LibQUAL+ comments 2007: Library: Eckhart

Library: Eckhart

1. I like almost everything about the library EXCEPT that the staff in Eckhart are consistently LOUD. I go to the library for quiet study. I have stopped studying in Eckhart because it is too noisy. The USERS of the library are quiet. The STAFF do NOT speak in a volume that is appropriate for a library!!
2. Eckhart people are wonderful,
3. Eckhart library needs more comfortable chairs. The new tables are very nice, but uncomfortable to sit at.
4. I wish both Eckhart and Regenstein had more inviting/enjoyable study spaces (New furniture, more comfortable chairs, etc.)
5. Eckhart library is very good
6. Eckhart is especially good because (probably because space there is limited) almost every book they have is one I would enjoy reading. It is easy to find a useful book on any particular subject.
7. Since arriving at Chicago in 2005, I have been consistently impressed and delighted by the service I've received at the Regenstein (and Harper. Crerar, Eckhart, and Law when I've used them)
Library: Fischer
1. The Gleacher Library doesn't currently exist. It would be helpful to have a library space available to part time students.
2. I primarily use the library in the Gleacher center. It is quite small, but very friendly staff. More information on online resources would be very helpful.
3. Gleacher Center resources are nice. Electronic access is key to an Evening Program student's success.
4. The current library at Gleacher (and Gleacher in general) has a reprehensible lack of individual study space.
5. The only library I have been exposed to was the Gleacher Center library which is now being turned into a student center.
6. Unfortunately, I do not even know the name of the library as the temporary location has been made in to a library for the past year at the GSB!!
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