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Table of Contents

Volume I

  Front Matter  
  Preface to the Second Edition  
  General Introduction vii
I. Procedure 1
Bibliographic Note.
II. Statutory Rules Governing Prohibition Procedure 59
  1. 2/3 Edw. 6. c . 13. sect . xiv:
    "Proof" of Surmise within Six Months
    1. Extent of proof requirement
    2. Meaning of "six months"
    3. The standard of proof under 2/3 Edw. 6; discrepancies between surmise and proof; competence of witnesses
    4. Double costs and damage
  2. 50 Edw. 3, c. 4. 83
    1. Cases involving both 50 Edw. 3 and 2/3 Edw. 6
    2. Cases on 50 Edw. 3 alone
III. Self-foreclosure. 115
  1. Introduction
  2. Admiralty Sentences
  3. Bare Sentence in an Ecclesiastical Court
  4. Appeals
  5. De Excommunicato Capiendo
  6. Miscellaneous Forms of Self-foreclosure
  7. Prohibition Inappropriate until after Sentence
IV. Self-prohibition 161
V. Judging by the Truth 175
  1. Introduction
  2. Variant Verdicts
  3. Misconceived Surmises
  4. "Legal Truth," Miscellaneous
  5. Variance between Surmise and Libel
VI. Pleading  
  1. Introduction
  2. Conformity between Surmise and Declaration
  3. Pleading on the Plaintiff's Part: Surmise and Declarations
  4. Defensive Pleading
VII. Consultation on Motion 267
VIII Partial Prohibitions and Consultations 293
IX. Joint Prohibitions. 333
X. The "Logical Individualism" of Prohibitions 347
  1. Miscellaneous Problems
  2. Collateral Effect of Prohibitions
XI. Flexible Forms of Procedure
XII. Miscellaneous Cases on Procedure

Volume II

  Front Matter  
I. Introduction
II. Substantive Surmises of Disallowance
III. Problems of Disallowance Surmise
  1. Introduction
  2. The Traversability of Disallowance Surmises
  3. Fatal Failure to Surmise Disallowance
  4. Disallowance Surmises of Doubtful Necessity
IV. Evidentiary Disallowance Surmises: The Two-Witness Rule 207
V. Self-Incrimination

Volume III

  Introduction 1
I. Preventing Direct Encroachment on the Common Law: The Paradigmatic Prohibition (Part I) 3
  1. Introductory
  2. The Line between Prohibition and Praemunire and between
    Prohibitable Suits and Suits Constituting Actionable Wrongs
  3. “Paradigmatic” Prohibitions: Miscellaneous Instances
  4. Problems with Paradigmatic Prohibitions:Ecclesiastical Offices
I. Preventing Direct Encroachment on the Common Law: The Paradigmatic Prohibition (Part 2) 65
  1. E. Problems with Paradigmatic Prohibitions: Spiritual Pensions
  2. Severed Tithes Converted to Chattels
    1. Introductory
    2. The Cases
II. Prohibitions to Protect One Non-Common Law Court
Against Another

III. Prohibitions to Control the Ambit of Remedial Wrong or
Merely to Prevent Imposition of Unwarranted Liability

  1. Introductory
  2. Complaints that the Ecclesiastical Complaint is Substantively Inappropriate
  3. Objection to the Form of the Ecclesiastical Suit where the
    Type or Substantive Purpose of the Suit is Unobjectionable
  4. Related Cases: Complaints about the Handling of Initially Unobjectionable
    Ecclesiastical Suits without Disallowance Surmise
  Appendix to Volume III: The Boundaries of the Equitable Function  

Volume IV: Prohibitions Enforcing Statutes

  Front Matter  
  General Introduction to Volume IV 5
1. 21 Hen VII, c. 5--Administration of Intestates' Estates 14
2. Ecclesiastical Suit Outside Defendant's Home Diocese  
3. The Jurisdiction and Powers of the Court of High Commission  
  Section 1: General Introduction 151
  Section 2: Cheinye v. Frankwell and Caudrey v. Atton: Two Cases on the High Commission
Not Arising on Prohibition or Habeas Corpus
  Section 3: The High Commission before Coke’s Chief Justiceships 212
  Section 4: The High Commission during Coke’s Chief Justiceships 277
  Section 5: Cases after Coke’s Chief Justiceships 332

Volume V is forthcoming.

Indexes to Volumes I-III

Subject Index
Appendix Index.
Table of Cases

Index of Named Cases (including Yearbook cases)
Index of Unnamed Cases.

Person Index

Miscellaneous Personnel of the Legal System

Table of Statutes


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