Survey 2010 comments: environment


1. It's gotten a lot nicer in the last few years!

2. I'd also use it a lot more if it were warmer and quieter. Getting rid of those horrible depressing bushes on the 57th st side of Regenstein was brilliant - they've bothered me for years. The single ugliest thing on campus, at such an important spot.

3. The landscaping that was done last Fall at the 57th St entrance of the Reg is beautiful.

4. I have mainly used the Regenstein and am in general happy with the physical space. I like that there is a combination of study carrel, open tables, and divided tables

5. the physical space of the library is conducive to getting work done.

6. the spaces are nice and i always bump into someone i know due to the airy openess of the spaces.

7. Reg is pretty good in almost all aspects.

8. Regenstein, generally good in terms of phsical spaces.

9. The physical spaces are very good, I just don't use them too often.

10. The physical spaces in Regenstein are very nice.

11. I love Crerar. It uses space nicely

12. These are mostly quite good--it's the electronic access that is a much bigger problem.

13. I am very satisfied with the physical space of the library's I use. They all provide varied environments which are conducive to efficient quiet and group study. A+

14. I like the couch areas.

15. They're lovely, especially Crerar. I really enjoy being there.

16. crerar is nicely lit, and the different options for study areas is very friendly (wide tables, cubicles, computer areas, group study rooms)

17. Crerar Library provides an excellent space for studying, and the longer hours are very much appreciated.

18. The study area in Crear is much better and has a nicer environment,

19. the renovation at Harper's (not listed here) is really nice;

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20. I have indicated "dissatisfied" with the print collection because of the deplorable state of the stacks in the Reg - leaking roof, crumbling infrastructure, mold, etc. This indicates that the UofC does not really care about maintaining its hard copy collection. A fancy new building/off site storage system - in itself - won't change this. Not everyone in the University community is blinded by shiny glass buildings.

21. Facility is showing its age.

22. Great library, but it could be a bit prettier and less uniform in the aesthetic of its reading spaces.

23. I find most of the in person aspects of the library frustrating and not very helpful for my personal work. In fact, one of the leading causes that had me nearly decide against Chicago was Regenstein Library

24. My problems are not with the staff, but with the users of the library: undergraduates who think it is a place for them to socialize, and people who write in books. Those might be the two biggest problems. The first could be solved by setting up Absolute Quiet zones, as I suggested. The second problem is trickier, of course. It could probably only be solved indirectly: by establishing a general sense of awe and respect for the library -- our Temple of Knowledge. But that would be a long-term project, obviously.

25. I just wish there were a nicer physical space to work in.

26. The biggest drawback is the physical space. The Regenstein is just not a great place to spend 40 hours a week -- but I have noticed the construction...

27. Regenstein's architectural hideousness aside - there is ample work space.

28. but it really, really needs to modernize, physically with better outlets, stacks, and technology.

29. The Reg is just an inhospitable place. The brutalist architecture, the lighting, the lack of smaller, quiet group study rooms, etc. Fixing any of these things would be wonderful.

30. The Regenstein, though built in the seventies, need not look like it on the inside

31. The reg isn't a nice space to study in. It is ugly and uncomfortable and not inviting. It makes my head hurt. I am jealous of other universities that have nice study spaces. The addition of lots of new plugs for computers has been helpful, but for the most part, the Reg remains one of my least favorite places to study. It would be nice if come thought and care were put into the general feel of the space.

32. too much gray in Regenstein...

33. Would like more clear signage on areas in the Regenstein

34. I find the space very pleasant except for the fact that I always get a headache when I have stayed for a few hours. At first I didn't believe it was the library making me sick but after it happened repeatedly, weekend after weekend, I was convinced. I feel the air is very dry. Could that be the case? Maybe people and books require different humidities and it would be wiser to separate the two in space?

35. Make the space more laidback and fun.

36. Reg -- so much feels sterile, slightly dirty/dusty and airless (because of lack of windows etc.) While you can't do much about lack of windows, there is still a lot of room for making it a more welcoming space.

37. Regenstein is very depressing, which I hope will change with the remodel.

38. Regenstein Library has really bad air quality. Can't stay more than several hours.

39. Regenstein library needs interior decoration. The apperance of bare concrete wall makes it look like its in a rundown factory

40. Regenstein's decor—especially in terms of colors (predominantly grays and beiges)—could be updated to improve lighting and the occasionally oppressive feel of the (necessarily) large, windowless, fluorescently-lit study areas.

41. The atmosphere of the Reg is sleepy and depressing.

42. The interior feels like a regional corporate office in the 1970s. Drab surroundings, institutional lighting. It's an embarrassment in comparison to peer institutions.

43. And there are so few windows or so few spaces by the windows, it'd be nice to have brighter livelier study space.

44. As does the air quality.

45. The main reason I stopped doing most of my studying and reading at the Regenstein was because I was continually catching strep throat, colds, and flus in there. I don't know if it was the ventilation systems or inadequate disinfection of tables, chairs, and keyboards, but I was sick a lot.

46. I don't like the space. It is dingy

47. The Reg is just way too stark. I feel like I'm working in a bomb shelter, but I understand there's not much that can be done.

48. The Regenstein is unattractive--very dated.

49. The Regenstein library can feel confined, dark, and even dungeon-like in some areas; updating the color scheme or lighting or changing the way the space is organized to make it feel airier and lighter would be an immense help; aesthetics matter a lot in a study space and aesthetically the Reg can be a depressing place to be spending your days studying

50. students should not be allowed to run naked in the library as has become a disgusting and disturbing custom in the university..

51. I would love if it the microform room were a bit nicer and easier to use.

52. It would be very nice to have a space somewhere to eat that is not in the basement.

53. I'm worried about the appearance of a TV monitor in the Regenstein lobby, though. I think that's a TERRIBLE idea!

54. The Reg: excellent collections & horrible study space;

55. The whole place gives off a damp, musty feeling--better lighting (individual lights for study carols)

56. Decoration in Regenstein needs some fixing up (walls mainly). Looks a little run down in parts.

57. Is there any alternative to those ugly metal cubicle seating areas? Aesthetically displeasing.

58. For Regenstein, aesthetics could be moderately improved without great investment. Less grey, some warmer or more lifelike colors. Repainting maybe, perhaps replacing some furniture. This really is not a small or idle request; it would make a great difference in the experience of spending extended time in the library

59. For Regenstein, weekend hours are not very convenient for me. also there are simply not enough places to sit down.

60. Regenstein's resources are incredible--it would be lovely to camp out there permanently. But the space is so uninviting, that I'm always in a hurry to leave.

61. I don't like the carpets in Regenstein

62. I find the Reg to have an oppressive atmosphere. The overabundance of overhead lighting (practically no lamps) and the lack of comfortable reading spaces make me avoid this place. If I do go, I do so to get some writing done in one of the cubicles. Why not convert some of the space into more comfortable reading areas (couches, different types of seating)? Or at least install warm lighting in individual lamps on the tables. Lighting is the biggest factor in atmosphere!

63. It can feel a bit grey...

64. Maybe some more art on the walls would be nice in places

65. I spend most of my time in the Reg, which is uncomfortable from nearly every angle. We need better lighting, more outlets, and longer hours.

66. I used to work more often in the library but it tends to get very crowded at certain times of the quarter, people talk on their phones, eat, chat, air quality can get bad despite the constant sound of the air ventilation system, bathrooms can get disgusting etc. which makes it hard to focus.

67. I usually study up on the 5th floor of the Reg, occasionally on the 4th. Even though there is a choice between open work spaces and carrels (and even some reading chairs) it's just not a very friendly place to study. I don't mind popping in for an hour or so between classes, but for a longer stretch of research, I just check out a bunch of books (that I may not even end up needing) and take them home, which can be really inconvenient since I don't live in Hyde Park. I'd rather do more of my active researching at the Reg, but... maybe the fluorescent lights are too institutional, or there's too much metal, or something.

68. the doors throughout the building lock late at night, making it difficult to use facilities, such as restrooms, on different floors.

69. I wish the maclab wasn't such a musty dungeon. I prefer using macs to Dell but strongly dislike the maclab.

70. I wish the Regentein library could look a bit "lighter" in its decoration--with less depressing gray carpets, for instance

71. I would like to see more beautiful spaces -- Regenstein can be quite stark.

72. Although I have spent a lot of time there in the past because it has the sources I need, the floors above the 1st floor of the Regenstein often feel rather dreary and depressing. It would be nice if they could be made more cozy or cheerful.

73. Carpeting Carpeting Carpeting

74. Crerar: ~ The lighting on the second floor is bad. The second floor also has a lack of plugs. ~ more white boards would be awesome. even if they were small ones that one could check out from the desk - this would be great. ~ I think that the shelves where the journals are kept on the first floor are using up valuable space. Most are empty. They could be removed and the library would look a lot better or could have more room for small study rooms. ~ The carpet could be replaced. ~ could there be a vending machine in the foyer/the area before one comes through the gate?

75. The new Stuart reading room is not very inviting or comfortable. The furniture is shabby, the computers are awful and the physical layout is not conducive to staying and working as it feels like you should be in and out. It would be nice to offer a consistent theme for the space and use the physical attributes of the building to influence the furniture and flooring choices.

76. Eckart is cramped, but fine.

77. Eckhart library needs more ventilation. It smells like old books.

78. Crerar is antiseptic.

79. The SSA library needs a facelift. Compared to the law library and Regenstein, the SSA library is primitive and barren. It is not an inviting space. How about some color so it doesn't feel like a prison?

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