Survey 2010 comments: furniture

1. I was happy that new chairs were introduced to Regenstein.

2. The most important issues to me are the uncomfortable chairs (we need real couches instead of those awful armchairs)

3. Reg needs an area with comfortable reading chairs -- think plush arm chairs, not the fancy uncomfortable ones in the library function is more important than form!!! Also tables and chairs need upgrading... A well lit luxurious reading room [similar to the Philips Reading room at Harvard's Widener would be perfect!

4. It would be nice to have better chairs at Regenstein. I notice the difference when I occasionally study at D'Angelo.

5. More and better electrical outlet access in the Reg and more comfortable seating for reading.

6. Mansueto's construction should help a lot, but I think that floors 2-4 of Regenstein could also be improved with different study carels and individual lights for pooled rather than fluorescent light.

7. more large chairs/group spaces.

8. Regenstein: earlier regular opening hours (6a), comfy chairs in all-night study space

9. Graduate and serious students need more quiet, clean places to study with comfortable chairs, desks and convenient electrical outlets.

10. the big chairs are strangely arranged (and the upholstery is rather unpleasant)

11. Large armchairs seem to be dissappearing. No place to relax and read

12. and more comfortable chairs would help immeasurably. Students need couches to stretch out on, and those large chairs are too big to be chairs but too small to be couches, necessitating an uncomfortable slouched position

13. furniture is shabby,

14. The chairs could be more (orthopedically) comfortable too--I'm often in a lot of pain from sitting there for long stretches of time.

15. Also, as bound books decrease in importance you're going to need more comfortable study space -- good chairs with outlets and relative privacy.

16. There are no areas with nice looking chairs

17. You should encourage mobile work stations (I would definitely check out the the first class cabins on the new A330 Airbus for inspiration -- they would be nap-inclusive too).s (I would definitely check out the the first class cabins on the new A330 Airbus for inspiration -- they would be nap-inclusive too).

18. I do not like studying on my own at the library because if I need to go to the bathroom, I want to keep an eye on my belongings (and especially my laptop). Maybe it would be a good idea to add metal rings on study tables to attach a wire anti-theft device.

19. The carrels in Regenstein are uncomfortable. It would be nice if they looked a little less stark as well.

20. the cubicles are grey and outdated...

21. the cubicles are of a soul-sucking drabness. I wished they were painted in a color different than gray, and that there were less angular shapes. The lighting also, while effectively, is aesthetically quite disappointing. Furthermore there is very little natural light in the single study areas. PLEASE RENEW THE CUBICLES! PUT UP SOME WOODEN ONES, WITH SOOTHING CURVING SHAPES! PLEASE RENEW THE LIGHTING, MAKE IT LOOK LESS LIKE A MORGUE! IT IS A TERRIBLE SPACE TO STUDY ALONE AS IT IS, AND I AM SPENDING HERE MOST OF MY LIFE...

22. The cubicles are a little intense, and the lighting is horrible. The chairs by the windows are a nice thought -- but turn out to be impractical. I actually think some of the best physical work spaces are the ones in the stacks -- the desks along the wall at the back of the stacks are the perfect size for a full day of work

23. Divided study cubicles or whatever they are called are old and not much useful. They should be equipped with electricity and accessories, like a small shelf, light etc.

24. As an advanced Ph.D. student, I would really appreciate a small locking carrel--that is, a room with a door. Many graduate students have offices, but my division (the Divinity School) does not. A carrel would greatly facilitate my working abilities and make my use of the library more efficient. It would also put us on a par with our peer institutions.

25. PhD students should receive private study carrels with power outlets, bookshelves, and a desktop that locks. There should be an entire floor for PhD study carrels. The could be rented for a nominal fee.

26. the cubicles are too small and have bad lighting

27. The Regenstein should invest in ergonomic carrels and tables. The chairs recently purchased are too low to the desk space to allow for comfortable or ergonomically correct computer work.

28. Is there any alternative to those ugly metal cubicle seating areas? Aesthetically displeasing.

29. Seating: The cubicles are terrible, replacing some of them with tables would be a huge improvement.

30. I can't stand cubicles - which the Reg has many many more of. But that's clearly a personal preference only.

31. So I'm grateful for that, and also for the lockers at the Reg -- though full-on carrels would be even better.

32. more coatracks, more computers in regenstein

33. need more group space and white boards

34. Natural surfaces (like wooden tables) also make it feel much nicer than the synthetic grey carrels.

35. Reading lamps at some of the armchairs and tables would be wonderful

36. I also do not like working in the private study desks in Regenstein (that fit 4 people in a circle, each with their own private space), because the grey color is not very nice

37. Not enough big-desk areas. While study carousels are a space-efficient solution, the desks on these are cramped and make it unappealing to spread out a pile of books, notes and papers, as we do with real research. I suppose they are fine for undergrads reviewing textbooks, but not for the rest of us.

38. For Regenstein, aesthetics could be moderately improved without great investment. Less grey, some warmer or more lifelike colors. Repainting maybe, perhaps replacing some furniture. This really is not a small or idle request; it would make a great difference in the experience of spending extended time in the library. Perhaps also an option for table lighting rather than overhead flourescent at least at some workstations.

39. Why not convert some of the space into more comfortable reading areas (couches, different types of seating)? Or at least install warm lighting in individual lamps on the tables. Lighting is the biggest factor in atmosphere!

40. I think it would be nice to have more non-carrel study space on the upper floors of the Regenstein.

41. I study on the 5th floor, and the comfortable chairs next to the windows are nice, but often full.

42. It would be nice to have a few clusters of similar chairs in other spaces on the floor.

43. Spend a little more on tables and chairs in the Reg!

44. large study tables have uncomfortable chairs

45. There need to be more electrical outlets and cozy chairs.

46. I like the desks that are divided into 4 sections.

47. I wish there was a nice, quet reading room with comfortable chairs and individual lamps.

48. Desk rentals (where we could store books/papers) at the library would be really helpful.

49. -in D'Angelo Law Library study rooms, tables, sofas are fine...

50. A few more tables and more lighting in Crerar (the outer area in the basement)

51. Crerar- group study rooms are sort of dingy and could use fewer broken chairs,

52. The carpeting in Crerar = good idea!

53. Crerar is a really underused space, in part I believe to the lack of carrels for safely stashing laptops and other belongings for stack browsing/bathroom trips/coffee breaks. Why not have these?

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