The Joseph Regenstein Recordings Collection
1100 East 57th Street Chicago, Illinois 60637

The Joseph Regenstein Recordings Collection contains over 52,000 sound recordings, focusing on musical recordings, with some spoken word, as well as audio recordings accompanying print items shelved in the Regenstein stacks.

The Collection primarily supports coursework and research at the University. It includes musical recordings of classical (art) music, ethnic music, jazz, blues, rock and roll, R&B, hip-hop and electronic music; spoken word recordings cover subjects in the humanities and social sciences, as well as business, divinity, and area studies.

Various audio formats are represented in the Collection: compact discs (CDs), vinyl records (both LPs and 45s) and audio cassettes.

All Recordings Collection materials are available from the Recordings service point located at the small window looking into Room 360, in the 3rd Floor Reading Room of Regenstein Library. 

Collection Hours

Sunday: Noon-4PM

Monday-Thursday: Noon-8PM

Friday: Noon-4PM

Saturday: CLOSED 

Sound and Video Equipment

The Regenstein Audiovisual Room (JRL 307), located in the 3rd Floor Reading Area, contains equipment for watching or listening to multimedia materials. More information about the facilities can be found here.

Circulation Policies


A University of Chicago ID or barcoded UChicago Library Card is required to borrow materials from the Recordings Collection, even for those materials to be used in the Library. Those without borrowing privileges who wish to borrow materials must apply at the UChicago ID and Privileges Office.

Due to the high circulation of recordings materials, there is a limit on the amount that can be checked out to a patron at one time. Patrons may request a total of 6 separate call numbers, but the number of individual CDs cannot exceed 14 discs.


Patrons are responsible for returning items on or before the due date. This may be done at the Recordings Collection itself, or at the Main Circulation Desk at Regenstein Library. Patrons going out of town are urged to return all material from the Recordings Collection before they go. Failure to return recalled or overdue materials can result in fines and blocked privileges.

Recalls and Audio Reserves

All Recordings Collection material that has been recalled by patrons must be picked up at the Recordings Collection circulation window (JRL 360). To learn how to recall a checked out item, please visit the Circulation page.

All audio class reserve materials are located at the Regenstein Library's Main Circulation Desk on the first floor. For more information about the Library's course reserves, please see Library Course Reserves of the informational guide How Do I Find Course Reserves?


All Recordings Collection material that is overdue, lost, incomplete or damaged is subject to fines. For a detailed explanation of the Library's fine structure, please visit the Due Dates, Fines & Appeals page.

Please note that overdue notices are automatically generated by Main Circulation, not by the Recordings Collection. Payment of any fines should be done at the Main Circulation Desk at Regenstein Library.

Lost, Incomplete, or Damaged Items

Many items in the Recordings Collection are out-of-print and are difficult to replace. Accordingly, charges for lost, incomplete and damaged items are high, reflecting work by music staff to repair items, or locate and process replacements.