D'Angelo Law Library Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the nearest ATM?

There is a Citibank ATM on the basement level of the Law School outside of the Journals Suite. Non-Citibank account holders will be charged a $2.00 fee by Citibank for each withdrawal in addition to any fee charged by their own bank. There is also a Citibank mini-branch in the Surgery and Brain Research Pavilion on Ellis Avenue just south of 58th Street.


Who can use the carrels?

Carrels on the third through sixth floors of the Library are assigned by the D'Angelo Law Library. The tables in the Wilson Reading Room on the second floor, as well as the tables along the north windows of the third floor and desks located in the middle of the fourth, fifth, and sixth floors are not assigned, and are available to all students.

How can I reserve a carrel?

If you would like to apply for a carrel, please complete the online carrel application form. Carrels are assigned on a quarterly basis. Priority is given to students working on one of the law journals, research assistants, and students writing research papers for seminar classes.

UChicago Card

I am a new student. Where do I obtain a UChicago Card?

University of Chicago identification cards are known as "UChicago Cards." To obtain a UChicago Card go to the Identification & Privileges Office in Room 100F of the Regenstein Library (1100 E. 57th Street), just to the left of the turnstiles near the main entrance. The Identification & Privileges Office is generally open from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. on Saturday. The phone number is 773-702-8782. No appointment is necessary but you will need to bring an official photo identification such as a driver's license or passport.


Are there computers that I can use in the Library?

There are personal computers available for student use in the computer lab located on the third floor. These computers are reserved for law students, and you will need a valid Law School network login password in order to use them. In addition to the computer labs, there are also seven public access computer workstations in the Wilson Reading Room on the second floor that require a CNet ID to use. If you do not have a CNet ID, you may request a temporary login at the Circulation Desk. Additional public access workstations can be found on the east side of the fourth through sixth floors, to the south of the elevators.

How do I log on to the computers in the Law School computer lab?

Students need a UCLAW username and password to log onto the computers in the third floor computer lab.  Students will receive their UCLAW usernames and passwords during the mandatory IT orientation at the beginning of their first year. For more information about Law School computing, see the Law School Information Technology page. If you experience difficulty logging on to a Law School computer, contact David Blood, the computer lab manager. His office is in the computer lab on the third floor, and his phone number is 773-702-4493. David's e-mail address is dblood@uchicago.edu.

How do I access the University wireless network?

To access the University's wireless network, you will need to enter your CNet ID and password. New students can establish a CNet ID and password by visiting cnet.uchicago.edu/ and then clicking the "Create Your CNet ID" link. This can be done from a Law School computer or any other computer with Internet access.

Are there connections to the University computer network in the Library?

Wireless connections to the University network are available throughout the Library building, although signal strength tends to be strongest in the Wilson Reading Room and on the third floor. In addition, there are wired ethernet connections available on the floor by the carrels on the south side of the third floor and by the desks in the middle of the fourth, fifth, and sixth floors. More information about the Law School's local area computer network can be found here.

Who do I ask for help if I have trouble with my computer or accessing the University network?

The computer lab manager (David Blood) is available during the day in the computer lab on the third floor to help students with information technology questions. His phone number is 773-702-4493, and his e-mail address is dblood@uchicago.edu. You can also call the Law School's computer help desk at 773-834-5300. Additional information about the Law School's student computing services is available here.

Copy Center

One of my professors prepared a course pack of photocopied materials that I am supposed to pick up in the Copy Center. Where is that?

The Law School's Copy Center is located in Room K008 on the basement level underneath the Kane Center. It can be reached by following the hallway to the right of Seminar Room E around the corner and then through the set of glass double doors.


How do I get a University e-mail account?

When you establish your CNet ID (at cnet.uchicago.edu/) you will automatically be given a University e-mail account. Your e-mail address will be your CNet ID @uchicago.edu. You can access your University e-mail account from any computer with an Internet connection through xMail, the University's Web-based e-mail system.

Fax Machines

Where can I fax something?

The multifunction copy/print/scan station located in the Reserve Room can also send faxes. For more information, see the University's Unified Printing page.


Is there any place to eat near the Law School other than the Plum Cafe in the Green Lounge?

The South Campus Dining Commons located to the southwest of the Law School offers all-you-can-eat, made-to-order meals, a glatt kosher station, a vegan and vegetarian station, made-to-order pasta and stir-fry, Mediterranean pizzas, and halal entrees served three days a week.

The Graduate School of Business (on Woodlawn Avenue between 59th Street and 58th Street) is about a ten minute walk from the Law School and has a cafeteria featuring burgers, a make-your-own salad bar, and different daily hot entrees.

The Divinity School Coffee Shop is located in the basement of Swift Hall, in the southwest section of the Main Quadrangle between Ellis and University Avenues and 59th and 60th Streets. It offers coffee, teas, and pre-packaged lunches, and is a little under a ten minute walk from the Law School.

Group Study Rooms

How do the group study rooms work?

The D'Angelo Law Library has seven conference rooms. Two conference rooms are on each of the 4th, 5th and 6th floors. There also is a conference room on the second floor. You can reserve a group study room at the Reference Desk. Law students may reserve use of a conference room at the D'Angelo Law Library Reference Desk or via the Law School Meeting Room Manager.

Lost and Found

Where do I check to see if someone has turned in an item that I lost?

Check the Lost and Found by Bob Harstad's office on the basement level underneath the Kane Center. Sometimes people also bring found items to the Dean of Students Office on the third floor.


Where is the nearest mailbox?

There is a mailbox in front of the Law School on the 60th Street sidewalk.


Where can I find a campus map?

A map of the University of Chicago campus is available at maps.uchicago.edu.


Is there someone at the Law School who will notarize a document for me?

Please contact the Registrar's Office if you need bar admissions forms or other law school related documents notarized. You will need to bring the document to the Dean of Students Office along with a photo ID.


What's the parking situation around the Law School?

The parking lot behind the Law School is reserved for faculty, staff, and students with valid parking permits Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. At other times no permit is necessary. Street parking along 60th and 61st Streets, University Avenue, Ellis Avenue and the Midway Plaisance is free and open to everyone, but often difficult to find close to the Law School on weekdays during business hours.


What is the Library's policy on cell phone use?

Please do not use cell phones in the Library except in the stairwells and third floor elevator lobby. Please be considerate of others when using cell phones.


Where can I make photocopies?

There is a copy/print/scan station located in the Reserve Room on the second floor. It accepts copy cards and Chicago Cards that have money stored on them. You may add money or purchase a copy card using the copy card machine on the wall in the Reserve Room.

How much does it cost to make copies?

The cost to use the photocopiers is thirteen cents per page for black and white copies. For more information, see the University's Unified Printing page.


Where are the LexisNexis student printers?

The LexisNexis printers are located in the computer lab on the third floor.

How much does it cost to print documents?

Students may print 1200 pages per academic year on Law School printers free of charge. Once this limit has been reached, students will be charged five cents per page. If a student exceeds the 1200 print quota at any time, any subsequent print jobs to the five Law School printers will be automatically denied and deleted. Students can purchase additional $5.00 and $10.00 print cards from the Circulation Desk in the Library or in the Law School Copy Center.

LexisNexis printing is free if a LexisNexis printer is used. If you download or e-mail yourself a LexisNexis file and then print it using a Law School printer, however, the print job will be charged to your print account.

How do I print something in the Library if I am not a student?

Patrons without Chicago Cards may print to the print/scan/copy station Reserve Room from the public access terminals. The cost is thirteen cents per page, and you will need a copy card. Detailed instructions on how to use the print station are available next to the machine and on the University's Unified Printing page.

How do I print a document from Chalk?

Most documents on Chalk appear as Word or PDF files, or can be printed using your browser's print function. How easily a document can be printed from Chalk, however, will depend on how the professor uploaded the document to Chalk. If you are having trouble printing using your browser's print command try right clicking on the Chalk document and then selecting the "Open as New Window" option. This should enable you to print the document (from the new window) using your browser's print command.


Where are the restrooms?

Restrooms are located directly across from the east elevators on the third through sixth floors of the Library. There are also restrooms on the west side of the second floor, just south of the conference room. Additional restrooms are located on the first floor of the classroom wing across from the student mail folders behind Classroom V and on the basement level across the hallway from Seminar Room E.


How can I get a cab?

Chicago taxicabs can be hailed from any city street, but cabs do not generally cruise through the campus. Your best bet is to call one of the larger taxi companies (e.g., Yellow Cab (312-TAXI-CAB (829-4222)), Wolley Cab (877-888-TAXI (888-8294)), or Flash Cab (773-461-4444) and request a cab, or try to hail one from one of the busier streets near the Law School, such as Cottage Grove Avenue or 57th Street. The Law School receptionist in the administration wing near the west entrance to the Law School will also call cabs for students.


Can I have the temperature adjusted if it is too hot or cold where I am studying?

Like most large buildings, the Library is divided into a number of different climate control zones. The north, east, and west zones are each controlled by a single thermostat that regulates the temperature on all six floors of the zone. The south zone (which covers the building's addition) has multiple thermostats spread out over different floors. Because there is a wide variation in what different people consider a comfortable temperature the thermostats are set to keep the building at a temperature range in the middle seventies, although fluctuations occur, particularly near the windows on hot sunny days, and on unusually hot or cold days (e.g., an eighty degree day in early April when the heating system is still in use). Library staff have no control over the building's temperature. Any changes must be made by the Facilities Department who will only make an adjustment if the temperature falls outside of the permitted range, and this will not happen immediately. In short, your best solution if the temperature is making you uncomfortable is probably to simply move to a different area of the Library.


What's the best way to get from the Law School to downtown?

Car: Take Ellis Avenue or Woodlawn Avenue to the South Plaisance. Drive east on the Plaisance under the Metra Electric train tracks and past Stony Island Avenue until you reach Cornell Avenue. Take a left on Cornell and proceed north on Cornell as it loops around the Museum of Science and Industry. Cornell will run into Lake Shore Drive (Route 41). Take a left hand turn on to Lake Shore Drive northbound, which will take you along Lake Michigan, past the McCormick Place convention center, Soldier Field, and the Field Museum and into downtown. The Jackson (left exit), Monroe (left exit), and Randolph exits will lead you right into the Loop business district. The Chicago Avenue exit (left exit) will take you to the North Michigan Avenue shopping area. The Fullerton exit will take you into Lincoln Park.

Train: Metra's Electric Line, which terminates downtown at Randolph Street and Michigan Avenue, has stops at both 55th/56th/57th Street and 59th Street in Hyde Park. The 59th Street station (at 59th Street between Blackstone and Stony Island Avenues) is significantly closer to the Law School (a little less than a fifteen minute walk), but the 55th/56th/57th Street station (at 56th Street and Lake Park Avenue) has more frequent service and is still walkable (around twenty minutes from the Law School). The trip between Hyde Park and downtown takes about twenty minutes. Metra train schedules and other information are available at the Metra website.

Bus: The CTA's No. 2 bus (Hyde Park Express) stops in front of the Harris School of Public Policy at 1155 E. 60th Street and then travels north on Lake Shore Drive with stops along State Street in the Loop before heading out to Navy Pier along Wacker Drive and Illinois Street. The No.2 only runs weekdays during rush hours. The No. 6 bus (Jackson Park Express) stops near 60th Street and Stony Island Avenue (about a ten minute walk from the Law School) before heading north along Hyde Park Boulevard and Lake Shore Drive to Michigan Avenue through downtown up to Wacker Drive. The No. 6 runs throughout the day seven days a week.

El: The Law School is not easily accessible via the El (i.e., the Chicago Transit Authority's elevated train service). The Green Line's Cottage Grove station (at 63rd Street and Cottage Grove Avenue) is the closest El stop and about a ten minute walk from the Law School. The trip from the Cottage Grove station to downtown takes approximately 35 minutes. More details about the Green Line are available here and the CTA's main Web page.

More information on the various ways one can get to downtown from Hyde Park is available on the University website.

Are there buses that I can take to get around the University Campus and Hyde Park?

The CTA's No. 170 bus (Midway) travels counter-clockwise around the Midway during weekday rush periods. The Nos. 171 (Hyde Park) and 172 (Kenwood) also serve the area during weekday rush periods, but only during the academic year. Note that, unlike other CTA routes, University of Chicago students can ride the Nos. 170, 171, and 172 buses for free with their University ID.

Is there an easy way to get from the Law School to the downtown suburban train stations?

The Hyde Park area is served by Metra's Electric Line, which runs from the Randolph Street terminal downtown to South Chicago, Blue Island and University Park. Chicago's northern and western suburbs are connected to downtown by other Metra rail lines that depart from different terminals - Union Station and Northwestern Station (Olgivy Transportation Center).

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