LibQUAL+ comments 2007: Website

Website - neg

1. I have few complaints, but I do get lost on the library webpages. I find it very difficult to find where to log in to my account, or renew books, etc. Or various libary hours or locations, it really seems you have to dig to find this information. I feel like you should be able to find the info you need more easily on the webpage.
2. it's annoying that searching on the home page always generates a pop up window. the old way of using proxies was much more convinient because mozilla could remember my password and it didn't have the problem that sometimes it doesn't know to redirect me. [also on remote access]
3. The search function on the web site needs to be greatly improved, as well as access to online journals and databases
4. Doing very well - but home page could be better navigated with some more easy access features
5. My sense is that the library's web site is in *dire* need of streamlining (it is unduly difficult to navigate)
6. I would appreciate updated subject guides that include links to relevant e-journals for users.
7. The site of the library is plain bad, a easier and more powerful query approach substantialy improves the service.
8. I would like to use the library more often on the web but find it impossible to navigate thru and no help even when just locating a book.
9. I dislike intensely internet-based search - mainly since I do not enjoy regular or reliable access at the U of C.
10. At times, I wish there were more sources so that I could answer certain questions on my own.
11. Sometimes I struggle w/the website's current set-up finding the most efficient path to resources, but overall, I like the site and rely on it heavily.
12. I wish the library website made it easier and more effective to research books as a research assistant for professors.
13. Re-make library searching tools in order to better find things.
14. information on the website is difficult to find;
15. Sometimes I have a hard time finding material through the library website.
16. I find the search function on the library website difficult to use and this often frustrates me when I can't find simple text
17. But I tend to discover these resources by stumbling on them ... as I look for one search service, I discover another. I wish it did not seem so accidental.I am surprised when I do not find things I expect would be there. For instance, I expect that style manual resources (like the Chicago Manual of Style) would be available electronically, but I have never found such a link.I will add that I am not currently in residence in Chicago, so I value the internet portal all the more.
18. However, I'm often a bit frustrated / puzzled when I have to use the library's electronic journals web page (rather than just clicking my way in from pubmed).
19. navigation through the library web page is difficult. difficult to find the resources, databases, and journals that I need. no quick links or subscriptions to periodicals such as new york times or other reputable newspapers and magazines.
20. The endless Metalib/SFX window spawning is a genuine nuisance, in particular the fact that the accursed things pick their own sizes (and choose poorly). Indeed, I can't remember the last time the Find It! buttons did anything contentful at all. The database finder is iffy--entering thesis brings up nothing at all, for example (and
21. Additonally, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to find journal articles. I have searched for articles from the basic/initial search, not found what I was looking for and then after poking around in specificcatalogs/databases, actually discovered they were available online. I'm obviously doing something wrong, but a how-to guide on finding journal articles would be great, and if you already have one, perhaps a very obvious link would be useful.
22. I believe that the web page for journals is confusing. I do not know how to say it could be better. I have spent a lot of time on line which turned out to be wasted when I finally went to Crerar and asked since I could not find it on line.
23. A way to make browsing online resources and databases easier would be very useful. It is very difficult to discover resources the library has that I do not already know about
24. I still find it confusing to figure out which electronic databases to search for published scholarly articles or other sources on various topics. Any online guides would be most appreciated.
25. I find the electronic search capability often difficult to use (compared to Google scholar). It sometimes fails to find articles that I KNOW are there and can be frustrating.
26. I also sometimes get confused by the different ways to look for things online in journals-- JSTOR and all the other ones, I never know what to look in.
27. the library had a subscription to a particular data base but I was unable to find and connect to it on my own;
28. the only thing I find hard to work with is finding international resources online (especially international laws).
29. - process of finding databases needs to be im[proved]
30. Access to electronic materials is confusing.
31. access to web-based journals is confusing, non-intuitive,
32. ProQuest hasn't always been a quick link).
33. It is difficult to navigate the on-line resources.
34. Please put a direct link to ILL on the library home page. It is silly to have to go through 2 pages to find it.
35. I hope the redesigned website will help me--I found with the old one it was difficult to find electronic resources. I wish there were some way to promote the library website better as a first source for information--can it be more prominent on the U of C site or even more tightly intergrated into Chalk?
36. It would be good if ARTFL were explicitly referenced on the French resources webpage (which is otherwise very helpful)
37. One recent problem that I found: apparently identical routes to an on-line database linking to different versions of that database. The More Science Databases link to Zoological Record goes to a version that only covers 1978-2005. The link to Zoological Record via the Web of Science covers 1864-2007!
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Website - pos

1. The layout of the Library's website is helpful in accessing electronic information.
2. The current system does make it fairly easy to access databases that I already know about.
3. In terms of the resources in the library and the website, it is pretty good.
4. The online, easy to use proxy is a life-saver.
5. I use the Library website a lot.
6. Very efficient website. Great selection of databases.
7. Sometimes I struggle w/the website's current set-up finding the most efficient path to resources, but overall, I like the site and rely on it heavily. Return to TOC