LibQUAL+ comments 2007: catalog

Catalog - neg

1. Library search simply does not work, ever. I have never found anything I was looking for using the Library search engine. Doing things that are as simple as typing in the title of a book I know is in the library will find results that are not at all related. In all of the search results, the book will not even appear. I regularly use to find the books I need and then just search for the ISBN in the Library catalog. This really shouldn't be necessary. I would not want to be someone who does not know this trick and needs to find a book. For a library (a place that stores and lends books), I find this really, really vexing on an every day basis, both when I am working and studying. This is one issue that must be fixed as soon as possible.
2. the search functions on the website, such as the search for titles etc. are terrible. The closest match often comes at the middle of the page when I search. The subject headings are also often confusing and many times I've searched for two very similar books and realized that they are in two very different subject categories. Overall things could be more streamlined.
3. The online catalogue is pretty difficult to use. I have gotten used to it, but it is very counter intuitive. Displaying results by alphabetical order means that often typing in the exact title leaves the book I'm searching for far down the page. Also, there should be an easy way to for example find a list of all of the DVDs or all of the Russian Language Literature books. If there is such a way, I have not been able to find it and I have looked very hard for such a method.
4. If there are things to be desired, for me they are primarily with the electronic organization of information. I have noticed glitches in the electronic catalogue, subject headings are not always helpful. I have come to the conclusion that if I really wanted to make sure I have done my research right, I cannot rely only on the electronic catalogue
5. The only problems I ever encounter are with electronic resources. Specifically, when the search engine indicates we have access, but the actual page requires a login and password.
6. I wish the search methods were more clearly defined and that the searches yielded more accurate results with better descriptions of the books
7. The library website's catalog search is AWFUL! There have been times when I have the title and author of exactly what I'm looking for and it still won't come up, even though the library has it!
8. Last year I tried to find several books by using the online search. I knew their titles and authors, but the search turned up no results. Later I found the book by accident while I was browsing in the stacks. Sometimes that search function is really tricky.
9. The on-line catalog needs to be redone. I've never had such a difficult time finding materials. Multiple times I have entered a title which comes back with no match, but if i search the author or subject of the book i find the book. There must be a more efficient system.
10. Also, I think it is still difficult to locate books that are in a series--for instance, to figure out which volume of WUNT or SBL Dissertation Series is on the shelf by looking through the online catalog.
11. the library's search engine is terrible! Sometimes even if I type the exact name of a book, it won't show up even if the library has it.
12. Library catalog is horrible. It is hard to use, incomplete.
13. the catalogue could be a little better-- sometimes repeat titles in searches get confusing
14. Finding music (esp. scores and parts) is very difficult with the current library search engine.
15. The library website has had problems recently. Sometimes when I am browsing the course catalog, I'll get an error message and it won't allow me to click ahead to see all the titles under the subject heading I'm looking at.
16. library catalog is impossible to use, and should be replaced immediately.
17. the catalog search is abysmal... can't you get a smarter search engine?
18. We need a more efficient webpage (for the library catalogue)
19. The weakest elements of the library's total services are:- the catalog (missing entries, missing cross-references)
20. The online catalog search features need work. Searches do not produce complete findings.
21. The search function on the library catalog is abysmal. If you miss one word in your title search, nothing similar will come up--consider switching to Google or some other intelligent fuzzy search engine.
22. I have not had much luck at all when I try to search for a title using the Search: Library Catalog search bar on the library's main web page.
23. Library catelogue is hard to use. When searching for a particular material, irrelevant results show up and there's no good way to limit the search further. It's a confusing system.
24. The electronic access is unreliable - links to journals often don't work.
25. My most important comment related to the public catalog - espec. for searching & browsing print/electronic serial publications - listed information types are often confusing or counterintuitive, and the layout of individual serial records could be improved.
26. online catalog inconsistent and information often incorrect; finding titles can be very frustrating links to electronic journals are often behind passwords, even on library computers, making them inaccessible
27. Search using basic search under main catelog is difficult. Especially using subject, and sorting with publish year is not available.
28. I would like to use the library more often on the web but find it impossible to navigate thru and no help even when just locating a book.
29. The electronic catalog needs updating. Sometimes the required information is in the wrong fields, and this delays finding a needed item. On occassion, I have also had trouble accessing harder to find journals through the library but I'm sure the library is always trying its best to increase its subscriptions.
30. appearance of could not find search term when clicking through the links in the library on-line catalog, something I use very frequently
31. WHY does the library website produce a pop-up window for searches? Please, please remove this. It's really irritating.
32. Updating the online catalogue with links to electronic journals. Often these are not up-to-date (some journals are online but are not so marked in the library catalogue). I would like to visit the catalogue and know if that particular journal is online (and what volumes) without having to independently search for it.
33. One simple but hugely difficult problem: I believe the Slavic collection still has two overlapping catalog systems, so it is difficult to browse the stacks. New items frequesntly get cataloged correctly, but as a result find themselves mixed in with the old system in a place on the shelf that makes no sense.
34. Improve and speed up cataloguing process. (I miss the detailed info. on the older catalog but I understand that you can't have everything.)
35. I also hate the fact that two books that I recently requested a search for, were in the electronic catalog, but the library had not yet received it....and no one knows when they will arrive...this is misleading...
36. I wish that I could manage the list of items I find in the catalog more efficiently, for example I would like to be able to sort and then print the list by library, by availability, by floor and shelf location, and by call number order; similarly, I would like to be able to manage lists of materials via a library database so that I could build bibliographies on-line for use with different topics, etc.
37. And it would be extremely useful if searches from the library catalogue could be directly downloaded into Endnote - WorldCat has a function like that and it is very useful. Return to TOC

Catalog - pos

1. Sometimes I have difficulty finding the right electronic resource to use to look for a journal. I have found that it is often linked from the library catalog, which helps. However, I have run into difficulties accessing those websites from the catalog (probably user error). I have not had many issues recently. I suppose also that some problems are on the interface of the resource (out of the university's control).
2. FindIt works reasonably well, but not always.
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