Survey 2010 comments: printing, copying, scanning


 1. Love the new copier/scanners

2. Printing access is fine.

3. Having wireless printing is awesome

4. I often check out books at the Reg and then go to Crerar to do scanning.

5. I do like that you can scan to a usb using the new system.

6. People complain about the new scanning/printing equipment, but I quite like it and I think its totally fair (and in fact just) to charge a nominal fee for scanning.

7. The new printing system is an improvement for the most part, but the first-floor printing area is a major bottleneck.

8. New photocopiers/scanners: the new machines are mostly great to use and fast, but there often are problems with the scanners (not accepting most usb-sticks), and one often needs to either wait or check other floors for a free machine.

9. The new pay printing/scanning/fax equipment is fabulous.

10. the printing is good but too expensive

11. This new printing system is a bit awkward still, but I greatly appreciate the ability to scan to PDF right there.

12. The new unified printing system is really a success.

13. Also, am glad that three of the microfilm readers have scanners; they work really well and are far better than having to photocopy-print stuff.

14. Although I must say that the service stuff for printing/copying had been very helpful and generous to me in cases of problems with the machines.

15. I have really appreciated the upgrade in copying and in particular, the scanning services.

16. I LOVE that you can scan thru the copier!

17. It's great that the copiers can produce PDFs now...

18. I love that the printers now default to doubled-sided - great work! This will save a lot of paper.

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Complaints - general

19. The new printing system is an improvement for the most part, but the first-floor printing area is a major bottleneck. Adding another cluster of printers on the other side of the main room (in plain sight unlike the other first floor printer) would help a lot.I also wish the library had better access to scanners that were easy to use.

20. Lighting and printing/copying equipment need a great deal of improvement.

21. Scanning, private and group study areas would be huge.

22. Bring copying/printing/scanning services in house instead of using outside vendors, or at least find one vendor and stick with it.

23. Please change or improve your scanning machines!

24. the copiers have simply got be be replaced!

25. Webprinting from laptops to library printers does not work well, particularly from mac computers, since it only offers limited printing options. I need to print articles daily, so this has been a problem for me -- please change!

26. They changed wireless access to printers; it was hard to figure out the first time. I don't want to do it again.

27. Need much improvement in Printing and Scanning equipments. Too many troubles in anywhere.

28. Need to be able to log onto the network wirelessly (including printing functions).

29. New scanners are great, when they work and when I can get on them, which isn't always the case. Many of their functions are frustrating, including inability to crop image before capture/upload, and tendency to timeout during higher volume jobs.

30. Printing at all the libraries is confusing and overly complicated.

31. while the new printing system is better than last year it is still unnecessarily complicated you should be able to buy printing credits electronically (like on your library or student account) and just send the document to the printer

32. printing is often slow and crowded

33. Regenstein: New printing system is horrible. It is slow. there are not enough stations. If I print in the library, it's usually something urgent, and the lines are always very long. It doesn't allocate print jobs to the next available printer, so selection of the print station is always a gamble. Scanning is very inconvenient. Since it is not hooked up to a computer, you cannot scan documents and email them to yourself or save to your account. Sometimes I forget a flash stick, and can't scan.

34. Scanning should be free of charge. Present Canon Scanners are clumsy and difficult to use. They do not have good scanning quality. I mean Regenstein Library.

35. The new printing system seems a little complicated and is still far from fail-proof.. in turn the company is charging a lot...

36. The copiers are horrible!!! Please replace them all. Get scanning facilities. I often check out books to carry to the Oriental Institute library in order to use their copier and scanners!! The old system worked just fine and this new system is absolutely useless.

37. I really like scanning and there should be a way I can email myself PDFs.

38. Faster scanning (and if it were free) would help keep books on the shelves and improve my research/study.

39. The printing system at the Reg is a nightmare, and it seems only to have gotten worse with the new system. One person printing a long document can gum up the works for ages, and, so far as I've been able to tell, you don't know where you are in the queue until you've already paid up for a particular printer. I've ended up double-paying because I didn't have time to wait for the person in front of me to print his/her 100-page document (not exaggerating; I think s/he was printing multiple dissertation chapters). Could there perhaps be a printer designated for, say, documents of five pages or less? Or, at the very least, some indication on each machine of how many pages it currently has in its queue?

40. The Regenstein needs to get decent flatbed scanners. I know the photocopy machines are supposed to do scanning, but when scanning an entire book, they don't work. I often check out books at the Reg and then go to Crerar to do scanning. The two scanners in the Reg Basement lab are slow, when they work.

41. The scanning/printing policy change implemented this academic year has adversely impacted my academic activities. It is difficult to print given the high volume of users for a small number of printers. Furthermore, now that most of the scanners have been removed and we are asked to pay to scan, it is a huge inconvenience to simply select and electronically save book chapters for my research.

42. There should be access to printing like in the SSA computer labs.

43. There don't seem to be adequate scanning facilities. The few times I've tried to scan from the printers located in the stacks by connecting my external hard drive to the machine, I've gotten messages saying the scanner is not available. This is something I should take up with the Canon rep, but when I'm in the middle of scanning and trying to stay on time it is really a big inconvenience and time-consuming to have to relocate myself and take everything with me back down to the ground floor to the front desk for help up at one of the printing stations. Also, b/c my copying and scanning is from old Polish magazines that measure ~8"x14" or so (they are oversized), and because this is a long-term project involving a lot of scanning and printing of the material in order to return it on time to the lending libraries, I've found it somewhat inefficient for the purposes of my own time management to find that some of the printers hold LTRR paper and some don't, holding only legal size or oversize paper. This seems trivial I guess but b/c I spend so much time with this project, the unpredictability here does result in lost time and stress.

44. Access to electrical outlets, the ability to print and hours of the library in between quarters are the three issues you queried about that seem most problematic.

45. Give easier (more direct?) access to "how-to" documents for printing from laptop computers, using the copiers, etc.

46. Scanning: Bring back the old scanners, please! Why am I now paying for worse service?!? The old scanners were designed to scan books, and always worked great for me. They would automatically adjust the image size to fit the printed material. If it didn't adjust it properly, I could set the correct scanning size on the first page, and it would remember those settings for the rest of the book. It also allowed for OCR, which is vitally important to me and I'm sure countless other researchers. When you have hundreds of PDFs of articles and book chapters on your computer, the ability to search for words within the documents is extremely important. The new Canon printers/scanners/copiers are terrible! They only scan in letter, legal, or tabloid size, and anyone who has ever scanned a book knows that almost no book fits one of those three paper sizes. What's the result? I get huge black borders around my scanned PDFs. Now I have to spent twice as much time scanning books because after I'm done scanning I have to manually crop each page of the PDF. That's ridiculous! There's also no OCR. Please bring back the old scanners. At the very least, please update the software on the Canon machines so that the features I listed above (scan non-standard paper sizes, automatically crop or allow me to crop the pages once for the entire book, and OCR) will be available.

47. Make printing more accessible.

48. Microform viewing equipment is not satisfactory - there is only one machine for scanning microforms into digital images!

49. My biggest problem with the printer is that while the kiosk is located between 2 printers, it only prints from one so I'm usually stuck behind someone printing a lot of pages.

50. My program grants me 800 pages for printing materials. I would greatly appreciate being able to print from this allotment at libraries other than SSA.

51. Pay to scan is a ripoff. Scanners at multi-function machines don't work the way scanners should. Can't control the scan quality, scan size, or other parameters. Who could do multiple scans with a pile of people waiting? Not a good way to provide realistic access to scanners. PRINTING: printing from the cannon webprint interface doesn't allow full control of print output. One never knows if you will get simplex or duplex because the webprint interface prints differently than the library's computer's print configuration. Can't control orientation, zoom, which edge to flip on with webprint interface. In short, the cannon machines are OK, but until everything works consistently and properly from all interfaces (webprint AND library computers) it just seems like a half-assed attempt to provide shoddy print services by a private contractor.

52. Photocopier instructions have changed somewhat frequently since I've been a student here, and have never been clear enough that it was worth the time investment figuring them out to copy a page or two.

53. Printing computers often do not work on the Regenstein first floor (receive error message that "printer is not installed"). But more importantly, the price of printing is too high to be of regular use.

54. Printing is mostly fine, but can be very slow, depending on the size of the file to print. That is partly understandable, but my laser printer at home can handle larger files better than the library's, which should be of higher quality/better able to handle large quantities. Also, it is extremely expensive, about the same cost as Kinko's and other for-proft photocopy places. I do not think the library should make money off of student's printing needs. The mac lab was a good idea to allow students to print out their own work for free, charging students to print their own papers is not a step in the right direction.

55. photocopiers/scanners: the new machines are mostly great to use and fast, but there often are problems with the scanners (not accepting most usb-sticks), and one often needs to either wait or check other floors for a free machine.

56. Scanners are very important to my work, both as an instructor and as a leader of an advanced study workshop. The paucity and slowness of free scanning at the libraries really slows me down. (Charging for printing and so forth seems fine to me, charging for scanning makes less intuitive sense to me.)

57. it would be very nice if the function would allow print requests to remain longer in the queue than 15 minutes.

58. Someone to help with photocopier/scanner equipment.

59. The canon printing system was a terrible idea. Find a better way.

60. The printing/photocopy new system is horrible, as I said before. It is still a complete mystery to me and I deeply regret somebody decided to change it

61. The new copiers are more difficult to copy double-sided than the old ones (sometimes several pages into a job the memory goes blank and you have to start over), doesn't copy as crisply toward the spine of the book where the paper isn't quite touching the glass, and sometimes a machine won't read my card.

62. The new microfilm scanning option was buggy the month they were installed and remain so. The scanners are not that good. Also, as an instructor who uses visual material in class (scanned from library sources), it annoys me that I am expected to pay for the materials I use to teach from my own meager grad salary.

63. The new pay printing/scanning/fax equipment is fabulous. But it's not compatible with flashdrives formatted for Mac. Since a huge number of campus users are Mac people, none of us are able to take advantage of many features. Because of this, I find I always end up at Kinko's when I need to get something processed

64. The new printer/scanners are very irritating. Their scanning capacities are very low: no reducing or enhancing of the scanned image, no cropping (to eliminate black bands on the sides of the scanned image) - tools that are available on almost any simple home scan. They also do not always read my card when I try to use them. I am extremely disappointed with the choice the library made with them. The old scanner were much more useful to me - even though I recognize that the new ones are much faster.

65. The new printing system, while pretty cool, is problematic: you can't print pages from word documents side by side on only one side of a page; this is often more useful for my research than having things double sided.

66. The new printing systems are difficult to use and the printers seem to break down all the time. Additionally, charging students to scan documents penalizes graduate students who need to scan texts for coursework (and who aren't members of a department which has its own scanners), especially since the scanners don't seem to work with many flash drives or be able to email scanned documents. I've stopped using the new scanners in Regenstein, however, since I had attempted to scan several texts on different occasions last quarter and repeatedly had to deal with the scanner resetting and the scanned pages being lost. Since then, when I need to scan something, I've gone to Crerar to use the scanners set up with some of the Mac computers.

67. The new printing/scanning set-up this year is deeply frustrating, not intuitive, and not user-friendly. It's really, really maddening, in fact. I appreciate that there's support staff there for it, but it's still a huge pain in the neck. The fact that there is so often a cluster of folks standing around asking one another how to use it, whether what's printing is their documents, and about the logistics of scanning while printing, etc etc, in indicative of the fact that we still can't figure it out. The doubling up (tripling up, really) of the functions (printing, copying, scanning) has created real log jams there.

68. The printers and scanners are way more robust, but are not customizable at all. Now there is no way to crop scans, or scan only halfs of pages, and create a .PDF on the spot. Basically, all they are are giant photocopy machines that instead of giving you paper give you digital, but with no facility to digitally edit or assemble anything.

69. The printers at both the Reg and Crerar often output a streaky or grainy document. I understand that these are high-volume facilities but more frequent routine maintenance of these machines would be great.

70. The printing process is a very dicey one. My documents too often disappear, and I find myself running back and forth between computer and printer an exasperating number of times.

71. The printing stations are really confusing and difficult to use.

72. The printing/copying services in the Regenstein library are more confusing and much slower than they were before the change; having printing and copying in one machine makes thing slower and means waiting in lines more often; it also seems strange to charge for scanning; the new charge means I never scan things at the library anymore; but I do appreciate being able to use a credit card to put money on my card

73. The scanners do not have clear instructions for use, especially in the mac lab, making it difficult to efficiently scan documents.

74. Drop the Canon contract when you can; the printers/scanners are a complete rip-off and don't even work that well. (although, I’m glad you have someone on staff you can help with this lousy equipment. I've needed their help nearly everytime I am forced to use it)

75. This new printing system is a bit awkward still, but I greatly appreciate the ability to scan to PDF right there.

76. Used printing/scanning/photocopying until new system installed; now take materials elsewhere to scan, etc.

77. We need photocopiers that can be used with change like the old ones.

78. Would like a scanner that can scan in bulk, front and back.

79. Better printing and scanning services. Specifically, scanning stations with scanners and programs like Epson scan (a simple, but versatile program) would be ideal. Specifically printers that are consistent in their function and configuration. Can we all just accept that U of C students PRINT A LOT! Now get printers that can handle this. DOUBLE SIDED.

80. More printers, the printers on the first floor are always very crowded and there are very few anywhere else. It was a real shame that the A level MAC lab stopped offering limited free printing on a weekly basis, this was very useful and cut down on costs. The printing is very expensive. I do not like the push toward reading everything online and like to be able to print things but it is too expensive.

81. Much better scanning machines.

82. Making photocopies/scanning of print journals at Crerar is very inconvenient, and the student on staff usually doesn't do a good job helping me.

83. It has half the number of photocopiers it used to have and they no longer take paper or coin money requiring visits to the card recharge station on the first floor in the middle of copy jobs. Often all the copiers are occupied now that there are fewer.

84. Difficult to find free computer terminals and printers to quickly check email and print course documents.

85. The scanners used to be good, and are now faster, but cost money, and you cannot easily edit the .PDF. Basically you have to scan everything as a JPEG, then crop and assemble it at home. It used to be you could make a good scan at the library, and save at least a little time.

86. I hate the new printing system at the Reg.

87. I have found the new copy machines difficult to use and also don't like the fact that we are now charged for scanning

88. Finally, I feel like I often have trouble printing at the Regenstein Library (which is why I try to avoid printing there)--the printing system, I feel, is overly complicated, and several times I recall having lost money because I sent a document to a printer, approved it, and it still didn't print. There has to be a more reliable, less complicated system than the extant system!

89. Also, I am very dissatisfied with the new printing system. Please have technicians to fix all the glitches that are apparently still in it. I get anxiety now every time I have to print something!

90. Return the flat-bed scanners. Scanning with the new copying machines is real head ache. Not only is it difficult to operate (e.g. does not accept all brands of usb-drives), but the quality of the (color) scans is very poor.

91. Very difficult/inconvenient use of scanners/photocopiers at the library - when photocopying a long article, whenever anyone prints something it interrupts you before you have scanned in all pages, and you need to start over. I once spent over 2 hours trying to make a copy of a 17-page article, and was not successful.

92. Add more copiers. Also, in the computer labs in Regenstein, more flatbed scanners would be helpful. The scanners on the copiers are very difficult to use when you are trying to scan individual parts of pages, as opposed to whole pages, and you end up wasting tremendous amounts of time. I usually end up checking out materials that I didn't need to check-out and taking them over to Crerar's computer lab where they have several scanners available.

93. Printing/Scanning is hard to figure out w/o assistance and assistance is only sometimes available and only sometimes helpful.

94. Get rid of the printer/scanner/photocopiers!!!!!!!

95. I am dissatisfied with the new equipment for scanning and copying. It is not easy to format a scan appropriately, so I frequently waste money on scanning a page more than once. Half the time I cannot get the machine to recognize the memory device that I am using.

96. Microfilm is in desperate need of more machines with capacity to download scans. And this should not be at .02 a page! And overall, I am really disappointed with the new printing regime, A few major problems as I see them: You receive no receipt when you add money to the account, which has led to major hassles for me. The system is totally counterintuitive, and finally, students should be able to at least scan for free! Overall, why privatize if the system isn't even an improvement?? Libraries should be where you find thoughtful processes to encourage research and reading, not systems that rip you off and confuse you.

97. I constantly have problems using the scanning on the photocopiers.

98. I found the new equipment for scanning and printing really complicated and have since given up attempting it.

99. I'm only dissatisfied with printing/scanning/photocopying because I have never been able to get my account to print from any of the main computers in the Reg. It would be great to have trouble shooting guides near the computer/on the computer to help when the software configuration goes awry.

100. Improve printers on all floors. Make sure they are all functioning properly.

101. It's a surprisingly huge frustration not to be able to print from my Mac to the library printers. The tech help wasn't sure why or how to fix it. (Maybe this has been fixed; I haven't tried in some weeks.)

102. It's great that the copiers can produce PDFs now... but sometimes the eCopy software produces weird files that are too large and don't display properly on my PDF viewer. But that might be partly operator error

103. I use the microform machines a lot - providing better printing services for these machines would be appreciated as well as regular cleaning of the lenses to ensure clear reproductions.

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104. Printing is way too expensive, I have already saved hundreds of dollars by buying a duplex printer this year.

105. I feel the printing costs are overpriced and I find it absurd to charge to scanning, which costs the library nothing beyond the upkeep of the devises.

106. Cheaper photocopying and scanning facilities. May be free scanners and photocopying at 5c per page.

107. A decrease in printing costs!

108. Printing, Scanning and Copying is too expensive

109. the printing is good but too expensive

110. There should NOT be a charge to scan. It is absolutely ridiculous that we cannot use reference materials outside the library unless we pay. Research universities should be encouraging broad use of materials rather than restricting them.

111. The printing is way to expensive, and as more material moves into electronic form it must be printed. Printing needs to be cheaper.

112. Cheaper photocopying and scanning facilities.

113. I say I am dissatisfied with the printing equipment, etc. only because I still perceive it to be too expensive, especially the scanning. With scanning, you might be using electricity but are we really paying for the use of a resource (e.g. toner, paper, etc.)? If the scanning fee was instituted to raise money more generally to pay for the new machines, I just wish that was more transparent, as in each student was asked to pay $2 extra in the student fee. That way the cost is redistributed across the board. But I am a bit resentful that the scanning fee was quietly introduced without any announcement or explicit statement. This is especially frustrating because the old scanners were free, so students returned from summer break with the expectation that a service previously free would continue to be free.

114. Scanning should be free, Canon photocopies in Reg are not very good.

115. Losing free printing in the Mac lab and free scanning was a blow, particularly the scanning.

116. Access to free printing and scanning, especially to doctoral students.

117. Also would like free scanners, or at least less expensive scanners.

118. Printing, copying and Scanning is much too expensive. I ended up buying my own Laser Printer, and in 3 months it has paid for itself vs library rates.

119. But what's the deal with paying for scanning? I might as well print then, and I thought the point should be to encourage less use of paper...

120. Regarding Regenstein: I would use the computers and printing equipment if the university had a print quota for students. It is cost prohibitive to use the university's equipment. As a graduate student with almost no assets of note this is a true impediment in being able to make full use of the university.

121. look into the printing scam

122. There needs to be free scanning again.

123. the cost of printing and elimination of any free printing for students at all.

124. The funds raised from locker and copying/*scanning* service price increases should be reinvested in services that will offset the disutility produced by these policy changes

125. The largest problem is that as more and more material is put into electronic form, it must be printed, and printing is too expensive. I cannot afford to read many of my class materials.

126. As I've said before... scanning is a problem for me. The new scanners take our money and don't work well

127. I also miss the double-sided, color, inexpensive printing that was offered there.

128. Also, I bemoan the fact that scanners are not available for free use anymore in the Regenstein Library. This is really a hindrance on my research, since I rely on portable document formats and images - at 2 cents a sheet, it gets heavy on the wallet. Plus the new integrated printer-scanner interface is tedious and not user friendly. Also complicates some T.A. scanning duties. Please bring back those wonderful free book-friendly scanners for graduate use!

129. Printing in the MAC lab should be reinstituted as well as free scanning.

130. The printing and scanning are overpriced and ridiculous. This is our library - please don’t suck the remainder of our student loans into overpriced printing. I do not ever copy at the library anymore, you would make so much more money and actually help the productivity and study of students if printing was reasonably priced at 1 or 2 cents per page (despite being a student at the Div school I know that is still a profit). Please stop scamming the students -paper and ink do not cost 10 cents a page.

131. The printing system in Regenstein is a disgrace, especially now that there is no free printing in the mac lab. I've never gotten it to print properly, and even if I had, it would be too expensive - it shouldn't be *that* much more expensive for me to use an industrial capacity printer at the library than to print stuff out at home.

132. Are the copiers charging a full sheet price for a 2-sided copy?!?!??!

133. Photocopying should be less expensive.

134. photocopying, printing and scanning are overpriced.

135. Also -- the cost of printing and photocopying is excessive -- please make it more affordable.

136. Printing and copying is vastly overpriced at Regenstein. On a student budget it's absolutely prohibitive.

137. printing and photocopying prices are too expensive. The cancellation of limited free printing at the A-level of the Regenstein is disappointing.

138. scanning should be free!!; printing could be less expensive (5 cents a page seems reasonable);

139. Also, it really frustrates me that we are charged so much for printing. I avoid printing at the library at any cost because the system is confusing and expensive. It would be great if we got a quarterly printing allowance.

140. Printing is too expensive to be very useful to us. And it seems that whenever I absolutely need to print something I end up waiting for 15 minutes because someone has decided to print an entire book (literally).

141. Printing is too expensive.

142. Printing is usually pretty expensive. Just printing my course readings for the week often costs $15-$20, which adds up over the quarter. If there is some way to reduce the cost of printing, it would be extremely beneficial for many students at the graduate level.

143. Printing is very expensive -- it would be nice if we could print for less money. I realize that's probably not possible though.

144. Printing is very expensive for students.

145. printing/photocopying are very expensive!

146. I'm still irritated by the printing policies. Again while the change to wireless printing was a good one, selling out to Xerox or whoever was not if it's related to the fact that the already over-priced printing on campus is now in the hands of some corporation that this has apparently led to the ending of the last few vestiges of limited free printing on campus is a tragedy. Restore limited free printing for students!!

147. The copy machine is too expensive. Copies should cost the same as printing, 5 cents per copy.

148. The photocopying equipment is fine, but ridiculously expensive. Why is it cheaper to print from a printer at Crerar than to make copies?

149. The main disturbing issues are the new unified print/scan system, with the outrageous idea of paying for scanning, and the recall system which does not seem to work when the item is held by a faculty.

150. The new scanners have been problematic for me. I've not been able to get them to work right-- even though we have to pay for them! And I'm upset about the elimination of free printing in the MacLab. I certainly understand that the University can't subsidize endless free printing. But a few pages of personal work... we should be able to print that. Even more importantly, we should have free scanning. The new scanners, as I said, are difficult to use and expensive. (It *does* add up, when you have hundreds of pages to scan. And it's quite inconvenient if you don't have cash on you at the moment.) The existence of pay-only scanners exerts a chilling effect on distance-based research-- and make me more likely to check out books rather than just scanning the few pages I need. This is inconvenient for others who might need the same book, dangerous for the library's collection (because it means that I travel with books more often, and hence run the risk of spoiling or losing them).... and bad for my back. Please bring back free scanning!

151. free printing would be a MUCH better use of resources

152. I am unhappy about how expensive and difficult it is now to xerox and scan in the library. I do understand that the recession is hurting everyone, but xeroxing and scanning are Vital Research tools. At the moment graduate students feel punished by the complexity and high prices of these basic critical amenities.

153. I'm irritated by the printing policies: the change to wireless printing was a good one, but selling out to Xerox or whoever was not. The fact that the already over-priced printing on campus is now in the hands of some corporation seems slimy, and the fact that this transition has apparently led to the ending of the last few vestiges of limited free printing on campus is a tragedy.

154. I think that printing should be less expensive or at least there should be some other way to pay for it (maybe some kind of pre-paid plan or an online system where you can use credit cards?).

155. Free or cheaper printing.

156. free printing and scanning!

157. free scanning!

158. Free scanning.

159. I have mentioned it, but less expensive scanning would be great.

160. There should NOT be a charge to scan. It is absolutely ridiculous that we cannot use reference materials outside the library unless we pay. Research universities should be encouraging broad use of materials rather than restricting them.

161. When the Library/NSIT switched to Cannon and began charging for scans, you all moved in a terrible direction. Asking students to pay for scans is an enormous economic hit for grad students. We scan constantly and liberally in order to keep searchable digital copies of important articles, chapters, etc, at our disposal indefinitely. What has always been a free service is now a small, bit considerable and unexpected new expense. Bad move. Bad.

162. I was surprised on my last visit to the library to find that I could no longer pay cash for photocopies but had to add money to my Chicago Card.

163. I would like to see cheaper copying/printing options at the library. (it's a big outrageous to charge grad. students .15 a page!!!)

164. I would love to see the following: more available scanners that are easier to use and which will create PDFs at no per page cost.

165. I miss the free printing

166. I think scanning in items at a copy machine should be free. It encourages people to not waste paper.

167. I understand that the University is making budget cuts, but there has to be some way to reintegrate free printing in the budget.

168. I do not use the printers at the library, because they seem complicated and time-consuming. My past institution had free printing (there was a limit per semester). I think the University of Chicago should have something like this instituted, rather than charging for printing.

169. Photocopying is ridiculously expensive.

170. Are there scanners where you can scan to .pdf for free if you don't print? That would be useful.

171. Charging for scanning is ridiculous and unreasonable, as are the charges for printing. I don't understand why we should have to pay for scanning. This should be included in our tuition/student service fees. Printing fees are also quite costly, compared to other universities I have visited.

172. Charging money to scan things seems absolutely ridiculous to me, since it doesn't use any resources other than a trivially small amount of electricity.

173. Also, it is absurd to have to pay for scanning. That doesn't cost you anything; it shouldn't cost me anything either.

174. Additionally, as of this year there is a fee for scanning in the library. So, to actually use the resource, I have to pay. There is no other option. This is completely absurd. While music scores are certainly necessary for academic research, they do most of us very little good if they can't either be checked out or digitized without charge. Something must be done about this.

175. if photocopying, printing and scanning were cheaper (or at least reasonably priced) it would mean that more people could and would photocopy, print and scan, which would reduce the demand on single-copy and high-demand books.

176. Make printing more affordable so we can use the electronic journals, articles and books

177. Copying is too expensive! Scanning should be for free, as it used to be!

178. I wish the free scanning was still there!

179. Allow for (free) scanning apart from the unified printing system.

180. As well, the new system in which students are charged for scanning is not helpful.

181. I am most dissatisfied with access to free scanning, which is often crucial to my course work and instruction.

182. (at Regenstein) printing and copying are incredibly overpriced. They give me a greater incentive to simply check out the resource and scan it at home, or rather to use the scanner at the library instead of the copiers. Other libraries have much more economical photocopying options.

183. having to pay $0.02 for scanning a page is ridiculous. I was just doing some research at Texas Tech University (by no means a place that's comparable in wealth and resources to the UofC), and they have these incredible industrial-sized scanners with embedded LCDs, and high speeds. It took me literally ten minutes to scan a 300-page book!

184. Cheaper printing

185. a limited amount of free printing or photocopying.

186. Payment and Card Issues

187. Can we get receipts for copying/printing?

188. Issue receipts when you add money to a copy card.

189. Harper commons needs to be prioritized. It needs a value adder machine for its printer.

190. The new photocopying equipment is impossible to use due to the new system of charging for the service. It is quite irritating to have to spend hours on end to get the reader to accept the card. Once during the autumn quarter, I tried the stations on every single floor, and out of 10 stations, only the machine on the ground floor was able to read my card. I still do not know who to ask for assistance when encountering such problems.

191. need more places to put money on card for copiers

192. As I mentioned in a previous entry-box, it would be nice if there was at least one copier in Crerar that took cash/change.

193. New copy/print system is hard to use - doesn't read ID cards very well, times out without warning.

194. It would be much more convenient if copy/printing machines accepted credit cards, or at least coins instead of only dollar bills.

195. I'm sure you're tired of hearing about how expensive printing is. I don't mind it in principle -- from my experience at other schools I'm used to having to pay to print my own stuff, and the machines are readily accessible and the Canon staff helpful and kind. But I hate having to choosing between spending the (significant amount) of time and money to download and print hundreds of pages each quarter for my courses, and reading everything on a computer (which I find unpleasant). Could somebody work with professors to make some kind of updated form of the traditional course packet, with perhaps digital and paper components? Or at least offer us bulk discount cards, or something to make the whole process less grating?

196. It's important for me that students are aware that we must now pay for scanning. It used to be a free service with the old scanners. Now, the machines are a lot faster and more convenient, but it costs 2c/page. I actually didn't know this in the beginning of the quarter and thought I was only swiping my card to log in. I was a bit annoyed when I realized that I had just paid $4 for something. I wish there was an explanation/justification for charging students for something that generates no paper, etc. and also a list posting the fees clearly visible near the printers/copiers/scanners.

197. Everyone hates that you can't just feed the copy machines money anymore, and if a card must be required those cards need to be made available on every floor. Also, the scanner thing for copying never reads cards the first time you tap them. I've tried to use the scanners with my USB drive at least five times and never figured it out. One more thing--I think that duplexing should be (even slightly) cheaper than single-sided printing to encourage students to save paper.

198. The old print system had its shortcomings but it was very convenient in terms of putting money on one's card since this could be done with either cash or credit card at the kiosk on the first floor. The new system seems to only have a cash option and this is pretty inconvenient.

199. I often find it difficult to find a computer that can print and the copiers often don't read my card.

200. In John Crerar library, there isn't a credit card machine for adding money to my card and then printing. Usually I run out of money and go to Regenstein to finish.

201. It would be nice if there was at least one copy-machine which took cash. I am an infrequent user of the copy-machines, so I find it inconvenient to load my card with money and then scan my card to make copies.

202. Lastly, make it more clear that you can put money for copying on your student ID. I didn't know this, so I bought a copy card.

203. while the new printing system is better than last year it is still unnecessarily complicated you should be able to buy printing credits electronically (like on your library or student account) and just send the document to the printer

204. Also, the card-recharge machine near the printer-scanners should ideally accept credit/debit card too because it's not always possible to carry cash (or an ATM machine near the Ex-Libris cafe would be an equally good option).

205. I should be able to log into a computer in the library, press print, and then have it print, with the charge going straight to my University of Chicago account/tuition bill. The whole money-on-the-id-card thing is an overly complicated cluster####. The library could reduce the hassle of printing as well as cut down costs on equipment and maintenance

206. The new printing/copying services instituted this year are terrible. "Tapping" my card works maybe 5% of the time; 'swiping' it NEVER works, even though I've talked to the associate many times--I finally gave up and try to use printing copying services elsewhere; also, putting money on my card must be done in $20 increments, and this only works half the time anyway; $20 needless to say, for a grad student is a lot; and time is of the essence and trying to make simple copies has eaten much of my time up.

207. I find it very difficult to get the printer/scanners/copiers to sense/scan my ID card (under the new system). Sometimes i have spent upwards of ten minutes fighting with it. It usually gets me so frustrated I want to punch the machine.

208. The removal of the printing machine that allowed you to add balances from your credit card is also dismal. Who carries cash regularly? I have to pay an ATM fee to get cash to add to my printing account so that I can scan an item, make a photocopy or print- that's frustrating. This prevents me from using the library as often as my department offers free printing so it can be better for me to stay in their building rather than working in the library

209. There should be machines to put money on our ids for printing, etc. on every level and not just on the first floor.

210. New system: copiers don't sense cards well when you "tap" them. Sometimes I have to rub my card on the tap spot for several minutes. Frustrating!

211. Photocopiers in the law school should be able to accept change. Not require cards.

212. Printers should be linked to UChicago User Accounts via a print station. Students should be able to refill their User Account for paper, log into the system at a print station, and Print. Buying, carrying, and using cards is out-dated, and the library should catch up.

213. I'm having a hard time using the library's new printers and copiers: my library card isn't recognized most of the time by the machines (never when I swipe it, only sometimes when I tap it) & it can be frustrating.

214. As I said earlier, I find the library scanners impossible to use, and I think that if there must be a copy card system (eliminating the option of paying a machine directly, even for one-time visitors) those copy cards need to be made available on every floor. Also, the scanning mechanism for copying/scanner never picks up my library card upon first "tap"

215. It would be nice to set up more printing/scanning payment kiosks around the library instead of putting it only on the first floor.

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Number of Machines Available

216. Printing and scanning has been a nightmare! Not enough machines

217. I think more printing should be available in the Regenstein library.

218. Librarys need scanners and more printers.

219. More printers, more scanners, more computers (free printing, up to a certain # of sheets per quarter, would be nice, too).

220. In my opinion there are not enough computers and printers available. I also think that the new system for photocopying and printing is very bad. Everytime I go there it takes me half an hour to print anything. Usually, according to the Canon assistant, the reason is that some computers are not yet connected to the system. I suggest that either you put all the computers in the system or you write put a sign on the ones which does not allow you to print.

221. More scanners dedicated to electronic copying which researchers could file in their own storage devices would be great. There are only two available at the Reg right now. These and the computers they are attached to are used for multiple purposes (graphics, etc.). And, it seems that every quarter or so the software changes. So most times when I go to try to scan something, either someone is using one of the two computers for another purpose, or I have to get the people at the center to help me with new software I haven't used before. It takes too long and there is usually some problem on top of that (e.g., overly large file that cannot be emailed, etc..). Scanners dedicated to copying print materials that are fast and simple to use would be very helpful.

222. More scanners for DAngelo

223. Please please make printing and scanning more accessible. Please

224. Scanners are becoming increasingly important as we get acculturated to reading off of pdf's, and photocopiers are becoming less popular. It's important to provide more scanners--this will help keep books on the shelves (as we don't have to check out as many for one chapter), save paper, and save money on buying and fixing expensive photocopying equipment.

225. There need to be more printers in the first floor of the Regenstein. Often there are long lines of people. I know there are printers in other parts of the library, but those printers are closest to all the computers and everyone uses them. Why not have more than two printers there

226. maybe at least 2 printing locations (not printers) per floor

227. I also wish there were copiers/scanners on the second and third floors in Crerar, in addition to those located on the first floor.

228. My department doesn't have any scanning equipment for graduate students teaching courses, so if I have to scan in something for classes - as a point of clarification, or because they need additional material to the course readings - I'm in a pinch with the reduced number of public scanners.

229. Sometimes the lines for printing are long.

230. Adding another cluster of printers on the other side of the main room (in plain sight unlike the other first floor printer) would help a lot.

231. There are not enough photocopiers...i've had to wait over a half an hour before to print out a couple pages because someone needed to copy hundreds of pages.

232. There are not enough scanners in the Regenstein.

233. There need to be more than one microform/microfilm station that digitizes images. I used the ST200 AM/MOCA at the Library of Congress and it is great

234. more printers/computers/scanners

235. more scanners

236. More scanning.

237. in both Crerar, but especially in Regenstein, there are TOO FEW COPIERS! There were 2 copiers on every floor, and they were replaced by 1 copier! With this being a research institution, graduate students and faculty are CONSTANTLY copying, and now, people are having to travel from floor to floor trying to find an unused copier. PLEASE ADD MORE COPIERS!!!!!

238. D'Angelo library really needs more than one copy machine available to students. Now there are constantly undergrads in our library hogging the machine and it gets very frustrating. Can't we have more?

239. Also, how about some Mac’s at the Reg, many of us prefer Mac’s to P.C’s. AND MORE PRINTERS. The new system seems to be creating a lot of frustration that did not seem to exist with the old system, or at least I did not notice the frustration. I don't remember lines of people waiting for their work to be printed. There seems to be a lot of anger at the first floor printers at the Reg. At a minimum fix the equipment immediately in high traffic areas. One of the printers on the first floor has been down for weeks. Not acceptable.

240. A few more scanners would be nice. Those are more useful than copy/fax machines due to the ubiquity of email.

241. Again, the Reg needs more flatbed scanners

242. Dissatisfied with number of scanners available at Regenstein

243. Perhaps get some overhead book scanners?

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244. Microform equipment is not good as well: I had serious problems with making it work, and library staff knew less than me.

245. Microform equipment needs upgrading. It is damaging the microform items.

246. Microform viewing equipment is not satisfactory - there is only one machine for scanning microforms into digital images!

247. The microfilm readers are out of date, and with mediocre digitization equipment. It badly needs to be updated.

248. Digitizing microfilm (I don't know if that's possible, but man, it would be awesome) or more microfilm machines with scanning and emailing capability. 249. I suggest enabling all microfilm readers (including those in floors other than the third) to scan images to a flash drive.

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