LibQUAL+ comments 2007: Reserves/e-reserves

Reserves/e-reserves - neg

1. The old e-reserve system linked to professors was better, and while I appreciate that copyright rules led to changes, there are real limits with chalk. However, If these were moved to chalk to save server space then please consider moving back to the old system and increase your capacity. We have lost a great reserve. This can also cause real problems, as in the first few weeks of class when we 'shop', and take classes we are not yet registered for, we only have access to e-reserve for those classes we have signed up for. The flexible system on the ground isn't extended to library access. This can be a problem if you take extra classes in the first two weeks of the quarter before you commit. The old system also helped when planning which classes to take next quarter. It really helped to be able to see the works that different professors put on e-reserve, in order to get a sense of what they teach. It would really help if the lists of texts that each professor had requested for all their courses were made available through the general website (even if the links to the texts are onlyopen through chalk).
2. Finally my biggest complaint about the library system is accessing course reserves in print. The electronic system is fabulous but when electronic readings are unavailable because a professor has assigned an entire book it becomes a fierce waiting game to try to get the copy on reserve. It would be nice if there was some sort of waiting list or way to reserve the reserve for a specified time period such as Tuesday from noon to two so that you didn't have to wait in the library and constantly refresh the catalog to see if an item has been returned so you can snag it.
3. If books on reserve could be scanned into the system somehow so that we had access to them 24-7 without having to physically check the book out for 2 hours, it would be fantastic. That way I could keep up with the latest edition of books I need without having to go through the hassel of checking it out for 2 hours at a time.
4. I like everything except the new reserve system, which makes it impossible to get access to reserve lists except through chalk. Some professors, especially visiting professors, find chalk difficult to navagate. If you do not want people not enrolled in a course to download information, you might put a block on this in the regular reserve catalogue, but then students would at least know what was on reserve if chalk could not be set up.
5. The recall system is awful. The fact that one cannot ILL books that the library owns, but that are checked out or on reserve, is seriously detrimental to research. In my experience, attempts to recall books are successful *maybe* half the time. Being dependent upon a book that is on 4 hour reserve for a class is extremely frustrating. This is a major problem that could easily be resolved by allowing users to acquire these materials through inter-library loan (though this service, alas, is not the most dependable...).
6. The most disappointing change that was made to the library website this year was removing access to course reserves through the library page. I gained a lot of insight into creating course readings for my own syllabi based on course reserves for other classes. Now, without being registered for a course there seems to be no way to peruse the reserve reading list for a course you don't teach or take as a student. PLEASE, if there's any way to return to the old system, it makes a big difference for the hundreds of us who are becoming teachers every year!
7. I wish e-reserve resources were still accessible after the course has been concluded. (I imagine there must be copyright issues regarding this, but surely those of us who have incompletes to work off are still legitimate users?)
8. I find that the e-reserves are incredibly slow in posting articles and don't provide necessary material for classes. I've been in classes were teachers had to say that despite making requests MONTHS in advance, the readings were still unavailable. I'm also unhappy with the hassle of accessing ereserves off campus and the recent switch to making it through chalk.
9. There need to be more reserve copies of books that are widely needed in core classes. For example, there is rreason the library should not have 30 copiesof The Wealth of Nations or The Marx-Engels Reader, 10 on 2 hour reserve and 20 in circulation. If there are 5 sections of a SOSC class that need these books, 20 kids per section, why not at least attempt to serve a third of them? Libraries are for borrowing books. Forcing students to purchase books for classes is not nice(and more than a little wasteful). Battling for reserve books stinks, but consistently not being able to do the work for classes because you can't afford the books and the library does not have copies of them or has one copy on two-hour reserve that is perpetually checked out really stinks. I think the library system needs to reexamine how it can better serve not only those doing research but those members of the community who would prefer, or have no choice but to, check their books out of the library
10. Too many books are placed on quarter-long reserves. Oftentimes it is not necessary to put all available copies of the book on reserve. It makes using popular library materials difficult at times.
11. it would be really great if PDF Chalk e-reserves weren't so expensive.
12. Sometimes, e-reserves are slow to appear (i.e. in processing even after classes have begun).
13. I was very disappointed when I no longer had access to the e-reserves for courses I audited but did not formally register for, since I was not listed as a chalk user for those courses.
14. The electronic reserve service is speedy, but often the scans are so low-grade that they're hard to read.
15. Also, e-reserves are often slow to get uploaded, and are often scanned without the endnotes (infuriating).
16. It would be ideal if books that are to be reshelved and books to be put on reserve or electronic reserve were processed more quickly.
17. Make reserve takeout time longer than 4 hours
18. There are occasional glitches with e-reserves, but that's about it.
19. PDF copies of, if nothing else, the materials of the reserve would be a wonderful way to give access to materials that are sometimes difficult to get a hand on.
20. Reserved books need to be be categorized by course numbers instead of the catalog IDs.
21. sometimes, however, there are difficulties with accessing materials that have been put on E-reserve.
22. e reserves could be a lot better to use
23. The library website has had problems recently. Sometimes when I am browsing the course catalog, I'll get an error message and it won't allow me to click ahead to see all the titles under the subject heading I'm looking at.
24. The Regenstein reserve office is better than it used to be --still wanting.reserve desk needs help.
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Reserves/e-reserves - pos

1. The Regenstein reserve office is better than it used to be
2. I want to particularly praise the staff that works with e-reserve and reserve. Their patience and support are greatly appreciated.
3. The library staff have consistently helped me put course materials on reserve in a timely manner.
4. The electronic reserve service is speedy, but often the scans are so low-grade that they're hard to read.
5. Particularly helpful in recent years has been the switch to electronic reserves for course materials.
6. Also I want to express my deepest gratitude for library course e-reserves- so very convenient, so very helpful.
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