Anthropological Films at the University of Chicago Library

The University of Chicago Library maintains a modest collection of DVD editions of ethnographic and other films that are likely to be of interest to anthropologists. Many of these videos are listed below. These films may be borrowed at the Circulation desk in Joseph Regenstein Library (see note). Many additional videos can be streamed at Docuseek2 and at Alexander Street Press' Ethnographic Video Online.

This list is not the only source of information on the Library's video collection. Virtually all the Library's videos have been cataloged, and you can search the Library's on-line catalog for videos  by limiting keyword search results to "Video" or "DVD." You can also browse the boxes in which the films were originally packaged; they are kept along the east wall of the Second and Third Floor Reading Rooms of Regenstein Library.

The Library is not the only source of films on campus. The Film Studies Center also maintains a film collection that can be used (with certain restrictions) by those affiliated with the University.

A propos de Tristes tropiques [interviews with Claude Lévi-Strauss] / un film de Jean-Pierre Beaurenaut, Jorge Bodansky, Patrick Menget ; photo Jorge Bodansky, Alain Salomon ; son David Pennington ; montage Martine Bouquin.
Call no.: F2520.A14 2005

Act of war : the overthrow of the Hawaiian nation / producers/directors, Puhipau, Joan Lander.
Call no.: DU627.2.A38 1993

Advertising missionaries / director, Chris Hilton, Gauthier Flauder.
Call no.: F5813.P36A38 1996

Africa rising : the grassroots movement to end female genital mutilation / Equality Now presents a Heredia Pictures production ; a film by Paula Heredia.
Call no.: GN484.H474 2009

African art as theater : the Bwa masks of the Gnoumou family of the village of Boni / Laughing Dove Films and the Art and Life in Africa Project present ; by Christopher D. Roy.
Call no.: GT1748.B92A3754 2006

African art in motion : the masks of the Nuna people of Burkina Faso / produced, edited, and narrated by Christopher D. Roy.
Call no.: GT1748.B92A3752 2005

African art techniques : wood, cloth, metal, clay / Laughing Dove Films present ; edited, narrated, and produced by Christopher D. Roy.
Call no.: N7398.A375 2009

Afrique, je te plumerai / un film de Jean-Marie Teno.
Call no.: DT572.A374 1992

Aimé Césaire : a voice for history / Saligna and So On ... [et al.].
Call no.: PQ3949.C44Z52 1994

Amazon journal / producer/director Geoffrey O'Conner.
Call no.: F2520.1.Y3A429 1995

Amir : an Afghan refugee musician's life in Peshawar, Pakistan / National Film and Television School in association with the Royal Anthropological Institute ; directed and edited by John Baily.
Call no.: ML3758.P328P474 2005

And the pursuit of happiness / photographed, narrated, produced and directed by Louis Malle ; Chloe Films, Inc. ; NEF.
Call no.: JV6455.A83 2007

Another world is possible : impressions of the World Social Forum / written and directed by Mark Dworkin and Melissa Young ; [presented by] Moving Images.
Call no.: JZ1318.A56 2002

Anthropologists at work : careers making a difference / American Anthropological Association.
Call no.: GN20.A688 1993

Apu condor : the condor god / Gianfranco Norelli, producer.
Call no.: F2230.2.K4N674 1992

Arawete´ / Murilo Santos, direcao e camera.
Call no.: F2520.1.A77A739 1992

'Are'are music / directed by Hugo Zemp.
Call no.: DU850.A7 1993

Art as a verb in Africa : the masks of the Bwa Village of Boni, Burkina Faso / directed by Carol Thompson ; produced and edited by Christopher Roy.
Call no.: NB1099.B872A783 2005

ASL storytime [sign language materials].
Call no.: HV2508.A85 1991

At the edge of conquest : the journey of Chief Wai-Wai / produced by Geoffrey O'Connor.
Call no.: F2460.1.O9A8 1992

Atanarjuat = The fast runner [DVD] / Igloolik Isuma Productions ; producers, Paul Apak Angilirq ...
Call no.: PN1997.A835 2003

The ax fight / a film by Timothy Asch & Napoleon A. Chagnon.
Call no.: F2520.1.Y3A92 1980z

Auf Augenhöhe? von Begegnungen mit der Südsee und angewandter Ethnologie / Martina Kleinert & Thorolf Lipp (Hg.) [accompanies book of same title].
Call no.: GN671.N6 A94 2015

Bajo la cruz = Rub'el kurus / producción, Ak'Kutan; camara y edición, Mainor Pacay; guión y dirección, Carlos Flores [Maya vs. military in Guatemala].
Call no.: F1465.2.K5B356 1997

A Balinese family / produced by Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead.
Call no.: HQ678.B34 2000

Balinese trance seance, and, Jero on Jero / by Linda Conner, Patsy Asch & Timothy Asch.
Call no.: GN635.I65B17 1990

Beauty of the fatherland : Estonia / The Network Women's Program of the Open Society Institute, Russia ; The Gender Pol ; director and screenwriter, Jaak Kilmi and Andres Maimik.
Call no.: HQ1663.B43 2001

Behind the mask / produced by Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts ; script, Sanjeeb Bhattacharya, R. Sharma, Devjani Daam ; directed by Sanjeeb Bhattacharya.
Call no.: GT1748.I4B445 1999

Benaat Chicago (daughters of Chicago) : growing up Arab and female in Chicago / Chicago Center of the American Friends Service Committee.
Call no.: F1465.2.K5B356 1997

Bitter melons / photography and direction, John Marshall ; ethnography, Lorna Marshall.
Call no.: DT1058.S36B4 1986

Black girl / directed by Ousmane Sembene.
Call no.: PN1997.2.B53 2005

Black harvest / produced and directed by Robin Anderson and Bob Connolly.
Call no.: DU740.82.L42B622 1992

Borders / written, directed, shot, and edited by Alex Rivera ; produced by Bernardo Ruiz, Alex Rivera, and Cristina Ibarra (Love on the line).
Call no.: JV6225.B67 2003

Born into brothels / a film by Ross Kauffman and Zana Briski.
Call no.: HQ240.C3B676 2004

Bushman's secret : one cactus stands between hope and hunger / a documentary filmed by Rehad Desai.
Call no.: DT1768.S36B874 2006

Bushmen of the Kalahari / produced by the National Geographic Society and Wolper Productions ; directed and photographed by Robert M. Young, John Marshall ; written by Bud Wiser.
Call no.: DT764.B8B87 1974

Butterfly people : the Samburu of northern Kenya / a film by Rhodia Mann ; narrator/director, Rhodia Mann.
Call no.: DT433.545.S26B88 2006

Calcutta / réalisation, Louis Malle ; production Nouvelles Éditions de Films.
Call no.: DS486.C2C35 2007

Cannibal tours / O'Rourke and Associates Filmmakers ; Direct Cinema Limited ; producer, director Dennis O'Rourke ; produced in association with the Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies.
Call no.: G155.P26 C366 1988

Celebration of origins : Wai Brama, Flores, Eastern Indonesia, 1980 / produced by Dept. of Anthropology, Research School of Pacific Studies, Australian National University ; Timothy Asch, cinemaphotographer.
Call no.: GN635.I65C4 1992

The charcoal people of Brazil / Zazen Produções.
Call no.: HD8039.C43 2001

La chasse au lion : un film / de Jean Rouch ; Les Films de la Pléiade.
Call no.: DT547.45.S65C437 1990

Chef ; Tête dans les nuages.
Call no.: JQ3523.5.A55A773 1999

Childhood rivalry in Bali and New Guinea / produced by Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead.
Call no.: GN671.N5C455 2000

Chronique d'un été : (Paris 1960) = Chronicle of a summer / Anatole Dauman présente ; un film de Jean Rouch et Edgar Morin ; réalisé avec le Comité du film ethnographique, Musée de l'Homme, Paris ; production, Argos Films ; Anatole Dauman et Philippe Lifchitz, [producteurs].
Call no.: HN439.A2C676 2002

El cine indigenista / Comisión Nacional para el Desarrollo de los Pueblos Indígenas.
Call no.: F1219.3.S6C56 2008

Cineastas indígenas. Huni Kui = Indigenous filmmakers. Huni Kui / Vídeo nas Aldeias.
Call no.: F2520.1.C38H86 2008

Cineastas indígenas. Kuikuro = Indigenous filmmakers. Kuikuro / realização, AIKAX, Documenta Kuikuro, Video nas Aldeias.
Call no.: F2520.1.K85K85 2007

Cineastas indígenas. Panará = Indigenous filmmakers. Panará / Vídeo nas Aldeias.
Call no.: F2520.1.K7P36 2008

Claude Lévi-Strauss par lui-même / interrogé par Jean-Claude Bringuier ... [et al.] ; un documentaire de Pierre-André Boutang et Annie Chevally [and other films about Lévi-Strauss].
Call no.: GN21.L4A2 2008

Coming of age / written and presented by Bruce Dakowski [in part about Margaret Mead].
Call no.: GN21.M36C6 1990

Coming of age in Africa : initiation in the Bwa village of Dossi /produced, narrated, and edited by Christopher D. Roy.
Call no.: GN655.B92C665 2008

Contact : the Yanomami Indians of Brazil / producer/camera, Geoffrey O'Conner ; editor, Hughes Winborne.
Call no.: F2520.1.Y3C66 1990

Conversations with Jean Rouch / by Ann McIntosh.
Call no.: PN1998.3.R68C6 2004

Copan / William Uricchio.
Call no.: F1435.1.C7C66 1985

Corpus Christi en el Cusco / dirigido por Luis Figueroa ; dirección y camara, Luis Figueroa ; producción y asesoria antropologica, Juan Ossio = Corpus Christi in Cusco / directed by Luis Figueroa; direction and camera, Luis Figueroa ; production and anthropological advice, Juan Ossio.
Call no.: GT4995.C6 C677 2010

The cross and the crossroads / director, producer, Brian Brazeal ; a Lala and Bala Production in association with Wunderlicious Entertainment.
Call no.: BL2592.C35C76 2004

Crude / a Red Envelope Entertainment presentation of an Entendre Films production ; in association with and Third Eye Motion Picture Company ; directed and produced by Joe Berlinger ; producer and 2nd unit director, Michael Bonfiglio ; produced by J.R. DeLeon, Richard Stratton.
Call no.: QH545.O5C78 2009 [Crerar]

Cultos afrocubanos / Mundo Latino ; Desarrollos Artisticos ; produccion, Blanca R. Roldan ; direccion, Tato Quinones ; investigación y guion, Tato Quinones con la colaboracion de Sandra Gomez.
Call no.: BL2532.S3C85 2006

Dakan / director, Mohamed Camara [about Guinea].
Call no.: PN1997.2.D353 2007

Dakshina Kannada, land of the Mother Goddess / Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts presents ; produced by Premakala Visions ; direction, Srinivas R.
Call no.: GT4876.A3K374 2000

Dancing with the Incas : Huayno music of Peru / camera, produced, and directed by John Cohen.
Call no.: ML3575.P4D36 1991

Dani houses / a film by Karl G. Heider.
Call no.: DU744.35.D32D365 1980z

Dani sweet potatoes / a film by Karl G. Heider ; Education Development Center.
Call no.: DU744.35.D32D36 2007

Daughter from Danang / film by Gail Dolgin and Vicente Franco.
Call no.: DS559.8.C53D38 2004

Daughters of the dust / written and directed by Julie Dash.
Call no.: E185.6.D3 1992

A day in the life of a village in Africa / by Christopher D. Roy.
Call no.: DT555.9.S29D395 2003

Day on the Grand Canal with the emperor of China, or, surface is illusion but so is depth / by David Hockney and Philip Haas.
Call no.: ND1043.5.D39 1991

Dead birds / photography, editing, writing, Robert Gardner.
Call no.: DU744.35.D32D43 2004 [DVD]; DU744.35.D32D43 1980z [VHS]

The devil on the roof / Bashú Cinematographica ; a film by Babak Karimi ; writer/director/editor, Babak Karimi ; produced by SD Cinematografica, Studio 19, Karimi & Kasraian.
Call no.: DS269.T8D48 1998

Dhiava : the autumn journey / by David Hope and Tim Salmon [about Greece].
Call no.: GN407.7.D45 1999

Discovering the music of Africa / Bernard Wilets.
Call no.: ML350.D57 1994

Doon School chronicles : a study in ten parts / a film by David McDougall.
Call no.: LG170.D66D66 2000

Drum and the mask : art and rituals of the people of Melanesia / Chess Productions.
Call no.: GN671.N5D785 1999

Educación escolar y pueblos indígenas : desafíos y posibilidades : interrogando las políticas y prácticas de la educación intercultural blingüe en la amazonía peruana / producción de Institución del Bien Común ; producción ejecución y investigación, Lucy Trapnell ; realización, cámara y edición. Wilton Martínez.
Call no.: F3429.3.E3E48 2002

Encyclopédie de la mythologie maya yucathèque : les labyrinthes sonores / un film de Michel Boccara.
Call no.: F1435.3.R3B632 1997

End of the rainbow / Australian Film Finance Corporation ; Looking Glass Pictures & Trans Europe Film present ; written by Rachel Sanderson, Robert Nugent ; co-producer, ARTE France ; producted in association with ITVS International, SBS Independent ; a co-production of Looking Glass Pictures Pty Ltd & Trans Europe Film ; produced by Jean-Pierre Gibrat, Mitzi Goldman, Michel Zwecker ; directed by Robert Nugent ; an Australian-French co-production.
Call no.: HD9536.G92E53 2007

Everything is relatives / written and presented by Bruce Dakowski [in part about W.H.R. Rivers].
Call no: GN21.R53E937 1990

Everyone's child / directed by Tsitsi Dangarembga.
Call no.: PN1997.E96 1996

Faat kine / film de Sembene Ousmane.
Call no.: PN1997.F338 2000

Familiar places / Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies ; directed by David MacDougall.
Call no.: GN666.F365 1980

The feast / a film by Timothy Asch and Napoleon Chagnon.
Call no.: F2520.1.Y3F43 1990z

The feast in dream village / directed and produced by Janet Hoskins and Laura Sheerer Whitney.
Call no.: GN635.I65F43 2009

A Festa da moca /direccao e fotografia, Vincent Carrelli ; realizacao Projeto Video nas Aldeias.
Call no.: PN1992.934.B6F47 1988

Festive land : carnaval in Bahia / directed by Carolina Moraes-Liu.
Call no.: GT4233.S25F47 2001

Fieldwork / written and presented by Bruce Dakowski [about W. Baldwin Spencer and contemporaries].
Call no.: GN21.B35F5 1990

Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen en Paucartambo / dirigido por Gisela Cánepa Koch ; dirigido y escrito por Gisela Cánepa Koch ; camara, Gisela Cánepa Koch, Manuel Raez, Raul R. Romero = The Festival of Mamacha Carmen / directed by Gisela Cánepa Koch.
Call no.: GT4839.C89 F54 2010

Fiesta del agua / dirigido por Manuel Ráez Retamozo = The festival of water / directed by Manuel Ráez Retamozo.
Call no.: GT4839.L56 F54 2010

Filmer le monde : les prix du festival Jean Rouch [includes: Une femme parmi les femmes -- La Boucane -- Le maitre des chèvres, sacrifice et divination chez les Hamar du sud de l'Ethiopie -- Amir, la vie d'un musicien afghan réfugié à Peshawar, Pakistan -- Cuyagua, les diables dansants -- Maitres des rues -- Les Kayapo sortent de la forêt -- Zaïre, le cycle du serpent -- Ishi, le dernier Yahi -- Sans père ni mari -- Sivas, terre des poètes -- Le père, le fils et le saint torum -- Conversations avec Dundiwuy Wanambi -- Le départ -- Mout Tania, mourir deux fois -- Chef! ; Indo Pino -- Une famille du Kalahari, le mythe assassin -- Les mineurs -- Sidheswri Ashram, une journée dans un restaurant communautaire de Calcutta -- Grand-mère Taimagura -- Cabale à Kaboul -- Un dimanche à Pripiat -- Cuba, l'art de l'attente -- Les Mursis caméra au poing]. 
Call no.: GN347.F55 2011

Finzan / Cheick Oumar Sissoku.
Call no.: PN1997.F559 1990

First contact / produced and directed by Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson.
Call no.: GN671.N50

First days in the life of a New Guinea baby / produced by Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead ; written by Margaret Mead.
Call no.: GN671.N5F563 1994

Folklore of the transgender community in Tamil Nadu / National Folklore Support Centre presents.
Call no.: HQ77.2.I4F655 2007

Forest of bliss : a film / by Robert Gardner ; produced for the Film Study Center, Harvard University by Robert Gardner and Ákos Östör ; produced by Studio7Arts.
Call no.: DS486.B4F67 2008; DS486.B4G38 2001

40 years of silence : an Indonesian tragedy / Elemental Productions presents ; produced and directed by Robert Lemelson.
Call no.: DS644.32.F67 2010

Four families / National Film Board ; Margaret Mead.
Call no.: HQ768.F68 1980z

Frantz Fanon : black skin, white mask / written by Isaac Julian & Mark Nash.
Call no.: CT2628.F35F726 1995

Free-for-all in Sarare / Centro de Trabalho Indigenista ; direction, Vincent Carelli, Mauricio Longobardi, Virginia Valadao.
Call no.: F2520.1.N3F744 1992

Future remembrance : photography and image arts in Ghana / IWF ; a film by Tobias Wendl and Nancy du Plessis.
Call no.: TR119.G45F888 1988

From iron ore to iron hoe : smelting iron in Africa / text by Professor Jean-Baptiste Kientega ; organized by Jacob Bamogo ; edited, produced and narrated by Christopher D. Roy.
Call no.: TN649.B92R69 2005 [Crerar]

From the other side / directed by Chantal Akerman.
Call no.: JV6471F765 2002

Fulani : art and life of a nomadic people / produced, edited, and narrated by Christopher D. Roy.
Call no.: DT549.45.F84F853 2007

Funeral of Osabarima Dotobibi Takyia Ameyaw II, Omanhene of Techiman Colonel Joe Frimpong (1947-2003) / by Sarah Adams, Christopher Roy.
Call no.: GT3289.G4F864 2004

Gambuh : the ancient dance drama of Bali / Gambuh Preservation Project.
Call no.: GV1703.I532B3435 2000

La genèse.
Call no.: PN1997.G412 1999

The goddess and the computer / produced & directed [by] Steve Lansing, Andre Singer.
Call no.: GN635.I65G64 1988

God's country /photographed, directed and narrated by Louis Malle ; produced by Vincent Malle ; Pretty Mouse Films ; NEF.
Call no.: F610.G63 2007

Going with the flow : an anthropologist among the Bosnians, 1953-1997 / Barbara Kerewsky-Halpern.
Call no.: DR1672.G65 1997

Golden venture / New Day Films ; writer, producer, director, Peter Cohn ; Hillcrest Films LLC.
Call no.: JV6483.G65 2006

The Grace Lee project / Lee Lee Films ; produced and directed by Grace Lee ; co-producer and editor, Amy Ferraris ; written by Grace Lee and Amy Ferraris.
Call no.: E184.A75G73 2005

Le grand blanc de Lambarené / L.N. Production ... [et al.].
Call no.: PN1997.G736 1995

Guardians of the flutes / Paul Reddish, producer ; Gilbert Herdt, anthropologist.
Call no.: DU740.42.G837 1994

Guns and money / reporter, Liz Jackson [about Solomon Islands].
Call no.: DU850.G868 2002

Halperns in Orasac / directed by Kamenko Katic [on the work of Joel M. Halpern and Barbara Kerewsky-Halpern].
Call no.: GN585.Y8H35 1986

Hanunóo / photography and field recordings of sound by Harold C. Conklin.
Call no.: DS666.H36H368 1993

Her name came on arrows : a kinship interview with the Baruya of New Guinea / Maurice Godelier.
Call no.: DU740.42.B37H47 1982

Herskovits at the heart of blackness / Vital Pictures, ITVS ; directed and produced by Lllewellyn M. Smith ; producer & director of research, Vincent Brown ; executive producer, Christine Herbes-Sommers.
Call no.: GN21.H47H477 2009

High school / producer, director and editor, Frederick Wiseman.
Call no.: LB1607.52.P4H54 2007

History and memory : (for Akiko and Takashige) / written & directed by Rea Tajiri ; Akiko Productions.
Call no.: D769.8.A6H59 2008

History of Britain, 3500 B.C.-1603 A.D. / written and presented by Simon Schama.
Call no.: DA30.H518 2000

Hoerikwaggo : people of the mountain / director & producer, Liz Fish.
Call no.: HN801.T335H647 2005

Hombres del Marañon.
Call no.: F3451.L8H663 2007

Hopi, songs of the fourth world / producer/director, Pat Ferrero.
Call no.: E99.H7H687 1983

Horses of life and death / a film by Janet Hoskins & Laura Scheerer Whitney.
Call no.: GN635.I65H67 2009

Hospital / directed, produced and edited by Frederick Wiseman.
Call no.: RA982.N49H687 2000 [Crerar]

The hunters / produced by the Film Study Center of the Peabody Museum of Harvard University ; written and directed by John Marshall.
Call no.: GT5856.84.H86 1989

Hyènes = Hyenas / Djibril Diop Mambety.
Call no.: PT2607.U493B4 1993

If only I were an Indian / directed by John Paskievich ; Zemma Pictures in co-production with the National Film Board of Canada.
Call no.: E98.S7I3 1995

Iindawo zikathixo = In God's places / by Richard Wicksteed.
Call no.: GN865.S5I375 1997

Ika hands / a film by Robert Gardner ; produced by the Film Study Center, Harvard University.
Call no.: F2270.2.A67 2008

Imagining Indians / writer, producer, director, cinematographer, editor, Victor Masayesva, Jr.
Call no.: E98.S67I52 1992

Imbalu : ritual of manhood of the Bagisu of Uganda / a film by Richard Hawkins and Suzette Heald.
Call no.: DT434.U2I42 1988

Imperfect journey / a film by Haile Gerima.
Call no.: DT379.5.I56 1994

In her own time / Act III Communications ; directed by Lynne Littman ; produced by Vikram Jayanti and Lynne Littman ; a production of the Center for Visual Anthropology, University of Southern California in association with Embassy Television.
Call no.: BM198.I52 2007

In search of the Hamat'sa : a tale of headhunting / written, shot, edited & directed by Aaron Glass.
Call no.: E99.K9I5 2004

In search of the Trojan War / a BBC film production ; written and presented by Michael Wood.
Call no.: DF221.T8I5 1989

In the shadow of the sun / by Nadine Wanono & Philippe Lourdou [about Dogon].
Call no.: DT551.45.D64A46 1998

Incidencia política en industrias extractivas : para proteger los derechos ciudadanos, el medio ambiente y promover el desarrollo / producción: Oxfam América ; producción ejecutiva, edición y realización, Wilton Martínez.
Call no.: HD9506.P42I64 2002

Into the circle : an introduction to Native American powwows / Full Circle.
Call no.: E98.D2I58 1992

Inventari del patrimoni arqueologic de Catalunya : corpus de pintures rupestres.
Call no.: GN836.C4.I580 1990

Island of the red prawns / written and produced by William R. Geddes.
Call no.: DU600.I85 1980z

Jaguar / by Jean Rouch.
Call no.: HN824.J34 1996

Jaguar, a Yanomamö twin cycle myth as told by Daramasiwa / a film by Napoleon A. Chagnon and Timothy Asch.
Call no.: F2520.1.Y3J24 1990z

Jean Rouch / Les Films de la Pléiade ; Sodaperaga editions ; dirigée par Patrick Leboutte et Marc Antoine Roudil ; coffret édité avec l'aide de Bernard Surugue
Call no.: GN652.5.J436 2005

Jean Rouch and his camera in the heart of Africa / a film by Philo Bregstein in cooperation with Dutch Television ; scenario, Philo Bregstein, Jan Venema.
Call no.: GN347.J43 1986

Jean Rouch : Premier film : 1947-1991 = Jean Rouch : first film, 1947-1991 / a film by Dominique Dubosc.
Call no.: PN1998.3.R682J43 2005

Joe Leahy's neighbors / producers and directors, Robin Anderson and Bob Connally.
Call no.: DU740.82.L42J63 1988

Juvenile court / directed and produced by Frederick Wiseman.
Call no.: XXKF9710.J88 1975

JVC Smithsonian Folkways video anthology of music and dance of Africa.
Call no.: ML3760.J832 1996

A Kalahari family / Kalfam Productions, Inc. ; directed and written by John Marshall. [Parts 3 and 5]
Call no.: DT1058.K86K35 2006

Kawelka : Ongka's big moka / Granada Television International ; director/producer, Charles Nairn ; anthropologist, Andrew Strathern.
Call no.: DU744.35.K38 1991

The Kayapó / produced and directed by Michael Beckham ; anthropologist, Terry Turner.
Call no.: F2520.1.C45K393 2003

The Kayapó : out of the forest / produced and directed by Michael Beckham ; anthropologist, Terry Turner.
Call no.: F2520.1.C45K38 1991

Keep the river on your right : a modern cannibal tale / a film by David Shapiro and Laurie Gwen Shapiro [about Tobias Schneebaum].
Call no.: GN409.K447 2002

Keita : l'héritage du griot / un film de Dani Kouyaté.
Call no.: PN1997.K447 1994

Keïta! : l'héritage du griot = The heritage of the griot / AFIX Productions ; Les Productions de la Lanterne ; Sahélis Productions ; L'Etat de Burkina ; un film de Dani Kouyaté ; scénario et réalisation, Dani Kouyaté ; scripte, Véronique Paris.
Call no.: PN1997.K458 1995

Kenya Boran / an American Universities Field Staff presentation ; filmmakers, James Blue, David MacDougall ; producer, Norman Miller.
Call no.: DT433.545.B67K469 2007; VHS ed.: BR433.545.B67K469 1990z

Kinja Iakaha, a day in the village / Waimiri Atroari, Video in the Villages present ; production, PWA-Programa, Video nas Aldeias ; direction and camera, Araduwa Waimiri, et al.
Call no.: F2520.1.W34K565 2003

Kula, ring of power / Rob Scott.
Call no.: GN671.N5M58 2000

!Kung San : resettlement / compiled from the original work and film footage of John Marshall.
Call no.: DT797.K87 1988

!Kung short films / by John Marshall ; produced and distributed by Documentary Educational Resources ; photographed and directed by John Marshall.
Call no.: DT1058.K86S56 2009

Kypseli : women and men apart / by Susannah M. Hoffman ... [et al.].
Call no.: DF951.K97K97 1973

Land-divers of Melanesia / Film Study Center, Harvard University ; produced by Robert Gardner & Kal Muller.
Call no.: DU760.L364 2009

The language you cry in.
Call no.: M1838.S5L36 1998

The last Bolshevik / an Icarus Films release ; a film by Chris Marker.
Call no.: PN1998.3.M434L37 2008

Latah : a culture-specific elaboration of the startle reflex / Michigan State University ; produced by Ronald C. Simons.
Call no.: GN635.M4L28 2006

The Lau of Malaita / Granada Television ; produced and directed by Leslie Woodhead ; anthropologist, Pierre Maranda.
Call no.: GN671.S6L38 1991

Law and order / an OSTI Film ; directed and produced by Frederick Wiseman.
Call no.: HV8138.L39 2000

Living in two worlds : communication between a white healer and her black counterparts / producer and director, Peter Ammann.
Call no.: DT764.X6B84 2006

The Living Maya / a Kuxtal presentation ; Hubert Smith, filmmaker, ... producer and director ; consulting anthropologists, Ira R. Abrams, Malcolm K. Shuman.
Call no.: F1435.3.S7L58 2004

Lorang's way / produced and directed by David and Judith MacDougall.
Call no.: DT433.545.T87L673 1980

Lower than the angels / writer, Jacob Bronowski ; narrator, Jacob Bronowski.
Call no.: GN281.4.L694 1973

Les maitres fous / Films de la Pleiade ; director, Jean Rouch.
Call no.: BL2470.G6M347

Make prayers to the raven / produced in cooperation with the people of the Koyukuk River.
Call no.: E99.K79M3 1987

Makiko's new world / producer/writer, David Plath ; director/editor, Chet Kinkaid.
Call no.: DS897.K85M355 1999

Mamita Candelaria / dirigido por Luis Figueroa ; dirección y camara, Luis Figueroa ; producción y asesoria antropologica, Juan Ossio.
Call no.: GT4839.A3 P858 2010

A man and his wife make a hammock : Moäwä and Daeyama make a hammock / a film by Timothy Asch and Napoleon A. Chagnon.
Call no.: F2520.1.Y3M36 2007

A man called "Bee" : studying the Yanomamö / a Documentary Educational Resources production ; a film by Napoleon A. Chagnon and Timothy Asch ; script, Napoleon Chagnon ; produced at the Center for Documentary Anthropology.
Call no.: F2520.1.Y3M36 2007

Man of Aran / directed by Robert Flaherty.
Call no.: DA990.A8M25

Mandabi = The money order / written and directed by Ousmane Sembene.
Call no.: DT14.M363 1999

Manejemos nuestros montes = Yayangareko yande kaareta re ; Guardianos silenciosos.
Call no.: F3319.1.S25M35 1997

Mapantsula / an Oliver Schmidt and Thomas Moglotane film.
Call no.: PN1997.M363 1988

Masai women / Granada Television International.
Call no.: DT443.3.M37M37 2003

Masks of the Bwa people of Burkina Faso / [presented by] Laughing Dove Films ; by Christopher D. Roy.
Call no.: GT1748.B92M375 2006

Los Matachines de la Santa Cruz de la Ladrillera / 1989 video by Martha Hartzog, Paul Congo, Dan Hildebrand ; 1987 Smithsonian video from the Archive of the Center for Folklife Programs & Cultural Studies.
Call no.: GV1796.M35M38 1996

Mbira music : the spirit of the people / director, Simon Bright.
Call no.: ML350.M35 1990

The medium is the masseuse : a Balinese massage ; Jero Tapakan, stories in the life of a Balinese healer / by Timothy Asch, Linda Connor, Patsy Asch ; Documentary Education Resources.
Call no.: GN635.I65C664 2007

Meeting ancestors / direction, Vincent Carelli, Dominique Gallois ; Video nas Aldeias.
Call no.: F2519.M448 1993

Microcultural incidents in 10 zoos : an illustrated lecture / by Ray L. Birdwhistell.
Call no.: H62.M427 1969

Mister Johnson / produced by Michael Fitzgerald.
Call no.: PN1997.M578 1996

Moi, un noir / un film de Jean Rouch ; production, Films de la Pléiade.
Call no.:  PN1997.M6586 2010

Moolaadé / Filmi Domireew Sénégal présente ; co-production Direction de la Cinématographie Nationale, Centre Cinématographique Marocain, Cinetelefilms, Les Films de la Terre Africaine ; scénario et réalisation, Sembene Ousmane.
Call no.: GN484.M665 2005

Moyngo, the dream of Maragareum / Video in the Villages and the MOYGU Association present ; direction and camera, Kumari Txicao, Natuyu Txicao Karani Txicao ; production, Video in the Villages.
Call no.: F2519.3.R3M696 2003

Mujeres indígenas de las tierras bajas de Bolivia.
Call no.: F3319.1.S25M85 1996

My life as a poster / script and direction, Shashwati Talukdar.
Call no.: PN1997.M945 1996

N!ai : the story of a !Kung woman / produced by John Marshall and Sue Marshall-Cabezas ; directed and edited by Adrienne Miesmer and John Marshall.
Call no.: DT1058.K86N32 2007

Naked spaces : living is round / produced by Jean-Paul Bourdier ; directed, photographed, written, music recorded by Trinh T. Minh-Ha.
Call no.: in process

Nanook of the North / Robert Flaherty.
Call no.: DVD version: E99.E7N3; VHS version: E99.E7N3 1989

Nanook revisited.
Call no.: E99.E7N325 1989

Navajo talking picture / a film by Arlene Bowman.
Call no.: E99.N3N383 2000

Nawi / produced by David MacDougall.
Call no.: DT433.245.J54N395 1970

New tribes mission / a Documentary Educational Resources Production ; a film by Timothy Asch and Napoleon A. Chagnon ; produced at the Center for Documentary Anthropology.
Call no.: F2520.1.Y3N48 2007

Neyse halim çiksin falim = Coffee futures / yapimci, Umut Gürsel, Zeynep Devrim Gürsel ; yönelmen, Zeynep Devrim Gürsel ; Taxim Edition.
Call no.: HC240.25.T8N49 2010

Nomads on the Savannah / produced and directed by Barbara J. Michael, Anne Marie Kocherhans.
Call no.: DT154.9.N65 1991

North, landscape of the imagination / produced by Sound Venture Productions for the National Library of Canada.
Call no.: E59.A7N678 1993

Nu ho ni yeh / produced and directed by Allen and Mary Code [about Sayisi Dene].
Call no.: E99.T56C634 1992

The Nuer / produced by Robert Gardner and Hilary Harris.
Call no.: DT155.2.N85N847 1981

Ocamo is my town / a film by Napoleon A. Chagnon and Timothy Asch ; [produced by] Pennsylvania State University.
Call no.: F2520.1.Y3O33 2005

Off the verandah / written and presented by Bruce Dakowski [about Bronislaw Malinowski].
Call no.: GN21.M25O33 1990

La Ofrenda : the Days of the Dead / a film by Lourdes Portillo and Susana Muñoz ; produced and directed by Lourdes Portillo and Susana Muñoz ; co-producer, Emiko Omori ; written by Lourdes Portillo, Fenton Johnson, B. Ruby Rich.
Call no.: GT4995.A4O374 2001

On representing Ghanaian performance : a video presentation / Roderick Luis Coover [from dissertation].
Call no. GN999 Coover

Once were warriors / Lee Tamhori, director.
Call no.: PN1997.O5243 1995

Orixas da Bahia / Filmes apresenta un filme de Lazaro Faria ; direção, Lázaro Faria ; argumento e roteiro, Cléo Martins ; produção e distribuição, Casa de Cinema da Bahia.
Call no.: BL2592.C35O758 2004

Owners of the water: conflict and collaboration over rivers / film by Laura R. Graham, David Hernández Palmar and Caimi Waiassé.
Call no.: F2520.1.A4O96 2009

Papapapá / a video by Alex Rivera ; created with Greg Berger.
Call no.: PN1995.9.E96P36 2000

Passing girl, riverside : an essay on camera work / by Kwame Braun ; in collaboration with Catherine Cole.
Call no.: GN347.B73 1998

A pedagogy of place : Little Singer Community School, Navajo Nation / Illinois Staff and Curriculum Developers Association.
Call no.: E99.N3L5 2000

Pemp / Centro de Trabalho Indigenista ; realização, Projeto Video nas Aldeias.
Call no.: F2520.1.U7K358 1988

Pepe's family / Indiana University Audio-Visual Center ; a film by Jerome Mintz.
Call no.: HQ650.15.A53P47 1990

Petite vendeuse de soleil / Djibril Diop Mambety.
Call no.: PN1997.P48 1999

The peyote road : ancient religion in contemporary crisis / a Kifaru production in association with Peacedream Productions ; coordinated by Native American religious Freedom Project.
Call no.: E98.R3P49 1993

Phantom India : a film / directed by Louis Malle ; producer, Les Nouvelles Editions de Films.
Call no.: DS414.P436 2007

Photo wallahs : an encounter with photography in Mussoorie, a north Indian hill station / a film by David & Judith MacDougall.
Call no.: TR104.M87P56 1996

Picturing a people : George Johnston, Tlingit photographer / National Film Board of Canada ; director, Carol Geddes.
Call no.: E99.T6P53 1997

Piemule [and] Jakub / Jana Sevcíková.
Call no.: DB2042.R8S483 1992

Play, jankunú, play : the Garifuna Wanáragua ritual in Belize / by Oliver Greene ; produced and directed by Oliver Greene.
Call no.: F1505.2.C3G744 2006

Popol vuh : sacred book of the Quiché Maya / a film by Patricia Amlin ; scripted by Patricia Amlin, from translations of the Popol vuh by Munro Edmonson and Adrián Recinos ; conceived, produced and directed by Patricia Amlin.
Call no.: F1465.P8P676 2004

Por donde andaban nuestros ancestros / [Instituto del Bien Común, Ford Foundation, Oxfam America presenta una producción del Instituto del Bien Común ; realización, Wilton Martínez, Espíritu Bautista, Richard Chase Smith ; guión, Richard Chase Smith].
Call no.: F3430.1.A54P67 2000z

O povo brasileiro / da obra de Darcy Ribeiro.
Call no.: F2510.P686 2000

Primate / made by Primate Films ; director and editor, Frederick Wiseman.
Call no.: QL737.P9P745 1990z Sci

Primate patterns II / Anne Zeller.
Call no.: QL737.P9Z452 1987

Pueblo de madera / Conacite Dos, S.A. de C.V. y Television Española (TVE, S.A.) presentan ; argumento y guión cinematográfico Juan Antonio de la Riva, Francisco Sánchez ; dirección Juan Antonio de la Riva.
Call no.: PN1997.P843 2000

Pueblos indígenas de América Latina : retos para el nuevo milenio / [producción] Oxfam América y Ford Foundation ; producción ejecutiva: Patricia Oliart ; realización, edición, cámara: Wilton Martínez.
Call no.: E65.P84 2002

Quand les étoiles rencontrent la mer / adaptation et dialogues, Raymond Rajaonarivelo et Santiago Amigorena ; un film de Raymond Rajaonarivelo.
Call no.: PN1997.Q826 1995

Ra 'mui ra nahnu = Vivencias del Nahnu.
Call no.: F1221.O86R31 1999

Rabbit-proof fence [about Australian Aborigines].
Call no.: PN1997.R333 2003

Reassemblage / produced by Jean-Paul Bourdier ; directed, photographed, written and edited by Trinh T. Minh-ha.
Call no.: PN1995.9.W6 R42 2000z

Regopstaan's dream / TVE International ; BBC Worldwide ; produced by Paulat Pascalo ; directed by Christopher Walker [about the San].
Call no.: DT2458.S26R45 2000

Releasing the spirits: a village cremation in Bali / produced by [the] Department of Anthropology, Research School of Pacific Studies, Australian National University and Documentary Educational Resources ; collaboration among Patsy Asch, Linda Connor and Timothy Asch and four Balinese participants: Jero Tapakan, Ida Bagus, Nana Selasi and Men Muli.
Call no.: GT3331.I54R45 1990

Rituales guerreros : el Tupay en Chiaraje / dirigido por Luis Figueroa ; dirección, Luis Figueroa ; produccion y asesoría antropológica, Joan Ossio A. ; camara, Luis Figueroa, Jorge Wong, Manuel Ráez = Warrior rituals : Tupay in Chairaje / directed by Luis Figueroa ; production and anthropological advisory, Juan Ossio A. ; camera, Luis Figueroa, Jorge Wong, Manuel Ráez.
Call no.: GT4839.A3 C897 2010

Rivers of sand / a film by Robert Gardner.
Call no.: DT133.H3R4 2004

Rouch in reverse / a film by Manthia Diawara.
Call no.: GN21.R63R68 1995

Russian Amazons.
Call no.: DK34.S3R87 2000

Sankofa / a film by Haile Gerima.
Call no.: PN1997.S365 1993

Saúde e alimentação do povo Xavante : Dahözé õ duré a' uwe' ubumro sazé / produção executiva, Rosa Gauditano.
Call no.: F2520.1.A4S39 2002

Savage memory / Sly Productions presents ; directed, produced & written by Zachary Stuart & Kelly Thomson.
Call no.: in process

Science or sacrilege : Native Americans, archaeology, & the law.
Call no.: E98.M8S7 1996

Screening Room with Robert Gardner: Jean Rouch / produced by Studio 7 Arts ; concept & supervision, Robert Gardner.
PN1992.77.S27S3532 2004

Secrets of the lost canyon / KUED, University of Utah ; writer and producer Ken Verdoia ; producer, Nancy Green.
Call no.: E78.U55S437 2005

Secrets of the tribe / HBO Documentary Films ; a film by Stampede, Zazen Produções with Avenue B ; produced by Mike Chamberlain, Marcos Prado, Carol Nahra ; directed by José Padilha.
F2520.1.Y3 S43 2010

Seeing anthropology : cultural anthropology through film / Karl G. Heider [text in stacks].
Call no.: GN347.H46 2001

Seeking the spirit : Plains Indians in Russia / Documentary Educational Resources ; Warrior Women Inc. ; director, Liucija Baskauskas.
Call no.: E59.I53S445 2005

Selbe et tant d'autres / de Safi Faye ; production, Pierre Hoffman.
Call no.: HQ1814.5.Z8S4 2010

La Selva Lacandona : [los bosques tropicales de nuestro país ya han desaparecido : la Lacandona se niega a hacerlo].
Call no.: F1256.S45 2000

Shackles of tradition / written and presented by Bruce Dakowski [in part about Franz Boas].
Call no.: GN21.B56S5

The shadow catcher : Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indian / a film by T.C. McLuhan.
Call no.: TR849.C87S533 1993

Shomotsi / Video in the Villages presents ; directed and photographed by Valdete Pinhanta Ashenika ; Video nas Aldeias.
Call no.: F3430.1.A83S566 2006

Shoot for the contents / produced by Jean-Paul Bourdier and Trinh T. Minh-ha ; directed, written ... by Trinh T. Minh-ha ; Moon Gift Film.
Call no.: in process

Sight unseen / Documentary Educational Resources ; a film by Nicholas Kurzon.
Call no.: DS632.B25S53 2007

Signs don't speak / produced by Centro de Trabalho Indigenista ; directed by Dominique Gallois, Vincent Carelli.
Call no.: F2460.1.O9S546 2007

Sipakapa no se vende = Sipakapa qal k'o pirk'ey xik / documental de Caracol Producciones con la participación de Radio Sipaestero, directivos y personal de Montana Exploradora de Guatemala, y las mujeres y hombres del Pueblo de Sipakapa.
Call no.: HD9535.G9S56 2005

The sixth section = La sexta sección / producer, director Alex Rivera ; co-producer, Bernardo Ruiz ; produced by Second Generation Media.
Call no.: HD8081.M6S58 2003

Spirit of Samba : black music of Brazil / Shinachie.
Call no.: ML3575.B73S75 1982

The spirit of TV / Centro de Trabalho Indigenista.
Call no.: F2469.O9S857 1990

The spirit possession of Alejandro Mamani / [American Universities Field Staff] ; director, Hubert Smith ; producer, Norman Miller.
Call no.: F2230.2.A9S65 2007

Spirits of the rocks / written and directed by Peter Ammann.
Call no.: DT1058.S36S65 2002

Stori tumbuna ancestor's tales / a film by Paul Wolffram ; Handmade Productions Aotearoa presents.
Call no.: DU740.4.S86 2011

Strange beliefs / written and presented by Bruce Dakowski [in part about E.E. Evans-Pritchard].
Call no.: GN21.E9S772 1990

Surname Viet, given name Nam / a film by Trinh T. Minh-ha.
Call no.: HQ1750.5.S875 1989

Taafe fanga = Pouvoir de pagne.
Call no.: PN1997.T3213 1997

Tabu : a story of the south seas / director, F.W. Murnau ; screenplay, R.J. Flaherty, F.W. Murnau.
Call no.: PN1997.T33 2002 [DVD]

Takeover / Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies ; produced and directed by David and Judith MacDougall.
Call no.: GN667.A9T354 1979

Tapir distribution : a film about the Yanomamo Indians near the headwaters of the Orinoco River in Southern Venezuela / T. Asch and N. Chagnon.
Call no.: F2520.1.Y3T36 2007

Tem que ser curioso = One must be curious / realization, Centro de Trabalho Indigenista.
Call no.: F2520.1.A4T46 1996

Tempus de Baristas / a film by David MacDougall.
Call no.: DG945.S33T467 1997

Three horsemen / Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies ; directors, David and Judith MacDougall.
Call no.: GN667.Q4T574 1982

Three tales from Senegal.
Call no.: PN1997.T573 1994

The three worlds of Bali / a co-production of Public Broadcasting Associates, Inc. and the University of Southern California ; produced, directed, and narrated by Ira R. Abrams ; written by J. Stephen Lansing.
Call no.: DS647.B2T38 1981

Thunderbolt / Mainframe Productions/Opomulero ; screenplay written by Femi Kayode ; producer/director, Tunde Kelani.
Call no.: PN1997.2.T574 2007

Tikal / a film by Karl G. Heider ; produced by the University Museum, University of Pennsylvania ; with the help of the Film Study Center, Peabody Museum, Harvard University.
Call no.: F1435.1.T5H454 2001

Tilai / Idrissa Ouedraogo.
Call no.: PN1997.T541 1995

Tinka de Alpaca / camara, Silvia Casas ; realizació y guión, Gisela Cánepa Koch ; producido por Archivo de Musica Tradicional Andina, Instituto Riva-Aguero, Pontifica Universidad Catolica del Peru = Tinka of Alpaca / directed by Gisela Cánepa Koch ; directed and written by Gisela Cánepa Koch ; camera, Silvia Casas.
Call no.: F3451.A7 T563 2010

Titicut follies / director and producer, Frederick Wiseman.
Call no.: HV8742.U52T59 2000

To find the Baruya story : an anthropologist at work with a New Guinea tribe / coproducer, Stephen Olsson [about Maurice Godelier].
Call no.: DU740.42.B37T62 1982

To live with herds : a dry season among the Jie / produced and directed by David MacDougall.
Call no.: DT433.242.T63 2005

Toro pucllay : el juego del toro / dirigido por Luis Figueroa ; dirección y camara, Luis Figueroa ; producción y asesoría antropológica, Joan Ossio = Toro pucllay : playing with the bull / directed by Luis Figueroa; direction and camera, Luis Figueroa ; production, anthropolocial advice, Juan Ossio.
Call no.: GV1108.6.P4 T66 2010

Tracks across sand : the Khomani San of the southern Kalahari : the story of a land claim / producer: Betsy Carson ; director, Hugh Brody.
Call no.: in process

Trails from the native land a glimpse into the danes [sic] of Northeast India / produced by Infocus Production Shillong for Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures ; producer, Alan West ; a DBCIC presentation ; script, Conrad Syiem ; directed by Alan West.
Call no.: GV1694.I4T73 2007

Trance and dance in Bali / produced by Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead ; with the assistance from the Committee for Research in Dementia Praecox ; written and narrated by Margaret Mead.
Call no.: BL2120.B2T736 2005

Transnational fiesta, 1992 / produced by Wilton Martinez and Paul H. Gelles ; directed, camera and editing by Wilton Martinez.
Call no.: E184.P47T736 1992

Trinkets & beads / director, Christopher Walker.
Call no.: F3722.1.H83T83 1996

The Trobriand Islanders of Papua New Guinea / a Granada Production ; anthropologist, Annette B. Weiner ; produced and directed by David Wason.
Call no.: GN671.N5T76 1991

Tule technology : northern Paiute uses of marsh resources in Western Nevada / produced by the Smithsonian Institution Office of Folklife Programs.
Call no.: E99.P2T84 1999

Under the men's tree / produced by David MacDougall.
Call no.: DT433.245.J54U534 1973

UNM celebrates "Los Comanches en Nuevo Mexico" [University of New Mexico].
Call no.: E99.C85U65 2005

Utu / directed by Geoff Murphy [about the Maori].
Call no.: PN1997.U88 2000

Video in the villages / production, Centro de Trabalho Indigenista ; realization, Project Video in the Villages ; edition, Tutu Nunes.
Call no.: PN1992.945.V544 1989

Video in the villages presents itself / produced by Video in the Villages, Video nas Aldeias ; realization, Mari Coreja, Vincent Carelli ; edition, Mari Correa.
Call no.: F2519.3.C65V53 2002

La vie sur terre = Life on earth / un film de Abderrahmane Sissako.
Call no.: DT551.4.D54 1999

The village / producer, Colin Young ; produced by the UCLA Ethnographic Film Program ; co-directors, Walter Goldschmidt and Colin Young.
Call no.: DA925.V55 2005

Vive le Tour! ; Humain, trop humain ; Place de la république / réalisation, Louis Malle ; Nouvelles Éditions de Films.
Call no.: DC415.V58 2007

Waiting for Uighurstan / by Sean R. Roberts.
Call no.: DS731.U4W35 1996

Wangala: a Garo festival / concept, Kapila Vatsyayan ; commentary written by Anando Dutta, Anusham Ray, Masoodul Huq ; producer, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts ; director, Bappa Ray.
Call no.: DS432.G34W364 2000

The water of words : a cultural ecology of an eastern Indonesia island / a film by Timothy Asch, James J. Fox, Patsy Asch ; James J. Fox, anthropologist, sound recordists [sic] and translator ; Timothy Asch, filmmaker and co-producer ; Patsy Asch, editor and co-producer ; produced by Department of Anthropology, Research School of Pacific Studies, the Australian National University and Documentary Educational Resources.
Call no.: GN635.I65W37 2007

Watoto wa mitaani : Iringa / a Liwalo na Liwe production ; filmed and narrated by Michael Stewart.
HV4621.3.T36W37 2007

We are all neighbors, Bosnia / anthropologist, Tone Bringa.
Call no.: DR1313.W4 1993

We are not beggars / a video by Wen Jie-Qin.
Call no.: HQ792.C5W42 1997

We gather as a family = Eu ja fui seu irmao / production Centro de Trabalho Indigenista ; directed by Vincent Carelli ; produced by Cleiton Capellossi, Pedro Correia, Luis Tompramti.
Call no.: F2520.1.U7W4 2007

We shall remain : a native history of Utah.
Call no.: E78.U55W474 2009

Wedding camels : a Turkana marriage / produced and directed by David and Judith MacDougall.
Call no.: DT433.545T87W433 1976

Wend kuni = God's gift / un film de Gaston J.M. Kaboré.
Call no.: PN1997.W462 1982

Whale rider [about the Whangara Maori].
Call no.: PR9639.3.I5W48 2003

Which way home / New Video ; Docurama Films ; HBO Documentary Films presents ; in association with Good and White Buffalo Entertainment ; a Mr. Mudd production in association with Documentress Films ; directed and produced by Rebecca Cammisa.
Call no.: JV6344.W45 2010

Who owns the past? / produced and directed by N.Jed Riffe [about American Indian remains].
Call no.: E98.M34W48 2000

A wife among wives / David and Judith MacDougall.
Call no.: DT433.545T87W544 1982

Winiama masks from the village of Ouri, Burkina Faso / by Christopher Roy.
Call no.: GT1748.B92W565 2006

Wiping the tears of seven generations / a Kifaru production in association with Eagle Heart Productions ; directed by Gary Rhine & Fidel Moreno ; produced by Gary Rhine ; writers, Gary Rhine & Phil Cousineau.
Call no.: E99.D1W57 2005

Wisconsin powwow ; Naamikaaged, dancer for the people.
Call no.: E99.C6W573 1996

Witches of Gambaga / a film by Yaba Badoe ; a Fadoa Films production.
Call no.: HQ1816.B33 2010

Women of Kerala / Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
Call no.: HQ766.5.I5W664 1986

The women's olamal : the organization of a Maasai fertility ceremony / by Melissa Llewelyn-Davies.
Call no.: DT433.545.M33W644 2007

World according to basketry : an ethno-archaeological interpretation of basketry production in Egypt.
Call no.: DT62.B28W46 1999

Woubi cheri / un film de Philip Brooks & Laurent Bocahut.
Call no.: HQ76.2.C852A234 1998

Woven ways / director, Linda Helm Krapf.
Call no.: E99.N3W666 2009

Wylancha / dirigido por Gisela Cánepa Koch ; dirigido y escrito por Gisela Cánepa Koch ; camara, Gisela Cánepa Koch, Leo Casas R.
Call no.: GT4839.A3 P865 2010

Xavante initiation / Video in the Villages and the Norwegian Program for Indigenous Peoples ; realization, Centro de Trabalho Indigenista ; realization and photography, Bartolomeu Patira ... [et al.] ; edition, Estevao Nunes Tutu.
Call no.: F2520.1.A4X383 2001

Yãkwa : the banquet of the spirits = Yãkwa, o banquete dos espíritos / produced by Centro de Trabalho Indigenista ; co-production, Operação Anchieta (OPAN) for Thomaz de Aquino Lisboa ; direction and script, Virginia Valadão.
Call no.: F2520.1.S24Y359 2007

The Yanomamö myth of Naro as told by Dedeheiwä / Documentary Educational Resources ; A film by Napoleon A. Chagnon and Timothy Asch ; sound recording, Craig Johnson ; translation and narration, Napoleon A. Chagnon.
Call no.: F2520.1.Y3Y36 1975

The Yanomamö myth of Naro, as told by Kaobawä / Documentary Educational Resources ; a film by Napoleon A. Chagnon and Timothy Asch ; photography, Timothy Asch ; sound recording, Craig Johnson.
Call no.: F2520.1.Y3Y36 2007

A year in the life of an African family : the Bamogo family of Burkina Faso / by Christopher D. Roy.
Call no.: HQ696.4.Y437 2005

Yoruba ritual : a companion video / by Margaret Thompson Drewal.
Call no.: DT515.45.Y67D75 1992

Yurumein = Homeland / a film by Andrea E. Leland ; Andrea E. Leland Productions ; a Nine Morning Production ; director & producer, Andrea A. Leland.
Call no.: in process

Zan boko / un film de Gaston J.M. Kaboré.
Call no.: HT148.W4Z36 1988