Course Reserves

For Autumn Quarter 2021, the D’Angelo Law Library has continued to prioritize purchase of electronic access of the course reserve items. For materials that are not available for electronic access, or have limited access, we are making the first two weeks required readings for the class available on the course Canvas page when feasible. Please note that D'Angelo Law Library will not upload assigned readings beyond the first two weeks.

Starting Monday, September 20, 2021 D'Angelo Law Library will circulate physical course reserves items. Students needing access to course materials before then may place Scan and Deliver requests for course reserve material. Please note that after September 20, 2021 course materials will no longer be eligible for Scan and Deliver.

Please consult this spreadsheet to see which course books you have electronic access to and for a link to the scanned readings.

The Law Library also provides access to a number of online study supplements.