Survey 2010 comments: Harper

1. Though I kind of miss the books, I *love* the Harper space. Love, love, love.

2. For example, Harper is wonderful for studying.

3. the renovation at Harper's (not listed here) is really nice;

4. the Harper renovation has set a very nice standard

5. I'm glad that Harper is being renovated to give undergraduates a more social space to study. In the past Regenstein has been the social hub, making it a little hard to read and write while others are chattering away.

6. Strangely, the new space in Harper Memorial Library is quieter than the Reg.

7. The new lighting in Harper is fantastic--I really like the table lamps and I wish the Reg had better lighting like that! JCL also has nice lighting--all that natural light during the day keeps me from wanting to jump out the window. :) I wish, though, overall, that the libraries had more outlets for plugging laptops, especially since during busy hours the computers are often full.

8. The upgrades to the former Harper Library main halls are super. Similar conversions to study spaces in the other libraries would draw more students looking for comfortable (non-table/desk), quiet study spaces.

9. Harper is beautiful. I go there occasionally, but there is no place to indicate this.

10. Also use Harper to study occasionally

11. Harper commons needs to be prioritized.

12. It has always been frustrating that only certain subjects have specific graduate reading rooms. Other peer institutions, Columbia, for example, offer ample spaces for a much wider selection of subject areas. U of C is constrained by the smaller size of the Reg, of course, but are undergraduates being encouraged to use Harper more?

13. When Harper closed undergraduate students moved their headquarters to Regenstein and after the reopening of Harper they forgot to move back . What used to be quiet places for study and research (Floors 2-5) are now full and loud with partying undergraduates all the time. It became very difficult to find a place for quiet research. Something should be done to encourage them to move back to Harper - maybe to move the Harper collection back to Harper?

14. I miss the computer lab a Harper. I preferred to work at Harper to the Reg. I am totally frustrated that you can't use a flash drive at the Harper computers.

15. It would be nice if the libraries (Reg and Harper specifically) offered good machines and not monitors hooked up to servers.

16. The new Stuart reading room is not very inviting or comfortable. The furniture is shabby, the computers are awful and the physical layout is not conducive to staying and working as it feels like you should be in and out. It would be nice to offer a consistent theme for the space and use the physical attributes of the building to influence the furniture and flooring choices.

17. Harper: ~ needs better lighting and WAY more plugs that are accessible from the middle/end of the table ~ there is a constant buzzing noise that is very distracting.

18. I usually use Harper Memorial Library. I know that more electrical outlets and table lamps were installed last quarter, but there is still a shortage of outlets and lighting. Additionally, the doors throughout the building lock late at night, making it difficult to use facilities, such as restrooms, on different floors.

19. There NEEDS to be a bathroom in Harper closer to the reading room. Sometimes I avoid studying there just because the bathroom is so far away, whereas I would definitely study there frequently otherwise.

20. Please put some additinal lights in Harper because that place is simply spooky

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