Survey 2010 comments: computing

Cell Phone Access

1. Improve mobile phone reception inside the library.

2. The lack of cell phone reception in parts of Regenstein is both a blessing and a curse. I'm not sure whether to say it should be rectified or maintained, but you ought to know it's there.

3. Also, it would be a great help to have a mobile website and/or mobile resources for iPhone, etc.

Group Study / Quiet Study and Technology

4. There are no places in the library to practice for a power point presentation, a tool exceedingly being used in classrooms. Groups have to huddle around a computer and can't simulate the experience properly. I would use the library much more often if it had this capability. Other than that, science is mostly done electronically. No need for the library.

5. Also, I often need to watch dvds at the library. There is no comfortable place where to do it. The Art reading room is especially bad. They cannot even provide you with headphones.

6. One of the MAIN thoughts I had about coming to UofC was knowing how splendid the resources for study would be. However, one thing I REALLY would love is a dedicated MULTI-MEDIA center along the lines of Northwestern's

7. My study had trouble finding group study space where computers are available. It seems that where there are computers it also seems to be quiet general library space. Maybe help designate where groups can use because of the need for discussion and conversation.

8. I would really appreciate more PCs available for public use in Crerar, as well as some in more private study spaces and group stations.

9. Finally, it would be nice if you could use a computer in a private, quiet space, rather than out in the open and in the noisier areas of the library where they seem to be now.

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10. My only suggestion for improvement would be to keep updating the technology

11. I think you guys do a great job.... but better technology in the libraries would be extremely helpful!

12. technology and collection management are less satisfactory

13. the computers are crappy - especially the keyboards.

14. the computers are awful

15. the computers on the second and third floors are terribly slow even when it comes to searching the library holdings.

16. For Crerar Library: please clean the white Apple keyboards regularly (currently they are diry beyond belief); please install the software on the Apple computers also on the PC computers

17. I think more computer resources are needed in the Crerar library. However, the new regulation that each user has to sign in no matter what, really slows things down, because I guess the memory capacity of the computers that have been placed in Crerar is low so that it takes a very long time for someone to log on the network. So, I suggest to reserve more space for computer stations and request that either the computers to be modernized or the log on/off procedure to be removed.

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More Computers – General

18. dearth of student-access computers

19. on the down side i usually like to check my email in the foyer and most of the time have to wait for a computer to free up.

20. I often have trouble finding a computer that is not occupied by another student.

21. I think that having a few more computers available on each floor would be nice since many graduate students and undergraduates aren't in the financial position to own laptops and high-quality desk top computers which are essential for success in grad and under grad programs.

22. There are not enough computers for the amount of users; competition has been really tight lately.

23. Also it is hard to find a computer to use as they are usualy being used.

24. More printers, more scanners, more computers (free printing, up to a certain # of sheets per quarter, would be nice, too).

25. In my opinion there are not enough computers and printers available.

26. need more computers or a more extensive computer lab

27. Number of computers and electrical outlets near the seating areas could be increased.

28. The computers outside of the computer lab are rarely available when I go to the library.

29. there should be computer labs on this campus. Like classrooms filled with computers, and anybody can come in and use them.

30. When I don't have a laptop and need to check something online, there's a gaggle of facebook entranced idiots in line ahead of me.

31. Also, there never seem to be enough computers

32. Computers are all taken most of the time.

33. There are not enough computers

34. Better computer access....

35. more public computers, and electric outlets.

36. More available computers

37. we definitely need more computers (my undergrad library had a program where students could rent out laptops, as well as the same number of desktops for about a quarter of the number of students

38. Computers in the reading rooms--meant for accessing the catalog and quick internet browsing--are often taken over by undergrads writing papers, which is very frustrating.

39. Difficult to find free computer terminals

40. nd the computers are rarely available (is there any way to discourage people from taking more than half an hour to use facebook and watch TV?).

41. wish there were more unrestricted computers (i.e., non-catalog computers with MS Office, etc.) i

42. Not enough computers and they should be wiped down.

43. I think it would be great to have more computers - during the middle of the day (around 11:00-3:00) it can be almost impossible to find an open computer.

44. Better computer access....

45. More Computers and Printers.

46. Could use a few more computers on upper floors.

47. there is also more need for electronic outlets and public computers.

48. I wish, though, overall, that the libraries had more outlets for plugging laptops, especially since during busy hours the computers are often full.

More Computers – Crerar

49. It would be great if there were computers to use on the 2nd floor of Crerar!

50. More computers would be helpful for those who don't want to bring their computers on campus. It is often difficult to find a computer in the afternoons.

More Computers - Regenstein

51. And, not enough computers in the Reg. library to accomodate the growing student body.

52. It can be very difficult to get access to a computer in the Regenstein Library, especially during daytime hours on weekdays.

53. It would be nice to have more computers available--the ones on the first floor are usually already being used when I need one.

54. It would be really useful to have some public-access computers where you don't have to sign in, for quickly looking up things relevant to library use (Chalk, Wikipedia, a book title you have in an email message). Maybe make them internet-only or something so people don't use them for working on documents. It's frustrating to have to wait for the system to log in, or go downstairs (at the Reg) to find a computer that I need for two minutes. (Apart from the first floor, in the Reg the only sign-in computers generally available at peak times are the Sun ones, and these are painfully slow. I will go downstairs just to avoid waiting for them.)

55. more computers in regenstein

56. Most of the time, at the Reg, all the computers that have access to more than the library catalog are taken up for long periods of time. It would be easier on me, often, if the library catalog computers also could access WorldCat, so that if our system doesn't have it, I can see if it's available for ILL.

57. Regenstein: more computer terminals;

58. Sometimes it is hard to find a computer to print documents or work on a manuscript. But most times I do find one.

59. Sometimes there is a computer shortage in the Reg.

60. I really think the Reg needs more computers - sometimes at peak hours I cant find a single computer to use, and that can be frustrating.

61. The first-floor computers are frequently all occupied, additional short-term use (no chairs) computers would be helpful. Devoting one of the two computers in the study area of upper floors to catalog-only is dumb. Almost no one uses these computers, and if they did need to check the catalog there are catalog-only computers in the stacks. Having four catalog-only computers on the first floor also seems excessive

62. There should be more public computers in Regenstein on the upper floors for people who want to

63. frequently used than the islands of 4 PC's, which are the ones that are configured in such a way as

64. use them for extended periods. I notice that the Sun microsystems computers are much less

65. to be useful for most students' coursework, researching, and studying.

66. Would really appreciate more computer access in Reg.(

67. Regenstein needs more computer terminals on the first floor.

68. more computers in the map room

More Computers - SSA and Eckhart

69. SSA Library: More computers!

70. Maybe you could put more computer in Eckhart?

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71. It would be nice to have access to EndNote as well as RefWorks.

72. The computers in the basement run GIS incredibly slow.

73. In the Regenstein, there appears to only be about 10 computers on the A level that have SPSS, Matlab, etc. on them. This makes getting access to these computers very difficult because of the large number of students who need to use these programs for school work/research. It would be good if more computers could have these programs added to them.

74. I am also wary of investing a lot of time and energy in learning a whole new program, getting really invested in it, only to lose access when I graduate, or have it replaced by some other [newer] technology. Having a kind of longevity that isn't tied so much to U of C is really, REALLY important to me.

75. I also would like an easier way to determine what software the library has licenses to. As a scientist ACDLabs is great freeware but a school license would allow access to other features such as an NMR predictor etc.

76. my only suggestion, regarding my experience as researcher, would be to expand the number of computers where some economic databases are available (maybe this changed in the last couple of years)

77. Put videogames on some of the computers and invest in a few videogame consoles. Solicit donations for older games and consoles as well. And you'd probably need a videogame librarian to make sure we don't just get a bunch of shitty games just because they were free. In addition, you could make sure the computers have all recent updates. I shouldn't have to download flash on any of the computers here.

78. Post a one sheet guide to accessing the various computer resources at each terminal.

79. OCR (optical character recognition) software on library computers.

80. PDF maker

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USITE Crerar

81. USITE Crerar needs to be restored See earlier comment

82. I was so sad when the library system closed first the Harper computer lounge and then the Crearar computer lounge. I recognize that there have been tremendous budget constraints, but I really enjoyed working in those spaces. I even would appreciate if those rooms were opened back up, just with those tables and good chairs, that you could bring your laptop to.

83. Second, I never adjusted to the move of the USITE computer center from the basement to the first floor. I think the basement space was FAR superior - it was truly a great space for using computers by oneself or in groups, and I really miss it. The 1st floor space just does not compare, I always feel like I am disturbing people, it is not its own space but just plopped down in the quiet of the shelves.

84. I will not forget that great space that was given up to make way for offices that hardly look like they are being used (that space was perfect for a computer center, and does not seem to suit offices at all!!)

85. The USITE location in Crerar was completely ruined when it was moved from downstairs to upstairs; the new space is ugly, the computers are slow and in poor condition, the environment (quiet library) is innapropriate for many types of computer work, especially collaboration. What was once a very nice place to use computer (USITE downstairs) was totally ruined. Very disappointed and I considered writing to the head of NSIT and library services in this regard.

86. Also, the computer lab in the basement of Crerar was a really wonderful place to work, and I've found myself using computers on campus only when I have to (as opposed to making trips to campus specifically to work in the Crerar computer lab) since it was closed.

87. It is a shame that the Usite computing center had to be moved out of the basement group study space onto the first floor. The computing center in the basement, when it was in use, was my favorite place to study, practice a presentation or have group discussion sessions. The space is now underutilized as a group office, while the first floor is cramped and it is rude to talk to others there - so it is no replacement for the old set-up in the basement.

88. I miss the USITE in downstairs CREAR BADLY...was one of the more pleasant spaces to study and low key.

89. I like the Macs in Crerar.

90. That said, the new computer lab on the 1st floor is a very nice improvement.

91. I really like the new set of computers on the first floor of Crerar.

92. Need to fix broken Mac's much faster. They have been sitting there out for service for weeks. (Crear)

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Other Non-Library Computers

93. Library Computer labs need to be brought back!!!

94. I've also been disappointed by the disappearing NSIT services and computer labs in the libraries.

95. I like the mac lab in the Reg.

96. The availability of good computers is dismal. It would be nice if the libraries (Reg and Harper specifically) offered good machines and not monitors hooked up to servers. The Sundisk systems are pathetic and no professor would expect to be given that computer for their research, why are the students? If the University wants to maintain a policy that students do not need to own a personal computer they should supply an adequate number of quality machines for use in non-departmental spaces.

97. The PC computers adjacent to the Mac Lab in the Reg are terrible. I was forced to use these last year for a GIS class that required using ArcGIS, which is only available on campus. Transferring files to a USB 2.0 flash drive would take literally a half hour to an hour when it should (and did) take 2 or 3 minutes on my very old laptop to transfer the same files. It was beyond ridiculous.

98. Faster and better printers at the computer lab in Gleacher

99. I miss the computer lab a Harper. I preferred to work at Harper to the Reg. I am totally frustrated that you can't use a flash drive at the Harper computers.

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Wireless- General

100. Wireless access also terrible.

101. They changed wireless access to printers; it was hard to figure out the first time. I don't want to do it again.

102. In some areas, wifi network gets too crowded and slows down.

103. The wireless is also very difficult sometimes during the day.

104. Wireless access has been very slow and spotty, but I know you have done something new this quarter--I haven't been there this quarter so I don't know if it worked or not.

105. internet-connection often collapses

106. Improved wireless access

107. I also think the internet is slow and unreliable on wireless.

108. terrible wireless signal in the stacks.

109. Over the last few years, I have noticed a huge decline in the wireless quality, and when I started to walk by undergrads watching TV on hulu or whatnot, I realized the likely cause

110. Enhance the quality of wireless signal

111. I was very dissatisfied with the wifi access last year, but this year it has gotten much better (faster, doesn't kick me off as often).

112. I respect the improvement in internet services of late

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Wireless - Regenstein

113. I do not like that there is no wireless access in the study desks along the west wall of the stacks.

114. In some of the study spaces located in the stacks, it is difficult to get a good wireless signal.

115. Better wireless in back of stacks.

116. Wireless: I often work in the stacks, where the wireless is really spotty; the wireless elsewhere is fine.

117. Wireless dies in the stacks, which are some of the best places for research.

118. More outlets and more reliable wireless access would be great. I often have to wander around the floor to find a place with both wireless and outlets. (I usually work in the Stacks, rather than the Reading Rooms.)

119. Regenstein: need better wireless access throughout building;

120. The wireless connectivity in the Regenstein library is very weak.

121. Wireless access in the Regenstein is spotty at best. Connection often drops completely.

122. I could really use wireless access in some of the deeper stacks, like the B levels.

123. Wireless Internet access should be improved for private study tables in the Regenstein Stacks, if possible.

124. Wirless does not appear to reach the stacks at Regenstein. While it may be nice to escape from the reach of the internet, it make it very hard to do some research there. In the main library, where there is wireless, there are almost no electrical outlets, which places a time limit on the amount of work someone with a laptop can do, which is most unwelcome. With no internet in the stacks and no power in the main library, I have begun avoiding the Reg for studying altogether.

125. I could really use wireless access in some of the deeper stacks, like the B levels.

126. It seems like the Regenstein computers are always overrun with undergraduates (often for facebook or other nonacademic purposes) so it can be difficult to find a computer to use unless you go early in the morning.

127. Also, wireless is really bad in the stacks (again, 5th floor)

128. Wireless: I often work in the stacks, where the wireless is really spotty; the wireless elsewhere is fine.

129. I find the wireless signal in the Reg. is sometimes a bit touchy.

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Wireless – D’Angelo

130. but wireless Internet in the library is often much slower than it is in the Green Lounge or elsewhere in the building

131. My wireless always kicks out in D'Angelo library, but that is likely because the lawschool bans internet in classrooms.

132. Need to be able to log onto the network wirelessly (including printing functions). Wireless internet in D'Angelo is outrageously unacceptable.

133. The D'Angelo Law Library has iffy wireless service in some areas (especially 2nd and 3rd floor by the windows).

134. The law library's wireless is spotty during the day depending on what floor you're on. I imagine this is because of too many users but it would be nice to upgrade the capabilities --- at times you're unable to load a page properly.

135. The wireless in D'Angelo (particularly in the lower levels) is very, very shaky.

136. The wireless in D'Angelo is not very good.

137. Wireless in D'Angelo could use drastic improvements to increase speed and efficiency

138. You really, really need to fix the wireless in D'Angelo. It comes and goes and constantly disrupts work, forcing you to re-authenticate... This should be your #1 priority.

139. At D'Angelo, internet access can be a real problem, especially on the second and third floors. It is very frustrating not being able to rely on the wireless connection

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Wireless - Crerar

140. Many of the group study rooms in Crerar lack wireless internet.

141. Along the Northern-most wall in the Crerar Library, on the second and third floors, the internet access is very spotty

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