Survey 2010 comments: library use

1. During my studies, I have not visited or used the library resources.

2. Other than that, science is mostly done electronically. No need for the library.

3. Access to the library has been invaluable -- not only for school but also in my job (I am a business writer for a consulting firm).

4. anything the library can do to make it easier for me to finish my dissertation remotely makes me happy

5. As a doctoral student in the sciences the majority of my library use came in my first year when I had classes. During the year I used the library daily; primarily as a place to study. I also frequently used the printing services of the computer lab that was in the basement of Crerar. In terms of materials, I almost exclusively use pubmed to search for the articles in my field however the university subscriptions to journals is absolutely essential for my work.

6. As a part-time student based at Gleacher, it is difficult to use any of the Library's physical spaces and I am mostly unaware of its services.

7. As an MBA student, I likely do not use the library system as frequently as other graduate students. However, I do find myself accessing its online journals quite frequently.

8. Cannot rate as I have not used nor visited the library

9. Currently I utilize the library as a quiet place for study.

10. I live downtown, so unfortunately don't get to use the library as a study space as often as I would like.

11. I don't yet use it since my classes have not been research-based yet.

12. I have not realized used the libraries as most of the materials I have utilized for classes I have accessed through Chalk or the Booth student portal.

13. I haven't been to the U of C Library. I will probably end up there sometime soon to do some research in which case I will have more constructive feedback.

14. I think there are plenty of resources at the Library, but they are almost impossible to find and access. As a result, I use the Library primarily as a quiet place to study, and only secondarily as a place to find information.

15. I would use the library on a daily basis in person, but I live more than 100 miles away. So, my daily use is limited to on-line activities (which are substantial since the UC library provides many useful services for my research.) I come to the library when I must pick up books and interlibrary loan materials or to consult journals that I can not access on-line or at the U Notre Dame Library.

16. I'm in the computer science program, so this doesn't apply as much please take my concerns with a grain of salt

17. I benefitted greatly as an undergraduate, but now as a Master's student use library resources less. This has more to do with my coursework than the library's offerings.

18. Now that I am no longer physically in residence, the main use I get out of library services is from online ejournal services like JSTOR etc.

19. Obviously, access to library facilities are limited for part-time students like myself located outside the US. But So far, I have what I need. Our instructors do a good job of preparing course packs that have what is relevant to us.

20. Off campus access is extremely important

21. Please keep in mind all of us who are no longer able to live in Chicago but must still progress in our PhD programs. An electronically accessible library is key to our research.

22. Satisfied -- to the extent that I have never used the University of Chicago Library.

23. I rarely spend any time in the actual library, though. As a grad student, I find the Reg to be a horrible work space, and have opted to work almost entirely from home. The combination of bad lighting and loud undergrads who study in groups have driven me away.

24. The library spaces in general are fine, but I honestly don't use them very much. I don't see that changing with any changes made to the library, because I have never been a library studier.

25. this is my first quarter and I have not used a library yet.

26. Haven't made much much use of these services at this point but I feel they are important.

27. (FYI: "Not important" above does not mean that I think it's not valuable, it's just that I never seem to use it...)

28. [It's not that these services are unimportant - my field is just so small that nothing is developed specifically to talk about it, and so idiosyncratic that nothing else really applies, so we're used to talking to each other about research methods.]

29. Haven't used many of these resources so can't judge.

30. Honestly, I really haven't used these resources yet. I'm sure they're great!

31. I don't know. I think it's up to me to ask, but I don't always. That's because figuring out what I want to research has been very difficult, but that my problem and not the library's!

32. I feel I will have a more constructive suggestion after a full year of study!

33. During renovation and construction of the new library, access to print journals is not possible or very difficult

34. Have not had a chance to use the library but will soon

35. No suggestions as I do not use the collections at the libraries

36. n/a - I've never used the library.

37. None - I never used the library.

38. Not applicable -- I do not use them

39. Also use Harper to study occasionally

40. As a part time MBA student, I do all of my research online, which makes the need to have good electronic search tools very important. I don't really visit the library in person

41. Cannot respond to these questions as I'm an AXP student taking classes in Singapore.

42. Harper is beautiful. I go there occasionally, but there is no place to indicate this.

43. Have never visited a University of Chicago library -- but was instructed to select one from the drop down option.

44. Have only used on-line resources.

45. I also use the Crerar library frequently. It seems to be much less used as a study space that the Reg,

46. I am currently off-campus, hence the infrequent visits. While on-campus, I visit the Regenstein weekly.

47. I don't really use the library spaces for anything other than picking up, returning or renewing materials.

48. I don't reside in Chicago at the moment. However, in the previous three year I spent in Chicago I used the library daily and was rather dissatisfied with two thing: First, the lack of individual study spaces for graduate student (carrels etc.), or at least a quiet space for those involved in research as oppsed to chatting with friends or watching youtube. Second, the flickering neon lights scattered all around the Reg.

49. I don't study in the Reg anymore because the behavior of other patrons just got to be too much - eating stinky food, talking, answering phones, etc. I'm not sure if this has improved since Harper has been redone - I hope it has!

50. I feel I will have a more constructive suggestions after a full year of study!

51. I go to Crerar library mostly for browsing Biomedical Journals.

52. I have heard a rumor that in order to make more space available for study persons and groups, the reference sections may be eliminated. This would be unfortunate for me, as I rely heavily on the 4th Floor Reference Sections (including the Judaica Section) in the Regenstein.

53. I have no comments about the physical spaces, as I do not spend time at any of the libraries.

54. I mostly study in the Reg, but these comments apply to Crerar also. I often go to the library to work using my laptop, sometimes from online materials only (library and otherwise), other times grabbing books to review and maybe check out. In my department, there are no desks or dedicated spaces for PhD students, so unlike our lucky colleagues in the business school, the libraries are the best place to do work. It would not be an exaggeration to say that for many of us, the library is our office or primary workspace,

55. i only use the gleacher center career services library. would like to use a library if there is one there.

56. I pretty much only use the career services library at the Harper center--not sure what it's other name is.

57. i use ISU library,terre haute,IN. with the help of a very knowledgeable research librarian.

58. I use the Fischer Express to get books at Gleacher Center. I have never been to the Hyde Park Campus.

59. I use the Regenstein B-Level daily for individual study.

60. I use the Regenstein library almost daily -- because of its physical space problems, I primarily use it as a place to retrieve books and leave.

61. I use the space to study and read alone, I think it is just fine (SSA Library).

62. I used to study and write frequently at the Regenstein, however, these days I almost never do. All too often the lighting is poor and people are loud, eating smelly food, or being distracting in carrels areas. The study area in Crear is much better and has a nicer environment, but Crear does not have the resources I need for research.

63. I visit the career services library in Gleacher, but use a lot of Jstor and other electronic materials

64. I work on my dissertation in the Regenstein every day.

65. The more information online, the better. Booth student aren't in Hyde Park very often.

66. If I did use the library's services, all would be important.

67. I'm not sure - right now in my program I don't have a lot of need for the library, except for printing and locating articles online. I don't really have to do outside research yet - I think in the next quarter and next year I will use the library a lot more.

68. I do not have any comments or suggestions as I do not use the library’s services and facilities

69. I haven't found the need to use the library's online resources for class.

70. I have no ideas now, because I don't use it...

71. I think the library probably offers very nice resources, I just tend to work very independently.

72. None. I don't use it enough to have an opinion.

73. Nothing. The more freedom and independence permitted, the better.

74. science is funny, -- i really just use pubmed to find articles, and in my lab we all read the table of contents from a number of journals and pass along relevant articles to each other. The most useful thing is then just having access to any article we come across, or any technical reference book we need for development of whatever cutting edge technology we're building (this is usually in the form of a programming language or software-library reference book - the hardware comes with documentation, and we ordered it with a plan for putting it all together).

75. These resources might be helpful to me, but I've never had occasion to use them.

76. I haven't really had a chance or a need for these services yet.

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