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Access for Members of the Public

The University of Chicago Library offers access to its campus libraries only to members of the public with a legitimate research need to consult our collections. Members of the public must establish their research need with the Library in order to be granted access. Researchers affiliated with another university should consult our information on faculty, students, staff  from other institutions.

We expect all users to abide by the policies and principles expressed in the Library's statement of User Rights and Responsibilities for Creating and Sustaining a Scholarly Environment. All Library users are also responsible for providing current personal contact information.

We are committed to providing access to both our physical and electronic resources to users with disabilities; for more information see Services for Users with Disabilities.

Members of the Public Living Within the Chicago Area

In order to access our collections, members of the public living within 60 miles of the University of Chicago must present a valid InfoPass and a valid government issued ID to the ID & Privileges Office in the lobby of the Joseph Regenstein Library to obtain up to five free Day Passes.

The John Crerar Library does not require members of the public to obtain an InfoPass but has its own distinct policies governing visitor access. For more information, see the section on The John Crerar Library below.

In addition to welcoming members of the public with an InfoPass, the D'Angelo Law Library offers access to attorneys. For more information, see the section on The D'Angelo Law Library below.


The InfoPass System operates in the Chicago metropolitan area. A reference librarian from another library must certify eligibility and need before the InfoPass will be issued.

For purposes of access to the University of Chicago Library, an InfoPass will only be granted if the University of Chicago Library is the only Chicago area library owning the materials.

For more information on the InfoPass system, please contact a librarian at your local library.

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Access to the John Crerar Library

Local Researchers

The John Crerar Library provides access to local researchers who need to consult specific books, journals, or other resources available in Crerar's collection. First time researchers can fill out the John Crerar Library Visitor Access Form either from home or at the library. We require a valid government issued ID and a list of the specific resources you require. Once we've confirmed that the we can meet your research needs, local researchers can access the library during the visitor hours listed on our hours page. If you visited Crerar in the past, have additional questions, or are having difficulty filling out the form, you can reach us via the Contact Circulation form or by phone at 773-702-7409.

Unaffiliated Medical Students

Crerar Library provides access to unaffiliated medical students and residents working at local hospitals or scheduled to take the USMLE. To obtain a pass to the library, all users must bring a government issued ID and either a current hospital ID or a USMLE schedule permit with their eligibility dates to the library during our Circ./Reserve hours listed on the hours page.

First time users should fill out the John Crerar Library Visitor Access Form at home or in the library; students who have gotten a pass from Crerar previously and need a new one can come to Crerar Library during the circ./reserve hours with both forms of identification listed above. For questions about these policies, please reach us via Contact Circulation or call 773-702-7409.

Corporate Members

Businesses and non-profit organizations can purchase access to the resources within Crerar through the John Crerar Library Corporate Members Program. If your company has purchased privileges, contact your organization's liaison for information about access to the library. Please note that remote access to electronic resources is not available with a Corporate Membership.

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Access to the D'Angelo Law Library

Attorneys, judges and their clerks may access the D'Angelo Law Library by presenting a bar card or court identification.

Other researchers may use the Law Library by prior arrangement with the Director of the D'Angelo Law Library, with the Associate Law Librarian for User Services, or with the Head of Access Services at 773-702-0213.

Access to the D'Angelo Law Library is limited during reading periods and exam periods.

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Members of the Public Living Outside the Chicago Area

Members of the public living more than 60 miles away from the University of Chicago will be granted up to five free Day Passes per University quarter. A valid drivers license or other government issued photo ID must be presented to the ID & Privileges Office in Regenstein Library to obtain a day pass.

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Extended Scholarly Research

Members of the public who wish to conduct extended research using the University of Chicago Library collections may apply for extended privileges by emailing a statement of purpose to or by mailing a written statement of purpose to the ID & Privileges Office.

If the Library approves the request, the person may purchase Access Privileges for $100 per quarter.

Researchers must bring a current photo ID to the ID & Privileges Office in order to establish extended scholarly research privileges.

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U.S. Government Documents

The University of Chicago Library is a depository for U.S. government publications. Depository documents may be consulted by the public. Most government documents are classified and shelved, by subject, in the general collection of the relevant library unit. Please see below for building access information.

To request access at times other than those listed, or to find out if the Library holds the documents you wish to consult, contact us via Ask A Librarian.

Other Depository Libraries: If the University of Chicago Library does not hold the documents you need, you may want to consult other depositories in the state of Illinois. The GPO maintains a page to locate Federal Depository libraries.

Guide to Government Documents at the University of Chicago Library

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Accessing Electronic Resources

Visitors may access the Library’s electronic resources only while in Library buildings, due to site licensing agreements.

While in Library buildings, visitors may use Library computers or the Library’s wireless network to access electronic resources and networked printing. For more information, see Computer Access for Visitors.

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Interlibrary Loan

Businesses and non-profit organizations can borrow items and purchase photocopies through a cost recovery, fee-based service offered by our Interlibrary Loan Department.

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