LibQUAL+ comments 2007: Misconception/misperception


1. Reg is OK though I am disappointed they did away with displaying new acquisitions on a special bookshelf. Browsing is an important part of a library's function and this has been taken away at the Reg
2. Furthermore, we should have more interlibrary loan opportunities other than with Northwestern.
3. It is always weird walking into Regestein and not being able to find a map anywhere
4. It would be nice to know if employee spouses are entitled to use the library.
5. I know students can use the computer lab in the basement of Crerar but can the staff use it? I ask because there are times my home computer is not working or I need a more owerful computer and it would be nice to be able to use the ones in Crerar. I would be willing to pay as you would in an internet cafe.
6. please consider adding a drop box and a place where one can return books without having to go into the library and through the ID turntables. It would make life so much easier.
7. There should be more econ tutors available in harper on a daily basis, for the amount of econ majors there are at this school one simply is not enough. Seriously, it ruins my life
8. Perhaps access to libraries of neighborhood universities for grad students would be desirable? Sometimes one needs just one article to look through, and using ILL is not the most convenient option. Or if one needs to browse a few issues.
9. It would be nice to have access to journal articles from home directly from search pages like Pubmed. When I'm at home I need to search the articles using pubmed and then access individual journals via
10. There needs to be an all-night group study space. No one appreciates getting kicked out of Crerar study rooms by having a security guard call the police--its absurd.
11. One complain I have is when I request an article that is not available on campus, I can't get it as a pdf (or any electric form) with a link contained in a notification email.
12. it is difficult to get help from Univ of Chicago since no-one is available after hours or on the weekends
13. The fact that microfilm and audio recordings are basically only available on weekday afternoons is a constant annoyance.
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