LibQUAL+ comments 2007:

Library: SSA

1. I have had GREAT service at the SSA library. Everyone is helpful, knowledgeable, and efficient. Great work!
2. The staff at the SSA library are highly competent and very willing to provide assistance to me and my students. I really appreciate their willingness to work with me to problem solve difficulties that arise, even if we aren't able to actually solve the problem. The SSA staff have worked with me on a number of issues surrounding access to electronic databases and to electronic resources. It is no exaggeration to tell you that I couldn't teach what I do, the way I do without their (frequent) assistance.
3. The SSA library is consistently excellent - in staff, services, support. The monthly notice of recent acquisitions is a terrific resource for me. My responses to the questionnaire reflect my experience with the entire library system; I frequently use Crerar, Regenstein, and sometimes Law, in addition to SSA.
4. exceptional staff at SSA library
5. The staff at SSA's library always do their best to help me find sources. They are also very helpful to my students.
6. SSA's library is always in good order. The librarians are very helpful; always available; and friendly. The space is always clean and organized. They also have this great board with new acquisitions posted.
7. I really like having the SSA library in our building. That is a really great service.
8. I love the SSA library
9. The most urgent need is to put more academic journal access online. Very basic social work journals are unavailable online through U of C, and this is shocking to me as the license fee should not stand in the way of making these available for research. Paper copies at Regenstein (inexplicably Regenstein and not SSA) are not helpful for social work students who are off campus at internships 2-3 days a week and quite likely working for pay 2-3 days a week as well. Online journals they can access at midnight are essential if true scholarship is to be maintained.
10. SSA library and regenstein need more electric plugs for laptops in work areas.
11. I want to go to the library for a quiet place to study, but often students and library employees are talkative, which I find distracting, at least in the small SSA library.
12. there was no orientation for libraries outside of SSA for us;
13. the temperature in the ssa library needs to be corrected.
14. Overal, I am pretty satisfied with the services provided by university libraries I often use, i.e, Reg and SSA
15. Hope SSA library can open longer hours during weekends.
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