Survey 2010 comments: Gleacher

1. I am a part-time student at Chicago Booth. My opinion of the library is based on my use of FIsher Express. FIsher express doesnt seem to be such a planned service. The disincentives to using that service out number the incentives. Fisher service provides part-time students access to the library books, but with out regard to the situation of the students borrowing the books, the rules that apply to the main library seem to be enforced on part-time students as well. For example, the ridiculously short time to return a book when it is recalled.

2. I get books from the Fischer Express, and they never specifically have a due date on them. The staff at the Gleacher Center where I pick up my books never know that due date. I have returned two books late because I finally get an email telling me they are overdue. It would be nice to know when they are due. I have started borrowing from the Chicago Public Library b/c I am sick of going overdue at U of C Library.

3. Work out the kinks on the Fischer Express, mainly give the staff at Gleacher Center an exact idea of when the books I am checking out is due.

4. I use the Fischer Express to get books at Gleacher Center. I have never been to the Hyde Park Campus.

5. I would also love it if I could go the library at the Gleacher center to renew the books that I picked up from the Regenstein library. This would be very, very helpful !

6. I think that it would greatly enhance Graham School students' ability to use the libraries if you had a return box for library books in the Gleacher Center. As it is, when we have a book that is due, we often must make a special trip to Hyde Park to return it. I understand that there is an office in Gleacher (the GSB career center?) that has a pickup service, but it is off limits to Graham students. Please support Graham students with access to a similar service. It would be very valuable.

7. As a distance learner who is based out of the Graham School building downtown it would make it much easier if I could return the books to the Graham School instead of having to go all the way to the main campus.

8. Delivery of material from any campus Library for pickup at Gleacher Center

9. Delivery of materials to Gleacher Center.

10. Delivery/drop-off of books from Hyde Park libraries to the Gleacher Center downtown.

11. In terms of deliviery of materials, it would be great if you could deliver to the Gleacher Center as well, for those of us in the loop.

12. It would be great if I could request the books on-line (from the Regensteing library), then have the books sent to the library at the Gleacher Center. That would save me a lot of time.

13. If the school library can provide serverice in Gleacher Center, that will help us a lot

14. The Gleacher center is somewaht of an "island" since I'm a Part-time student. I've never been to any of the on-campus libraries, and I don't really know much about them.

15. A better part time library for Booth would be great.

16. More library resources at Gleacher center please.

17. I'm not sure what resources the Chicago Library collections can provide me.

18. people aren't aware of the library at Gleacher though

19. It would be great to have a interlibrary loan system which transfers books/magazines to the Gleacher center.

20. Email to evening and weekend students 1 time per quarter with details on what we can access remotely and at Gleacher center

21. Faster and better printers at the computer lab in Gleacher

22. Spend all of my time at Gleacher, but would love to get remote access to do industry analysis.

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