of high quality,
13. Although I use the Reg the most, Crerar is also meeting my expecations and so is the Crerar USITE.
14. Other than the all-night study space move,I would rank the overall quality of the library as 9.
15. The extent to which library services are available online are helpful to me.
16. On the up side - I've almost always had very good response when requesting new purchases; thanks for that!!
17. When one of the electronic journals subscriptions lapsed, my email was replied to efficiently and the subscription was reinstated in a reasonable time frame.
18. In general I find the library services to be very good - 90% of all materials I am looking or are available through the UofC, and the interlibrary loan system is very good. The service has always been good;
19. Overall, library services are excellent and library staff are polite and willing to help.
20. It's been my general impression that if you can locate the person or library resource that has the information you need, you will get fantastic assistance/service/information, but it is not always clear where a person should go to locate that resource.
21. Overall, Regenstein has made dramatic improvements since 1993 (new computer system, signage, reconfiguring lobby with ID & Privileges Office and circulation desk, much, more helpful and friendly circulation, reference, and ILL staff, fixing heating & air, automatically flushing toilets, on-line journals, electronically transmitted articles), however, all of this was just catching up to the 20th century. (In 1993 my small, local Jesuit college library was far more advanced, especially in terms of technology, than the Regenstein.) The U of C libraries now need to anticipate the needs of the 21st century and become a leading institutions in every way.
22. As a non-academic staff member, my family finds the library to be a great benefit. It is particularly hard to find foreign language material anywhere but a university library! :) We use the library for leisurely reading, and avoid the public library whenever possible because of the poor availability and poor service.
23. the library has been a godsend I have used Crerar and think of it as a haven from the madness of the medical I have also taken my students on a field trip to Regenstein from my purposes- its first rate- thanks and keep up the good work!
24. Though I personally, rarely use the library as a place to study, since my first year, I have become very comfortable making use of the library's resources, especially at the Reg. I feel confident searching for books, journals, and other material, either in the bookstacks, on course reserve, or in the electronic databases, and if ever I'm unsure, I have no hesitations in seeking help from library staff. Thanks!
25. Online account management has made renewing my research books extremely easy. The few times I've put through electronic requests for missing titles, I received a timely response.
26. I cannot imagine NOT having access to a high quality library - have been very pleased with the staff, ease and access to needed materials.
27. The Reg helped me in finishing a master's degree that I had started before working here. I was able to find everything I needed for my thesis without having to travel all the way to the campus where I had class. It is very easy to learn the systems and any time I asked for help I was treated professionally. As an older student and a bit of an outsider I felt welcomed. Our library system is an excellent resource that should be used by more members of the staff. That encouragement and invitation would be very nice for staff members like me. I think some people see it as UofC students only. I like being able to tell my students that I know what they are talking about when they describe their experience with the library or research. I hope this helps in your quest. Thanks for everything!
28. In general I find that the academic resources I need are at the libraries and if not, the library can help me obtain them.
29. In general I find the library services to be very good
30. The SSA library is consistently excellent - in staff, services, support. The monthly notice of recent acquisitions is a terrific resource for me. My responses to the questionnaire reflect my experience with the entire library system; I frequently use Crerar, Regenstein, and sometimes Law, in addition to SSA.
31. Overal, I am pretty satisfied with the services provided by university libraries I often use, i.e, Reg and SSA
32. The service of buying books is vital for the renew of library stock and usefullness. The service is already very good, but improving is a good strategy for a healthy library health.
33. Thanks all the same for being the best library I've ever had the privilege to use!!!
34. Although I sometimes cannot find a journal electronically, I am satisfied, actually quite pleased, with the quality of our library services.
35. My students convey how wonderful the College and Regenstein Library serve as a place to study as well as supporting a rich community which is invaluable to their studies
36. Thank you for the services provided to staff. It is very important to continue to have this as a resource.
37. I think the library is a much better, more efficient, up to date and friendly place than when I started as a student in 19897 At that time I found people rude and impatient and the transition between paper and electronic catalog was confusing.
38. In general, I find the University's library services satisfactory, especially ith regard to the completeness of coverage in my field.
39. Otherwise, however, I think the libraries overall, especially Harper and Crerar, are very wll structured, serviced, and administered.
41. Everything is pretty good, I just wish there was a No Talking rule in place, at least in the upper levels of the library.
42. I use the Regenstein, Harper, and Crerar libraries. I find all three excellent under all respects.
43. The library for the most part is excellent.
44. the library is doing a great job.
45. Best library I've ever used.
46. Keep up the great work! I think things run very smoothly.
47. Pretty happy with service.
48. Thanks for providing great resources!
49. Generally, our libraries and staff are first rate.
50. I am very satisfied with the library.
51. Very pleased with the services. Thanks.
52. It's a wonderful library, no doubt about this.
53. The services per se are quite satisfactory.
54. Oeveral, it is a great library.
55. I love the library system at U Chicago;
56. Overall I think that you offer wonderful services;
57. I think you are wonderful
58. Good job!
59. Thanks for all your hard work.
60. In general I am very satisfied with the library
61. obviously, I think the libraries are very good.
62. They [SSA] also have this great board with new acquisitions posted.
63. Thank you very much for this great library anyway.
64. On the whole, the libraries are great
65. Love you guys!
66. The time I did utilize the library it was very informative.
67. First class!
68. The library is generally very good,
69. The library has been wonderful
70. Overall, I think the Library works very well.
71. The library system is terrific
72. Overall -- good!
73. But in general I think libraries are a great resource.
74. services are outstanding.
75. very helpful
76. it's great in most respects.
77. Thank you
78. Thanks and good luck!
79. I am pretty pleased with the library services over all.
80. In general the library is quite good
81. The library service is wonderful
82. Overall, the library is terrific.
83. Overall great job.
84. Love the Reg!
85. Keep up the great work
86. Library services are wonderful overall
87. The library is great
88. I love the SSA library
89. library has been doing a great job
90. Thanks for your service!
91. The library is great though!
92. Eckhart library is very good
93. Generally very pleased with the library and its services
94. There's a reason this is one of the top research libraries in the U.S.
95. The library provides a good service.
96. On the whole I enjoy and am satisfied by the library services
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